This teaching identifies the three major parts of our being: spirit, soul, and body, and gives the relationship between each. At salvation, our bodies and souls are not saved. Their salvation has been purchased but they aren’t redeemed yet. Our spirits are the only parts of us that was completely changed at salvation. The rest of the Christian life is a process of renewing our minds and then manifesting in our bodies the change that is already complete in our spirits.


welcome to gospel truth with Andrew

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God was calling us here and we were like

we’re coming we’re going to be obedient

to God’s call for us this was our place

called that the provision for the

healing was in this place and I know our

provision for our ministry or what God

wants us to do our purpose is here too

and now here’s Andrew welcome to our

Monday’s broadcast of the gospel truth

today I’m starting a brand new series

and I’m teaching on my favorite thing to

teach on what I call spirit soul and

body you know this is the truth that

just transformed my life and it has

become like the foundation of everything

I teach this is I heard one person

described this like a key that you stick

in your brain and it just unlocks the

Word of God it unlocks truth this is

what it did for me it totally

transformed my life and so actually

everything I teach comes from this

revelation of what I call spirit soul

and body that’s probably not the best

title for this but I’ve titled at this

because this is the way God spoke it to

me so I’m just sharing it from my own

perspective you know a good friend of

mine Duane sheriff has a teaching

basically the same thing and he calls it

identity the theft now it’s either

identity thief or identity theft but

it’s all talking about your identity and

because people don’t know who they are

and what God has done that they’re

confused and therefore Satan is able to

come and steal things from them that God

has provided but this this just totally

totally transformed my life and man this

is exciting to me I know that many of

you have probably heard me teach on this

I think it was two years ago on our

television program that I taught an

abbreviated teaching on this it’s been 5

years since I’ve taught the entire

revelation that God has given me about

this and so I felt like it’s appropriate

to come back and to teach this and we

have a lot of material that

we’re offering you this week our

announcer will go into more detail but

I’ve got study guides I’ve got a book in

English and in Spanish we also have this

little Illustrated teaching on spirit

soul and body and one of my partners in

Germany was touched by this so much he

wanted to illustrate it primarily for

children but actually it’s turned out

that this is just a great way to get

this truth across and he’s condensed

about 6 hours of teaching into I think

it’s either 20 or 25 minute Illustrated

DVD and it is really awesome

it shows the guy here and he’s got kind

of a little fat body but then when he

gets born again his spirit becomes this

buff look and it’s just it makes some

great points so anyway I’m gonna be

sharing with you this teaching about who

you are in Christ your true identity in

Christ and it’s what I call spirit soul

and body and here’s the reason that I’ve

called it that is because let me just

give a little bit of background to why

this was so important and how much this

has helped me and I think that this will

help you to understand the benefit that

this could be to you but I got born

again when I was 8 years old and I mean

it was a genuine conversion the very

next day in school on a Monday morning

my friends could tell that I was changed

and I mean I got born again I believe

that if I was that would have died I

would have gone to heaven I was truly

saved at eight years of age but when I

was 18 I had this miraculous encounter

with the Lord where his love just

flooded in the man for four and a half

months I was overwhelmed with the love

of God I mean it was life-changing I

didn’t I didn’t sleep more than an hour

at a time for four months I would just

nap here in there but I was so excited I

was just so caught up in the love of God

I couldn’t sleep I never sat down and

ate a normal meal because man I was so

excited I was studying the word I was

praying I was ministering to people I

just grabbed things as I went I mean my

life was radically radically changed

but after four and a half months the

emotion the feel of this experience wore

off primarily because I had people

criticizing me in coming against me and

stuff like this and I lost the emotional

benefit of it and then panic set in

because I didn’t know what I did to

cause God’s love to be manifest in my

life I didn’t know what I did to cause

it to leave and I had no clue about how

to get it back and at the time I was

thinking I had been taught that God

loved me proportional to my performance

if I performed well if I studied the

word if I prayed if I led people to the

Lord if I live the holy life then God

would bless me and my whole life had

been up to that point a

performance-based relationship and yet

when God revealed this love to me

it was at the worst time in my life

worth when for the first time in my life

I realized that I was a religious

Pharisee that I was a hypocrite and I

repented and it was when I was just

devastated by my own unworthiness that I

experienced this love of God and as long

as I was in this emotional thing it was

okay but after it was gone I didn’t I

didn’t know how to relate to God I now

knew that all of my righteousness was

like filthy rags but how could a God how

could a perfect pure holy God love me I

didn’t love me for the first time in my

life I’d realized that I’d just been

religious that I’d been a hypocrite that

everything I was doing it was for my own

benefit I hadn’t done anything motivated

by love out of a pure heart it was all

selfish trying to earn God’s favor and I

had finally come to the end of myself

and I knew that I had nothing to offer

God how could God love me and yet I had

this experience where I knew he did but

I was confused I did not understand and

I one of the best things that ever

happened to me in hindsight I didn’t see

it this way at the time but in hindsight

I got drafted and I was

to Vietnam and for 13 months I was in

Vietnam and I was a chaplains assistant

I wasn’t out in the field like what we

called the grunts but I was on a fire

support base we were taking shellings

and there was a number of times that

there was some physical danger and

things but as a whole I just was on this

fire support base and I was without a

chaplain the majority of the time I

think the first four or five months I

was in Vietnam I had a chaplain but then

he you know left country and went back

home and I was just there by myself and

so I did nothing all day except just sit

there and read the Bible and in

hindsight it was probably the best thing

that could have happened to me because I

was taken away from the religious

situation that I was in I was put on

this fire support base in Vietnam and

out of desperation there was just so

much ungodliness around me it was like a

magnet pulling me towards all of this

you know there was free dope and just

all of the booze that you could have and

there’s all of these things that were

pulling on me and out of desperation I

just had to stick my nose in the Bible

and study the word and I was reading the

word from 10 to 15 hours a day just

studying the word and without realizing

it the word began to change me I began

to change

effortless change I got another teaching

on that called effortless change but

anyway the reason I’m giving all of this

background is to say that I began to

start seeing things different and one of

the things that just transformed my life

is this truth I’m gonna teach you about

spirit soul and body and I began to

recognize according to John 4:24 that

God is a spirit and that those who

worship God have to worship in spirit

and in truth I had to relate to God

spirit to spirit and that God wasn’t

looking at my flesh my outward actions

God wasn’t dealing with me based on my

performance but when I got born again I

received a brand-new spirit and I’m

gonna be expanding in ant

find on this a lot but when I got this

revelation this is what totally changed

me it totally changed me and I have seen

literally hundreds of thousands of

people receive this same revelation and

it radically changes their relationship

if I had time I could give you testimony

Eve actually got some videos of people

who this teaching has transformed them

and they went out on the mission field

and started impacting tens of thousands

of people because of the very same thing

that God showed me right here so I’m

just saying all of this to say that

that’s the background I loved God but I

was struggling to understand God’s love

for me because I looked on the outward

appearance it says in 1st Samuel chapter

16 verse 7 Samuel went to anoint a new

king it turned out it was going to be

David but David’s father Jesse didn’t

even think enough of David to have him

come as one of his sons and stand before

Samuel he left David with the Sheep

David was the runt of the litter it says

in 1st Samuel chapter 16 that he was

ruddy and the word ruddy there’s some

debate about what that means but it

refers to red they think he was either

red-haired or with a red complexion that

he was it beautiful to look at in other

words he was a mama’s boy

and here was Samuel coming to anoint the

next king the previous King the current

king at that time was Saul and he was a

head taller than any other person in the


he was this huge specimen of a man and

here is David this run a ruddy a

beautiful boy Jesse didn’t even think

enough of him to put his name in the Hat

he brought all of the other brothers in

but Samuel said it’s none of them and

God spoke to him first samuel 16:7 and

says don’t look on the height of his

stature or any of these things because

man looks on the outward appearance that

God looks on the heart that’s the way

that God is God looks at you on the

heart level and yet I was trying to

relate to God based on my performance

based on God am i doing

have I prayed enough have I studied

enough am i living holy enough and

because of that my my performance was

failing and some of you think well you

just weren’t as good as I am no the

Bible says in Romans 3:23 all have

sinned and come short of the glory of

God Romans chapter five verses 14

through the end of the chapter 5

different times it just talks about that

we’ve all come short that all of us are

condemned there you cannot relate to God

on the basis of your performance and yet

this is what I was doing and I believe

that this is one of the greatest

mistakes made in the body of Christ

today is that people are saying God I’ve

done this and this and this I go to

church I pay my tithe I study the word

I’m living holy now have I done enough

will you heal me will you prosper me you

need what I’m teaching here on spirit

soul and body because God is a spirit

and to really connect with God you’ve

got to do it spirit to spirit not body

to spirit and see I only understood that

there was two parts of me obviously

there’s I’ve got a physical body you can

feel your physical body whether it’s hot

whether it’s cold whether it’s tired you

can look at it in the mirror you can see

it but there’s another part of you that

can’t be seen or felt in a physical way

and that’s you’re in what we call our

personality this inner man the Bible

calls that the soul the mental the

emotional part of you your personality

you know if a person came up and touched

you on the shoulder you could physically

feel it you could even be looking the

other direction and not paying any

attention to them but if they touched

you on the shoulder you could feel it

but did you know a person could not be

with you physically and yet there could

they could say words to you they could

send you a text they could say something

in those words you can feel it not in

your physical body there’s another part

to you and that’s your soul your mental

your emotional part of you every one of

us are aware of those two parts but what

changed my life is when I realized there

was a third part to me and that’s my

spirit and here’s the verse that God

is to unlock this to me in second

Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17 it says

therefore if any man be in Christ he is

a new creature old things are passed

away build all things are become new

I remember reading that and I said

father I know that I am in Christ I know

that I’m born again I got born again

when I was eight years old and when I

was 18 I had this experience where the

love of God just overwhelmed me I said I

know that I know you I had zero doubt

that if I was to die if something would

have happened to me in Vietnam

I would have gone to be with the Lord I

knew it I had zero doubts so I knew that

I was in Christ and yet it says that

you’re a new creature old things are

passed away behold all things are become


it didn’t say all things are in the

process of becoming new you will hear

people interpret it that way because

what they’re doing is trying to take

what the Word of God says and compare it

to what they see and what they feel and

they try and make these two things mesh

and fit together and so they will say

well all things aren’t new yet but they

are becoming there that’s not what this

says you can go into that Greek on this

you can study it any way you want to

this is not saying that all things are

in the process of becoming new and it

didn’t just say that some things are the

majority of things are a lot of things

have become new no it says all things

all things it says again if you are in

Christ old things are passed away they

aren’t passing away they have passed

away behold all things are become new

and I remember reading this verse and I

just you know put the Bible down and I

was praying and saying Lord I know that

I’m born again I know that you love me I

have a relationship with you I know that

I am in Christ and yet I started looking

at my life and old things hadn’t passed

away all things hadn’t become new

because see I was looking on the outside

I was an introvert it was hard for me to

talk to people I felt constantly like

there was people that God wanted me to

witness to that I was too shamed I was

too embarrassed to timid to do it I

failed and you know and it’s not that I

was relative to other people it’s not

that I was a terrible person but you

know what other people aren’t my

standard compared to the Word of God

again Romans 3:23 says all have sinned

and come short of the glory of God God

is not comparing you to me or to

somebody else

God is comparing you to Jesus the glory

of God and if you compare yourself to

Jesus you have sinned and come short

you can never relate to God you can

never do enough to be accepted with God

if you are just thinking that God is

looking at you on your external on your

actions and your thought life and if

this is all you acknowledge that there

is to you well then you’re never gonna

feel like second Corinthians 5:17 is a

reality in your life you’re never gonna

be perfect in your body in your actions

you will never be perfect in your

thought and if you are just if you’re

honest you’re going to be confused at

the very least and at the at the worst

you could literally just say well man I

just can’t believe the Bible idea it’s

not true I can’t see it in my life and

that’s kind of where I was I was reading

this it says old things are passed away

they’re already done old things have

passed away all things have become new

and I couldn’t see it and so I was just

saying god what’s the answer to this how

do i how do I understand this I know I’m

born again and yet what the word is

saying about me I cannot observe it in

my life and the thing that changed my

life I was reading a book and a man just

in passing I was very critical and

skeptical about what he was saying so as

he as he was making his points I looked

up every scripture reference that he had

and he made something a statement

similar to that it’s your spirit that

was born

in not your body and not your soul and

when he said that man I just shocked me

I looked up the reference and it was

this reference 2nd Corinthians 5:17 and

all of a sudden the light began to dawn

on me and what really changed me was

recognizing I was three parts prior to

that time again it’s obvious that you’ve

got a physical body it’s obvious that

there’s a part of you that is beyond

just your physical body you’ve got an

emotional part but I honestly thought

that the spirit and soul were just the

same thing they were just different

words referring to the same thing if you

look up the word spirit in the Greek in

the Strong’s Concordance the word pneuma

is what it is and it will literally

define it as the immortal soul

so even Strong’s Concordance

defines the spirit as the immortal soul

it doesn’t make a distinction between

them but let me turn over and show you

another verse that the Lord showed me in

1st Thessalonians chapter 5 and in verse

23 he was praying a prayer and he says

the very God of peace sanctify you

wholly that’s WH o LLY not wholly hol

why but completely and I pray God your

whole spirit and soul and body be

preserved blameless under the coming of

our Lord Jesus Christ and when I saw

this it just rocked me to my core

because again I had always referred to

the inner part the part that you can’t

see but you can feel it your personality

your feelings your emotions I thought

that that was spirit and soul were just

two different words for referring to it

but this verse makes it very clear that

you have a spirit soul and body

you are a three-part being not a two

part being and God is a spirit John 4:24

says God is a spirit and they that

worship Him must worship Him in spirit

and in truth you have to connect with

God through your spirit not through your

soul and not through your body

God is a spirit God is looking at you

and me spirit to spirit not spirit to

flesh spirit to body God is not dealing

with you based on your actions he isn’t

dealing with you based on just your

thought life now he’s aware of those

areas you are a complete being spirit

soul and body but the real you when you

got born again it was your spirit that

got born again not your body you still

have the same body if you were a man

before you got born again you’re gonna

be a man after you get born again I

don’t care what you feel like on any

given day there is a DNA there are

chromosomes in every cell of your body

and they are either male chromosomes are

female chromosomes it doesn’t matter how

you feel and how you choose to identify

on a certain day if you were a male

before you got born again you’re gonna

be a male after you get born again if

you were a female you’ll be a female if

you were fat you’re gonna still be fat

unless you go on a diet your body

doesn’t get changed this is important

that you understand this we’ve got

promises in the scripture 1st

Corinthians chapter 15 talks about this

mortal must put on immortality this

corruptible must put on incorruption 1st

Thessalonians chapter 4 that we shall

not all sleep talking about death but we

shall all be changed in the moment and

the twinkling of an eye at the last

Trump I think maybe that’s 1st

Corinthians chapter 15 but anyway those

are scriptures I’m quoting to you and

your physical body has been purchased

and it’s gonna be changed but right now

you don’t have a glorified body you

still have the same body maybe with a

few alterations maybe you’ve gained some

weight gotten older your hair colors

changed or something but you are still

the same physical body that you had

before you got saved you can tell that

by observation and it’s not your mental

emotional part that got saved when you

got born again you didn’t get a brand

new mind you still have the same mind

you still got the same memory

you still got the same deficits if you

haven’t trained yourself and if you

there’s something you didn’t know you

just don’t automatically know all things

but the Bible promises us in 1st

Corinthians chapter 13 that there is

coming today when we will know all

things even is also we are known that

hadn’t happened yet your mind isn’t

changed so your body and your mind

haven’t changed so what part of you has

changed what part of you became

brand-new we’re old things are passed

away all things are become new

it’s talking about your spirit and I’m

going to share a lot of scriptures with

you I’m running out of time

today but when God showed me this I just

begin to delve into this and research it

and I found out that in Christ in my

born-again spirit

I am brand new and I have all of his

power all of his ability God sees me

differently all of my sin is gone there

is no sin in my spirit even when I sin

now that may shock some of you but I’m

going to explain this and go into more

detail on it but because of this I can

have boldness to enter into the very

presence of God because I’m a brand new

person in Christ had a lot more to share

on this again I want to encourage you to

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I believe Esther is the true original

Cinderella story

not only did she conquer the heart of

the king she saved her people from


Esther secret weapon was not her beauty

but her heart

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