In this series Andrew teaches on Healing Journeys. Powerful testimonies of people that struggled with crippling diseases and have now been healed by the power of God. Build your faith as you hear these stories and receive all that God has for you!

welcome to our Thursday’s broadcast of

the gospel truth all of this week I’ve

been sharing good news with you and that

is that God won’t you well man I’ve got

a book by that title I’ve got a little

magazine by that title right here and

we’re offering this as a free gift to

you and all of this week we’ve been

playing healing testimonies of people

that were miraculously healed and we’ve

got a family over in England I remember

them coming to me and asking for prayer

and I had been praying with people they

were in a long line and right as they

got up to me I said I’m sorry I’ve got

to go it was time for the next service

and the guy who is the director of our

Bible College at that time he just

grabbed me and he says could you please

pray for one more in this woman Debra

McDermott I mean her face just said

everything she had come she had a word

from God that her two boys were going to

be healed of autism and so I just I mean

I remember and I only prayed 10 seconds

15 seconds it was a very very simple

prayer and when I got through I said

congratulations you are the parents of

two normal normal healthy boys and God

used that and I tell you one of the

greatest miracles I’ve ever seen happen

these boys were healed and the oldest

son Timothy graduated from our school in

the UK and he loved it so much he’s come

to the u.s. and he’s graduating from our

school in the US and Timothy is just a

praise report for God I tell you he is a

very popular kid in our school and just

totally healed today this is miraculous

autism is not incurable and here is

proof of it

they are going to have documented

doctors reports from the health system

in the UK to show you that God still

heals today even autism watch this the

healing testimony of James and Timothy


and we were and had been for a very long

time there in a place of crisis as a

family and I was very very tired I come

to the point where I thought I would go

mad or drop

no one understands you from the outside

no one had any idea about the kind of

life that we were living that I and and

I just I cracked

pretty much since Tim had been born had

lived not a normal life he didn’t sleep

properly for about five six years he was

an inconsolable baby he was screaming

sweet as though he was in pain but the

doctors couldn’t find anything wrong

with him when he did go to sleep we were

absolutely terrified he was going to

wake up we couldn’t leave him we

couldn’t go anywhere we couldn’t be

apart from him so for many many years

that’s the way that we live it was very

very tough on us our relationship

because we didn’t have any time for

ourselves for a long time there was not

a lot of intimacy there was not a lot of

emotional connection because of the the

crisis that we were in as a family when

he was about nine eight and nine and he

hadn’t been to school because we

realized that he would have been

diagnosed with hyperactivity or a lack

of ability to concentrate because we

could see he couldn’t even sit down to

eat a meal he would run round the table

take him off or run around the table and

when I taught him his numbers we would

do it in the garden I’d ask him a sum as

he ran up the garden and he’d answer

coming down the garden and this is how I

taught him he never sat on my lap or lay

in bed while I had a bedtime story he

would walk round the carpet touching his

favorite bits going round and round and

round and as long as I would keep

reading he’d just keep walking round and

round touching his favorite bit

everything was timed so he knew where he

was in the day what was going to happen

next and the routine had to be very

structured his sleeping had always been

a huge issue

he had wake up after he’d been asleep

for an hour or two and he would jump up

screaming in terror and run around the

house but he didn’t recognise me

if I went towards him to comfort him he

would see me as a monster or something

and he would be terrified so it was

counterproductive I just have to stand

back and wait for him to calm down it

was just another one of the things that

we just dealt with and didn’t think much

about but it was quite an issue

when we had James many people have said

to us you’ll surely not get another

child who doesn’t sleep who sleeps as

badly as Timmy did I noticed one or two

strange things when he got to be 18

months and then he started spinning

round and round moving his head round

and when I changed his nappy you’d flap

flap flap flap and then instead of

pushing the cars we had action-man cars

big ones he’d turned them upside down

and spin the wheels for ages so there

were a few little odd things but not

enough to really I would just facilitate

his peculiarities and thought it was

okay but when he stopped talking and he

stopped communicating and then he

stopped liking people look at him and he

became distressed with light and then he

stopped eating foods and if there was

even the smallest lump in his morning

porridge he’d gag and vomited up then we

had a speech in language therapists come

in to assist Timothy and there were two

of them and I were chatting to Tim

trying to put him at ease and stir and

then chatting to means to report back

was they had found and they were

watching James who was playing with his

trains he loved trains was his favourite

toys anyway what they said to me was ah

isn’t it funny how autistic kids love

trains and I said

autistic kids so she says well it’s

obvious isn’t it

you didn’t know didn’t you know he’s not

autistic so she says

I think you should perhaps have him

assessed he shows a number of autistic

characteristics and that’s the first I

had even thought of it how absolutely

gutted in the days following this 2005

assessment Timothy was tested and

diagnosed with a form of autism called

Asperger’s syndrome while his younger

brother James exhibited all the symptoms

of autistic spectrum disorder and we

suddenly realized that gosh we were

going to have two children that got it

and what were the chances of that

I didn’t know that I was really

struggling I wasn’t living a normal life

myself I’d lost touch with who I was I

just functioned 24 hours a day as caring

for these boys so I was plowing a lot of

my energies into my job because I needed

to make sure that that was successful to

be able to support the family that meant

traveling a lot

and I thought if anyone found out my

state of mental health they take the

children away I was absolutely terrified

of them taking the children away but I

was also terrified that I couldn’t go on

and that’s when I cried out to the Lord

I say if you don’t help me now I’m

finished the credible pressure and the

incredible trauma that you you undergo

as a family you have to watch your your

children the things you love most in the

world battling not just with the the the

curse that they’ve got but also being

rational enough to know that they’ve got

it and it was those periods in which

Deb’s found it the most hardened which

she had the darkest days and it was

during one of those dark dark days that

she watched the mother’s day program

there were all mums talking about their

kids and they were talking about

nurturing snapshots and pictures and

talking about that which one’s doing

what at school and they were chatting

and it just hit me in like like a

sledgehammer that what I’m experiencing

and what they experiencing are just so

different and I was weeping and then I

said you know why don’t you help us I

had been asking god help me for four

years and I said I love my boys so much

and you’re supposed to love them more

than me why have you done this to them

and I said I would die for my boys and

that’s when he said I already did I was

so stunned I just shut up

I didn’t stop crying I just looked into

the fireplace and I just stared there

that really wasn’t my thought but

reading that was Jesus talking to me Wow

and that’s when I knew that they were

all right and I thought well he’ll heal

them I just sat there and stared at the

fireplace the tears went the pain went

the anxiety went the fears went

everything that had worried me over the

past number of years it was like a huge

load was just cut away and I was free

and I felt light and I just ii stayed

into that fireplace and from that moment

on that despair that terror the anxiety

that I lived with was gone when Timothy

went to the the school that was funded

by the the state it was a really huge

thing for us but we felt that he was

actually quite capable of doing it and

as he progressed and as they implement

increase the number of hours he went he

was awkward and I believe that the

healing just took place gradually as an

wind his world opened up and became

wider than he needed to cope with more

and more things it’s almost as if he was

covered in scales he was covered in the

scales of autism and over time those

scales have been peeled away and I would

say lord please send me someone to help

me I know you’re healing my boys but I

don’t know what to do and that was where

we were at when my mum phoned and said

watch Andrew Wommack

I he’s got this some healing testimonies

and you got to watch it and we will

watch it together and it was just

extraordinary even that he’s sitting

watching me think what is it really true

we had missed the beginning of Hannah’s

story but we came in and from where we

saw was enough to see what had taken

place with Hannah’s story and the vet

that struck me and was when he said

piece of cake for teases pity cake for

Jesus this is a piece of cake for Jesus

and they smart crept across his face and

asked that

this guy really believes this doesn’t it

you know and that faith on the inside of

us rose up so father Jamie and I just

agreed and we thank you that by the

stripes of Jesus Hannah has already been

healed it just my first faith just rose

up inside of me and I thought yes he’s

talking about my God my one and that’s

when Christopher jumped up and went to

check out the websites we research

Hannah’s Hannah and her story we found

out about Hannah’s grandparents and

Hannah’s mom and dad going to live in I

think in America and they’re the

grandparents going to the college in

Walsall it didn’t just have an impact on

Hannah it had an impact on this

incredible family in Iran and they were

all they’d all experienced it and they’d

all gone through this process and again

you then thinking to yourself wow you

know maybe this maybe this is all true

maybe this is really happening and from

that point on started to watch Andrew

Wommack every day but we bought on his

books or as many books as we could get

started to record his programs watch him

on the internet and we started to build

up a kind of trust

I suppose in what he was saying and in

what he was saying we could have and he

shouted from the study he’s going to be

in Walsall in two weeks so I thought

well we’ll just have to pray about it so

I phoned Andrew Wommack ministries and I

spoke to a woman there I told her the

situation I said look we want to come we

want Angie to pay for our sentence but

we just need some help to get there

and I remember she said to me what can

you believe for I think we can get there

I’m not sure that I can exercise my

faith enough to see us getting into the

building so she said that’s fine we’ll

get you there and if you can’t get him

out the car will send the prayer team to

the car I thought yes

she prayed in a way that I had never

heard before and it was great it was

authoritative it was thanking God that

it was done it was commanding and I

thought now he’s talking I have not

heard this kind of praying and I was so

thrilled to put down the phone I said

she said that this is going to happen

and this is going to happen and doomy

going to sleep and he’s going to eat and

Kristen was like yeah she’s never made

my son and for the next two weeks I made

a calendar counting down this is when

we’re going to go and stay in a hotel he

would cry every time I said it another

day and when I said no we’re going he

gained the spinny chair and he had spin

spin that’s been and you’d refuse to

come out for hours sometimes but the day

came and he whipped and he whips and he

physically was trying not to get into

the car it was hard work but I just sat

down and I prayed about it I said Lord

they said that he’d be able to get in

the car and that he’d be fine and that

you’d calm him and comfort him and all

would be well and so we’re coming and it

was amazing because he just smiled up

and said okay I’m ready let’s go and we

stretched a meal and he said there

Christopher and I just kept looking at

each other and sort of holding our

breath it was amazing we booked into the

hotel he was bouncing on the bed he was

really excited like this is an adventure

and once again Timothy was like he

couldn’t believe it

and said okay we’re going to go and eat

at the Kentucky Fried Chicken that the

Tara days is a debt so we were off to

the Kentucky Fried ticket and that’s

when Timothy ordered himself some

popcorn chicken we didn’t know what to

order James so we thought well we won’t

bother with anything because if we offer

him food and he doesn’t like it he

starts even sat down and he looked at

the food there was no heaving there was

no watery eyes and that

would normally have him with cooking

smells he said that he looked at the

popcorn chicken he’s at what Beth and he

said it’s southern called popcorn

chicken chicken chicken he had one he

said he said to me mine I think eight

and when he was finished at he said more


he ate a second blood he probably ate

more than I’ve ever seen him eat in one


ever he ate the chips he ate the chicken

and Christopher now I just love it it’s

a miracle and we haven’t even got there

yet and it was an answer to prayer it

was what she had paid was happening and

so then we got to the meeting and he was

absolutely fine to come out the car we

set in the coffee shop it was tea time

and there was a long queue of people

they wanted Andrew to sign books or pray

for them and what-have-you and called

Christopher and he got James and all

four of us stood in their queue I was

moving slowly along and there were about

five people in front of us

when Andrew said right it’s time to get

back tea breaks over when everyone

please go and sit down

no no no and I started crying I just

like the taps just open up oh no I’m not

going home now I’m not unlocked

Conqueror as it oh lord help me help me

help me I’m not going home without this

man pray for my sense and then that was

when Paul Flanagan saw us and he grabbed

us any shoved us in front of Andrew said

Andrew just one more and he said right

okay one more and we told him the

situation and he said a prayer something

along the lines

it was literally as quick as this he

rebuked autism and he commanded healing

and then he blessed us as a family and

he thanked the Lord that we were blessed

and that we would something along the

lines of a fulfill the God’s plan for

our lives and then he said Christopher

nihilus was so huge he said to

Christopher now you are now the parents

of normal healthy children

and everything happened so quickly I

remember hearing that like the whole

world went quiet there was just these

words it was I’ve to me and I still

believe it was Jesus talking to me and

so that was a promise that was a promise

that was for me and I knew that he was

right and I was so moved and we just

slipped out a side door got in the car

and we went to McDonald’s where James

ate the chicken nuggets and the tips in

there eaten for well you’ve never eaten

and we went home he went across the road

to the little girl who he had known but

hadn’t played with for over a year

invited her around and they played in

the sandpit on the trampoline and garden

he played for the rest the afternoon and

that was the time that night that he had

the first complete full peaceful

unbroken night’s sleep

she says the day he was born and he was

five years old at that point but when

three months later he’s still sleeping

well when six months later when a year

later two years later he’s still

sleeping well and he’s starting to

become the child that you thought that

you knew was there but you couldn’t

reach because of autism you believe in

it and believe in the process and those

experiences have allowed us to start to

live a normal animal life so for me it

was very important for us to to take the

boys back to the psychologist the people

who diagnosed them in the first place

because we knew there was something

wrong with them but we didn’t labeled

them Asperger’s and autism that was done

by the sought the professionals he was

taken to see the psychologist and she

spent an hour with him an hour and a

half chatting to him and at the end of

it there was no there was no battle

there was no fight it was patently

obvious that he wasn’t the boy that had

been diagnosed all those years ago and

what they said in the official medical

report confidential medical report from

the NHS Trust where we lived was that

Timothy is a new row developmentally


young man and the label of Asperger’s

syndrome is not applicable

he has been discharged from my care and

that is to see it written down to see it

and I know this sounds awful but to see

an official really really brings it home

so as James developed and as James came

out of his his illness and came out of

his disease we wanted to do the same as

well and we were expecting probably an

even worse fight with James because we

thought again we’re going to take on the

might of the state here and these

professionals aren’t keen on being

proven wrong particularly with something

like autism because it is regarded as

being something that can’t be cured and

so when we went to see the psychologist

she said well this is wrong this

diagnosis is obviously not not

applicable to him he’s a normal boy he’s

perfectly capable of dealing and being

what you would regard as as normal so

she wrote in her official confidential

psychology report that we only had last

week as a rules are also bad discussions

and my interactions and observations

with James during our appointment it is

clear there has been been significant

progress over time in all areas

associated with the trial triad of

impairment with autism as a result the

label autism spectrum disorder is no

longer appropriate for James and should

be removed from any documentation in the

future that relates to him and and you

just you know you can’t want to read

that you just actually I just want to

start I just want to start crying really

because it’s just it’s not just what

we’ve experienced and it’s not just that

we know it but because this is now

official it means that forever and ever

so when we’ve gone when the boys are men

when they’re old and they’re gray they

will or not have this with them they

will not have carried this burden that

they’ve had to carry in their young

lives they are free of it and the

authorities if you like have recognised

that as well and they won’t be

persecuted or hindered in any way for

what has happened when they were

children and I suppose for us well for

me certainly that’s the best thing that

we could do for them the best thing that

we can do for both boys is to give them

a future that we didn’t think that they

were going to have and this gives us

that future sometimes you you have to

pinch yourself to think well I’m

actually with the same two children you

know that were born to me because the

the change in in the way that we play

and the change in the way that they

relate to me is very pronounced a nice

to dream about all four of us going out

to dinner together and and not worrying

about anything just like normal family I

used to dream that if we invited out to

fab other people’s houses we’d all just

go and it would be fine the wouldn’t

even know fallout nothing we’d just be

able to go I used to dream about going

to the cinema and eating popcorn and

boys eating popcorn and watching a movie

together as a fan all none of these

things had we ever done before but we

went to the cinema we bought the popcorn

we did it just as I had imagined we our

normal family and I am the mother of

normal healthy children just like Andrew

said so that’s it happy happy

we really hope that you’ve been

encouraged by today’s healing testimony

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