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Gabriela says when someone commits

suicide did they go to hell or to heaven

you know traditionally the church is

taking a stand that anybody who commits

suicide goes to hell and the reason I

believe that they teach that is because

they believe that’s a sin which I agree

that it’s a sin you shouldn’t take your

own life that’s wrong it’s a sin but

they believe that every sin has to be

repented of and confessed and and you

have to receive forgiveness for that

individual sin and since you kill

yourself you can’t ask forgiveness for

something because you’re no longer alive

so they assume that that is an

unpardonable sin I’ve got an entire

teaching on this entitled eternal

Redemption it’s in my spirit soul and

body and in my Redemption album and in

just a bunch of different things but the

book of Hebrews shows that you’ve been

forgiven of all sin past present and

even future sin and this concept that

every time you sin you have to get that

sin under the blood and if you don’t

somehow another it’s not covered and it

would make you lose your salvation

that’s wrong and I believe that that’s

what’s led to making people think like

if they commit suicide that they can’t

go to heaven because they didn’t have

time to get it forgiven they were dead

they couldn’t ask forgiveness

I personally believe suicide is a sin

just like any other sin but I don’t

believe it would keep a person from

going to heaven again this is a little

bit of an opinion but I’m saying that

because I believe that all of our sins

past present and even future sins have

been dealt with people who believe they

can’t go to heaven it’s because they

didn’t get it confessed and I disagree

with that logic so the byproduct of that

is that I believe a person could go to

heaven if they commit suicide let me

just say this so that nobody will go out

and go commit suicide based on what I’ve

said I think that suicide is probably

one of the most selfish things that you

can possibly do you are only thinking

about yourself and for whatever pain or

whatever sorrow whatever is driven you

to this place that you think going

to be with the Lord would be better

first of all let me say a person who

isn’t born again I can guarantee you if

they commit suicide they’re going to

hell there is no limbo no second chance

no purgatory or anything like that but

if you were a Christian before you

committed suicide I don’t think that’s

an unpardonable sin I believe you could

still go to heaven but it is a super

selfish sin I mean incredibly selfish

you are just thinking about ending your

suffering and going on to be with the

Lord where we have promise of all of

these things that there be no more song

no more crying no more pain that you are

forgetting everybody else and I

guarantee you whoever you are there’s

somebody who loves you there’s somebody

who have you committed suicide it would

damage them it would hurt them if

nothing else what about all of the

people that you’ve witness to and that

you’ve told them about the goodness of

God and you’ve tried to tell them about

how the Lord will minister to them and

the Lord will be their strength and then

they see you just taking this cheap way

out I think it’s a terrible witness it

is incredibly selfish incredibly selfish

you’re going to Devitt devastate people

for the rest of their lives with no

chance of reconciliation they’ll never

be able to talk to you and find out why

exactly everything happened they’ll

never be able to reconcile with you it’s

just incredibly incredibly selfish but

no I think if a person is a Christian

and that’s debatable there’s a lot of

people who commit suicide who say

they’re a Christian but that doesn’t

mean they are but if they were a true

born-again Christian and they commit

suicide that is not an unpardonable sin

I don’t think it sends you to hell