This teaching is a foundational truth that is essential for understanding how much God loves you and believing what He says about you in His Word. Each person is made up of three different parts: spirit, soul, and body. Learn how these three parts relate to God and to each other. At salvation your spirit is totally changed, but your soul and body is not yet redeemed. This series will teach you how to release the life that is already in your spirit, into your physical body and emotions.

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welcome to gospel truth with Andrew

Wommack today Andrew illustrates the

power of God’s word to change our lives

in his teaching spirit soul and body

now here’s Andrew welcome to our

Thursday’s broadcast of the gospel truth

this week I’m sharing a subject that is

really special to me this is the

revelation that God gave me about my

spirit soul and body again I say that

that title may not be very intriguing or

grab your attention but I can promise

you that the truth behind what I’m

trying to say in this it just

transformed my life and I have seen this

as the key to not only my understanding

of the Lord and my relationship with him

but I’ve seen lots of people thousands

of people let’s just turn their life

around so I’m excited to be sharing on

this of course I’ve had a book out on

this this is kind of the foundational or

the life message of my whole life and

ministry and I’ve had this book out

we’ve put out tens of thousands of these

books and we’re releasing this book for

this teaching but one of the things that

I’m excited about is that we’ve come up

with this study guide which is the same

teaching put into 23 lessons and it’s

organized in a way that it helps you to

facilitate either a sunny school or a

Bible study of course you could use this

for yourself because it has the lessons

in there and it has questions that you

need to ask and then an answer to the

questions and it’s a great study for you

alone but it’s specifically designed to

help you take these truths and share

with other people and you know I am

absolutely convinced based on my

personal experience and also dealing

with other people that this is kind of

like the springboard into the reality of

who God is and how you relate to them

and how you receive from God when I

understood this it just transformed my

life so I believe that this teaching

would really help you and help you reach

other people it’s just a tremendous

so again I want to encourage you to get

those materials now I’ve been saying a

lot of things this week already in just

the first three days I don’t have time

to go back through all of that but I’ve

been basically using the fact there’s

many scriptures but one scripture that

I’ve used to establish that you have

three parts spirit soul and body is

first Thessalonians 5:23 and most people

are conscious of your physical body and

your soul because those are tangible

things those are things that you can

feel you can feel if your body is having

pain or if it’s tired or whatever you

can feel your emotions if you’re sad or

if you’re glad but the spirit can’t be

felt and for that reason most people

don’t really acknowledge the spirit

realm outside of us very often and they

certainly don’t realize or acknowledge

the spirit being on the inside of us and

one of the points that I’ve been making

is from second Corinthians chapter five

verse 17 where it says if any man be in

Christ he is a new creature old things

are passed away behold all things are

become new most people think that when

they commit their life to the Lord they

are looking for this transformation this

total brand-new life but they’re looking

for it in physical ways they’re like say

for instance if their body was sick they

just want to be instantly healed if they

were depressed emotionally they want to

be instantly joyful and happy and

positive and optimistic and they’re

looking for these changes to take place

automatically and if they don’t

sometimes they do just take place nearly

instantaneously I could give you a

reason for that but I’d have to get off

on a rabbit trail let me just say that

it doesn’t always happen that way and if

it doesn’t happen instantaneously then a

lot of people immediately begin to lose

their confidence in scriptures like

second Corinthians 5:17 that old things

pass away all things become new by

observation they still have some of the

same physical problems some of the same

emotional problems and they just say

well what happened I thought I was going

to be a new person the way that you

understand this is that second

Corinthians 5

17 is talking about your spirit the

spirit part of you that is the part that

was totally changed not just some things

changed but everything completely and

totally changed in the spirit realm and

remember that your emotions what you can

see taste here smell and feel can only

tell you what’s going on in your

physical body and in your soul ease

realm but they cannot give you an

indication of what’s happened in the

spirit how do you know what’s going on

in the spirit jesus said in John 6:63

the words that I speak unto you they are

spirit and they are life James chapter

one says when you look into the Word of

God it’s like looking in a spiritual

mirror if you want to see if the air is

come you have to look at a physical

mirror if you want to see if your spirit

is now changed you have to look in the

Word of God and so we’ve started looking

in the Word of God at some of the

changes that have taken place and this

is what the rest of my teaching on this

will be is just to amplify what took

place in your spirit and let me

emphasize once again that I’m gonna be

saying things that are based on God’s

Word I’m looking through the spiritual

mirror and telling you what the Word of

God says is true in the spiritual you

and you get born again you aren’t gonna

be able to feel and to discern these

things based on just your five senses

and if you are a person who is trapped

and limited and you can’t believe that

anything exists beyond what you can see

tastier smelling feel then you won’t be

able to understand what I’m saying

you’re gonna have to operate in faith

faith is what allows you to perceive

things that can’t be seen or felt praise

God I want to just go over and use some

diagrams to help make some of these

points the first one I want to use is

just three circles one inside of another

and the outer circle I’m calling your

body the second circle would be the soul

and the center the innermost part of

this circle it looks kind of like a

Target or something with these three

circles one inside of another the center

circle would be your spirit

now this is what I call a functional

diagram in other words I’m using this

illustration to help make a point it’s

not like we’re three circles you know

this isn’t a reality it’s not a accurate

picture some of us are more circular

than others but I’m not really trying to

make a statement here I’m just showing

the relationship that the body is the

outer part like if you were standing on

the outside of one of these circles and

looking in you could see the body but

you couldn’t see the two inner circles

they aren’t observable to just your eyes

but then inside of that body there is

the solis room this is your emotions

your mental part and everyone

understands that they have that but the

core of a person the very center of a

person is actually your spirit and I’ve

referred to this briefly already this

week but the spirit is what gave life

unto men when God breathed breath into

Adam is when he became a living soul and

James 2:26 says as the body without the

Spirit is dead so faith without works is

dead also so I think that functionally

this makes a point that the Spirit is

the real you it’s the core of you it’s

the life-giving part of you and then the

soul in cases that your mind your will

your emotions and then your body houses

all of this you are a spirit soul and

body with the spirit being the absolute

core our center of your being another

diagram is to show three circles side by

side with them kind of overlapping and

so you see spirit over on the left hand

side soul in the middle and body over on

the right hand side and the reason that

I have used this diagram again it’s a

functional diagram to illustrate that

there is no direct connection between

your spirit and your body those two

rings or those two circles don’t

intersect they don’t connect there is

the soul in between and I could spend

probably a few days even a week

her so teaching on this I’m not going to

take the time to do that but this

illustrates a major point like I was

reading from Jesus words in John 3:6

where it says Jesus said that was his

spirit his spirit and that which is

flesh is flesh one of the points that

he’s making there is that flesh is in

this physical realm and it is limited

and bound by physical laws and

limitations spirit is in the spirit

realm that which is Spirit is spirit it

has to stay in the spirit realm that

which is flesh is flesh it stays in the

physical realm and they are two opposite

things there is no direct connection you

with your physical body cannot feel and

perceive and see into the spiritual

realm now there have been some

exceptions to that in the word of God

but they are exceptions their miracles

for instance in second Kings chapter 6

there was an instance where Elisha’s

servant saw all of the enemy Syrians

surrounding them and he just panicked

and he says my master what are we gonna

do and Elisha said don’t be afraid those

that are with us are more than those

that be with them now if all you were

doing was looking in the physical realm

that would you would have to say that

that was alive because in the physical

realm if that’s all you believe that

there is to reality there was only two

of them gays I and Elijah and then you

could look out there and count the

Syrians by thousands 1000 2000 3000 and

see some people when a person says I

believe I’m healed God has blessed me

God is annoying me when we make these

statements of faith skeptics unbelievers

who only acknowledge the physical realm

will look at you and say you’re lying

here’s a doctor’s report to prove that

you still have the growth you still have

the cancer and yet you’re saying that

you’re healed see you you faith people

are just liars you’re denying reality

well it depends on what you believe

reality is if you think reality is

limited to only the physical realm

well then Elijah would have been telling

a lie when he said there’s more with us

than those that be with them but see the

truth is that there is a spiritual

world.there it the spiritual realm does

exist it is just as real I believe more

real than this physical realm and

because of that see Elijah when his

servant didn’t understand what he was

saying Elijah prayed I believe this is

2nd Kings chapter 6 verse 17 and he said

Lord open up the eyes of the young man

and the Lord opened up his eyes now this

isn’t talking about his physical eyes

because I can guarantee you his physical

eyes were as wide as saucers a man

looking at this problem and wasn’t

talking about his physical eyes he was

talking about his ability to see with

his heart are to see spiritually the

Lord opened up his eyes and allowed him

to see into the spiritual realm and

round about Elijah and his servant were

horses and chariots of fire the angels

of God and there was thousands and

thousands of them so you know what

Elijah’s statement was true it was

factual it wasn’t just saying that it

was so when it wasn’t really so hoping

that saying it was so would make it

become so see that’s what some people

think faith is no faith is just being

able to perceive things that are true

but they aren’t necessarily physical

realities they’re true in the spiritual

realm and there is a spiritual world and

so the Lord opened up the eyes of this

young man and sure enough here were all

of the horses and the chariots and

because of that what Elijah said was

true now see a person who only

acknowledges the physical realm will

always sit there and think that people

who are speaking faith are speaking lies

hoping that they’ll just become so if

they say it long enough no if you’re

saying it correctly and there are people

who don’t understand this and do

misrepresent the truth and have given

faith a black eye and I’m aware of that

but I’m saying if you’re speaking

correctly you aren’t just saying

something hoping it’ll become true what

you’re saying is what is true it’s just

spiritual reality and see it’s your soul

this little diagram again if you go back

to the three circles spirit soul and

body your soul is unique God created

your soul that it can function in the

physical realm and I could probably give

much detail on this I’m just gonna say

this real quickly but your soul is your

emotions your personality your mind

you’re thinking all of us understand

that your soul can be totally influenced

by what’s going on in the physical realm

you could see a tragedy and it just

breaks your heart you could have

somebody come and attack you and say

things against you and it just causes

grief and sorrow you could have nothing

but negative experiences and feeling all

of this depression most of us understand

how the soul can certainly be influenced

by and function in that physical realm

but your soul can also function in the

soulless realm your soul can perceive

things if I had more time I could go

into a whole teaching on this but your

soul is unique your body is just limited

to the physical realm your body is only

going to feel what is physically true

it’s only going to see what is

physically true it’s only gonna hear

what is physically true your body is

physical and it is in a sense trapped in

the physical realm but your soul has the

ability to be physical or spiritual your

soul that’s the reason I drew these

three circles and interconnected them

because the soul is like the bridge

between your spirit and your body and

your soul can get to where you can start

seeing things with your heart and I’m

not talking about a physical side like I

said I could spend much more time on

this than what I’m gonna have time to do

but you know I’ve seen things the Lord

has painted images on the inside of me

but it’s not with my physical eyes you

can see with your heart for instance

here’s an example when I went and saw

the movie The Passion of the Christ I’m

sure that most of you probably saw that

when I saw that I was expecting to be

just overwhelmed with you know seen

these things depicted in this movie

actually I was disappointed not

disappointed at

Elle Gibson’s attempt to do this or

thinking he was too gruesome or too

graphic it was just the opposite what I

had seen in my heart by taking the Word

of God and meditating on it

I had actually witnessed the crucifixion

of Jesus not with my physical eyes not

with my physical sensation but in my

soul his realm I had let the Holy Spirit

paint a picture in my mind’s eye and the

crucifixion to me was more real than

what I was seeing in that movie and it

actually in a sense and I don’t mean

this critical again of the movie it was

a disappointment because what I saw in

my heart was more vivid and more graphic

and more real than could ever be

portrayed in a movie now I know some

people may have trouble understanding

that because again you’re so physical

that you haven’t really seen things with

your soul you haven’t done this you

haven’t spent time meditating on but for

one thing see that movie all I could do

was portrayed the physical suffering it

couldn’t really go into the spiritual

dynamics it couldn’t really show you the

you know the inequity of here is the

Creator God Almighty who was allowing

himself to be persecuted in all these

things it couldn’t go into his emotional

thing all it was was physical and that’s

very limited what I saw in my soul my

soul had actually through the power of

the Holy Spirit seen things it had

looked into the spiritual realm and by

faith I had seen the crucifixion of

Jesus much more real and much more

graphic than that movie ever portrayed

it see what I’m trying to say here is

your soul it doesn’t happen

automatically but it can be retrained

your soul can get to where it operates

in the spirit realm and this isn’t only

true of born-again believers but a lost

man can get to where their soul is in

touch with the spirit realm of course if

they’re lost it won’t be the God spirit

realm it’ll be a demonic spirit realm

you can get to where you channel spirits

and this is where all of the occult and

a lot of Satanism and a lot of other


happen people who are able anyway I

could spend a lot of time talking about

that but the soul can function in the

spirit realm and in the physical realm

it could be totally physical or it could

be nearly totally spiritual it can go

back and forth between the two and again

going back to this functional diagram of

these three circles the spirit is the

part of us that’s been changed that is

now brand-new that has the life of God

living in it but the only way it can get

over into this physical realm to where

it affects your actions and affects your

body and affects healing and affects

things like that the only way that can

happen is through the soul so I’ve got a

third diagram and that’s a picture of a

pipe and if you could imagine that over

on the left hand side is the physical

body over on the right hand side is the

spirit but in the middle the soul each

person is like a valve that is in the

middle of this pipe and over here on the

spirit realm you could have all of the

life of God healing deliverance joy

peace all of these things over here and

yet a valve there could shut that off so

that even though you have the

supernatural life of God on the inside

not a drop of it gets out to the

physical body because it has to go

through the soul just as you know water

flows through a pipe if there is a valve

there you can shut that off or you could

open it just a little bit so that maybe

a little drip would come out see that’s

where a lot of Christians are they have

their mind renewed a little bit and they

experience just a little bit of God’s

life and a little bit of his power but

it’s not enough to quench their thirst

it’s not enough to release the life of

God and to cause the the change in their

life that they need well I think to me

this is a great illustration and see

when God showed this to me it answered a

lot of questions one of the things and I

mentioned this on the very first day of

our teaching was that I had this

miraculous encounter with the Lord to

where God’s love was physically tangible

and evident to me and for about four and

a half months I was just overwhelmed

it’s like I was in a flood

that just did pick me up and carried me

along of the love of God but after four

and a half months the feelings left and

when the feelings left I thought God had

left and I thought that he didn’t love

me anymore

and I haven’t got time and I’m not sure

that I’ve actually got the ability to

completely explain why I had that

physical feeling for four and a half

months but I do believe that God doesn’t

want us to live just by feelings and


the scripture says without faith it’s

impossible to please him

that’s hebrews chapter 11 verse 6 God is

a God of faith and he wants us to relate

to him by faith now there are times that

he will touch us in physical tangible

ways and I’ve experienced that but he

didn’t want me to live that way and so

for whatever reason after four and a

half months I no longer had the physical

sensation and because I didn’t feel it I

thought God had quit loving me and I

didn’t know what I did upset him and

make it leave and I was spending time

begging and pleading for God to give

back this love and joy and I actually at

one time thought that God had forsaken

me I thought maybe I’m just so bad that

you know I died God just pursuit me and

then the Lord showed me these truths

that we’re talking about and I realized

that in my spirit the entire time I had

love joy peace all of the fruit of the

Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22 and 23

that it wasn’t there just sometimes it

was like this pipe again that in my

spirit was the fullness of God but the

problem was I was trying to discern it

and feel it with my physical emotions my

mind the soulish part of me was so

completely contrary to what God’s Word

said I was going by feelings and

emotions only that in a sense I had shut

the valve and the love and the life of

God that was on the inside of me wasn’t

getting out because my mind wasn’t

renewed and I begin to realize that you

know what whether I feel it or not the

love the joy the peace of God is always

always always on the inside of me and

when I begin to believe that see what I

was doing my soul was now open

up to what was true in the spirit realm

and the more I focus on that the more

open to the spiritual truth the more I’m

focused on that in my solely friend with

my mind then all of a sudden this joy

and peace and power that’s on the inside

of me begin to flood out and I now can

say that I experienced the peace and the

love and the joy of God infinitely more

than I did when it was just a physical

sensation it’s much more powerful it’s

much more prevalent in my life than it

used to be but it’s not a feeling

anymore it’s a knowing

and the knowing is much better than

having a feeling and you know what I’m

describing right here goes contrary to

most Christians experience most

Christian haven’t gotten their sold

where it’s renewed to the spirit they

are still looking out to the physical

realm trying to somehow or another

proceed do I have a goose bump is there

something that is physically proving to

me that God is with me instead of just

going but what the Word of God says in

trusting the revelation of the Spirit

you know I’m out of time again today but

I am going to continue this teaching on

our program to bar and I’m going to

continue to say this in so many ways

that praise God you’ll eventually get it

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know that in the word it says that the

fruit of the Spirit is love and as I’ve

studied that I know that the love that I

have in my spirit is not just human love

that is subject to ups and downs and how

you feel at the moment it’s the God kind

of love