Like it or not, every one of us is in a spiritual war. God is for us, and the devil is against us. The one we cooperate with is the one who will control us. You can’t be discharged from the service in this war, and ignorance of its extent only aids the enemy. The enemy loves to work covertly, using his only weapon, deception. In this teaching, Andrew exposes this war and the enemy for what he is.

welcome to gospel truth with Andrew

Wommack a teaching ministry that

emphasizes God’s unconditional love and

grace and now here’s Andrew welcome to

our Monday’s broadcast of the gospel

truth this week I’m continuing a series

that I started last week on the

believers Authority and we’re now into

part two in this and I tell you last

week what I basically was doing was just

trying to emphasize that there is a

spiritual war we’re in a battle it’s a

spiritual battle it’s not against flesh

and blood

we’re fighting demonic powers and

principalities and it’s amazing how many

Christians are just unaware of the

warfare they know that there’s a

conflict but they think it’s just human

they think it’s people that we’re

dealing with and I used a lot of

scriptures to try and make that point

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so again last week I established that we

are in a battle the battle is not

directly between God and the devil Jesus

already beat the devil and so he’s a

defeated foe but Jesus turned his power

and authority to use that power over to


and now the battle is between Satan and

us we are wrestling against

principalities and powers and rulers of

the darkness of this world and spiritual

wickedness in high places Ephesians 6:12

and so we have to take our authority and

use it so that’s what I’ve already

established now we’re going to begin to

start talking about as we confront the

devil James 4:7 says submit yourselves

therefore under God resist the devil and

he will flee from you as you resist the


you’ve got to evaluate what power do we

have versus what power does our enemy

have you know if you were in a physical

conflict matter of fact Jesus even made

reference to this that no man no general

would go out to war against an enemy

with just ten thousand men if the enemy

had twenty thousand men you have to

evaluate the strength of your enemy and

see if the strength that you have is

equal to our superior and that depends

on how you’re going to confront them and

all kinds of things in the natural we

understand this the same thing is true

in the spiritual realm we’ve got to

understand what kind of power and

authority does the devil have and here

is where I really begin to depart and be

different than the traditional things

that are taught about Satan let me just

say some things real quickly here and

I’m not going to go into a great deal of

effort on this because I think most

people are already familiar with this

but as a whole the body of Christ

believes that Satan was created by God

and empowered by God as this demonic

power and he has a super human

supernatural power and authority that he

uses against us and so most Christians

see Satan as actually their superior as

far as Satan’s power and authority goes

but through Jesus we have been given a

power and authority that as long as

we’re relying on Jesus we can overcome

Satan but it I mean it’s like here is


nobility here’s Satan and then God is up

here but they see Satan as being

superior to them I’m going to share some

things with you from Scripture that I

believe that Satan literally is has less

authority in power than mankind even

unsaved mankind now that is a radical

statement and I think that you can see

that from where he got his power from

Satan did not get his power to oppress

this world through God he got it from us

mankind is the one that empowered the

devil and here’s the I’m going to say

some things right here that may really

shock some of you but if you listen I

think you’ll understand what I’m trying

to say

I believe that man-made Satan God made

Lucifer a godly angel and he was in dude

with supernatural powers and ability as

a angelic dean but when he rebelled he

gave up his angelic being he lost all of

that and he became the god of this world

and assumed human power and authority

and this is why that the devil has to

have a body to operate through this is

why demons like in the 5th chapter of

the book of Mark cried out and asked

Jesus let us go into these swine rather

than just being cast out into nothing

because a demon has no power to do

anything unless something with a

physical body alive here on this earth

yields to them and even a pig had more

power than all of these demons a snail a

slug a worm anything with a physical

body has more power than the devil

Satan is a spiritual being his demons

are spiritual but they have to have

human cooperation to be able to do

anything and if you understand that what

it does it brings Satan down to a level

to where it is manageable and then you

put the fact with it that we have the

supernatural ability and power

of God and you know what it does it

gives you a superiority attitude over

the devil that a lot of Christians don’t

have a lot of Christians actually are

afraid of the devil now they may be

sitting there using their net the name

of Jesus but I’ve heard a lot of people

speak the name of Jesus out of total

fear and panic you know I can give you

some examples here that I remember one

time I was casting the demon out of a

person and this person tried to hit me

and I mean the power God just stopped

them but there was a demonic

manifestation terrible things going on

and I remember people on the front row

just go in the name of Jesus and they

just started yelling it like a mantra

like a chant but they were speaking it

out of total fear you know I that’s

wrong we need to recognize that Satan is

a defeated foe

Satan’s only power that he has is human

power in authority he doesn’t have this

superhuman power and authority and if

you understood that it would just shrink

him down to a manageable level to where

yes he’s a problem but he’s a manageable

problem especially when you factor into

it the fact that we have the power and

the authority of Jesus he’s not any

person to be feared you don’t go to

sleep and ignore him but at the same

time there’s no reason to fear him you

know here’s an example on my own when I

first started hearing about demons and I

became aware that we were in a spiritual

warfare and I started using my authority

I had this concept that Satan was more

powerful than me

he was bigger than me and it was only

through the power of Jesus that I was

able to best him and just barely and it

took this huge effort but really in a

sense I was giving Satan more power and

authority than what he deserved and an

example of this is that in our house I

grew up in in Arlington Texas

my grandmother she went senile did some

strange things and things and I believe

that there was some demonic activity in

anyway when she died there were some

demons that stayed in that room now this

is subjective some of you are going to

disagree and think well you’re just

making this stuff up but I can even back

when I was a kid

I was about eight years old when my

grandmother died I remember that when

she died I was sharing a room with my

brother and I didn’t want to share a

room with my brother so when she died

and was out of the house I moved into

her old room and I guarantee you there

were some strange things that went on in

that room at night there was a picture

of her up on this dresser and at night

that picture would leave that frame that

it was in and it would float around in a

room there was strange things going on

in that room and I was only 8 years old

I didn’t know what was going on I knew

it wasn’t supposed to be this way I was

afraid to tell anybody that they would

make fun of me and so you know what I

did I stayed there about a week and I

was back in with my brother well my

brother didn’t want to share a room with

me so he moved in there

in a week he was back in he never said

why but he was back in my sister decided

that she would move in there and we

would swap out and rearrange well my

sister moved in there in a week she was

back out and even though we had this

bedroom available nobody would ever stay

in it and when my sister finally got

married and brought her baby home you

know she that was the available room and

so she would walk in there and take her

daughter in there there’s just a few

months old she’d be totally asleep you

walk in that room she’d wake up and cry

walk out she’d go to sleep walk in she’d

cry walk out and so because of it we

never used that room it was always there

but we never used it I used to

after I got turned on to the Lord I had

Bible studies in my home and people

would you know we’d hold meeting in the

living room and then sometimes they’d go

into these other rooms and pray but you

know that room without me saying

anything to anybody people would go into

any room in the house to pray or to do

whatever but they would not go into that

room and so we always kept that room

shut up we never turn the

air-conditioning on we didn’t have the

heat on in that room that room was just

not used and nobody knew exactly why

well after I got turned on and begin to

realize spiritual things and realize

that you know like in Daniels day there

was a prince of persia’ assigned to a

location not just the people but to an

area and I believe that some of those

demonic things that were in my grandma

in her last days when she lost her mind

I believe some of those demonic things

were in that room well one day I was

walking in the house and praying and I

thought I’ve got authority over this and

I’m not going to allow this in his house

and so I remember I just opened up that

door I walked in there and I got to

binding the devil and rebuking it and I

guarantee you all a hair on the back of

my neck stood up

I just felt like that I had this image

of me walking in between these huge

demonic powers that were overshadowing

me with fangs and claws and this dishes

you know these vicious creatures in the

spirit realm I couldn’t see them but I

was just imagine that this is what they

look like and I was walking through them

and saying in the name of Jesus and I

was thinking only by the grace of God

the name of Jesus is holding these huge

demonic powers at bay and I was walking

through there and thinking like this and

I guarantee I was scared and I was

dealing with this and you know what the

Lord spoke to me he said Andrew he says

if you could see into the spiritual room

you wouldn’t see these huge demonic

powers with fangs and claws what you’d

see is little tiny sniffs you know I was

going to say anyway I can’t pronounce it

if you’d see these little creatures that

are just repulsive and little but they

got this huge mouth they really aren’t

big they aren’t powerful but they got

this huge mouth and all they do is just

intimidate instead of them being this

superior power you would see that you

are the one with the authority and the

power they’re afraid of you they’re

cringing in the quarter but they’re just

screaming and yelling trying to

intimidate you and I don’t know if that

helps you but this made a huge

difference all of a sudden I realized

what am i afraid of the devil is one

that’s afraid of me I’m the one with the

superior power and authority and I mean

all of a sudden it was like The

Incredible Hulk or something I mean I

just felt this surge of faith and and

power come upon me and I guarantee you I

got that chunk out of that house I

didn’t tell anybody about it I was there

by myself

and when we held a Bible study that

night I didn’t tell anybody what I had

done and did you know that when people

went off afterwards and they were

praying with each other and praying for

healing or whatever did you know that

they went into that room first time and

maybe a year or two I’d been holding

Bible studies

nobody would ever go in that room but

that night after I’d cast those things

out people went into there there’s no


my sister would bring her daughter home

and stay there no problem

did you know it just totally changed

everything about that changed we didn’t

know exactly what it was but there was

something demonic in there and I can

tell you it made a huge difference when

I quit picturing the devil as having a

superior power and authority to me and I

realized that he is a defeated foe that

he really has no power no authority to

do anything it’s only a usurped power

it’s only through deception that he can

a lie that he can get anything done you

know I’ve already used this verse but

look over in ephesians chapter 6 i’ve

already quoted this but in verse 12 or

let me back up to verse 11

it says put on the whole armour of God

that you might be able to stand against

the wiles of the devil for we wrestle

not against flesh and blood but against

principalities against powers against

the rulers of the darkness of this world

against spiritual wickedness in high

places in verse 11 it says you have to

put on the whole armor of God that you

may be able to stand against the wiles

of the devil the word wiles here it just

means the cunningness the craftiness the

lies the deception and let me make a

point here that the only power Satan

really has is deceit

it’s intimidation he’s like a bully did

you know most bullies really are not

that tough but they’ve learned that they

can Bluff their way that they can

intimidate people that most people are

timid most people are easily intimidated

and so bullies will sit there and

promise and threaten all of these things

and very seldom deliver on anything it’s

through intimidation that they do stuff

and I learned when I was in junior high

that there

this guy who just I mean he would beat

up on people he beat up on some people

that I knew and he would come up me hit

him and and do things to them and he was

he was a bully and he would throw his

weight around and I mean people gave him

special favors because people were

intimidated by this guy well I never was

a fighter

I never was real strong like that I that

just wasn’t me but one day he got the

picking on this guy who was a friend of

mine and I mean hitting him and

insulting him and calling him names and

this guy wouldn’t fight back he wouldn’t

say anything he was afraid to do

anything and this guy was just running

over him and even though I wasn’t a

fighter you know what I stood up to it

and I just said no you are going to do

this and this guy’s a friend of mine and

I expected to be fully pummeled to be

beat up but I just stood up for this guy

and I said you know what you’re going to

have to take both office you aren’t

going to do this by yourself and I stood

up to him and of course this guy got mad

at me and he insulted me and said a lot

of things but you know he backed down

and after that time did you know that

this guy who is a bully and intimidated

people he became a friend with me and he

actually became one of my friends and I

believe he respected me because I stood

up to him and I came to realize that

this guy was all blow and no go he was

just a bully and you know that’s exactly

the way that the devil is he has he

projects this image and sad to say the

number one place that magnifies and

exalts the devil is the church not

necessarily the non spirit-filled part

of the church because they don’t even

know that he exists they basically

believe that Satan and all of the demons

are over in some third-world country

with the witch doctors so basically the

non spirit-filled Church doesn’t even

give Satan much place at all they don’t

they don’t acknowledge him

but among spirit-filled people who do

believe that there is a spiritual

warfare which I agree with and they are

aware that demons operate and that we

get sucked into obeying them and thereby

empower them and then a lot of our

problems sickness and poverty and

relationships are demonic

the problems that is taking place in

those areas I agree with that but in the

process most of the spirit-filled

community has portrayed Satan as this

huge demonic power that really has

supernatural power and authority and

even though there are a few individuals

who will begin to rebuke him and resist

him they do it feeling inferior and just

believing that by the name of Jesus they

are just barely his match maybe they

could overcome him if they do it just

right and you know what that fear and

intimidation actually allows the devil

to do a lot of things in this section of

this teaching on the believers Authority

what I want to do this week is go back

and show you where Satan got his

authority from and I think it’s going to

surprise you to realize that God didn’t

give Satan his power and authority he

got his power and authority from men

from just men in general people with

physical human bodies and even a lost

man has more power and authority than

the devil the devil doesn’t make anybody

do anything he has to have our consent

and cooperation and once you understand

this I guarantee you it’s going to put

Satan in his place it will give you a

brand new attitude when you go to

fighting the devil it’ll give you a

boldness and authority that you’ve never

had and I believe that you’ll get

superior results to what you’ve had you

know real quickly I’ve only got a few

minutes here but let me give you this

testimony that will kind of illustrate

what I’ve been talking about too because

again when I first got really turned on

to the Lord realized we were in a

spiritual war I began to start casting

out Devils you know I didn’t know what I

was doing I just realized that not

everything that happened was physical

and there was this one woman we had led

to the Lord she had been a lesbian and I

mean she got born again and just

radically changed but she still had some

problems I believe that they were

demonic problems from her life before

she got born again and anyway one day

she was at work and she just flipped out

she didn’t know who she was she didn’t

know what her name

she didn’t know where she lived it’s

just like she didn’t know anything and

she was just kind of standing there in a

daze and a person walked by and said

baby I’ll meet you

you know this door after working and

we’ll go home and she so she figured out

her name was Debbie through that she

meant this lady this lady took her home

she got out she looked through her purse

and found some keys and so she went in

and she was sitting in her apartment

figuring that must be her apartment but

she didn’t know who she was when she

didn’t show up for church that night we

called her people went by found out that

she was just totally out of it and you

know in the natural what most people

would do is take her to a doctor

take her to a psychiatrist and try and

find some physical reason why is she all

of a sudden lost her memory and all this

stuff happened we knew there was


and so what we did we didn’t know how to

do this we just knew his demonic so we

locked her in a room and for seven days

we sang songs about the blood praise God

and just literally beat the devil out of

her I mean we didn’t pound her or

anything but it’s spiritually speaking

we just put so much faith out there that

she got delivered of all of these demons

and became normal again and got over the

situation well the word of this began to

spread and we had people start coming

from everywhere and we started seeing

people who were on drugs instantly set

free and come off and they they’d be

high and they’d come

sober and they wouldn’t have to go

through withdrawals it was demonic and

we would cast these things out and we

saw people set free and so the I rep you

tation spread people begin to come from

everywhere and before you knew it people

were considering us an expert on casting

out demons and I didn’t have a clue what

we were doing we just stumbled into this

so we read books I won’t even tell you

the name of this book let somebody go

get it but it was terrible it was just

bad bad bad advice and yet we didn’t

know what to do so we started following

the things in there and anyway rather

than give you all of the stories about

things that happen here’s my point I

became so demon conscious I spent so

much time

dealing with demons and casting demons

out that you know there’s a ditch on

both sides of the road to go down the

road you got to go down the middle you

there’s a ditch on both sides well I had

been in a ditch believing that nothing

was demonic then I hit the ditch on the

other side believing everything was

demonic and I got to looking for a demon

on every doorknob and I became so demon

conscious that I had a number of demonic

manifestations were Satan physically

fought me and things happen I’m about

out of time today I’ll have to finish

this on our program you know as we

continue to talk about this but let me

just say that basically I became too

demon conscious it gave Satan authority

in my life I finally realized this turn

from it and you know begin to start

striking a balance in this area and it

made a huge difference I started seeing

great results and anyway I had got time

to share all that today but we will be

talking about this as we continue on

through this series let me just mention

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I really dislike religion so much so

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lying there wondering if God loves them