Many Christians live in a place where it’s just a matter of time before there’s a crisis in their lives and they need a miracle. Miracles are great when you need one, but you weren’t meant to continually get by on them. God wants to change where you live. Let Andrew show you how to live in God’s best today!

two hour Monday’s broadcast of the

gospel truth today I’m going to start a

brand new series talking about how you

can live in God’s best

now that title may not really get you at

first but I’m going to be explaining a

lot of things I got a brand new book on

this living in God’s best and let me say

that most people don’t live in God’s

best and I could spend literally weeks

probably trying to position this and to

encourage you to live and believe God

for something more but I’m just going to

spend a little bit of time on this but

you need to recognize that most people

are not experiencing God’s best God’s

best is for total health not just

relative to other people but I mean

perfect health and there are scriptures

we’ll be talking about this God’s best

in the area of finances for you to be

completely debt-free be able to have so

much abundance that you can abound unto

every good work God’s best in marriage

is much higher than what most people our

experience and they settle for much less

they don’t follow God’s leading and they

don’t receive God’s best with our

children with our vocation with the

vision that God has for us I believe

that God has never made a piece of junk

ever God has never made a failure God

has never made a mistake when he created

us God has good plans for us Jeremiah

chapter 29 verse 11 he says I know the

thoughts that I think toward you says

the Lord thoughts of peace and not of

evil to give you and expected in NIV

says a hope in the future God has a

great plan for your life and I’m just

telling you that most people are living

way below God’s standards matter of fact

I believe I could say this that there is

not a person breathing that has totally

maxed out everything that God has for

them I know that’s certainly true in my

life I’ve seen God do some great things

I am so blessed and saying

so for what God has done in my life and

through me to touch other people I’m

excited about it but I can guarantee you

that there is more God has shown me more

that he wants me to do and accomplish

through me and I haven’t arrived I’ve

just left I’m on my way to where God

wants me to go but I haven’t tapped out

everything that God has for me and

whether you realize it or not God has

more for you than what you’re

experiencing and let me say that the

reason some of you and I’m talking to

people here who know the Lord who love

the Lord and yet you aren’t satisfied

there’s many reasons for this but

sometimes and I’m speaking specifically

to people to the reason you’re

dissatisfied it’s God who’s making you

dissatisfied and that may shock some of

you that well what are you saying God

wouldn’t be the one that makes me

depressed or discouraged or whatever but

there is a satisfaction that comes only

when you are in the center of God’s will

that you won’t get anywhere else and one

of the ways that the Lord has directed

me is I remember when I was pastoring in

siga Ville Texas and I was there for two

years and it was a struggle I mean we

did not see a great success at all and

it was a struggle to survive during this

time but I was committed to I love that

place I prayed for those people and I

remember one day as I was walking down

at the church and I was praying I just

looked out the window and it’s like my

compassion my joy my peace about being

in Seussville Texas just left I mean it

was gone I looked out the window and I

thought why am I here I don’t like this

place I want to get out of there and

prior to that time I just loved it and I

was committed to standing there and

praying and it was such a radical switch

I mean it’s just like my heart just

instantly changed that I was shocked by

it and I spent two or three hours

praying God what happened what just

happened was this you or is this

something wrong with me

and the more I prayed about it the more

the Lord convinced me it was him just

taking this desire to be in Seagoville

Texas out of my heart and so after a

couple hours praying about it the Lord

spoke to me and told me I was leaving it

was time for me to leave and he even

gave me a date he said November the 1st

and I forget exactly what year that was

it would have been I think in 1975

probably November the 1st that I was

supposed to go so I prayed about it

until I was sure that’s what God said I

went home to tell Jamie that I’d been

praying and God had just spoken this to

me and when I got home there was a for

sale sign in our yard we were renting a

house and there was a per sale sign in

our yard so I went in and I asked him I

said what’s the procedure son she said

the landlord came by and told us they’re

selling the house and we’ve got to be

out of his house by November the 1st it

was a perfect confirmation and it was

exactly what God wanted and what I’m

saying is one of the ways that God led

us was through just putting a holy

dissatisfaction I’m not talking about

the sorrow of this world the grief that

comes when you’ve messed up and done all

of these things but sometimes the Lord

will make you dissatisfied because there

is so much more he doesn’t want you to

be content where you are now and there’s

other reasons that people get

dissatisfied because they aren’t keeping

their mind on the Lord and they aren’t

seeking the Lord etc but I’m saying that

there are some of you who love God

you’re seeking the Lord and yet there is

a holy dissatisfaction in your life and

I’m telling you the reason for it is

because God’s got more for you he’s

wanting you know it’s I’ve read that

they sometimes the mother birds when

they want their chicks to get out of the

nest and push them out and start flying

and getting out and do things learn on

their own they’ll actually take the

feathers and the things that cushioned

the nest and made it so comfortable that

they’ll start plucking those things out

so that the sticks and the twigs and

things stick through and it poked the

birds and motivates them to get on in a

sense that’s what God is doing to some

of you he is he’s put a holy

dissatisfaction there

things that used to satisfy don’t

satisfy now again let me just qualify

that there’s multiple reasons some

sometimes your reason people are

dissatisfied is because they aren’t

keeping their mind state upon the Lord

Isaiah 26:3

the Lord will keep you in perfect peace

whose mind is stayed upon him but there

is a holy dissatisfaction and I know I’m

speaking to people right now who God has

stirred you up and you know that there’s

more you aren’t satisfied you know that

there’s something more you know in my

way of reading things over here in

judges chapter six let me just turn over

and read some of this but this is about

Gideon and Gideon was an Israelite the

Israelites at this time had been

conquered by the Midianites and the

Midianites were oppressing them and any

time anybody harvested their field and

started beating out the grain in things

the Midianites would come and take it

from and so they were they were having

to hide their food and things to be able

to survive and so Gideon was behind a

winepress and he was threshing out his

wheat and as he did this it says in

judges chapter 6 in verse 12 and the

angel of the Lord appeared unto him and

said unto Him the Lord is with thee thou

mighty man of Valor and Gideon said unto

him o my lord if the Lord be with us

live in is all this befallen us and

where be all his miracles which our

father told us I’d say did not the Lord

bring us up from Egypt but now the Lord

has forsaken us and delivered us into

the hands of the Midianites did you know

I’m first reading you that it just looks

like that he’s just totally speaking

unbelief he doesn’t believe in God he

doesn’t believe in anything and it looks

like that this is a total statement of

unbelief but look at the response in

verse 14 it says the Lord looked upon

him and said go in this thy might and

thou shalt save Israel from the hand of

Midianites have not i sent thee why

would god bless a total negative

statement about man god’s not with us

he’s forsaken us well you don’t have the

ability to hear the inflection of his

voice and to see exactly what he’s

saying but i believe

based on my study and I don’t want to

just spend my time teaching on Gideon

but this is my belief that Gideon was

basically just expressing a holy

dissatisfaction and saying I’m sick and

tired of this man I’ve heard these

stories all my life about how the

Israelites came out of Egypt with all of

these miracles and here we are we can’t

even eat I’ve got to hide to Thresh out

my wheat and he was sick and tired of

being sick and tired and he was ready

and looking for something more and

that’s the reason that the angel

rewarded him and said go with this time

I go with this attitude go knowing that

there is something more and that you

aren’t going to settle for less you know

let me say it this way

that as long as you can live with less

than God’s death you will but one of the

very first steps in seeing God’s best

come in your life is you got to be sick

and tired of being sick and tired you

got to get to a place where I’ve taken

all of this I’m going to take I just

don’t want this anymore you know I can

remember another time when I was in

Seagoville Texas this instance that I

was talking about earlier and I was

pastoring this little church and Jamie

and I were poor because of my own

stupidity I’m going to deal with this a

lot more as I get into this series I

won’t spend time to do it now but we

were really struggling with poverty and

we had a car that we were wanting to

sell a 56 Chevy Belair and it was a dog

it had a lot of things wrong with it but

anyway long story I’m not going to go

into all of it but we had tried for

wheat to sell this car we would eat

actually decrease the price that we put

on we have done all of these things and

it just wouldn’t sell people come look

at it but once they saw it and I mean it

burned a quart of oil over 50 miles if

you turn it on the heater it pumped

water out on your feet there was a hole

in the floorboard and the keys the

different the new joints were going out

on it and the thing shook so bad that

the keys would actually come out of the

ignition and if you weren’t careful

they’d fall through the hole in the

floorboard I think it was a

it was a mess and so I think we were

only asking like four hundred dollars

and I think we came down to 350 and it

wasn’t like we were putting an excessive

price on it but it was just a dog in

anyway the Lord had told me that he was

going to supply our needs through that

selling of the car and we waited for

three weeks we were behind on our rent

we hadn’t been eating and I had tried to

be patient and stand in faith and

finally one day I just had had it up to

here I mean I decided that this was it

we had to have some money the Lord had

told me it was that car that he we were

going to sell it to get the money out of

that and so I was down in my church

building and I mean I just got angry I

got mad not at God

I wasn’t mad at God I knew God wasn’t my

problem but I was mad at me and I was

mad at this situation and I just let the

devil had it I mean if I could have

gotten my hands on him physically

I’d have done some damage I just got mad

I was sick and tired of being sick and

tired of being poor and I just started

screaming and yelling at the devil and

fighting and anyway I within just a

short period of time it was like boom I

got a breakthrough and I knew that it

was done I started rejoicing and

praising God and I went home I had the

car parked in front of the church and he

had a for sale sign on it and I went

home to tell Jamie that man it’s over I

don’t know how but God is going to sell

this car we’re going to get this money

it’s a done deal and before I could tell

her anything she came running out she

says quick a man called he saw your car

at the church he’s on his way down there

he’s going to be there in five minutes

and he wants to buy the car so I didn’t

even get to tell her about my

breakthrough I went down and this guy he

had the cash and he wanted to buy the

car and I said well I’ve got to tell you

about all the bad stuff so I told him

about burning although I told him about

pumping water out on your feet I told

him about that the new joints were going

out and I made him drive the car around

the block and I mean he took off and in

a big cloud of smoke as it burned all of

soyal it went around the block and he

came back and he parked it and he says

can I have it now I mean it’s like you

know what else Y has to do to be able to

give you this money and so finally I

said well okay and I took the money and

when he gave me the money

he said three weeks ago the very first

day that you put a for sale sign on that

car at a more expensive price he says I

told my wife that’s my car I’m gonna get

that and the guy didn’t want it to drive

he wanted it for parts

he was going to take parts off of it

because it was a popular car and anyway

he says I’ve been trying for three weeks

to get my wife to agree that he would

let that she would let me go buy this

car and he said it was on a Saturday and

he says I was watching a football game

and I wasn’t even thinking about it and

he says just about 10 or 15 minutes ago

she just walked in and threw the money

at me and she says I go get your car and

you know what that’s the exact time that

I was praying that’s the exact time I

got sick and tired of being sick and

tired and then I finally said I’m not

going any further I am NOT going to live

this way and the reason I say all of

this is to say that he’s long and you

can settle for God’s less than his best

you will and did you know after all this

was over I remember thinking to myself

why did it take me three weeks to come

to this breaking point to where I

finally just put my foot down and said

that’s it I’m not going any further and

I’ve seen this since that time I’ve seen

many many times that you know I’ll

tolerate something I’ll be patient and

saying well it’s going to work out or

something but finally there just comes

this breaking point and when I get to

where I am NOT going to live like this

anymore there’s a breakthrough and it

makes me wonder why do I have to go to

where I’m traumatized and in this bad

situation before I you know just put my

foot down and say I’m not going any

further I’m saying all of these things

to use it there are many of you that you

know your life is not the way God wants

it to be you know your marriage isn’t

the way God wants it to be you know your

health isn’t the way God wants it to be

you know that your job and your career

is a dead end

going nowhere there are many of you that

have this holy dissatisfaction and yet

you just are tolerating it most of its

kind of Numb ourselves to these things

I’m convinced that this is one reason

that most people do not get quiet and

still you know it says in Psalms 46:10

be still and know that I am God and I’m

convinced one of the reasons people just

constantly have to have a radio on the

television on they have to have

something going they have to be doing

something they just don’t have downtime

they don’t fit is because when you sit

and get to contemplating and meditating

and thinking about your life there is a

holy dissatisfaction that comes up in

most people’s lives because they when

you’re quiet and you aren’t being

entertained or bombarded with something

but you’re just thinking you go to kind

of evaluating where am I

where have I come from where am I now

what’s my future going to be like and

it’s this Pleasant it’s unpleasant to

most people and most people don’t like

that because they aren’t experiencing

God’s best most of us are living way

below God’s standards and this is one

reason I think that people avoid just

being still on the contrary I love just

spending time doing nothing but just

sitting there thinking and meditating in

God where am i what do you want me to do

am i doing things the way that you want

me to is there are things that I need to

change I love doing that because God

speaks to me and he puts vision in my

heart but I think many people avoid that

because in their heart they know that

things aren’t right and so they try and

numb themself to it and occupy

themselves with other things during this

series I’m going to try and get you to

confront this and to recognize that most

of us are selling ourselves short God

has good plans for you he’s got plans

for you that are far greater than

anything that you’ve experienced and

like I said at the very beginning of

this program I don’t believe that

there’s a one of us that is max

doubt what God has for us if you’re

still breathing God’s got more I don’t

believe anybody has tapped out the total

ability and potential that God has

placed them inside of them some of us

are further along than others but I

don’t think there’s a person breathing

who has just maxed out everything that

God had for them and so I’m encouraging

you if you’re brand-new if this is all

new stuff and you’ve never really

stretched out and believed God for

anything or if you’ve been walking with

God forever I’m telling you God has more

and I want to encourage you to believe

for God’s best not only for yourself but

you know what you’re carrying other

people’s miracles God has created every

one of us for a purpose he has a design

for your life and it’s going to bless

you and satisfy you yes but God has a

plan for every one of you to not only be

blessed but to be a blessing and he’s

got things that he wants to flow through

you that will touch other people you may

not be a minister like me but you you

can minister to people at your job in

your family in your neighborhood in your

world of influence God wants to bring

you to a place that not only are you

prosperous and joyful and just I mean

thrilled with the life that God is

giving you that God wants to take all of

these things that he wants to do through

you and use you as a testimony to other

people to touch them and to show them

what God can do in their life so it’s

not only about you other people’s

miracles are on the inside of you

there’s other people that may never

watch my television program that may

never open a Bible that may never go to

church but they know you and God wants

to bring you to his fullness in your

life not only to bless you but so that

you could be a testimony a signpost to

other people about what God could do for

them so I’m telling you this is

imperative I think that most of us are

living way way way below what God wants

and the cause of it

we are an experience in God’s best but

we also Hartley in the testimonies we’re

supposed to be God wants you well

because he loves you he won’t you well

but he also wants to use this testimony

you know we just got through showing

this Christmas production that we did at

our sanctuary in Woodland Park our

carries Bible call it was phenomenal it

was awesome and I just spent hours

before and after these performances

talking to people and people were just

absolutely amazed they were so touched

by the talent the love of God people

were touched and it is affecting that

entire Woodland Park community I mean

people are being affected by it because

we as a group not just me but we as a

group are beginning to live up to our

potential again nobody’s tapped it out

completely but we are seeing God use us

and I saw just dozens and dozens of

people that I talked to personally that

have been impacted their life is changed

they’re never going to be the same and

I’m telling you God wants to do the same

for you and through you but you have to

initiate it God has a plan for you but

if you would just look around not

everybody is experiencing God’s best and

it’s not the cause of God it’s not God’s

fault God has a plan for your life but

you have to cooperate and one of the

very first steps this is what I’ve spent

all day today talking about is that you

have to get dissatisfied with living a

substandard life as long as you can put

up with being mediocre and being average

you will but when you get a wholly

dissatisfaction and say God I’ve taken

all of this I’m going to take I’m sick

and tired of being sick and tired I’m

not going to live like this I’m going to

change now that’s not all if there is to

it but that is a first place as long as

you can tolerate being less than God

wants you to be you will be but when you

get to a place to where I’m not living

this way I’m going to change I tell you

what I believe that in the

spiritual realm that man that you start

to draw in all kinds of God activity

towards you I’m going to share this

Scripture tomorrow in more detail but

second chronicles 16:9 the eyes of the

Lord are running to and fro throughout

the whole earth looking for someone to

show himself strong in behalf of God is

looking this program has heard all

around the world did you know that today

wherever you are God is right there

looking and saying are you going to

respond to this message are you going to

be sick and tired of being sick and

tired are you looking for something more

and if you would just respond to this in

a positive way I believe God would show

up and miracles would start working in

your life man this is powerful let me

mention again that I’ve got a brand new

book this is a hardback copy of living

in God’s best and I tell you this is

going to be a blessing to you I’ve also

got this on DVD taken from our

television program and I’ve also got it

in Sea