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tonight with your friends hello and

welcome to our Tuesday night live Bible

study I’ll tell you I’m glad that you’re

with us we’re gonna deal with some

things that are very current events

we’re gonna be talking about the

coronavirus and the response that

everybody’s having to it and I’m gonna

deal with it from Scripture I’m not

going to deal so much with physical

natural stuff but talking about fear and

God’s protection and how we should

respond to all of the fear and things

that are around us so I think it’s gonna

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visitors to this one other thing I’d

like to say is that I had a man call me

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everybody’s shut up in their home and he

had the suggestion that we ought to make

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12 years solid but not run out of them

probably 24 hours a day yeah we have we

have 20 years worth of television

archive and I think 30 years are

worth of radio programs or archived and

400 and something of my teachings that

are available free so oh man this is an

opportunity grab some popcorn and stir

up your man all right so I’m gonna be

talking about the coronavirus before I

get into exactly what the scripture says

I just want to put a context to this

because I think this is something that

is not being done some people feel like

this is the worst plague to ever hit the

world and this is taken from the world

World Health Organization’s website that

coronaviruses is a large family of

viruses that cause illness ranging from

the common cold to more severe diseases

such as the Middle East respiratory

syndrome that’s mirrors and the severe

acute respiratory certain drum that SARS

that we had back I think ten years ago

and so anyway this coronavirus Cova 19

is a new strain but it’s really no

different than any of these other

strains the reason it’s caused so much

fear is because it’s new nobody has an

immunity to it and there isn’t any

antidote or any treatment for it and so

that’s what’s causing a lot of the fear

it all comes from animals SARS came from

cats and mirrors came from drama Dori

dromedary camels and so anyway that’s

the background of it and the vast

majority of people I forgot the exact

number but it’s 95 or more percent of

all of the people recover from this some

people even have it with very little

symptoms but it’s specifically hard on

people who have respiratory problems

pre-existing conditions and stuff so

anyway I think that if people would have

just presented this that this is another

strain of like the cold that just

doesn’t nobody has an immunity to it yet

and there isn’t an antidote for it I

might have lessened some people’s fear

about the effects that’s going to have

so again I’m not going to deal with all

of the specific things that people are

doing I’ll make some comments on it but

what I want to deal with

is the fear that has been associated

with this and I’m going to deal with

this in two ways because as an

individual who is standing on the Word

of God and believing God I have

absolutely zero zilch not a fear about

this and I ministered to my staff

yesterday matter of fact you can go on

our website and we have this whole thing

recorded I think I ministered for over

30 minutes on it and we’ve got the whole

thing recorded and you can listen to it

it’s in its entirety but I have zero

fear and let me just give you some of

the scriptures that cause this this is

just a few because there’s a lot of

scriptures but Psalms 46 one through

three says God is our refuge and

strength a very present help in trouble

well I would say that this is a time of

trouble a lot of people are troubled

about this the whole world is troubled

about it says therefore will not we fear

though the earth be removed and though

the mountains be carried into the midst

of the sea though the waters thereof

roar and be troubled though the

mountains shake with the swelling

thereof and then it says Selah the word

Selah means you need to stop and think

about this think about this you aren’t

going to be in fear even if the

mountains were removed you know we got

Pikes Peak out here I’m not sure that

you can see it at this time and I but

Pikes Peak is still there but what would

happen if Pikes Peak and all of the

mountains were removed and cast into the

sea most people would be panicking and

yet this says that if you’re trusting in

the Lord you wouldn’t fear even if the

mountains were removed first John

chapter 4 verse 18 says there is no fear

in love but perfect love casteth out

fear because fear hath torment he that

feareth is not made perfect in love and

I could spend the entire night just

talking about this but you know first on

Galatians chapter 5 verse 6 says faith

works by love if we really understood

the love that God has for us it’s you

it’d have zero fear about this yeah

because God is going to take care of you

and I know we’ve got people watching

this from all over the world from every

different background and because of the

way they advertise

this tonight saying that I was going to

be talking about this coronavirus

situation we may have people that this

is your very first time to watch and you

may come from a totally different

background but I’m telling you the Bible

promises you protection and healing and

I’m going to be getting into some more

of those scriptures but second

Corinthians ekend Timothy chapter 1

verse 7 for God hath not given us the

spirit of fear but of power and of love

and of a sound mind you know anything

that causes you to respond in fear the

very first thing you need to do is get

rid of this fear mm-hmm you need to quit

making any of your decisions that you

make based on fear and I don’t know how

many of you remember but in 2000 when

they were talking about y2k I was

wondering what was gonna happen and they

were predicting the end of the world one

day where but you know people in Russia

they weren’t as hooked on computers as

we are here it was people who were

looking at the worst-case scenario not

thinking about things in any way I went

on record back in 98 and then in 99 real

strongly I stood against this because

the whole thing that people were saying

was all fear-based and I am NOT gonna do

anything based on fear now this doesn’t

mean that because you’re in faith you

don’t use your brain and that you don’t

take practical steps but the things that

we’re being said about y2k and I mean

literally I had a friend that was

preaching that was the beginning of the

Tribulation Period and to go out and buy

you know large stockpiles of food people

are doing that now they even told you to

buy guns he was selling guns in his

church so that if people came after your

food after y2k that you could kill him

in the name of the Lord he’s a preacher

okay and so anyway I stood up against

all of that stuff because God didn’t

give us a spirit of fear yeah so if you

are just fearful and terrified about

this I’m gonna be getting into a lot of

other things and showing you why you

shouldn’t be but I’m just first of all

saying that you should never ever ever

do anything out of fear you never panic

God is going to take care of us

I am gonna survive I don’t care what

happens and I know a lot of people may

disagree with that but that is what

these verses are saying even if this

mountain gets removed and cast into the

sea I’m not gonna be upset about it even

if anything happens God didn’t give me

his spirit of fear in Psalms chapter 91

verse 5 it says thou shalt not be afraid

for the terror by night nor for the

arrow that flies by day nor for the

pestilence that walketh in darkness nor

for the destruction that wasteth at

noonday you know this is specifically

talking about a plague a pestilence and

it says that you don’t have to be afraid

of this why not

because there are provisions and I’m

going to be dealing with that more in

just a second but let me say that I am

NOT saying that we should be ignorant of

what’s going on around us but what is

called news today is not news you know

by the very definition the word news

means something that has already

happened but today I can guarantee if

you have watched the news today if

you’ve been on the internet if you’ve

been on your phone if you’ve been living

and listening to any of these things

they are not only talking about what’s

happening they are talking about what’s

going to happen they are painting the

worst-case scenario and there’s nobody

except somebody who has specifically got

a word from God who can tell you what

the future is going to be like and

especially these ungodly people I think

that this I think that the news cycle

begin to start making

worst-case-scenario out of this because

of political advantage they saw it as an

opportunity to push back against the

current administration and so they

started pushing worst-case-scenario and

saying if we don’t do something right

now that this is going to be devastating

but it was picked up by the news media

and people very few people in this

country are walking in faith and letting

their heart not be troubled and stuff

and so it played into this hysteria and

people have you know embraced this and

have amplified it and there is just a

lot of panic going on yep so

I am not denying that there is a

pandemic I mean the stats show that this

is spreading like wildfire but again did

you know that coals I bet you that this

coronavirus has not outstripped the

number of people that have coals in the

world yet

the flu has already killed many more

people than the coronavirus has now that

again the coronavirus if it continues to

escalate escalate then you know it could

change but I’m saying at this moment the

flu has killed more people this year

have died from the flu than have died I

mean by a huge percentage there’s a

higher number of people that have died

from that so I’m not saying that there’s

not a problem but I do think that in

some ways we’re overreacting so on a

personal level here’s the way that I

respond and that is that I have promises

that no plague is going to come nigh my


you know that’s out of psalms chapter 91

and i’m not sure that i’m gonna take

time tonight because i’m gonna break

this up in probably next week i’ll go

into the promises but we’ve already read

a couple of those verses out of Psalms

91 that no pestilence we don’t have to

be afraid of the pestilence and if you

go on down in verses 6 through 10 it

talks about that no plague will come

nigh our dwelling only with our eyes

will we behold and see the reward of the

wicked he’ll give his angels charge over

you and specifically it was talking

about to protect you in the midst of a

plague and so I really believe that on a

personal level I have zero fear that I

can reach out and touch anybody who’s

got sickness or something on him matter

of fact when I was sharing this with my

staff yesterday I actually put up a

picture somebody who is you know looking

like Jesus the way that we imagine Jesus

to be and he was laying hands on

somebody in praying for him but he had

on a surgical mask and can you imagine

that can you imagine Jesus you know not

touching somebody because they were

infectious matter of fact in the eighth

chapter of Matthew

it says in verse one it says when he was

come down from the mountain great

multitudes followed him and behold there

came a leper and worshipped him saying

lord if thou wilt thou canst make me

clean and Jesus put forth his hand and

touched him saying I will be thou clean

and immediately his leprosy was cleansed

and so I can guarantee you right here is

a scriptural example of Jesus reaching

out and touching a leper which was

highly contagious matter of fact a

scripture in the Book of Leviticus even

talked about that a leper could not they

had to isolate themselves exactly what

people are doing today and a leper if he

came out into the public he had to yell

and say unclean and let people know

because they had to keep this distance

between them so it’s the exact same

thing that we are dealing with right now

and yet how did Jesus respond to it

Jesus put forth his hand and touched him

and said I will be thou clean I can

guarantee you we should not be

withdrawing from people out of fear now

there’s a secondary reason that you do

things because we live in a community

and if you know if everybody else is

under this I’m gonna if I can talk

quickly enough I’m gonna deal with this

in more detail from first Corinthians

chapter 8 but first of all you should

have zero fear about you reaching out

and contacting a person because again

Jesus did it Jesus said the works that

we did he did should we do also and I

believe that I am just as protected as

Jesus is instead of having this fear

about everybody contaminating me man I

look at it this way that I’ve got the

supernatural power of God living on the

inside of me and if I come in with

sickness I can reach out and touch them

yes my healing will be transmitted

instead of their sickness amen I tell

you I think this is wrong the way so

many Christians are panicking but we

also live in a community of people and

let me share this with you out of first

Corinthians chapter 8 I believe that

this is a perfect parallel to exactly

what’s happening in our nation and in

our world right now and just four times

like I’m gonna paraphrase as much of

this as I can and just read a few verses

but in the 8th chapter of 1st

Corinthians is where Paul begin to

address people eating meat that had been

sacrificed to idols this was a real

source of contention in the early church

and the logic behind it is that in those

days people had idols they would come

bring them meat offerings and offer it

under the idol and of course the idol

didn’t need it mm-hmm

and so what do you do with the meat

after you’ve offered it well they would

take it and they would sell it in the

marketplace and it was customary that

people would buy this meat but when they

got born again the people who were born

again we’re saying you can’t eat that

meat that’s been sacrificed and unto

idols because it’s now a part of

idolatry you were participating in

idolatry and Paul said that we know that

an idol is nothing and that because the

meat has been placed on this Idol it

didn’t contaminate the meat so

technically speaking there is nothing

wrong with eating this meat that has

been offered unto an idol but then he

says this let me just read this in verse

7 first Corinthians chapter 8 verse 7

howbeit there is not in every man that

knowledge for some with conscience of

the idol unto this hour eat it as a

thing offered into the idol and their

conscience being weak is defiled but

meat commendeth this not to God for

neither if we eat or the we the better

or if we eat not are we the worst again

this is a perfect parallel because see

there are some people like me who know

that no plague is gonna come nigh my

dwelling if a germ touches me it’s gonna

die and I believe that a hundred percent

and so because of that I don’t have any

desire to withdraw from social

gatherings to not contact people

it is a non-issue with me because I am

healed and I am staying healed but there

isn’t in every person that knowledge and

he goes on and talks about this and he

says in verse he says in verse 10 for if

a man see thee which hast knowledge sit

at meat in the idols temple shall not

the conscience of him which is weak be

emboldened to

those things which are offered unto

idols and through thy knowledge shall

the weak brother perish for whom Christ

died but when you sin against the

Brethren and wound their weak conscience

you sin against Christ wherefore if meat

make my brother to offend

I will eat no meat while the world

standeth lest I make my brother to

offend and say this is the same thing I

have zero fear about this I’m not gonna

get sick I don’t believe in getting sick

and some of you think well you can’t

live that way that’s the way I’ve lived

I’ve been sick twice in 50 years and I

could give you reasons but that was

because of stupidity I just depleted

myself and I got a cold but I don’t get

sick I don’t believe in being sick and I

have no fear about it but if I just

impose that like say for instance we

have 500 and I think it’s 42 student

staff right here in Woodland Park and

then we have another hundred and

something scattered around the world and

if because I have no fear about it I

just say we’re keeping everything going

everything is business as usual

everybody come well if everybody was

believing like me I believe we would be

just fine but not everybody is and I’m

not condemning anybody who isn’t because

you know when I first got turned on to

the Lord I didn’t understand healing and

I got sick a long time ago and finances

is an area I wasn’t as strong in

finances as I was in healing and it’s

not because I was a bad person I just

didn’t have a revelation on him so I’m

not trying to condemn anybody and say

that if you believe that you could catch

this virus and become sick that you’re a

bad person that’s not what I’m saying

but I am saying that just like this is

not every man has the knowledge not

every man has developed their faith the

way that mine is and if I just continue

to have all of our meetings and invite

people in we’re gonna have some people

that don’t have any faith whatsoever and

they are just completely susceptible and

they’re gonna bring the virus in we’ve

got other people who will have the

sickness already but they’ll say I’m a

faith person and they’re gonna go and

infect everybody else and god forbid

if I allowed that and some people get

sick and die I would in a sense have

been the one that was responsible

because I was assuming that everybody

was going to operate on my faith so

because of this here’s an application

and then we’re going to try and take

some questions and I’ll go into Psalms

chapter 91 next week and deal a lot more

in this but because of this we cancelled

our men’s advance this last weekend we

with the government officials here says

it’s fine to allow people who are

already here to come and so we had

around four or five hundred maximum with

our students but we had thirteen to

fourteen hundred people that were gonna

come that didn’t come and I didn’t do

that for me but I did that because I

live in a community and not everybody is

where I am and stuff and so I honored

that we’ve now canceled our school

because all of the government has

canceled all of the schools in Colorado

or at least on the Front Range and has

canceled them for two weeks and we had

spring break coming up anyway we had

pictures being made so we’re only two or

three days that we’re cancelling school

other than what we were already doing so

I’m complying to a degree not because

I’m fearful I could go out in the midst

of a hundred thousand people in a hug

every one of them and I’m not gonna get

sick and sometimes you think well I

don’t believe that well that’s the

reason that I canceled other stuff is

because of usual and I have zero fear

but we live in a community and you know

if I was to just violate these things

and then people come to my meetings and

stuff and get sick and it would it would

affect the way the community views me

and just like it said right here it says

for each per neither if you eat are you

the better nor if you don’t eat are you

the worse I believe that if I don’t hold

the meetings and I go along with what

the government is saying I’m not worse

and if I go ahead and hold the meetings

I don’t believe that I’m better than

anybody else this isn’t about me yeah

personally I am

and I have zero problems with it but I

am NOT an individual I not everybody’s

like me I’ve got to learn how to get

along with people so because of that we

are observing the instructions we

haven’t closed our ministry down and of

course Kerry is one of our leaders in

our ministry and she’s been meeting with

people all weekend and we’ve taken some

fairly drastic steps so that people that

can work at home are working at home

we’ve cancelled school we’ve cancelled

some of these things short term not out

of fear but just out of trying to get

along with the rest of the community and

recognizing not everybody believes the

way that we did yeah yeah I like what

you said the other day you said you said

I may not be in the same state of panic

or belief as everybody else but I will

do my part to stop the spread of virus

as much as possible so it doesn’t hit as

many people that don’t have the faith

because they are not operating in faith

the vast majority of people and I hadn’t

got time to say it today I want to take

your questions I know we probably got

some questions here but next week I’ll

try and go into more detail on this but

this has exposed a real weakness in most

people and I’m just going to talk right

now about Christians that most

Christians have not been trusting God

for their healing

they don’t believe these scriptures that

no play will even come nard well and I

mean it’s a promise it says surely he

will deliver thee from the snare of the

Fowler it didn’t say that maybe ours for

some people we have promises that you do

not have to be afraid of any sickness or

any disease and yet I would say the vast

majority of Christians are panicking

close to as much as the unbelievers in a

sense I can understand the unbelievers

but there’s no reasons for Christians to

be operating in the fear that they’re

operating in so at the very least this

has exposed a major problem and I can

guarantee you the bible does prophesy

that in the last days there will be

things happening that they can’t

overcome that 95% of the people don’t

overcome and if we don’t learn how to

appropriate what God’s Word said and

start operating in faith I think that in

the future there’s going to be a

Christian’s hurtin yeah so this is an

opportunity it’s a wake-up call for you

to begin to start receiving these

promises and operating in it amen amen

well we’ve got a number of questions

you’re storing it through as many as

possible tonight so how do we so this is

like I’m gonna ask this from a mini cut

people are asking how do we encourage

non-believers during this time without

sounding obnoxious and so I probably got

half a dozen questions on that that

they’re trying to share with other

people not to be in fear but it how did

they share it so that doesn’t sound

obnoxious well I don’t know that I have

a real good answer to that because

people when they’re in fear they’re

gonna look if you say that I’m not

afraid then they’re immediately gonna

take offense

yeah they’re gonna think that you’re

condemning them so one of the things

that I thought of I was talking to

somebody and I just said you know I’ve

seen my son and my wife raised from the

dead and if you’ve overcome death well

then the coronavirus is not a big deal

so if you have a testimony human and

you’ve been healed of things well then

that would be a good way to approach it

is to say look I’ve been healed of

things worse than this

and I’ve trusted God and he’s healed me

and he could do the same thing for you

and you just use that as an opportunity

and approach it kind of from just your

own personal testimony instead of saying

that you should be believing God you

don’t have to be a fearful of this

that’s good calling it son I’m sorry if

I said your name wrong on YouTube said

can we pray for protection for

unbelievers I believe that you can to a

degree but what they believe is going to

affect them more than what you believe

and so like I even dealt with this very

thought about going in ahead and having

our conferences and me just expressing

my faith and commanding the plague to

not even come in here but and I think

that I could influence and affect people

but if a person was just totally bought

into it and was operating in fear I

can’t totally control you the Lord

didn’t give us

the ability to control other people we

can influence them but they would have

to be in agreement and cooperation

they’d have to submit to me so it it

depends on what they had other persons

believing that’s good

so um three or four questions that have

also been like this but they on Facebook

says what do you think about mass prayer

for repentance of America’s sins that

many ministers are now urging and have

been doing for months and years so

another question that goes along with

that is the second Chronicle 715 that a

number of people have asked about that

that talk about if my people who are

called by name by my name will humble

themselves and repent of their wicked

ways then I will hear from heaven and

forgive their sin and heal their land

does this apply to your claim

verse 14 and I thought you were gonna

make another point 7:14 so does this

apply to the coronavirus this scripture

no I do not believe that this is a

plague from God and I have heard some

people say that but Galatians chapter 3

verse 13 says Christ redeemed us from

the curse of the law there are times in

the Bible that God sent plagues

for instance in Egypt when the children

of Israel came out in second Kings I

believe it’s chapter 19 it talks about

that a hundred and eighty-five thousand

people were slain in one night but you

can’t find a single instance where a

person was smitten with anything in the

Old Testament that it was a blessing it

was always a curse

it was a punishment and Christ redeemed

us from the curse of the law it also

says in John chapter 12 verse 32 that he

drew all of God’s judgment unto himself

so God is not striking people with

leprosy and with things like that today

in the Old Testament he did that Christ

changed all of that and somebody says no

I believe that this is from God well if

you really believe that this is a plague

from God why would you go to the doctor

or take medication and try and get over

it yeah if it’s a judgment from God then

it would be hypocritical on your part to

try and get out of it let God do his

work in you let him you know have the

full effect yeah and of course that’s


got it anybody who had advocated you

letting this disease run its course

and kill as many people as possible with

no resistance that’s wrong and yet

that’s what that logic would lead to if

you thought God is the one that caused

this and I can also say it this way if

God sends a plague you aren’t going to

be able to have 95% of the people get

over it man I guarantee if God wanted to

plague people he could do it and a

matter of fact in the Book of

Revelations it talks about 1/3 of the

Earth’s population dying because of some

plagues again there’s there’s somewhere

around 4% or 5% of the people who get

this who die and they’re people that

already have pre-existing problems the

average person matter of fact I was

reading today and they said that a lot

of people carry this virus and don’t

even realize it because they have zero

symptoms it’s relatively mild unless

you’ve got a pre-existing problem so

again God is not the one doing this if

God was doing it it would be severe yeah

so char on chat asked this so far many

churches are complying with

recommendations suggested by governments

to cancel large gatherings Andrew

understanding Psalms 91 what will you do

if they impose future restrictions for a

long term that’s a good question you

know in the short term we compensated

for our men’s advance I agreed with what

they said we limited the people coming

but we had live stream and so we’re

using technology to overcome some of

these things and so in the short term I

think I would comply because again the

people I’d say the vast majority of

people would not understand it if I went

ahead and had a meeting because they

don’t they don’t understand that there

are you know that you can be healed and

that God will protect you and so they

would just look at it as total

foolishness and I don’t want to leave

that impression with people so short

term I think I would agree with them but

man long term there there are some real

problems with this and we had a man on

our livestream last night II W Jackson


a pastor in Virginia and he pointed out

that the Constitution only gives the

United States government limited powers

to do things that we see today and I

think it was I think it’s appropriate to

tell people we discourage mass

gatherings and stuff but to actually in

a sense impose martial law and shelter

in place I’m not sure that the

Constitution gives that kind of power

and if the government starts imposing

that long term I think that us giving in

to it would not be a good thing I think

it would it could really set up things

that they could just like I read today

that they gave I think it was in New

York they gave the police the authority

to arrest and detain a person if they

look sick and I can understand the logic

behind it but think of this that all you

have to do is just get the people in

control to say well you look sick carry

and whether you are or not they have the

right to arrest you and detain you

without going through proper channels

this could be used to oppress people to

cause all kinds of problems they could

just take anybody who disagreed with

them and a political opponent and arrest

them and we’re treading on some

dangerous stuff right here so I think


I would resist it and I would defy it

but short term and again I’m not sure

that that’s the proper reaction but

that’s that’s the approach I’m taking

right now is I’m trying to comply and

trying to stop the spread of this thing

but man if it gets so restrictive that

they start violating all of these rights

and liberties I’m like I don’t know I

would tend not to go along it’s


yeah so fluffy F on YouTube says this if

I am sick and go to doctor instead of

praying to get healed does this mean I

don’t have faith no there’s multiple

ways that you can be healed

again I hesitate to say this because

some people will try and operate by my

standard and again I’ve been operating

and seeking God in this area for 50 some

and years and I just do not get sick I

don’t believe in being sick and even

like I had a thing on my ear I’m sure

that you saw this and I had people who

were medical people come up and say

you’ve got a melanoma cancer well I

never worried about I didn’t have to

look at it everybody else had to look at

and so I didn’t do anything with it and

it took five to six years but that thing

is completely healed I never went to a

doctor I do not have to go to a doctor

to get healed but not everybody is to

that place and for instance here’s a

good here’s a example a good friend of

mine John Tesh I just did a Facebook

interview with him yesterday and John

Tesh five years ago had terminal cancer

they said that he had I think six months

or short period of time to live and he

got hold of my teaching and he started

operating in faith but he was brand new

at it and he had so much fear associated

that if he didn’t take the doctors

treatment he had surgery and then

massive chemotherapy and stuff and if he

didn’t take it he just had so much fear

that he told me yesterday he would not

be alive today but after two years or

three years or whatever it was that

cancer came back and they wanted to go

do more surgery and then they wanted to

do what he called carpet-bombing

you know in his pelvic area that would

have totally made him sterile it would

have caused valve problems and on and on

and by that time he had built himself to

a place that he says I’m not gonna do

that I don’t need to do that because God

is gonna heal me and he refused to go

back to the doctor and take their

treatments and it’s now been I’m not

sure over a year maybe two years

he’s completely cancer-free he’s totally

healthy and his own evaluation of it he

says five years ago I wasn’t there now I

am there so it really depends on where

you are you don’t have to go to a doctor

but it’s not necessarily unbelief you

just you know it’s wherever you are I

have people all the time say you know I

pray for them so should I go to the

doctor should I

throw away my medicine and I said I

can’t tell you because I don’t know

where your faith is that’s what the Holy

Spirit is giving you for and it says let

the peace of God rule in your heart so

if you don’t have peace and if you don’t

have confidence standing in believing

God well then I’d say probably you need

to go to the doctor I’m not against

doctors if it wasn’t for doctors all the

Christians would be dead because they

have not been believing God but I do

believe that God’s ability to heal and

preserve is beyond the doctors that’s


that’s awesome so ruthian chat message

Isis she said is preparing to be

quarantined such as gathering food and

other products foolish or would you

think it would be wise like how Joseph

prepared for the seven years of famine

well the same thing came up during the

y2k thing and people were buying years

worth of supply now that was foolish I

don’t think that that’s wisdom at all

this is not the same thing as Joseph

went through this wasn’t revealed to a

godly man this is all being done out of

fear and I think that people buying you

know cases of things that you would not

use in months I think that that’s

totally fear based my wife went to the

store today because we needed something

to eat but I guarantee you she didn’t

buy a month’s worth or two months worth

of stuff she bought some stuff so that

we could eat so I think that you just go

about your normal stuff and buy normal

amounts the people who are buying

excessive amounts because they’re

motivated out of fear are actually

causing hardships on other people and

that’s that’s actually selfish mm-hmm I

think that I think you ought to just

operate normally

you know maybe buy you an extra two or

three cans of soup in case things do get

bad you could live off of soup for a

while hoard and stockpile stuff I think

it’s fear-based and you don’t need to do

that yeah okay Rachel and Facebook says

what are your thoughts about all the

churches closing during this time

well I’m divided on that that’s similar

to a previous question we and I’m

divided because men at all times this is

when we

need to be reaching out and we need the

spiritual input from church a good

pastor friend of mine Pastor Mark coward

he pastors a church for all nations in

Colorado Springs and he also directs our

truth and liberty and our business our

practical government school but anyway

he normally has one or two people a week

that get born again Sunday he preached

and he was countering this fear and he

had 45 people get born again oh well and

so I think that’s awesome that’s some

mean so we need to be getting together

and I am really hesitant to say that you

should cancel your services but again

not everybody that’s going to come to

those services is operating in faith and

I can just guarantee you they are gonna

spread some germs and so I think that

short term if I was pastoring the church

which I’m not but short term I might do

something but I certainly we’ve got a

governor here in Colorado who’s openly

homosexual and he has just told all

churches to cancel and to quit their

meetings and stuff and I think he’s got

an agenda for saying so I don’t and if

they were to extend this just for a long

period of time thinking well man this

will be great this will really do

churches a lot of damage I’m not sure

I’d comply with that so again I can’t I

can’t just say it depends on where the

pastor of the church where those people

are at I don’t know you’d have to pray

and let the Holy Ghost lead you that’s


Mandy on chat says I don’t have fear

about myself getting sick but I’m

nervous for my kids who are younger and

my elderly father and family members do

you have Bible verses to pray and

declare over loved ones

absolutely in that Psalms chapter 91 I

think I’ll teach on that next week but

but again this is exactly the dilemma

that I find myself in I have no fear

about me but do i impose my faith on

other people and they go along because

they want to be in faith but they really

aren’t you need to take precautions you

know a week ago Sunday I was at church

and there was a guy sitting in front of

me who is obviously sick he looked bad

he was coughing he was sneezing and

everything and I thought about this and

I thought you know what would Jesus put

on a mask with Jesus not minister to him

because he could get sick and I said

nope so anyway I ministered to the guy I

shook hands with him I laid my hands on

him and pray it over him and his hands

were sweaty so he was transmitting

whatever he had and I prayed for him in

faith and then I went wash my hands

sothere’s I don’t think it’s all just

being spiritual and and foolish at the

same time you can you can you know wash

your hands and take some precautions and

the elderly people in your family and

stuff like that I don’t think it’s wrong

to take some precautions but it is wrong

to operate in fear yeah I know one

minister said you know he gives us we

can resist fear you know we can rebuke

fear but he’s also giving us power love

and a sound mind and so there’s just

just dynamics of just using the wisdom

not being in fear but then also using

wisdom just as we would in everyday

normal life we should use wisdom if kids

are real young I think you can pray for

them because you have a tremendous

amount of authority over them but the

older they get the more independent they

get and if that child say for instance

is a teenager and thinks that you’re the

weirdest most fanatical Christian that

ever was and rejects everything you say

I think you probably ought to have them

take every precaution they can because

they may not be submitted to your

authority and I’ll say for my family

what we’ve done is the kids you know

they were at school and so they’re

hearing about coronavirus so anytime

somebody got sick mom someone has the

coronavirus and so we just started

sitting down and talking about you know

start talking about John G Lake about

any germ when it touched his body it

died the kids were like dad’s awesome

they just got so excited it was really

interesting because I was in the car and

I was actually singing a song that I

learned in pastor Lossless church when I

was growing up about fear not for I am

with you says the Lord so I was singing

this you know to the kids right and

they’re like oh well we know a different

version and they started singing this

fear not song that they’ve been learning

at school man that’s awesome and then

all of a sudden my six-year-old son just

breaks out and he says this he said even

though you walk through the valley of

shadow does

I will fear no evil for him I am with

you says the Lord my rod and my staff

they comfort you he just started quoting

Psalms 23 because he learned it in first

grade and he in kindergarten and it just

came up and he started teaching me I

think you can trust that your prayers

will work yes teacher teach your kids

the word and let that be issued this

could be a great opportunity for you to

teach amen

and and deal with these exact same

things that we’ve been doing well yeah

that’s awesome

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