God created the world with faith filled words. He demonstrated that words have the power to create and that creation responds to words. If you can understand that, it will change your life

welcome to gospel truth with Andrew

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and now here’s Andrew welcome to our

Monday’s broadcast of the gospel truth

today I’m going to begin a brand new

series talking about the power of faith

filled words and I am really excited to

be sharing on this you know back in the

beginning of my ministry this is one of

the teachings that I used to teach on a

lot and I had an entire series talking

about the creative power of words but

that’s been like 30-something years ago

maybe thirty five years ago and I

recently was in one of our Bible College

classes and I just made a comment about

how powerful words were and the things

that you say and I made this comment in

passing and after the class was over I

had a student come up and say do you

have a series on this and I said well I

used to have a series on it 30-something

years ago and I said it’s so old that we

don’t even reproduce it anymore and he

says you need to put out a whole series

on this again and so I got to thinking

about that and I thought you know I do

because I refer to this lot if you’ve

heard my teaching on the authority of

the believer you’ve heard me teach about

this if you’ve heard my teaching on

faith builders you’ve heard me teach

about this if you’ve heard my teaching

on you’ve already got it you’ve heard me

teach about this I talked about it but I

haven’t just gone back and taught

extensively just on the subject of how

powerful our words are and so recently

in when I was in England back in 2011 I

did an entire series on this during our

Grace and faith conference over there in

England and I tell you it was powerful

and we saw a lot of miracles happen and

this is one of the keys and I know that

just by the topic that I’m describing

many of you are going to say oh you know

your words because we don’t put any

importance on our words we certainly

don’t put an importance on

other people’s words and we listen to

things that we shouldn’t be listening to

and most people do not understand the

power of words even most Christians who

say that they understand the power of

the words you can tell by listening to

them that they don’t and so I’m saying

these things by way of introduction

saying that I know many of you are going

all the power of faith filled words

again and I’ve already heard this or I’d

like to hear something different and if

that’s your reaction then I can promise

you you do not have the revelation on

this because this is powerful and it has

a potential of really changing your life

you know before our meetings I usually

stand out in in the crowd for at least

an hour and we have people come and I

visit with them many of them want prayer

and I just don’t have time to teach

everybody all of these things and so I’m

not always able to tell them or explain

these things to them and so many times

I’ll just go ahead and pray for him but

I know that they aren’t going to receive

the healing that they desire because of

the words that they say the words that

you say just show me the volumes of

what’s in your heart we recently have a

situation where somebody had to be dealt

with and I was meeting with my staff I

was kind of giving them some

instructions of how I would talk to this

person and and one of the things that I

told them I said you know you just tell

them the situation and then you listen I

said don’t go in with a preconceived

idea you listen to what they have to say

in how they respond and if they go to

trying to justify themself if they

respond in anger if they do this and

this and this I said words tell a lot

about what’s on the inside of a person’s

heart in Matthew chapter 12 Jesus said

out of the abundance of the heart the

mouth speaks and your mouth will say

what’s in your heart now you can be a

hypocrite and you can lie and you can

say things contrary to what’s truly in

your heart on a brief period of time but

if you just listen to a person the

dominant thing that comes out of their

mouth is going to betray

a what’s in their heart and as we get

further into this series I hesitate to

say this now because some of you might

just disagree with this and blow it off

and not even listen to the series

because you think this isn’t important

but as we get further into this series I

am going to show you that out of your

heart though if you could sit down and

honestly objectively analyze the words

that you’re saying it would tell you

volumes about where you are in your

relationship with God and again I know

that there’s many other disciplines not

ready you don’t understand my problems

over here you don’t understand the

creative power of faith filled words and

so what I want to do is to share some

things with you about how important your

words are and this is really how you

release the power of God in your life

the power and the authority that we use

is god-given it comes from God that

means it’s not your power it’s God’s

power and it operates according to his

laws according to the way he does things

and you can’t sit there and just say

well I don’t like this and I’m not going

to do things this way and here’s how I

believe it’s going to be done the real

power in the Christian life is a gift

from God it’s his indwelling power and

it’s going to have to operate according

to his laws and I’m going to be teaching

you as we talk about the power of faith

filled words how his kingdom operates

and you will find out that the vast

majority of us as Christians people who

are watching this program and the

extreme vast majority of non-christians

and all of this secular world and the

things that we are being taught and

plugged into on a daily basis they are

operating contrary to what God said in

his word and if you are plugged into

this it is going to defeat you and so

this is not a matter of you just saying

well I reject this I think I’ll do it

another way there is no other way for

God’s power

parade one of the things I’m going to

show you through the Word of God is that

this is how God operates and if you are

going to see God flow through you in his

power work in your life you’re going to

have to adopt his way of doing things

and this is how God functions let me

just start over here in mark chapter 11

I’m going to come back to this and teach

on this in more detail so this isn’t

going to be an in-depth teaching on this

but I just want to make this point use

this as an illustration we’ll go to some

other scriptures and begin to show you

about how God has operated through the

power of words and I’ll come back to

this and go into much more detail but in

the 11th chapter of the book of Mark is

an instance where Jesus right at the end

of his ministry this is his last time

not the very last instance that he was

in Jerusalem but during that last week

the Passover week that he was there

ministering and he was going into

Jerusalem and as he was walking into the

city he was staying at Bethany and as he

was walking into the city of Jerusalem

he was hungry and he saw a fig tree that

had leaves but it didn’t have any fruit

on it and you know fig trees I’ve had

some people challenge this and there are

different types of fig trees but I

actually had a person who is a member

I’m not sure the exact name of it but

it’s some kind of a government agency in

Israel verify that the fig trees in

Israel produce figs at the same time or

right before the leaves come out so if

there are leaves on a fig tree in Israel

it should have figs it wasn’t time for

the figs yet but it wasn’t time for

leaves and this tree already had leaves

on it and so Jesus went to this fig tree

fig tree expecting to get some fruit off

of it when he got there it had leaves

but it didn’t have any figs and so he

cursed this fig tree and like I said

I’ll go into this in more detail and

some people think well how could he have

done this well he’s the creator he’s one

that created these fig trees he’s the

one that

told them how they were supposed to

operate and this big tree was a pervert

his fig tree was not operating the way

that God created it – and Jesus as the

creator had every right to kill this fig

tree because it was not operating

according to the way that he created it

– that is a powerful truth and there’s a

lot of things could be said about that

but anyway the way he did this he just

cursed it he didn’t take any salt and

put on it he didn’t cut it down he

didn’t dig it up he didn’t break off a

limb he didn’t do anything in the

natural to cause this but here’s what he

did in verse 14 mark 1114 he said no man

eat fruit of the hereafter for ever and

it makes special mention in that verse

that it says his disciples heard it and

so they went on into the city of

Jerusalem they came back that evening we

don’t know for sure but it would be

consistent to think that they took the

same Road that they passed the exact

same fig tree that evening nobody said

anything about it that evening but the

next morning it says in verse 20 and in

the morning as they passed by they saw

the fig tree dried up from the roots if

you read this same instance over in

Matthews account over there it says that

when Jesus spoke to this fig tree that

anon are immediately it died and yet you

read here it was the next morning that

they saw that the fig tree was dried up

what’s the how do you balance those was

it instantly or did it take 24 hours

well the answer is it was dried up from

the roots it died immediately instantly

the roots were dead and he just took a

period of time for what had happened

below the surface that was unobservable

to manifest in the leaves that were

above the surface you know this is

similar if you cut off a rose or a

flower you can put it in a vase and put

it in water and it’ll still look

beautiful and it’ll hold its color and

and it won’t wilt for maybe a week or

two weeks depending

how you take care of it but the moment

you sever it from that plant it’s dead

and it just takes a period of time for

that death to manifest itself in the

flower likewise the moment Jesus spoke

he didn’t touch it he didn’t do anything

in the natural but the moment he spoke

that fig tree was dead and it took a

period of time for what had taken place

in the roots to manifest itself in the

leaves and in the portion of that fig

tree that was above-ground and so here’s

Peters response in verse 21 Peter

calling to remembrance said unto him

master behold the fig tree which you

cursed is withered away you know we

don’t have the benefit of hearing the

inflection of Peters voice and sometimes

we just read this in a monotone and we

don’t catch this but I can guarantee you

that Peter didn’t just say master the

fig tree that you cursed his withered

away I believe he was overwhelmed it was

more like Jesus look at this fig tree

you cursed it you just spoke to it and

it’s dead he was absolutely shocked and

here’s Jesus answer in verse 22 and

jesus answered and said unto him have

faith in God and we don’t have the

benefit of hearing Jesus inflection of

his voice either but I don’t believe he

just said have faith in God Peter no it

was more like Peter

have faith in God what’s wrong with you

don’t you understand the power that I

have why are you shocked to see this fig

tree withered away this reaction most

people would think man Peter was really

in tune with God and he was impressed

with the things of God but what it

really did it revealed the unbelief that

was in his heart he was shocked to see a

miracle happen without anything physical

taking place it was all just Jesus spoke

words out of his mouth and he was

shocked by this and did you know

likewise it shocks people today to

understand the power of our words but

Jesus said have faith in God you ought

to be able to believe

and see things like this happened and

then he gave an explanation of how he

was able to do this miracle on the fig

tree in verse 23 he says for verily I

say unto you that whosoever man that is

a powerful statement right there

this means it’s not based on your gender

it’s not based on your education it’s

not based on your holiness it’s not

based on any of these natural things

many times people will listen to

somebody teach on this use an example

about Jesus and Peter and they’ll say oh

those people were different than me

they were whosoever Peter was a

whosoever all of these disciples were

whosoever you are whosoever I am a

whosoever this is not just for people

that were 2,000 years ago this will work

for people right now in our modern age

this still works whosoever will say unto

this mountain be thou removed and be

thou cast into the sea and shall not

doubt in his heart but shall believe

that those things which he saith shall

come to pass he shall have whatsoever he

said there are three times in this verse

that Jesus talked about the power of

words he says whosoever shall say unto

this mountain be removed be cast into

the sea and shall not doubt in his heart

but shall believe that those things

which he saith shall come to pass he

shall have whatsoever he said three

times he emphasizes the power of words

so here’s Peter just shocked overwhelmed

at this miracle and again I think

sometimes we miss how impressive this

was but if we were just walking down the

street and if I looked up at a tree and

I said you’re dead and that’s all I said

and we just walked on and then the next

day we were walking by and if that tree

was all dried up and you could tell that

it had died overnight and all I had done

is talked to it I guarantee that would

be impressive you’d be probably saying

look at the fig tree that you cursed

just like Peter did and Jesus is

explaining how it happened

he just spoke words I know that there

are some of you watching this program

right now that is thinking it’s not this

you can’t do this with words well then

just cut this instance out of your Bible

because this is what it’s all based on

and I’m going to be linking many other

scriptures to this and if you really get

into the words you’re going to find out

that your words are powerful super

powerful but notice here it’s not only

words you have to believe that the

things that you say come to pass and

this is why most of us aren’t seeing the

power of our words really affect things

in a positive way the way we shoot is

because we don’t believe it we have just

gotten to where we think words are

unimportant you can prove that by the

way that people listen to doubt and

unbelief of other people they will sit

in churches I’ll quit preaching down I’m

gone to prayin I’m talking directly to

some of you that are in churches that

are deader than a hammer man I was in a

church one time that a person died and

they called the 911 11c number and the

rescue people came and they carried out

half of the congregation before they

found the dead person that’s how death

at church was there are some of you that

are in dead churches I mean if a person

lifts their hand to praise God they’ll

say it’s down the hall on the left

first door on the left I mean that you

couldn’t praise God there aren’t people

there it’s just dead and you listen to

preaching that is not benefiting you

it’s speaking doubt and unbelief because

you do not believe the power of words

and some of you might think oh I would

never say any of these things let me

share this passage with you out of first

Corinthians chapter 15 verse 33 it says

be not deceived evil communications

corrupt good manners and that is a

strong statement right there it’s saying

don’t be deceived evil communications

corrupt good manners the

Communications here is not only limited

to words this is talking about a

lifestyle a way of living you can

communicate with more than words you can

communicate with actions you can

communicate in a lot of different ways

but evil communications includes the

words that you say and it corrupts good

manners you know if you take a rotten

apple and put it up next to a good apple

the good apple doesn’t change the rotten

apple it’s the rotten apple that will

change the good Apple it seems like that

in our fallen world everything goes from

a state of good to bad a state of order

to disorder and unbelief and doubt tends

to influence and affect good manners

people with good intentions and stuff

and this says don’t be to see if you’re

saying that all I can watch this movie I

can I can be involved in this church I

can have this circle of friends that

they’re all ungodly and everything

they’re saying and doing is bad and yet

it doesn’t affect me you’re deceived

that’s about as blunt as I can put that

you’re deceived because the Bible says

don’t be deceived evil communications

corrupt good manners you could turn over

to second Peter chapter 2 I’m running

short of time today maybe I’ll go into

more depth on this tomorrow but the

second Peter chapter 2 it talks about

lot and it calls him a righteous man in

seen and hearing their evil

communications he vexed his soul from

day to day and he wound up he didn’t

lose his faith in God he still had faith

in God but he cost him everything he

went down to Sodom and Gomorrah because

of the financial benefit and the lush

pasture and it was good for his cattle

and his sheep and things like this and

he did it for a monetary reason but he

wound up losing his family his wife his

daughters it cost him everything he just

barely escaped with his life because of

the evil communications of other people


tell you there are many people that are

listening to me as I give this

introduction talking about how powerful

our words are and you’re just sitting

here downplaying this and saying oh it’s

not that important and it really doesn’t

matter what I listen to

and you’re you’re discounting this and

you’re doing the same thing that Lott

did to himself I guarantee it’s going to

harden you it’s going to harden your

kids it’s going to harden your wife it’s

going to harden other people it’s going

to cost you the the power of words is

not only your words but it’s every word

you hear right now you’re hearing faith

filled words that line up with the Word

of God things that can benefit you and

help you but that’s not all you listen

to you listen to the news you watch

movies you watch TV shows you read

magazines you read books you do all

kinds of things and every word not only

every word that you speak but every word

that comes to you is either life or

death it’s either building you up or

tearing you down and if you say but I

can endure this it’s not that big of a

deal I reject it I it doesn’t bother me

then according to first Corinthians

15:33 you are deceived because evil

communications corrupt good manners

you cannot indulge yourself you cannot

let the sewage of this world flow

through you without it affecting you

something is going to stick something is

going to happen to you and I tell you as

we go through this series and talk about

the power of faith filled words I

believe it’s going to give you an

impetus to start using your words and

speaking faith filled words but it’s

also going to show you that you need to

protect your heart and you don’t need to

expose yourself to the doubt and the

unbelief you may not be able to avoid it

a hundred percent but we could avoid a

lot of it the majority of it we could

change our situation easily if we just

understood how powerful our words are

and so I’m beginning this series to talk

about the power of faith filled words

and I want to just once again go back to


11:23 and say that Jesus said this is

how he performed his miracle this

miracle on the fig tree and you will

find it in many other places matter of

fact when he talked to the Centurion in

Matthew chapter 8 the reason he marveled

at this man’s faith because this man

says I don’t need to have you come here

I don’t have to see you touch him you

speak the word only and he marveled at

this man’s faith because of a person

understood the power of faith filled

words I tell you this is a key to

walking with God and understanding the

things of God and I’ve got a lot to

share about it so I encourage you to

listen in and to make a priority on

getting hold of these truths I’ve also

got this teaching and this is a brand

new teachings first time I’ve taught

this as a series in something like 35

years so I’ve got this brand new

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filled words we have a CD set we have a

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the power of faith filled words John

chapter 14 verse 1 the very first thing

that Jesus told his disciples he says

let not your heart be troubled when I

looked into his face I saw his eyes

flittering and so um I yelled at him and

I said you are not gonna leave me next

thing I know I’m down an emergency room

at the stroke center and err semester

this in Fort Worth one third of Alan’s

brain had not received blood the MRI

scan of the brain showed a massive

stroke they told me he was paralyzed on

the left side they told me that he could

not swallow they told me he could not

speak they were saying he’s going to

need a stomach to to be fed the rest of

his life we were not really optimistic

about the outcome we had spent that time

in Christian survival we had spent that

time in harnessing your emotions and I

was harnessing my emotions I was

completely under control and that’s what

disturbed the doctors the most they were

not going to speak death over him

because his life was in the balance and

I knew the truth and the truth

was going to set him free and I knew it

I knew it would set complete it would

set everything free for more information

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