I was emotional I was sick and just

literally just crazy just so full of

toxicity and so I’m extremely weak

I’m not urinating anymore everything

gets processed through your kidneys when

your kidneys aren’t working nothing’s


how was hard I was hard to watch my wife

go through that because there were times

where she couldn’t just a spoonful of

food she would throw that up and I was

just literally watching my wife just

wither away whereas most couples spend

their first year getting used to living

together the Hudsons first year was

spent dealing with Raquel’s autoimmune

disease known as lupus as the years

would go by lupus would turn into kidney

failure which in turn would become a

failing heart this is the story of how

one young couple renewed their mind in

the word through Andrews teachings and

stood against every attack of the enemy

this is the healing journey of Raquel

Hudson so they put me on hemodialysis it

was because my kidneys were shutting

down what it essentially was for me and

what it looked like for me was that all

these markings here are where they would

stick me with the needles they would

pluck me with the needles and they’d

stick a needle in here and this would

take the blood out of my body and go

through the machine the machine would

clean it and would come back in through

here but this was my life for six seven

years man we didn’t know just what we

were about to we’re about the internship

after trying a cleanse to rid her body

of toxins

Raquel broke out in lesions across her

entire face wanting to help his wife

remember her identity in Christ Herman

covered up and posted scriptures on all

the mirrors in their house when you’re

going through something like that it is

really about yourself it’s about you

it’s traumatic for you and to have a

husband who’s going to come alongside

and say

I see you as God sees you and you’re

gonna have to see you as God sees you my

wife is beautiful on the inside and on

the outside and while she was going

through all these different physical

changes you know the devil was busy it

was when he would go to work a lot of

times that I would find myself

incapacitated couldn’t move just kind of

on the couch and I would begin to

reflect and there were times that yes I

did in fact think to myself is he gonna

leave me I could be at Chipotle or any

sandwich place or something and and I’m

just sitting down having a sandwich and

I see a young lady eating a sandwich and

the thought would just run by my mind

like man wouldn’t it be nice to be with

her she can eat a sandwich but I knew

enough to know that life is going to be

one up here and I knew that I could not

afford to allow one thought to go

unanswered every time I heard just that

temptation crossed my mind or that

thought go through my mind I spoke he

who finds a wife finds a good thing and

obtains favor from the Lord and I spoke

out a thousand times I don’t know how

many times I said and you know what it

preserved me of course this wasn’t their

only issue because Raquel’s immune

system was so weak her body couldn’t

fight off infection and she ended up

with one of the worst cases of shingles

doctors had ever seen as well as a cold

sore that took over her entire mouth

Raquelle also began to have hip trouble

a side effect from years of steroids

eating away at her bones this would only

lead to more problems as Raquel’s heart

began to fail even if she you know

wanted to get a hip replacement she

couldn’t because her heart wasn’t strong

enough if there was a kidney transplant

and she couldn’t because her heart

wasn’t strong enough so now the doctors

are talking about my 30 year old wife

having a heart transplant here we are

still not having answers still not

knowing what to do still believing that


the doctors are trying to help but

they’re failing miserably and we just

didn’t know what to do either

welcome to gospel truth with Andrew

Wommack a teaching ministry that Herman

had started watching Andrew Wommack and

what happened was my dad has started

taking notice of him and listening to

him he told my mother my mother told me

and I told her man Harman wasn’t all

that thrilled about listening to Andrew

in the very beginning I thought Andrew

was like a Mormon or something like that

I was like he he doesn’t have anything

that I need to listen to and you know

it’s so funny looking back at that

moment because I had no idea that my

answers were coming out of his guys

instead of begging God to please do

something you would say thank you Father

that you’ve done it and now Satan I

command you to get off my body to get

off my finances to get off my

relationships and you would start

releasing this power and I remember the

first time watching his show and I

couldn’t stop I mean I went online and I

was just watching program after program

it was like all these little things

these little questions it just seemed

like all the dots were being connected

while I was online I was watching

actually some of the healing journey

videos and there was one that really

stood out and it was about Nicky oginski

and man to see what she was going



some of those things were exactly what

my wife was going and I was like if she

can do it we can do it we didn’t realize

it but things were shifting in our lives

we may not have seen it just from any

kind of manifestation in her physical

body but the [ __ ] turn wanting to get

his wife into an environment of faith

Herman and Raquel made the move to

Colorado where they began classes at

Karis Bible College who know what Andrew

talks about effortless changed the word

was effortlessly changing our situation

but it was a journey everything didn’t

quite work out cookie-cutter like you

would like to think when you when you

follow what the Lord is telling you to

do but we knew we were receiving life

but at the end of that semester we just

couldn’t do it she was back and forth to

the hospital even while we were in

school and we just had to stop we had to

take a break but we never took a break

from the revelation that God had already

paid the price for her healing we stayed

close to the life we stayed close to the

truth and even though we weren’t in

school or anything

we were always plugged in in some

capacity people ask me sometimes you

know what was it just this moment was it

just this miraculous you know what was

the moment that everything changed well

you know what for us it was an

effortless change just because you begin

to start hearing something it’s not like

necessarily everything has been uprooted

or has been changed in your thinking

during this process of renewing her mind

Raquel visited a cardiologist who

explained that her heart was failing due

to her not eating for years ready to put

action to her faith Raquel stood on the

teachings of you’ve already got it and

began acting as though she was already

healed and I just decided I just said

Lord in Jesus name I’m gonna eat now

that my wife hasn’t had anything really

to eat in eight nine years but she

started consistently eating for three

straight months I went back to see the

doctor three months later

he was astounded he runs his tests and

her heart is healed her heart is normal

and he said what happened and I said God

healed my heart and he said well I

cannot disagree with you because what I

gave you I know I didn’t have anything

to do with it what I gave you did not

accomplish this result

Raquel’s heart was healed and after

years of dialysis treatments she was now

ready to receive her new kidney and had

one of the most successful transplants

doctors had ever seen today Raquel is

completely healed and together they

share their testimony as young adult

pastors of cara’s Christian Center where

they teach young people how to

effectively stand against the attacks of

the enemy we were under attack and

there’s so many relationships that would

have fizzled out and burned a long time

ago and here here we were in the midst

of this thing still growing in love with

each other we’re able to touch others

we’re able to be an example to others

we’re able to let our light shine all

because of what we learned here at the

Karis Bible College what started out as

a desperate journey to find hope had its

finish as both Herman and Raquel

graduated Kara’s Bible College together

with the class of 2017

it means so much to me to see my

daughter graduate today she’s been

through so much but God has brought her

through that’s why she seems every

praising to our diet and years ago the

doctors told us that she would not live

through the night but God but God in His


so where we going from now we’re just

holding on just with anticipation to see

what he’s gonna do next

getting a revelation of these

foundational truths affects every area

of your life it’s not just one

particular thing and every area in our

life has been turning right-side up

I don’t even recall those moments when

we were up late at night in and crying

and carrying her to the bed and from her

health to our finances I mean every

aspect of our lives has been nothing but

phenomenal since we came out here and

sat under these revelations that Andrews

been talking about since the 70s as

partners with Andrew Wommack ministries

you are a part of transforming lives

like Raquel’s through the free teachings

you make available it is because of your

partnership that Raquel is living her

life strong and more free than ever

before I’m really alive because of your

partnership because of you coming

alongside Andrew and helping him to get

this message of the gospel of grace out

all I can say is thank you so I mean you

saved our lives we don’t have to strive

and strain to get something to produce

the word is the incorruptible seed and

the thing is it can’t fail so if you

just plant that word in your heart it’s

gonna grow he’s already done