Pastor Mark Cowart and Richard Harris are joined by Mario Murillo of Mario Murillo Ministries. Join them as they discuss the great move of God in America during a time on national crisis and more!

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hello and welcome to truth and liberty

my name is mark coward i’m setting in

for andrew wommack tonight

and we are going to have an amazing

broadcast trust me

but i’m also joined here with richard


who really knows the broadcast well and

keeps everything on track

i’ll do my best so anyway we have a

special guest tonight richard who is


been someone i have admired a very long


mario marillo is going to be with us and

i’m telling you buckle your seatbelt

this is going to be so powerful

uh before we get into that we’ve got

some announcements to share with you so

richard you’re going to

take that and then we’ll start our

conversation with mario

yeah that sounds great mark i’m so glad

you’re with us and so glad

mario marillo is with us i i might have

said this last time he was on but i want

everybody to know that when i was

first got uh kind of turned down to god

one of the very first christian books i

read was fresh fire by mario marillo and

how it just

motivated me to get out there and win

souls and i just love this guy for

reasons he probably doesn’t even realize

but how about some announcements here

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awesome yeah well i tell you richard i


tell you how much i’ve been looking

forward to having mario

on i don’t think i’ve ever done this i

think i want to read this first little

paragraph there’s so much to say about


but we we need to read this because i

don’t know some of you may not know the

background that he came from

but it says everything about mario

marillo defies the odds

he’s a native of san francisco a city

not known for producing

international evangelist his ministry

was born in the drug obsessed occult

saturated 70s

in the epicenter of violent student


berkeley california his gift seemed

doomed to fail on an atheistic campus

mix in persuasive gospel messages with

the raw

healing power of jesus the unexpected

result was a vibrant army of 2000


i tell you mario we want to welcome you

thank you for being

with us tonight it is a blessing and

i’ve been looking forward to this

well i’ll tell you what i couldn’t be

more let’s just

say honored to be with you both and

mark and richard i really believe the

lord is going to anoint his broadcast

for our

our audience there’s going to be

something said tonight

that is specifically for you that are


it’s going to change your life it’s

going to make a difference

and i believe it’s going to answer some

very very deep

questions lord’s had me doing that a lot


and what i did at berkeley was

impossible the lord did it

you have to give him all the glory but

what i want to say at the front

is that we’re in that same era now these

marxists that we see now

i know all those boys they’re not new to

me this gang is

i was i’ve got the t-shirt i’ve been


and i know what to say and i know that

god is going to give the church in


a shocking victory just like we had at


well mario i have to say this and you

know we were priming the pump

uh prior you know we get on early check

everything out

and i’ll tell you we could give the

benediction and go home now and we would

be blessed

but one of the things that and i mean

this with all of my heart and i told you

the word says flattery’s a sin so this

is not flattery but

your preaching and your blogs that you


are some of the most powerful i’ve ever


and if it’s true that the pen is

mightier than the sword

then your pin is a double-edged sword


i want to start from the beginning for

all the listening audience richard

if you’re not signed up to get mario

marillo’s blogs you need to go to

and get signed up and i mean it it’s not


it’s not just something to fill the

space mario it feeds

my spirit it does something to me it’s

an impartation

and there’s faith that comes and one of

the things

i want to say and i do i got to tell you

i just read it the other day

and you told the story about your mom

and she just went to be with the lord


honestly when i read the story because i

read it and i loved the way that you

wrote it

i didn’t know who you were talking about

and when i finished that blog which

they’re usually about a page i thought

that’s why mario has that anointing do

you mind referencing a little bit of

what it was that your mom and your

environment and the fact you’re sitting

here tonight with us is an absolute

miracle of god

you know everything about my mom is just

it should be a novel because you see she

was raised in wealth

in nicaragua and they had to forsake the

nation during the revolution

and they confiscated all their property

now you know why i’m against communism

and socialism because

i had an inheritance that was stolen in

nicaragua that i didn’t even know about

my gran my great grandfather was the


of the nicaraguan army my aunt

chella was the secretary to the u.s

ambassador to nicaragua and so we were


family of the intelligentsia and they

lost everything

and so it was her mom my my mom’s

uh my mom and her young husband who was


they came to san francisco they

immigrated they

they got in line and did it right and

she went from having a new dress every

sunday for church

to now working in the sweatshops in san

francisco at that time in the 40s

for 10 cents an hour and she had already

had my older brother

roger and now a year later

she was about to have me and the doctor

said you’re too poor to have another


and you can imagine what abortion was

like in the 40s

it was an illegal procedure was in the

back back alleys

but this doctor said i’m going to

recommend this for you because you’re

just so poor and she went home

devastated realizing she was poor had

one one-year-old child about to have a

second one

and she put the bible on her belly every


and began to pray over her stomach and


god i don’t know if this child is going

to be male or female

but i want you to use this child

so instead of getting an abortion she

had me and

later she remarried and had six more


there are eight of us and she raised

them in the inner city

was an astonishing woman and to tell you

she could cook latin food

there are people that are going to

understand this my mom made a chili

regino they gave you visions of god

and when she we were all of the family

was grieving

years ago when my mom said i’m never no

longer going to make tortillas by hand

i’m not going to do it anymore

because i remember as a child when that

aroma would fill the whole house

it was amazing and we never felt poor

but i knew that the hand of god was on

me i didn’t

fit until one day it was overwhelming at

the age of 16

when i met christ in in the inner city

and from that moment on i never i hit

the ground running never stopped

never looked back never let go of the

plow never left

backed up or apologized and and i have

my mom to thank for that and she

she went to heaven six days ago and

it was tough there were some things i

had to cancel because i had to regroup

but i’ll tell you what i feel her

presence in heaven

i know that god is with her and she was

an amazing woman her name was christina

christina marillo what an amazing mom

i miss you mom and what an amazing

story that just touches the depth of my


and uh what a testament

to the fact because i’ve heard so many

times that people say well people are so


you need to give them that right to

choose and abort that baby

brother all i can say is i’m sure glad

it didn’t happen and that you’re here

now because

your whole background your acquaintance

you really

understand the impact of communism and


and uh boy i wish we had five hours

tonight to just

pull everything we could out of you

you’re in california mario

and yes sir i think richard

some of the cases that we’ve seen the

worst oppression

uh in tyranny it may be soft tyranny but

it’s tyranny nonetheless

is taking place in california it’s it’s


out of control and uh i read in one of

your blogs

you’ve called for some pastors to get


and you just have such a boldness about

you and an anointing to speak the truth

tell us what’s going on in california

and how the lord’s using you and what

you see happening

well thanks to a pastor of canyon hills

assembly in bakersfield

we were able to resist the oppressive

lockdown of california

put up a tent in the heart of

bakersfield this is wendell

vinson canyon hills assembly of god a

mighty church

they helped us we ended up watching

1 700 people

sign decision cards for christ in


that’s that’s unprecedented in the

pandemic and the city did not

shut us down and now we’re moving on to

bigger and better but

based on the momentum and the fire that

we saw in bakersfield

the lord told me to go up to modesto

and we are going to be with bishop steve


at christian worship center in manteca

to do a luncheon

the only way we could do this luncheon

is he’s taking

every last seat out of his sanctuary

because unbeknownst to us i said look i

have a word from god

for you pastors about fire about

reopening your church about resisting

the government

about doing the right thing about making

your life count

would you come and i expect our biggest

pastor’s luncheon at that point was a

hundred this one is at a thousand

right now a thousand tickets have been

printed out

and churches from all over the state

are coming to hear this word and and i

love the date it’s on march the 4th

you see we’re going to march 4th on

march the 4th

that’s the date i picked because i knew


that’s what god wants the army to you

know we sing this song there’s an

army rising up right and i told people

in the tent i said look

i’ve never seen an army take so long to

rise up

and then we hear this song i’m no longer

a slave to fear but i’m going to stay

away from church because of a virus

so the issue in this hour is boldness

and fire and resisting the powers of

darkness because god is going to save

this country

i believe california is going to have

another revival i believe it it’s going

to be

another this is the state of azusa


amy mcpherson billy graham calvary

chapel i can’t

go on trinity broadcasting network full

gospel businessmen

and and think of all the things god has

done in california

and there’s one more coming and it’s

going to be a tidal wave

uh that will sweep across the nation i

just believe it

wow well you know mario i appreciate the

things you said in there you

you mentioned there won’t be skinny

jeans fog machines

and a whole bunch of other stuff this is

cutting to the chase

and the fact that you have

over a thousand pastors that are ready

to come to this

um what you know in the midst of this i

had some folks

more than one leave our church because

you know richard we’ve walked through a

lot of things here in colorado together

andrew’s been a big target lawsuits and

all of that

so you know this thing breaks out and

for a season

we don’t meet at church everything goes


but we made the decision pentecost

sunday march

or may 31st we opened back up and i had

people that said you need to obey the

governor and

and so they ended up we’ve had people

leave the church because of that

what do you say to people that you know

because they

they talk about romans chapter 13 and

obeying the governing authorities

i’m sure you’ve dealt with that but what

do you say to pastors now

uh that have had all this put out to

them have you been addressing that

you know you just threw me a t-bone

steak so

i just did and i’m gonna tell you what

in romans 13 the biggest

misunderstanding of that verse is that

no one really stops and reads

what it is saying and who it is


but in verse 3 there is a phrase that

tells you everything

it says the authorities that are from

god are not a threat to the righteous

so here’s the deal when an authority

is a threat to the righteous another

truth kicks in

and it’s this one whether it is right

to obey you rather than god you decide

but we cannot help but speak

of the things which we’ve both seen and

heard see hitler was not

god’s will for germany and if we take


ruling authority abuse wrong let me tell

you what i have to do

when i go into la i have to deal with a

group called the soreneos it’s a it’s a

it’s a drug gang it’s a big one

and they control entire neighborhoods

they are the law

so when i go into cereno neighborhoods

to win the laws

am i submitting to the ruling authority

no i’m not i’m not going to resubmit to

a drug gang now let me tell you about

governor gavin newsom who went to the

french laundry

to have a birthday party with no social


while he’s telling all the churches they

have to be shut down

or let’s talk about nancy pelosi who

literally went and had her hair

done in a salon that later went bankrupt

because of her lockdown

so it was like this we’re better than

you are we’re different than you are

we’re in elite force jesus looked at

herod and said you fox

he called him the thoughts let me tell

you that is a derogatory term

but what it comes down to is that we are

to obey god

rather than man that’s why andrew said

we’re going to open up because you and

and this is what i i dealt with a very

high-level politician i’m going to tell

you this and i’ll make it quick

but it you guys have got me on fire so

this is your fault

so so the the fact is

that this guy looked at me and he gave

me the the whole spiel

he said you’re breaking the law i said

as a matter of fact i’m the one obeying

the law

because my constitution tells me that i

have the right to assemble

and i have the freedom of religion

i don’t say freedom of worship because

liberals use that against us they say


you can worship god in the forest that’s

not what we’re talking about

the freedom to open the church doors and


now you kept costco open you kept sam’s

club open

why couldn’t you kept the church open

you could have found a way

but their hatred for the church richard

and mark

was a pre-existing condition and they


rogue government anyway i could go on

forever but anyway

well that’s what that’s what i want to

say to that and you made a key statement

most people don’t know this

constitution is the supreme law of the


and most people in america have never

read the constitution

richard and i actually helped start and


the practical school of government i’m

still the director and then you got

pulled over here

so you taught the constitution richard

and i would guarantee

most politicians probably haven’t read


and we haven’t taught it to our children


we have people stepping in and making

laws that are contrary

to the supreme law of the land it’s

illegal yeah and we’ve got a

we’ve got a problem on our hands now so

what are you hoping to accomplish out of

this meeting

with the pastors what do you feel the

lord’s put in your heart and what this

what fruit will this bear what are you


you know uh i don’t i don’t know how to

do this without getting in trouble

all right so i’m gonna do it have you

ever been in this

in a fight at school in the schoolyard

i’m asking the audience it’s a uh

obviously a rhetorical question

so it isn’t when the guy says your mama

that starts the fight

that isn’t what starts it it’s the guy

standing behind you who all of a sudden

hears your mother insulted

and he goes oh and that

starts the fight and when the when the


pastor when the when the government told

you to shut your church

told you you couldn’t preach against sin

told you that you had to compromise

everything you believed

the holy ghost was standing behind you

and he went

because that’s exactly the moment we’re

in i want to i want to tell you what i’m

going to tell these pastors because i

want to say it to everyone watching oh

if enough of us obey god there is no way

they can stop us

they can’t arrest all of us they can’t

arrest every

i i say i look there i said if a

thousand pastors

open their church in california you are

literally going to dilute

their resources they cannot stop you

this is the part that really bothers me

is the body of christ in america

already has the power to put this

wokeness to sleep

to turn this whole situation around if


enough of us would get up so the problem


brother mark brother richard isn’t the


it’s the sleepy church it’s the divided


it’s the compromised pastor who wants a

big church

and doesn’t want any trouble hides

behind the goodness of god as an excuse

to to abdicate his authority as a

shepherd to say

this i’ll tell you i was in fresno we

had a

meeting of several hundred uh christians

we packed out this church

matter of fact we had to borrow 200

chairs to put everybody in there

and i stood up and i couldn’t believe

what god had me say

we had 50 pastors in the room and i said

how many in this audience i said raise

your hand

if you’ve been fired from your job

because you witnessed to a co-worker

and hands went up i said how many of you

have children

that were suspended from a california

school because they wore a christian


and hands went up how many of you are

being harassed on social media

because you said you were going to vote

for trump or you were against abortion

how many of you been harassed and


and and been driven out of associations

and have

family members and everyone reject you

and all these hands went up

and then i looked at the pastor and i

said what are you preaching

to help these people are you preaching

about anything that they’re actually

going through right now

this is an hour where if enough of us

are outraged

if enough of us realize that this is

wrong it is not

america has nothing to do with with

racial equality or any form of equality

it’s not

marriage equality thereafter it’s to

destroy the church

it’s to silence the truth it’s to


uh control our thoughts and our thinking

and there’s no middle ground every child

of god

is now a soldier and like i said before

and i’m going to stop

even because i can go another 10 minutes

why the word

of faith is more relevant now than it

has ever been before

why prosperity authority over devils

divine healing the authority of the

believer to stand in victory over

emotions and mental attacks

the ability to speak the word of god

with power

it’s a greater moment for that than ever

before it’s never been more relevant

it’s more relevant now than when brother

hagin was alive and i believe it

and i said i wasn’t going to go that

long but again

i apologize brother you guys are amazing

man uh mario

i think your word right right there was

just so timely

this week in the united states congress

there’s a bill it’s going to be voted on

it’s hr5 and it’s called the equality


it came up a couple years ago and

and didn’t make it because trump

promised a veto but

he’s not in office anymore and we now

have a tie in the u.s

senate and this law will make it

a federal offense to refuse to hire

homosexuals and transgender people

in certain christian roles it will

require daycares and and or adoption

agencies christian adoption agencies to

allow homosexual couples to adopt


and all sorts of other things that are

contrary to our faith

and if we think kovid was bad this deal

is going to


really put us to the test and it’s time

for people to stand up and to be counted


and you know go ahead well i’m sorry

mario you

you’ve done such a great job of just

kind of framing up

uh how much abuse how much overreach

how much really what it is do as i say

but don’t say as i do

and so i’m sure both of you have heard

of the book how do you kill

11 million people by andy andrews and

when i heard the title of that book i go

that has to be the worst title for a

book i’ve ever heard in my life who

wants to buy a book

entitled how do you kill 11 million

people and it’s about

how the jews went willingly into the


and willingly hitler did not send his

henchmen down there

and pull guns on them they went down and

they said we’ve got jobs waiting for you

you know don’t worry if you get

separated we’ll put you back together

and i remember i used to wonder how the

jews could do it

willingly they got in the boxcars they

closed the doors

and they put the locks on them and all

of a sudden

i started thinking we’re doing this in


right now we’re doing it we’re doing it

we have the law

of the land in the constitution well you

know gina carano

the actress for disney in the


was fired by disney for she didn’t say

anything hateful all she did was say


the the mentality that is spreading in

the canceled culture right now is the

same thing that preceded the holocaust

people have criticized her for

exaggerating but

this kind of censorship and mind control

thought control

this abuse of power is she’s she’s spot

on in my opinion

what do you think mario you know i think


one thing that we to get back to this

thing about

political rebellion civil disobedience

which is something we’re all going to be

called to do is simple

i can say to the audience once being a

christian is illegal in america you’re

going to stop being a christian

and and you think about daniel they put

a prayer ban

in and daniel didn’t

submit he kept praying three times a day

now that’s not because he was rebellious

it’s because they became evil what you

what we need to remember

is the christians didn’t become


the left became spiritual they jumped

over the fence they brought the fight to


they told us what marriage was going to

be they told us what we could preach

and now we have to understand now the

most important

you know talking about how do you kill

11 million people

i want to say what is an american if you

as a christian

don’t believe in rebelling against

government you don’t believe

in the existence of america that’s right

because the declaration of independence

was an act of rebellion and here’s what

thomas jefferson said

we’re rebelling against you england

because your laws

violate the laws of god that is

specifically what he meant that we know

that men are born with certain

endowed by their creator with certain

inalienable rights so what is he saying

here you know you you’ve you’ve taught

the constitution richard

and so the declaration of independence

tells us specifically

when the laws of god are violated by

government it is the duty to rebel

against that government this is not a

simple rebellion folks

this is them telling you not only do we

and it’s it’s

mindless uh coca-cola is saying

you know you need to be less white so


what i want to say listen to the logic

in order to create

racial equality we’re going to begin a

racism against white people

so the devil laughs he said racism gets

to survive

you let it mutate just like the

coronavirus got a new mutation

so does racism now one other point i

want to make

uh gina carano said

uh you can be fired for saying

that you’re a republican so what did

disney do fired her

proved what she said was true this is

the logic

of the left that they literally say

we’re doing it for this reason when it’s

exactly the opposite

and we can’t hold back now we cannot

hold back

mario you made a powerful statement most

people don’t realize

our birth certificate the declaration of


was an act of rebellion and you know


my journey started back in about 2008

and you know then god had so many things

orchestrated i’ve known andrew 43 years

this year

but it was in 2015 that the connection

was made

practical government school and all that


i started studying about the history

of our nation and i realized it’s not

what is being taught that’s the

revisionism of our history

it’s what is not being said you brought

a key point out

mario that it is our duty not just a


or a privilege as a believer but our


to rebel against tyranny and most people

can’t even process that

i think thomas jefferson also said

rebellion against tyrants is duty to god

and so i think we’ve got a wake-up call

coming that’s a rather rude

awakening and you know but the fact

you’re meeting with these pastors

one of the things i learned i never

heard this phrase until i read a

three-page article by david barton the

black robe regiment

i didn’t know what the black robe

regiment was i thought it might have

been judges they were black robes

but it was that backhanded comment by

the british

against the clergy and the pastors

and they said if it hadn’t been for that

black robe regiment

we’d have won this war in revolution and


secular historians have verified this

this is not preacher commentary

that if it had not been for the clergy

of the day

or the pastors preaching from the word

of god there never would have been a


in other words never would have been a

rebellion and if they had not

been involved and continued it wouldn’t

have been

sustainable so i personally believe

mario and richard

god is raising up a new modern day

black robe regiment and they’re going to

be the ones to rise up

and rebel against this stuff and they’re

going to

be the ones to lead the charge but the


is people that don’t believe in

rebellion to tyranny

really don’t believe in america because

that’s what birthed us

you know and i want to just add to that

if i could

something very important well mario

you’re a soul winner

uh you don’t look very loving when you

condemn the government

and when you tell people to rebel

against government

you’re going to lose a lot of left-wing

young people that could have been born


you know what’s happening it’s when i

say these things

and i’m preaching the gospel that young

people come under conviction

why why am i against joe biden folks

because his policies are not just wrong

they’re evil and it’s evil it’s the

object the the bible says jesus went

about doing good healing all that were

oppressed of the devil

for god was with him it’s an impression

of satan

there’s there’s this idea that that we

should have been

locked down was an oppression of satan

you know there was just one high school

in california

because of the lockdown they had 18


on their campus from students they were

locked in their houses

and now we have the science that says


for every day that you’re in a lockdown

in your house

it’s the equivalent for your body of


15 cigarettes that’s what it does to

your nervous system

and your body and you know 98.5 percent

of all people that get cold

are going to get over it but how many

that are addicted to heroin are going to

get over it

how many that are suicidal are going to

get over it the percentage of death is

much higher

so what we’re against is evil that’s

what we’re against

that’s what the the american the black

robe regiment was against

was the evil the day woke up and they

said these people are evil

quartering in our houses the british

were able to live in your house

take over your property for as long as

they wanted you had to feed them and

entertain them

and that was just the lighter things the

atrocities that were all through the


and it’s starting again folks and we’ve

got we’ve got that moment right now

where we need to

wake up and do what is our duty

wow mario before the show we were

talking a little bit about i don’t know

kind of how did we get here talking

about what’s the

what’s the biggest problem in the church

and i think you were

sharing an opinion that i think it’d be

awesome if our viewers could hear on


you alluded to biblical illiteracy can

you comment on that

yeah the number one reason that america

is where she is now is that christians

had no answer for the culture

they were not armed with information by

their pastors

they couldn’t quote the bible they

couldn’t speak the word of god

they couldn’t say what the word of god

said paul

instructed the leader said be ready

always to give an answer for the hope

that lies within you

told timothy the things i’ve given you

commit to other men

who are faithful to teach others you

know we hear that

that pastors ought not to be exposing

false doctrine

if that were true 67 of the new

testament would be irrelevant

because 67 of the new testament

is exposing correcting false doctrine

and reaffirming truth so we had a

generation that couldn’t explain why gay

marriage was wrong

we had a generation that couldn’t

explain why

there shouldn’t be a drag queen reading

to our kids on saturday morning at the


or why a grown man shouldn’t be allowed

in the little girl’s bathroom

common sense went out the window because


went out from the pulpit and the devil


so many leaders because they wanted a

big church

they wanted size they wanted prestige

they wanted numbers and they didn’t

create the

the model that jesus said make disciples

go into all the nations and make

disciples and we didn’t make it and

we’re paying the price

a hefty price mario you just have such

a way of wording things and i know we’ve

got questions coming in that we’re going

to be getting to

i want to encourage our listening

audience to get

on mario marillo’s blog that

do you send that out every day or how

yes yeah

every day try to do a new one every day


if they go to mario i want

to tell you because it’s not

fluff it’s not cotton candy it is

something usually very pungent with

and mario i appreciate the prophetic


that you have because i believe god has

raised you up

and it’s so unique your background

coming from a communistic background

it affected your inheritance and

you’re a miracle that you’re setting

here a testament

that we need to choose life obey the

word of god

i i shudder to think if you weren’t here

because of

all of the people that have come into

the kingdom and

and i’m sure richard have we got

questions coming in now

i bet it’s lighting up brother let’s get

to some questions mario

well i like this one this first one

right off the bat

mauro and it’s how should christians be


despite all the bad news they hear about


yeah they should be encouraged because

of american history

that’s why the devil doesn’t want you to

know american history

there are 17 times in our history where

we should have been destroyed but at the

last minute

something supernatural intervened now i

want you to think about that for a


who did that and one day when i was in


and this is so encouraging the lord said

i love america

i love the miracle the american miracle

is something that i love

he said god said i love israel i love

the american miracle

and anyone that comes to destroy america

is going to come through me

and my arm is not shortened that it

cannot save

you see what we’re going to there’s a

good news bad news here’s the bad news

god is willing to take us through

economic disaster

he’s willing to take us through crisis

he’s willing to take us through natural


if the end result will be a repentant


and godly america but before the devil

can destroy america

god is going to fight as fierce

as a mama grizzly and you need to know


that god is going to do some things that

none of us let’s go back for a second

and think about trump

he wasn’t supposed to win everybody

thought hillary was going to win

trump was the outsider the outlier the

completely unexpected solution

and god brought it and he’s got a ton

more just like that

what we’re seeing in california people

are shaking their heads right now

how are you packing out church tents

night after night after night why are

the drug addicts coming

why are the laws coming the wealthy the


you you can see a bank president and a

homeless man sitting next to each other

under the tent

because god is going to do the

impossible folks

and you’ve got to be ready for it wow

well praise the lord that’s awesome

you know there were a lot of prophecies

that went out that said that donald

trump was going to

be elected for a second term and that

the election results

uh uh were going to be overturned and

that didn’t happen

and uh do you have a perspective on that

that you could comment on i think a lot

of our viewers are wondering about that

some of them are confused and and even

troubled by

by the the prophets out there that it

looks like they may have gotten it wrong

or at least some of them

well here’s what i think there’s no

answer that isn’t going to make somebody


so so you know you got to decide what

hill you’re going to die

on so i’m going to tell you about first


14 the bible second kings 14

forgive me second kings 14

we see the prophet elisha and he’s dying

and the bible tells us that

joash the king said the syrians are

going to invade us we need help

and we trust god so the prophet

said made a prediction you will

defeat the syrians till you have


them that’s what it reads in the

amplified you will do this

so that’s a prediction but then he

handed him the arrows and said

beat on the ground and the the

the parable of that the what was going


is there was a connection between the


and the abundance if you hit the ground

enough you’ll destroy your enemy

it didn’t mean that the that the

prophecy was conditional

but what it meant was is here’s a

promise of god that you’ve got to latch

on to

and here’s what god is going to do

here’s god’s part his your part in

daniel chapter 9 daniel fasted and

prayed after he determined that 70 years

were up

he didn’t assume it was automatic let me

tell you what i feel

i feel we had an incomplete response

to a promise from god some prophets

were false because they predicted

trump’s victory

without requiring the church to repent

they did not

mingle the prophecy with the conditions

that’s why

ii chronicles 7 14 begins with if my

people then i’ll heal your land if they


turn from their wicked ways what we did

not do

we voted for trump yes we did that part

but we had a criminal conspiracy afoot

that was demonic in its origin

and in its force and you know what that

means that means the church needed to

rise up

take authority over the powers of satan

but i think way too many christians were


by false prophets who said you know

you’re blessed it’s not conditional

god’s going to do it no matter what it’s

going to be fine

and even in october i was warning

people trump could lose i never heard

the word

myself that trump was going to serve a

second term

but i believe certain voices that i had

heard that were righteous

but i do believe that this is something

it’s too easy to blame the prophets

the church also bears a responsibility

in what happened

any and we’re seeing it now aren’t we


the church is not outraged enough we

can’t leave guys like mike lindell

hung you know from my pillow out there

on a string

hanging by himself that man should have

the whole backing of the church right


now whether his information is perfect

or not

i don’t know but i know he’s a man of

god i know he loves god and i know he

loves america

and again as i said some people aren’t

going to like my answer

but that’s what i believe happened wow

well thank you i appreciate you sharing

that and being so candid mario i think

that makes a lot of sense well

we have another question uh that’s come

in here um

and i think we’ve we’ve talked about

some of this but mark on chat asks can

you comment about the efforts to

de-platform christians and conservative

programming on cable tv

where do we go from here should the

church be

you know abandoning these platforms or

what should our response be

well the bible is filled with resistance

moses was not supposed to be born

abraham was not supposed to be allowed

to have a child david was

forbidden to kill a giant paul was told

not to preach

peter was told not to heal the sick so

we’ve always been against the grain

folks this is not a new deal

for us what we’ve found is that the

christians have been late to the game

we should have built our own separate

social network programs by now

just as powerful as we’ve been to build

these great churches with multi-campuses

we should have gotten together with all


and long ago built something we should

never have allowed

youtube facebook these devils

excuse me to dominate the internet

and god i think is on the verge of


the body of christ faith i i hear that

trump is

you know i hear these whispers that he’s

about to build a national

social network of some kind well if he

doesn’t somebody should

and god would give the church the wealth

of the wicked to do it

if they just had the courage to do it

but you know we were overly spiritual we

got out of journalism

we got out of theater we got out of art

we got out of

intelligence you know what it says in

daniel chapter one that i love

it says that daniel was gifted in all


so he could comment not only on on the

old testament

but he could comment on on what was

going on

when i was at berkeley i understood

something that there were deposits of


in different ways in different thoughts

that people were being moved

and that it was up to the christians to

shed light on

vivid example mars hill paul says when i

walked through your city i noticed that

you had all these shrines and idols and

i noticed one of the unknown god

and who you worship ignorantly and then

he said as one of your own poets have


we have the power to have a tongue of

fire and here’s what

jesus said in luke 21 he said i will

give you

a mouth and wisdom that none of your

adversaries will be able to gain say nor


that power is still there to tell the


the church is gonna rise up god’s voice

will never be stopped

and this is america and america is a

special miracle

and we’re gonna see a lot more amen amen

good stuff that’s good well um so we’ve

got another question here this one comes


from daniel on chat again i think we’ve

covered some of this but maybe you could

go in a little deeper and he’s asking

what is the church missing that is

causing us to be asleep

how do we wake up

well this is what i believe has got to


and uh you’re not going to like this one

folks but here it comes

if your pastor is not preaching that the

bible is the inerrant word of god

if he’s muffling the holy spirit he or


if they’re not allowing the gifts of

power to flow they’re not calling people

to be saved they’re not giving altar


run change churches get out of there

as if it were nuclear waste and get to a

house where god is at work

and where the power is flowing now i


that i hear christians all the time they

say well i don’t want to appear unloving

you are understanding that you need to

read first corinthians 13

again and find out what is love one of

the things love is the bible says

love does not rejoice in iniquity

but rejoices in the truth the

love does not like sin love does not

like carnality

love does not like sitting in a pew

while someone is up there entertaining


but taking you nowhere and saying things

like oh we’re not going to get political

we’re not going to preach against

abortion because it’s too political

and it’s too controversial let me tell

you what’s controversial

the most controversial phrase in the

entire universe is this one

for god so loved the world that he gave

his only begotten son

that whosoever believes in him shall not

perish but have everlasting life

there is nothing more polarizing than

the gospel

why is that because satan hates it and

all of his string puppets and hand


start to manifest whenever truth is


we can’t allow the idea that people

don’t like what we’re saying

to dictate what we say and you know i go

on and on about that

but that’s what’s sleeping the church is

we need

the eagles to leave the turkey yard

today get around people of like mine who

are pursuing christ

who want power who want fervor it might

be in your home it might be in a small

church maybe you left a church where you

had accountability

because you wanted the streamlined

church the 12-minute express service

the drive-by blessing and i want to tell

you what

get back under the fire of god and then

enough of us

do it they can’t stop us all if we come

in unity they can’t stop us all

wow praise god well i don’t want to

throw anybody under the bus here but in

the headlines

in the last week max lucado um

was criticized for comments he made and

some sermons

previously about homosexuality at the

was at the national cathedral in

washington and he’s back down on those


and apologized i don’t know if you’ve

seen those headlines or not but he

he apologized for supposedly hurtful

comments he made

where he basically indicated you know

that god’s version got

marriage according to the word of god is

a man and a woman not a man and a man or

woman and woman and

and these kinds of things and and now

he’s backing off of that saying it was

hurtful and insensitive have you seen

those headlines and do you have any

thoughts about that

is that kind of the typical thing that

we’re facing here and

and uh and and we can’t we can’t allow


yeah well he’s uh so open-minded his

brains fell out

and i i’m gonna say it in love and now

i’m going to comment on this

if i have a doctor that looked at the

x-ray and said

that i had a malignant tumor and instead

he tells me i have a hangnail

and then if i get a little sleep take a

couple aspirin i’m going to be okay

when we tell the gay community that

there isn’t

freedom in christ we’re being cruel

we’re not being mean when we tell them

the truth we’re being cruel

because here’s what max is not


the hurt that you’re preventing

is not right you’re allowing the big


in the name of the little hurt what is

the big hurt

they ca they’re not under conviction for

the tortured life they’re leading

the the suicide rate among transsexuals

is so high

and we say well we ought to be loving

toward them you know that there is a

dysphoria that people have

where they want their arms cut off or

their legs cut off

it’s a psychological dysphoria now

should a surgeon

try to normalize that call do the

surgery for a perfectly

logically healthy person take cut off

their arm

because they are so obsessed with the

idea that they need

to have an amputation that same logic

applies to every part of preaching

when someone is in sin they need to know

it when they’re bound for hell they need

to know it

when they have a disorder a dysphoria a

a misconception that the scriptures

clearly lay out

and we want to prevent them from feeling


we’re actually preventing them from

getting well

and that is the cruelest thing i can


you know what you just said mario i’m

thinking of

richard a story that andrew wommack told

one time and i’ve

repeated it several times he was talking

to someone and they asked him a question

and andrew just had the sense that they

weren’t going to like the answer because

you know andrew he’s going to

share the word but he was he was

hesitating and and thinking maybe maybe

not sharing that and the lord spoke to

andrew and said andrew

tell them the truth let them have the

opportunity to reject the truth

don’t you reject it for them and i i

think that’s the problem

with the world today and mario while you

were talking i have to borrow that quote


francis schaefer once again what he said

about abortion clinics

he said in front of every abortion

clinic there needs to be a sign

here by permission of the church

everything we’ve been talking about


we can’t blame the democrats the


the different ones the the blame goes

squarely upon the church

because jesus said we are the salt of

the earth

and the light of the world you know i

said this again sunday in church

we have a place up here mario called

cave of the winds

they take you down in there and then

they turn the lights off

it is the darkest place i’ve ever been

you cannot see your hand in front of

your face there is zero light there

well you could go down there right now

but if you give me a little match

and i light it up it overcomes that

darkness around me

and if i need to overcome more darkness

i just bring in more light

and you know it’s getting dark out in

this world right now but i’m telling you

we are the light of the world and we

always overcome light if we’ll let it


and richard we’re winding down here i

tell you this is the fastest hour we’ve

had in a long time mario

we want to thank you for being with us

and really from the depth of our heart

mario thank you brother

for being bold uncompromising

and a bright light and particularly

where you’re at

a lot of darkness and we just thank god

for you i’m so glad your mother

was not didn’t we wasn’t allowed to get

that abortion and she just put that

bible on her belly

she’s still bearing the fruit of it now

even as she’s in heaven thank you mario

for being with us

well brother mark brother richard you

two are tremendous brothers in christ

and uh i thank god for this opportunity

this is a deep honor for me

especially to be with andrew womack he

is a great man of god

that i respect and admire so deeply

can i throw in you all be sure and sign

up for mario’s blog mario

and uh and get tuned in to his ministry

and hopefully we can get a report back

after this pastor’s meeting

amen we’re out we’re out of time but i

want to thank you for joining us on the


we’ll see you next week

join us next time for the truth and

liberty broadcast

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