This power-packed series is filled with insightful truths that Andrew has touched on for years but has never quite put together in a teaching like this one. You’ll find out how it’s not a matter of doing more or doing something better; it’s a matter of understanding the way God designed you to think, believe, and receive. You’ve probably heard Andrew quote often, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Prov. 23:7). Now let him show you how to think properly so that you can be all God created you to be: it will change the way that you see yourself, your circumstances—everything!

welcome to gospel truth with Andrew

Wommack a teaching ministry that focuses

on God’s unconditional love and grace

it’s when you keep your imagination your

thought your meditating on the Lord day

and night that’s when you have perfect

peace and now here’s Andrew

welcome to our Tuesday’s broadcast of

the gospel truth today I’m continuing a

series that I just started yesterday

talking about the power of imagination

this is a brand new book that I have out

also we have DVDs and CDs this is the

first time we’ve ever offered this on

television I’ve talked about imagination

but I’ve never just specifically taught

on it and this is a brand-new teaching I

tell you it is gonna transform your life

you know I’ve got a companion series

that we’ve entitled don’t limit God I’ve

got a book out on that CDs and stuff and

I have one little section in there about

imagination this is that same point

those same points but it’s just

amplified on and I tell you when the

Lord began to speak to me about how I

had limited him by my small thinking it

was my small imagination is what it was

and I started introducing this yesterday

I used a verse from Psalms 103 verse 14

where it says the Lord knows our frame

he remembers that we are but dust and

the Hebrew word that was translated

frame in Psalms 103 14 is the word yet

sir why et ser I can barely speak

English much less Hebrew and Greek I

know a little Greek and a little Hebrew

one owns a laundry and the other one

runs a deli but anyway I it’s this

Hebrew word that was translated frame in

Psalms 103 14 was also translated

imagination or imaginations five

different times in scriptures it was

also translated mind in Isaiah chapter

26 verse 3 where it says the Lord will

keep him in perfect peace


mind is stayed upon him so the point

that I’m making is it says he knows our

frame a frame is like if you’re a

building a building you have to frame it

up first and then you put all of the you

know the sheetrock and everything else

on top of this frame it’s the skeleton

our frame is what holds our body and God

knows our frame specifically talking

about the way we think and even more

specifically talking about our

imagination let me read a verse to you

out of first chronicles chapter 28 verse

9 and this exact same Hebrew word yetzer

is translated imaginations here in verse

9 this is David speaking to Solomon his

son and he says and thou solemn and my

son know thou the god of thy father and

serve him with a perfect heart and with

a willing mind for the Lord searches all

hearts and understandeth all the

imaginations of the thoughts if thou

seek him he will be found of thee but if

thou forsake him he will cast the off

forever so this says that the Lord

searches the hearts and understandeth

all the imaginations of the thoughts and

so this shows you that your imagination

is a part of your thought process now

I’m going to say some things here that

this is not weird it’s just things that

most people don’t think about and

because it’s not mainstream because most

of us weren’t taught these things we

just think this is a little off but this

right here says that he understands the

imaginations of the thoughts you think

in pictures your imagination is

literally according to the dictionary

your ability to picture something that

is not real or present now you can

picture something that isn’t real in

other words something that hasn’t come

to pass yet like I’ve used this example

if you’re building a building you can

picture what that is gonna look like and

from that you start drawing plans and

you share it with the contractor and all

of the workers

because they have the same picture and

the same dimensions then they start

building that thing and it comes to pass

so you can picture something that isn’t

a reality yet or you can picture

something that is a reality but it’s not

right in front of you

like yesterday I was using the example

that if you wanted to give directions to

somebody you can say you go out here to

the main streets you turn right or left

and then you go down and you start

counting how many traffic lights there

are or you will tell a person that on

this corner you will see a convenience

store or there is a house or or there’s

this tall building and you can picture

it you aren’t seeing it it’s not in

front of you but you’ve seen it before

and this is the way you think it’s the

way you remember things let me put this

together with another verse it’s right

here in the next chapter and this is

after David had started giving an

offering for the building of the temple

and it was worth billions of dollars he

gave out of his own personal account and

the people saw their King so passionate

about building the temple that they

started giving and they gave the

equivalent of billions of dollars this

was an offering where billions of

dollars came in in one offering first

chronicles chapter 29 David was so

overwhelmed that he began to pray in

front of the people and he said Oh God

who are we that we could offer like this

to you we were slaves in Egypt we had

nothing and now you have blessed us so

that we are giving the you know the

equivalent of billions of US dollars to

this thing and he was just praising God

and then he said this in verse 18 Oh

Lord God of Abraham Isaac and of Israel

our fathers keep this forever in the

imagination of the thoughts of the heart

of thy people and prepare their heart

unto thee now this is really important

what he’s saying is God helped them to

remember this but how did he say it he

says keep it in the imagination of their

thoughts this is how you remember again

going back to directions you could say

you go down three lights four lights or

whatever you can’t see that with you

physicalize but this is how you remember

I used as an example yesterday that if

you park your car someplace in a large

parking area you have a memory you have

a picture of where that car is parked

you may not have gone to the effort to

sit down and say all right it’s the

fourth car in from this aisle or

something like that but you know the

direction you know when you walk out the

door whether you go right or left or if

it’s at the back of the parking lot or

whatever you know if I was to ask you

how many windows do you have in your

bedroom if you have windows in your


most obviously not sat down and just

counted those windows but you could tell

me because you know what you can see it

even though you aren’t at home or I

could talk about your office or you know

just anything I could say how many you

know the house that you grew up in how

many bedrooms did it have how many rooms

did it have or whatever and most of you

have never sat down and just you know

catalog these things have it written

down somewhere and you’ve memorized it

and you know this just by rote but know

what you do you you can picture it I can

tell you the house that I grew up in now

if you say for instance moved around all

of the time and you don’t have just one

house that you grew up in well then that

might keep some of you from doing this

but those of you who lived in one place

for the majority of a time you can go

back and you can see that house even

though you might be thousands of miles

removed from it that’s how you remember

things and if you can’t see it you can’t

remember it

you know I’ve used this example often

somebody might have heard me tell this

but when I got drafted and sent to

Vietnam we had water blitz that they

brought our water to us I lived on a

fire support base and it was completely

surrounded and cut off the only way in

or out was by air and so they brought us

water in these water blizzards now most

people if you’re in the military or you

know there’s some people who understand

what a water believe it is but the

majority of people don’t know

water believe it is so you’ve heard me

say this you might you know if somebody

said something about a water blivet you

might say well that’s what andrew talked

about but you know why you couldn’t

retain that very long unless you can see

it but if I use words to describe this

water blivet they came in different

sizes 250 500 a thousand fifteen hundred

gallon water blivet sand they were

rubber they were black they were

cylinders and on each end of this

cylinder they had a brass end on one end

was a spigot so the helicopters would

put a strap on each end of this water

blivet and they would draw bring these

things in and then you would go and get

your water out of it fill your container

and the atmospheric pressure as the

thing you know you drain the water out

the pressure would just collapse those

things they would go flat and then

they’d pick them up and carry him off

now you may not have a perfect picture

of it that’s the reason that you know we

have this saying about a picture’s worth

a thousand words I could talk for the

rest of this program describing a water

blivet and giving you more clear picture

of it or I could take a picture and if I

put a picture up there and if you saw it

then you can remember it but when you

remember this is what David is saying

Lord keep this forever in the thoughts

of the hearts of your people

in other words help them to remember by

seeing this help burn this into their

memory what happened this day help them

to never forget the way that these

people just gave of their material

things to be able to build the temple

you think in pictures whether you like

it or not again some people think that

an imagination is fantasy fantasy is

imagining something that isn’t real and

it’s impossible of being real like you

know believing that a fairy godmother

turned a pumpkin into a chariot and

stuff that’s fantasy but imagination it

you could use it for a fantasy I am not

encouraging that but you have to use

your imagination to see things that

haven’t yet come to pass things that

you’re wanting to build are accomplished

you have to see yourself a success you

have to see yourself healed you have to

see yourself prosperous you have to do

that that is not fantasy that is based

on what God’s Word says he wishes above

all things that you may prosper and be

in health even as your soul prospers

third John chapter one verse two you

have to see yourself well and that’s not

fantasy that is reality and some of you

may say but the doctor says I’m gonna

die that is a fantasy know the Bible

says by His stripes you were healed now

you can take that scripture that by His

stripes you were healed first Peter 2:24

and the Word of God is like a seed an

incorruptible seed it says that in first

Peter chapter 1 verse 23 being born

again not of corruptible seed but of

incorruptible seed by the Word of God

that lives forever and that word seed

right there is the word spora which is

you know we talked about a flower

pollinates the spores they get carried

by a bee or the wind or something and

they cross pollinate and that’s the way

that flowers reproduce and the word


is a derivative of the greek word sperma

where we get sperm from a seed that is

planted in the womb of a woman and then

it can season she brings forth the child

and this is exactly what the greek word

that is used in all of these scriptures

that I’ve been using Psalms 103 14 God

knows our frame he remembers our frame

he knows that we are but does that word

frame is yetzer y et ser and then over

in first chronicles chapter 28 verse 9

he says the Lord search with all hearts

and understandeth all the imaginations

of the thoughts

that’s that Hebrew word yet sir and then

here in 1st chronicles chapter 29 verse

18 Oh Lord God of Abraham Isaac and of

Israel our fathers keep this forever in

the imagination of the thoughts of the

heart of that people

that’s that Hebrew word yet sir and it

literally means if you look it up in the

Strong’s Concordance it means conception

that is purpose your imagination is

where you conceive things and so people

are praying for healing and asking God

to heal them but they aren’t conceiving

healing you can take the scripture first

Peter 2:24 by His stripes we were healed

and you can take that see that

incorruptible see that incorruptible

sperm of the Word of God and you can put

it in your heart and you can conceive

your miracle through your imagination

you need to take the Word of God and not

just be able to quote it first Peter

2:24 who his own self bare our sins in

his own body on the tree that we being

dead to sins should live unto

righteousness by whose stripes ye were

healed it’s one thing to be able to

quote it but then you have to take that

and meditate on it I’m gonna I tell you

this is so powerful it’s hard for me to

restrain myself here but I’m gonna be

teaching you that meditation based on

Psalms 1 verse 2 and Psalms 2 verse 1 is

talking about imagination you can’t

meditate on the Word of God without your

imagination so you can either just read

a scripture and be able to store it in

your mind and recall it and even maybe

give the address of where that verse is

but have you ever taken it and meditated

on it imagined so that not only do you

have a fact that by His stripes you were

healed but have you seen yourself healed

have you seen yourself already healed or

let me ask it this way when you dream

let’s say for instance you’ve been

unable to get around you got hip

problems or knee problems or something

or in you’re in a wheelchair are you you

hobble around it’s hard for you to get

around did you know if you’ve had

something like that a long time it is

not hard to get your body healed but

once you get sick in your mind once you

see yourself this way if you dream and

when you dream you see yourself on

crutches or hobbling around or in a

wheelchair are you seeing yourself with

allergies and you that’s the way you

dream it’s the way you see yourself

that’s when that sickness has become a

part idea if as long as it’s just in

your body it is nothing I’ve seen the

dead raised I’ve seen blind eyes open

deaf ears open healing is an easy thing

to accomplish but it has been purchased

for us by the Lord but as a man thinks

in his heart so is he proverbs 23:7 if

you have allowed that sickness to go

beyond just your body and now you see

yourself sick that’s the way you dream

it’s the way you identify that’s your

identity then you know what as you think

in your heart that’s why you’re gonna be

you’ve got to change on the inside

before you can change it on the outside

you know I’ve used this example a number

of times so somebody may have heard this

but this is just a great it’s a classic

example to me but I heard a story about

a woman who is legally blind she had

very poor eyesight and she had these

huge glasses with thick thick glasses in

it and with that she could just barely

function but she had very poor eyesight

she had had so many people pray for that

she didn’t want anybody else to pray for

her because she wasn’t expecting

anything to happen she wanted to be

healed but she had tried and it she was

just disappointed she didn’t want to be

disappointed again

so there was a healing evangelists that

came to her church and she avoided him

because she didn’t want to go through

the disappointment of having him pray

for her nothing happened finally he

cornered her on the last night said I

want to pray for you he made her take

her glasses off and then he prayed for

her and after he got through pray and he

says now can you see so she started to

open her eyes and he said shut your eyes

and she shut her I was thinking well how

am I gonna tell if I can see if I don’t

open my eyes so he said a second time

now can you see so she started to open

her eyes again and he said shut your

eyes and she was just three

confused thinking how am I going to tell

so the third time he says now can you

see and she started to open her eyes

again and he said to her he says I

didn’t tell you to open your eyes you

have to see yourself seen before you can

see he didn’t use these words but in

other words you have to in your

imagination you have to see yourself you

have to conceive your healing on the

inside before you get it on the outside

and so she finally understood what he

was saying she kept her eyes closed she

was praying in tongues and just waiting

on God to help her see it and after a

few minutes she says I see it I can see

myself seen without glasses and he says

now open your eyes so she opened her

eyes and her vision was restored and she

could see clearly without her glasses

now see this is a problem that mote

there’s many people I would say probably

most people pray for healing and they’re

thinking it’s gonna come from the

outside that God is just going to some

hour another zap them but healing

actually comes from the inside you have

to see yourself healed before you will

see yourself healed in the natural you

have to be able to conceive it in your

heart and going back to my personal

testimony on January the 31st 2002 God

told me I was limiting him by my small

thinking and it I could spend time on

this but I was limiting him because I

wouldn’t allow myself to dream big I

knew what God’s purpose and plan for my

life and ministry was but I was afraid

to dream big because of the criticism

because of the money that he was going

to take because there was potential

failure because on and on and on I just

wouldn’t allow myself to start dreaming

big but you know why I made a decision

that I was gonna take the limits off God

and I began to start just dreaming big I

started seeing myself standing in front

of large crowds of people I started

seeing myself reaching people all over

the world did you know when the Lord

spoke that to me Jane

the 31st 2002 we covered 3% of the US

television population today we cover

nearly half of the world’s population we

cover over 3.2 billion people can watch

this program in in Russia alone we’ve

got our programs translated into Russian

and it reaches over 11 time zones we

reach more people in Russia than we

reach in the United States my TV

programs are translated into Farsi and

they’re broadcast in Pakistan and in

Dubai we’ve had Imams

over there get born-again watching my

program and now they take my materials

and teach them in the mosque I don’t

know how that works but they have told

me this is what they’re doing we’re

reaching people on every part of this

planet we reach all of the

english-speaking world and we also reach

large percentage of others we’ve got my

stuff translated I forget exactly but I

think it’s 48 58 different languages or

something and you know what all of that

happened because I started dreaming and

seen it happen I knew that God wanted me

to do it but I had never seen it happen

you need to see yourself healed you need

to see yourself prosperous you need to

see yourself accomplishing God’s will

your imagination is your spiritual womb

and it’s where you conceived a miracle

you have to give birth to miracles in

the same way that you have to give birth

to a child you don’t just pray for a

child the stork doesn’t bring it you

have to conceive it you have to conceive

a miracle now I guess you could have a

child by adoption you could have

somebody else carry your child you know

a surrogate mother but those things are

abnormal the way that God created it to

be is you conceive a child and about the

only way that Christians have been

getting healed delivered set free is to

have somebody else who spent time

conceiving miracles and they come along

and they

they let you adopt their miracle you

know praise God for that I’m not against

that but I’m saying you can’t always

count on an anointed man or woman of God

being around but every person every

person watching this program can

conceive your own miracle and that is

what your imagination is the word that

was translated mind that was translated

frame and translated imagination is the

Hebrew word ye ets ER and it literally

means conception if you want a miracle

conceive it take the incorruptible seed

of God’s Word and put it in your heart

and allow yourself to start dreaming and

seeing these things come to pass I tell

you that is super important I’ve got a

brand-new teaching first time I’ve ever

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