In this series: Hearing the voice of the Lord is probably the single most important element in having a victorious Christian life after being born-again. The Lord knows all things and will show us things to come. There is no problem that His wisdom can’t solve. If we can tap into His heart by hearing Him speak to us, all would be different.


welcome to gospel truth celebrating the

good news of Jesus Christ the coming of

the savior of the world

Emmanuel God with us and now here’s

gospel truth Bible teacher Andrew


welcome to our Tuesday’s broadcast of

the gospel truth today I am continuing a

series that I started yesterday talking

about how to hear God’s voice and I tell

you this is just powerful I probably

should teach on this a lot more but I

tell you my life would be a total wreck

it would be completely different if I

couldn’t hear the voice of God God has

spoken things to me he has shown me

things that I mean my whole life the

direction of our ministry the miracles

that I’ve seen the blessings that I’ve

experienced everything it’s really just

contingent on being able to hear God’s

voice and yet my experience with other

people is that most people just have a

hard time hearing the voice of God and

yet it’s really not hard the scripture

teaches us how to hear God’s voice and

the point that I was making on our

program yesterday as I get into this I

just want to go back and read some

verses where Jesus was speaking he’s the

author and the finisher of our faith and

in John chapter 10 Jesus said in verse 1

verily verily I say unto you when he

says verily verily that means truly

truly everything that Jesus said was

true but when he had to start out what

he was saying by saying verily verily it

was because what he was going to say was

so astounding that most people would

reject it and say oh that can’t be what

he means so he had to start it by saying

I’m telling you the truth

I’m telling you the truth and he says

verily verily I say unto you he that

entereth not by the door into the

sheepfold but climbeth up some other way

the same as a thief and a robber that he

that entereth in by the door is the

Shepherd of the Sheep he was talking

about himself he says that later in this

chapter to him the porter openeth and

the sheep hear his voice and he calleth

his own sheep by name and leadeth them

out and when he put it forth his own

sheep he goeth before them and the Sheep

follow him for they know his voice and

so this is Jesus talking about himself

being our chief Shepherd we have under

shepherds pastors people that are

anointed by God to represent him and to

speak forth his truth but he is the

chief Shepherd

and we are his sheep and he said twice

here that his sheep hear his voice his

sheep know his voice and yet the average

person’s experience they say I don’t

hear the voice of God the truth is God

is speaking to us constantly 24 hours a

day it’s not God’s speaking that’s the


it’s our hearing over in Matthew 13 he

says our hearts have wax gross and our

ears are dull of hearing our ears become

hardened towards God and towards his

voice but God is speaking and we hear

his voice more than we realize you know

let me just say some things this is kind

of just introductory as laying a

foundation and you would have to go

study this out to get the full impact of

it but I believe even prior to a person

being born again God speaks to them and

one of the ways he does that is through

a conscience over in Romans chapter 2 it

talks about their conscience either

bearing witness and X key and convicting

them or excusing them but one of the

ways that God speaks to a person even a

lost man is through a conscience and

like I said this would take a lot more

explanation I’m not going to go into it

right now but I’ve got a series out

entitled who told you you were naked and

that’s talking about that God

anticipated the fall of man and when we

ate of the tree of knowledge I don’t

believe he created us originally with

the conscience this intuitive knowledge

of right and wrong he didn’t create men

that way but he anticipated us rejecting

him and when we ate of the tree of the

knowledge of good and evil that is

descriptive of the conscience and that’s

when a conscience came into people and

every single person who has ever lived

on this planet has this intuitive

knowledge of right and wrong a

conscience that condemns them or gives

them confidence and that is a god-given

thing that’s how God speaks to us so

even prior to salvation people have a

conscience they will show them that

things are wrong in Romans chapter 1 it

talks about that the wrath of God is

ille from heaven against all ungodliness

and all unrighteousness of men if you

look that up in the Greek it means that

it’s already been revealed the King

James says the wrath of God is revealed

from heaven but if you look it up it

means it’s already been revealed it’s a

done deal and inside of every person is

its intuitive knowledge and in verse 20

it goes on to say that even his eternal

power have been revealed unto people so

that they are without excuse every

person who’s ever lived on this planet

has a conscience that’s one of the ways

that God speaks to us now that is not a

perfect way of speaking to us and as

believers we have a lot better way of

hearing the voice of God than just our

conscience because the scripture talks

about that you can sear your conscience

with a hot iron over in first Timothy

chapter 4 it talks about that you can

deaden your conscience to come to the

conviction of the Holy Spirit that’s

described in Romans chapter 1 about you

can take progressive steps away nobody

ever just comes from having been

innocent and pure into being just

totally evil all in one step you just

violate your conscience step by step a

step you make yourself a little bit more

dull of hearing and oh it’s a process

but every person even unbelievers have

this intuitive knowledge of right and

wrong on the inside and you will hear

some people say that no they have no

conviction they are living a totally

ungodly life against everything that the

Bible teaches and they have no

conviction there’s one of two things

happening right there either first of

all they’re totally lying which is

usually the case the truth is in their

heart they know difference there they’re

just in a mind game and they are voicing

something they’re actually being

hypocritical but at a heart level they

know they’re wrong and I know this to be

true because when I was in Vietnam I

talked to so many people who were living

like animals they were doing dope they

were having all these sexual encounters

they were doing things that they would

have never done back in the States but

they thought who’s going to know who’s

going to

you know who’s going to find out this is

what everybody else was doing and they

just voided violated their conscience

but on a heart level they knew they were

wrong I had people tell me that they

were an atheist and that they had no

conviction from the Holy Spirit they did

not believe that there was a God but

when the bullets got the flying when the

bombs got to drop in all of these

atheists were crying out to God at the

top of their lungs when we were facing

death many people who just were living

in sin like there was no God there was

no accountability boy they started

crying out and confessing their sins so

my point is some people say that they

have no conviction but it’s an absolute

lie there are people watching this

program right now that you’re probably

on that other side of the fence and

you’ve been professing to people that oh

there’s nothing wrong with the way

you’re living but it’s your heart you

know that’s not true you know it and you

are watching this program and right now

you are feeling a conviction in your

heart and you know what that is that’s

God speaking to you that’s God speaking

to you through your conscience this can

happen whether you’re born again or not

even a lost man has a conscience and

knows intuitively right from wrong now

there are some people that like I was

saying just are saying that they have no

conscience that they have no conviction

but the truth is they really do they’re

just trying to deny it they’re

overruling it but if a person can

truthfully say that there is zero

conviction that they have no conscience

and if that isn’t a hypocritical

statement then according to Romans

chapter one you’ve already passed the

point of no return

you’ve been given over to a reprobate

mind in God’s quick convicting you

because it says in John chapter six

verse 44 that no man can come under the

Father except the spirit drawing you

have to be drawn by God to him and if

you could truthfully say there is no

conviction I don’t love God I don’t

believe that there’s a God I don’t think

there’s any accountability

I have zero conviction about my

ungodliness and the way that I’m living

and if you could say that without any

hypocrisy it means your

already reprobate is what the scripture

says in Romans chapter 1 that means God

has taken all conviction away from you

and he’s not speaking to you at all

that’s a terrible state to be in and man

if you you know that’s the last stop on

a train to total damnation

if you’ve truthfully were seeing

something like that boy you need to get

off that train right here this is the

last stop it’s your last opportunity

man that’s a those are some strong

statements right there so going back to

John chapter 10 his sheep hear his voice

so let me say this everybody has this

intuitive knowledge of right and wrong

that we call a conscience but when you

get born again man

it is totally different because now you

become his sheep and God speaks to you

and like these verses are saying his

sheep hear his voice God is speaking and

if you are truly born again God will

speak to you so let me say this that if

you are watching this program and you

don’t know for certain that you have

been born again that your nature has

been changed if you haven’t experienced

God on a heart level to where he came in

and like it says in 2nd Corinthians

chapter 5 verse 17 if any man is in

Christ he’s a new creature old things

that passed away all things have become

new if you haven’t become new in your

heart this isn’t talking about you being

perfect because that’s a process that

won’t be finalized until we go to be

with the Lord and we are constantly

growing in overcoming things but I’m

saying if you haven’t had an encounter

to where God just literally changed you

on the inside and stuff then you aren’t

his sheep and that’s one of the reasons

that you don’t hear his voice so in this

process of learning how to hear the

voice of God the very first thing you

need to do is to respond to the leading

in the conviction of the Holy Spirit

about how you need to make Jesus Christ

your personal Savior in the Lord

there’s many scriptures I’m not going to


time to turn over and focus on this a

lot but there’s many scriptures about

people saying Lord Lord and they call

out to him and they claim to be servants

of the Lord but he’s going to say depart

from me I never knew you there’s people

that acknowledge God exist but that is

not salvation it says over in James

chapter 2 it says you believe that

there’s one God you do well the devil’s

also believe in trimble but once you

know o vain man that faith without works

is dead just believing that God exists

doesn’t mean that you’ve done anything

that the devil hasn’t done the devil

believes that God exists but the devil

has never submitted himself yielded

humbled himself and repented and

received Jesus as his Lord see there are

people who believe that God exists and

they think that that’s sufficient no

it’s not you have to approach God

through Jesus Jesus said in John chapter

14 verse 6 he says I am the way the

truth and the life no man no man this

means there are no exceptions no man

cometh unto the father but by me Jesus

came down from heaven to the earth he

was God manifest in the flesh and Jesus

became a man and God Almighty God the

Father placed our sin into Jesus second

Corinthians 5:21 says for he God the

Father hath made him Jesus to be made

sin for us who knew no sin that we might

be made the righteousness of God in him

and so God placed our sin into Jesus and

then he punished that sin in the

physical body of Jesus Jesus died for

our sins and the only way you can have

relationship with God the Father and be

born again to be changed is to humble

yourself and admit your Center receive

that forgiveness by putting faith and

saying father thank you for what you’ve

done through Jesus and I receive that

and I put my faith in Him and you

to humble yourself or here’s a way that

the Bible states it over in Romans

chapter 10 verse 9 it says if you will

confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus

that’s more than just mouthing the words

and saying the Lord Jesus it means from

your heart you are making him your Lord

you’re making him your master now it

doesn’t mean that you’ll never sin but

it means that you are saying god I’m

sorry and I received Jesus as my Lord I

commit my life unto Him I follow you I

am making a decision that you are Lord

you’re getting off the throne and you’re

letting Jesus become a lord again you

will make mistakes and there is

forgiveness and mercy from God but I’m

saying you have to be willing to turn

your life over see the devil he

acknowledges that God exists but he has

never yielded his life to God he’s never

submitted his life to God he lives in

opposition to it and there’s a lot of

people today who say oh yeah I believe

that there’s a god there’s even people

that’ll say I believe that Jesus is the

Son of God but have you submitted your

life to Him have you humbled yourself

have you repented of doing things your

own way and are you submitting yourself

to God if you haven’t done that you need

to make Jesus Lord so Romans 10:9 says

if you will confess with your mouth the

Lord Jesus and believe in your heart

that God raised him from the dead you

shall be safer with the heart man

believes and with the mouth confession

is made unto salvation down in verse 13

whosoever will call upon the name of the

Lord shall be saved but you have to call

you have to it doesn’t just happen

automatically just acknowledging that

God exists

is not salvation and we have multitudes

millions of people today who believe

that God exists they acknowledge him but

they think basically it’s based on a

performance deal and if they live better

than the average person then they will

be accepted with God that’s not true God

doesn’t grade on a curve it’s not if you

were better than somebody else the Bible

says in Romans 3:23 that all have sinned

short of the glory of God all of us

there is nobody that can approach God

based on their own goodness and stand

before God and say God I did the best I

could is that good enough

no all of us have sinned and come short

of God’s perfect standard the only way

that you can have relationship with God

is to just receive it through Jesus

Jesus paid for our sins and he took our

sin upon himself and gave our his

righteousness which was perfect and pure

unto us if we would just make him our

Lord if we would submit to him so it all

depends on your relationship to Jesus

just acknowledging that he exists even

believing that he paid for sins doesn’t

get you safe

unless you submit to that unless you

confess him as your Lord unless you call

out to him and I know that there’s

people watching this program right now

that you know what you may you may

totally believe that God exists you may

totally believe that Jesus was the son

of God and that he came and paid for our

sins but that doesn’t grant you

salvation unless you believe on him

unless you submit to him unless you

committing him and make him the Lord of

your life you know if you’ve never done

that you need to do that and the reason

I’m saying all of these things I’m

talking about how to hear the voice of

God and it says his sheep hear his voice

if you aren’t one of his sheep if you

have never come into the fold if you

haven’t been born again if you do not

have a personal relationship with Jesus

then you are going to be left to

basically hearing the voice of your

conscience and you’ll have this

intuitive knowledge of right and wrong

but man there is so much more to hearing

the voice of God than just letting your

conscience guide you your conscience

it will show you right from wrong but it

will you’ll never hear God speak to you

and tell you specifically how much he

loves you and things like that just

listening to the voice of your

conscience once you get born again and


a sheep a child of the Lord I guarantee

you it opens up a brand-new door of

having God speak to you and things

happening in your life and so if you’ve

never made Jesus your personal Lord

that’s the first step in hearing the

voice of God and that is just crucial

and it’s really simple Jesus has paid at

all you know so many people teach that

well you got to pray and you got to seek

God and you got to ask him to forgive

you the truth is he has already died for

your sins it’s not like you cry out and

say Oh God would you please save me and

then God does something to save you no

before you and I were ever born two

thousand years ago Jesus came to this

earth and Jesus paid for the sins of the

entire world first John chapter 2 verse

2 says he is the propitiation that means

the atoning sacrifice for our sins and

not for ours only but also for the sins

of the whole world Jesus died for the

sins of the whole world before you and I

were ever born our sins have already

been paid for through the sacrifice of

Jesus it’s not a question of will he

forgive you he has forgiven you will you

receive that forgiveness how do I

receive it by making Jesus your Lord and

by humbling yourself and committing

yourself not just acknowledging that he

did it but thanking him for it and

saying father I receive it I put faith I

believe that I am now forgiven through

what Jesus did he paid my debt this is

the reason the Bible calls it good news

it would be bad news that God could

forgive your sins if you will do

everything just right and if you will do

that that puts the burden upon you and

you and I would blow it again if it was

dependent upon us but the truth is Jesus

has paid for your sins sins have been

forgiven it’s not a question of will God

do it it’s just a question of will you

receive it will you make Jesus your Lord

will you believe on him and I’ll tell

you if you’ll do that that ushers you

into being

his sheep and you begin to hear God

speaking to you because you are now

changed on the inside God will speak to

you in ways that you have never

experienced before

you know I’m drawn to the close of this

program and what I want to do is just

pray a simple prayer with you this

prayer isn’t magic it’s not like if you

will just say these words with me that

boom you’re automatically cleansed and

forgiven and everything’s right know the

Bible says you have to believe it with

your heart you have to say it but you

also have to believe it but if you will

pray with me

and if you will believe what I’m leading

you to pray in this prayer you could be

born again right now so you don’t have

to pray these exact words but this is

based on Romans 10:9 and I just want to

lead you in a simple prayer and if you

have acknowledged that God exists even

that Jesus is the Son of God but if

you’ve never committed your life to him

and receive that salvation just pray

with me right now say something like

this say father I’m sorry for my sin

that’s acknowledging that your Center

you say I’m sorry for my sin but I

believe that Jesus paid for my sin and

now I receive that salvation Jesus I

make you the Lord of my life I believe

that you rose from the dead I believe

that you’re alive now and that you come

and live on the inside of me that my

heart is changed I am born again right

now through faith in Jesus Christ and I

received my new nature in Jesus name you

know if you prayed that and if you

believed it then the salvation that was

already provided for you just became a

reality and you became a brand new

person on the inside man that’s awesome

you know I’ve got some material I’ve got

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of the Holy Spirit is to hearing the

voice of God and this book will cover

what true salvation is and it will cover

the baptism of the Holy Spirit which

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