Most Christians believe that God can do anything, and many believe that He has made promises to heal, deliver, bless, and prosper His children. But some of these same believers find themselves unable to reconcile the Word with what they experience. They live in frustration or disillusionment, wondering why God’s promises don’t seem to be working for them. But God is no respecter of persons (Rom. 2:11). What He has done for one, He’s done for all.


welcome to gospel truth with Andrew

Wommack a teaching ministry that focuses

on God’s unconditional love and grace

you don’t need God to give you something

you need to draw out what God has

already put on the inside of you

we’re asking God for more when the truth

is you’ve already got it you don’t need

more what you need is revelation of what

you’ve already got

and now here’s Andrew welcome to our

Mondays broadcast of the gospel truth

today I’m going to begin a brand new

series it’s actually a follow-up kind of

an application to what I taught on

spirit soul and body your true identity

in Christ and I’ve got this teaching

entitled you’ve already got it the

subtitle of it is so quit trying to get

it and it’s got a picture of a dog

chasing his tail on here and you know

it’s kind of like a dog chasing its tail

if it ever catches it it found out it

already had it all along and a lot of

people are asking for things that God

has already given them and this is a

paradigm shift it’s a completely

different way of looking at things that

God has already given us everything we

will ever need you don’t need to ask God

to heal you to bless you to prosper you

to reveal his love to you he’s already

done all of these things what you’ve got

to do is begin to start believing that

God has already done it and you’ve got

to learn how to start receiving instead

of asking God to start giving now that’s

a major difference what I’ve said right

there and I think that the majority of

people don’t even understand how

important this is but out of all of the

things that I teach this is one of the

most important I say that about a lot of

things because I believe everything I

teach is important but just in my own

personal life this has made a huge

difference in the way that I relate to

God in the way that God moves in my life

and I am seeing much better results now

and I have this mindset that God has

already done his part it’s not up to me

to beg and plead with God to do

something but rather it’s a renewing of

my mind and me just drawing out what God

has already put in me instead of asking

God to give me things that is a huge

huge difference and let me just say

right up front as I begin teaching this

that I have ministered now for over 50

years and I have seen I mean thousands

of times then I just preached my heart

out about how God already loves you

God’s already blessed you you’ve already

got all things in heavenly places in

Christ and I’ll say all of these things

and then right afterwards I have people

come up and says would you please pray

that God would just give me his love

that God would heal me and it goes

against everything that I was teaching

and so I’ve learned this over the years

that you know I can argue people into

seeing my point of view on certain


now you may you’ve always got a choice

whether you believe it or not God

doesn’t force anybody to believe things

but you know I can argue a person into

seeing that healing is a part of the

atonement of the Lord Jesus and that by

His stripes we were healed first Peter

2:24 I can argue them the end of that

position even though they may have been

taught against it and they can at least

come to a place where they say well I

see it now they may choose to go ahead

and go about what the doctor says or go

by what they’re feeling and stuff God

doesn’t force them to believe it but I

can argue them into that position I can

argue people into seeing that Jesus

became poor so that we through his

poverty might be made rich 2nd

Corinthians chapter 8 verse 9 and most

people have been taught that no God

wants us poor God isn’t gonna you know

supply anything except just the bare

necessities and stuff but I can argue a

person with the Word of God into a

position where they at least see and

understand what I’m saying but when it

comes to this truth about God has

already done

everything you’ve already got it I have

tried to argue people explain this and

people just can’t see this this has to

come by revelation is what I’m saying

this is something that I can I can

preach my heart out and a person it just

seems like it goes right over their head

there is no natural way to understand

this because I’m talking about something

that you cannot see that you can’t prove

in just a test tube or in some physical

way this has to come by revelation and

yet I’m saying this is one of the most

important revelations that God has ever

given me so I would like to say right up

front and ask you to just agree with me

that if you believe that God is speaking

through me and through this program if

you are looking for God to speak to you

then I just want you to enter into

agreement that God gives unto you the

spirit of wisdom and revelation and

knowledge of him that the eyes of your

heart would be open that you would

receive this by the Spirit because this

is something that just does not make

sense to a person who is only going but

what they can see taste hear smell and

feel you’ve got to receive this through

the revelation of the Holy Spirit and

the good news is that God wants to

reveal this to you more than you want

him to reveal it so if you will just

cooperate and if you will open up your

heart I’m gonna say some things that are

gonna be diametrically opposed to what

religion teaches and I mean it is gonna

counter a lot of religious teaching but

that doesn’t mean it’s wrong you know

just look at it this way most people

watching this program have already had a

lot of religious teaching a lot of

religious training and stuff and you

hold on to these things but let me ask

you how’s it working for you and I know

from dealing with thousands of people

and talking to them personally that

there are many people watching here that

you may have been

serving the Lord and known the Lord for

quite a period of time and yet the

average person watching this program is

struggling to receive healing to receive

prosperity to receive joy peace

deliverance vision and on and on you

believe in God you were praying but

how’s it working for you and I believe

that the average person would say well

there’s a lot of struggles there’s

things that you believe God wants to do

in your life that you aren’t receiving

and so my point is that if that’s true

then don’t hold on to just these

doctrines of men if it’s not working for

you be open to something new and I’m

going to be saying some things that I

promise you will challenge a lot of the

religious concepts that you have had but

again jesus said in mark chapter 7 verse

13 that your traditions and doctrines

and men make the Word of God of none

effect and so the reason that we aren’t

experienced in all of the abundance the

joy and the peace that God has for us is

not God’s fault it’s our fault and one

of the things that hinders us is this

wrong thinking and what I’m gonna be

teaching in this series about you’ve

already got it this is gonna make a

radical difference in the way that you

relate to the Lord and the way that you

receive from God and in my own personal

experience and in the experience of many

people that I’ve ministered to I mean

this is a game-changer you know I’m

thinking right now about Caroline and

mikesh who I would like to encourage you

to go to our website and you can look

under our healing journeys our healing

testimonies and Mike had this huge tumor

that was on his chest and I mean I think

he had it for years I like it was up to

eight years and he had pictures of this

thing with tentacles that went all

through his chest and it was a cancer

and it was sapping his life and he got

hold of this book the one entitled

you’ve already got it and it just

transformed his life as a matter of fact


way of introduction into this I would

just like to play this little testimony

that we have a video of mikesh watched

this and I’ll be back at the end of the



in the year 2000 I noticed that I had a

pimple here and I didn’t think anything

of it you know it was just it was just

constantly a little itch here of course

it at night I’d come home take my shirt

off and I’d have to investigate because

you’re just constantly aware of it

through that year it started getting red

and then it got larger and larger like a

small area about the size of my finger

and I noticed that it wouldn’t heal over

I began to photograph it because I

believed that God was going to heal me

and I wanted to document the dates I

prayed for it I believed in healing and

it still didn’t go away


the desert oasis of Tucson Arizona sits

in a sheltered Valley here Mike and

Caroline Hesh joined a nondenominational

church submitting themselves to a

strong-willed pastor in time they became

victims of religious ideas as malignant

as the tuber that threatened to consume

both of their lives I was part of this

ministry for like 20 years they had

taught healing but it was all

performance-based doctrine oh you must

be sinning oh you’re not doing God’s

will oh you’re in rebellion to the

pastor oh this so that everything was a

reason why I wasn’t getting better and

he had talked to our pastor about it and

the pastor said 2lx nothing that herbs

can’t heal it’s a nutritional problem I

seem to just be getting worse and worse

and worse when it wouldn’t go away my

pastor said why don’t you go to the

doctor then we can pray specifically for

God to show us exactly what it is

so that’s when Mike made an appointment

with the dermatologist to have it

checked out and he comes in and he looks

at it and he didn’t look at it for maybe

5 or 10 seconds he said excuse me I’d

like to go get my colleague come and

then they did the doctor thing you know

where they huh and they’re you know with

their little thing probing around the

edge and they didn’t say anything in

front of me but I could tell that it was

kind of serious he left the room and he

said the nurse will direct you you know

what to do

when I got to the counter she handed me

a piece of paper and she told me you

have an appointment and it was like two

weeks out and I can’t remember if he was

behind me the doctor that saw me or in

the hallway passing through he just

stopped and he said no that’s not soon

enough you know and I could sense the

fear the so he said I’ll take care of

this and well the appointment was two

days out from the day I was there and I

thought whoa to get a doctor to a

surgeon to see you in two days I mean

you know something’s happening here

and I looked at the sheet that the

doctor fills out and he checked the

diagnosis he called me on the phone and

after the appointment and he said that

the doctor said you need to have surgery

right away to have that removed and

wrote up a little note and this is what

it was a malignant neoplasm and she said

well I’ll look it up and I’ll call you

back so here I’m driving to work and she

calls me back very seriously she says

Mike it means that you have malignant

neoplasm cancer she said well it’s not

benign in other words it’s something

that’s actively growing

now I’m thinking wow I’ve got something

pretty serious here a little bit of fear

came in but because it wasn’t huge I

really felt like you know what I know

Mike believes in healing and that the

Lord can take care of this once I talked

to her I told the pastor I said what do

you think I should do he said you know

Mike you can do whatever you want but he

said I said well they want me to cut it

off he said well and he didn’t tell me

you know he didn’t say you can’t do it

he said well that’s not God’s Way we

believed that if you went to the doctors

for anything like that to have it

removed you’re sinning and if you’re

sinning then you can’t trust the Lord

for healing it and he said but the

choice is yours whatever you want to do

but he said you know he said I would

just counsel you not to do anything

while you have that fear I called the

the doctor that they had made the

appointment with and I cancelled it that

day and so she’s like okay you know I

was still believing but still a little

bit hesitant like it’s not that big it

wouldn’t be any big deal to get it you

know burned off for power they were

gonna chop it out and be done with it

the next day I’m coming to work it’s

like 8:30 in the morning and my cell

phone rings I answer the phone this I’m

dr. so-and-so I diagnosed you with this

yesterday they just told me you canceled

your appointment I said that’s correct I

did and he said you can’t do that that I

said well

I can do that and he said I want you to

know I’m writing here down in my records

that you’re warned of this is a very

deadly thing that you’re dealing with

and that you’ve been warned by me and

then I was like really scared


well that following February I guess it

would be 2002 got very sick with the flu

and when that happened it was just like

the tumor it just started growing out as

a tumor I remembered what the guy said

that if you let it go it couldn’t attach

the size which I think in layman’s terms

means it can just turn into something

else or like mutate into some other form

or go throughout the rest of my body or

something I’m watching and bandaging and

as he’s starting to get weaker and

weaker and this tumor is getting bigger

I’m thinking why doesn’t he just get

this thing cut off but at the same time

as I’m thinking that and I would

vocalize that to him at times just like

you know this is it you know this is

just getting worse you’re getting you

know sicker just let’s get this cut off

and I would always go back to you know I

I have to do what I feels right in my

heart and I just don’t have a peace from

God about getting that cut off you know

cuz the Bible says let the peace of God

rule in your hearts I know that’s not

the solution I don’t have that peace in

my heart but as he would refuse

stubbornly refused and continued to

stand on the word and God’s promise of

healing I would try and agree with him

and stand with him and so for the next

like five years I went through this

rollercoaster at the church I would get

over one hurdle and then the bar would

go up a little higher and then here

would be another thing that was

uncovered that I wasn’t doing right and

that how could God hear me being a

sinner the whole time as it starts

getting worse and worse

the tumor just it would stink you wrap

it with paper towels and we have them

soaked spray some herb tinctures to try

and help cut down on the smell of it and

it would use and it would bleed and

we’re wrapping it and saran wrap and

then that would fill up with the ooze

and then we’d have to drain that off and

change it out and the tumor was just

feeding off the blood in his body his

whole complexion was like gray his heart

rate for like months was in the 90s it

was just it’s horrendous I just noticed

that just start started slowly losing

energy like somebody just letting the

air out of me so this tumor started

getting so big and very heavy we’ve got

to find some kind of sling or whatever

so I end up going to the store and

buying a couple bras cut out one side

and I would just wear that it’s like a

harness to support to support it over

here it just it just wasn’t a good thing

you know this was something that we just

had to live with and eventually God

would heal but I’m watching Mike’s life

being sucked out of him I didn’t know

what was going on I just knew that

things in my body weren’t working right

on the inside and and then this thing I

had that it was growing it grew off but

I call it a tentacle or like this arm I

could see like growing out underneath my

skin in there and spreading out and it’s

nasty it was just like a manifestation

of the devil in which it really was you

know the Bible says that the devil comes

to kill steal and destroy and that’s

what he was doing he was just sucking my

life out he’s destroying you know any

productivity in my life he was stealing

away my happiness and my joy I do have

to say though that it was all by my

consent because I didn’t take a stand

against him you know and at that point

Mike was so sick it was just it was very

hard for me to leave him all day when I

would be working and

I would call Mike and I could just help

when he’d answered the phone like he was

just like I don’t know if I’m gonna come

home and find him alive one scripture

that really encouraged me was proverbs

4:23 22 where it says my son attend unto

my words incline thine ear unto my

sayings let them not depart from thine

eyes but keep them in the midst of thine

heart for their life to those that find

them and health to all their flesh I

just decided since I didn’t have

anything else to do during the day that

I was just gonna every moment that I had

I was gonna get in to God’s Word and I

knew that I was I was short on the life

and I needed help to all my flesh

I was flipping through the channel

trying to find someone to listen to

while I was getting ready for work

and I came it went through the channels

and there was the guy yelling and the

guy doing this and I didn’t want to

listen to that and I landed on this

channel where this guy was sitting in a

chair talking calmly and he said hey I’m

beginning a brand new series and I’m

gonna start talking about a teaching

that I’ve entitled you’ve already got it

by that time I walked back into the

bathroom and I was getting ready and I

said man that’s a stupid name for a

study and but I didn’t turn the channel

and I just kept listening to it that God

has already done for you everything that

you’ve done and by the end of that

half-hour I was hooked

and so here she offered us some CDs and

it was like okay yeah and my wife

listened to them first a whole new Bible

was opened up to me for seeing what the

Bible really was teaching and what I had

believed and the things I was believing

we’re not according to scripture and

begin to start looking at everything

from a standpoint where it’s already

accomplished and you are trying to get

God to do something but rather you’re

just appropriating what he is already

provided that mindset will totally

revolutionize the way you receive from

God and then you know passing it on to

like saying you got to listen to this

this is kind of a miracle for me as well

it shows you how far the how quickly the

Lord can deliver you when you’re willing

just to follow what His Word says and

what he says in his spirit over some

legalistic thinking the average prophecy

that you’re going to get in most

churches is all about God is going to do

something great there is coming a great

move of God we are going to see

something happen but you never hear

people very much talk about what has

already happened and I believe that

instead of getting this mindset of

trying to obtain victory it really makes

a difference if you understand that

through Jesus

we’ve already obtained victory it’s a

done deal

yeah I do I’ve already got it I was

blessed in two ways one I was all these

things I had been studying in the last

you know especially in the last few

weeks but six months prior I was getting

you know I believe that was God who had

her bring that to me because it was just

like he was saying all these things in a

little different way than the word says

him but he was saying the same thing

that the word says I remember getting

this revelation about James chapter 1

where it says about being tossed to and

fro like the waves of the sea and I

thought you know that is so much me a

double minded man is unstable in all of

his ways it says let not that man think

that he shall receive anything of the

Lord and so I just said you know what I

don’t have to focus on two things I can

just focus on that and when I did that

that’s when I learned that I was able to

receive from the Lord that it wasn’t him

withholding I already had it

he wasn’t withholding in other words God

through Jesus Christ was not the

variable in the situation it was me it

was my unstable thinking the Bible says

that by Jesus stripes I was healed just

drawing this line in the sand saying


it’s going no further than this that

night was a turning point of his healing

because even though we still had to mess

with the tumor it was still just as bad

as before it was just kind of like it he

didn’t he didn’t look at it anymore as

that he was seeing himself as healed


it was about two weeks later and

suddenly we’re changing and I have cut

out the same length of the paper towels

that we needed to before to wrap this

and suddenly it’s just like we’re

folding it up and that it’s just like we

can cut this much off and the people

tell we don’t need as much to wrap it

and I said Mike this is getting smaller

and I said well of course I said God’s

healed me it’s got to get smaller I

can’t nothing else can happen I don’t

care what it looks like on the outside

my Jesus stripes I was healed that’s it

all of Andrews teachings we’re already

confirming the things that might get

seen in the word but it was like a

second witness for him that yes this is

the way it is that since what God said

and he it helped him to stand even more

on the healing I actually I don’t know

somewhere around May I didn’t have to

wear the bra anymore each time as we’re

changing it

it’s like Mike this thing is getting

smaller and smaller it was just like it

was shrinking so it was less and less

that we had to deal with until it’s a

little thing like this and then he can

change it himself of course and no

longer was wearing the support and it

was just like this thing is gone by

August it was nothing it was just this

little bump a scar on my chest here I

was made whole by Jesus Christ and this

is the only direction my body can go

devil you can’t have me

I’ve already been bought


after his healing Mike felt strongly

that there was more he needed to learn

about standing firm on the Word of God

he and Caroline sold their home in

Tucson and moved to Colorado Springs to

attend Karis Bible College their journey

of grace and freedom has just begun and

one that powerful and I tell you what

God did for Mike and Caroline Hesh he

will do for you God is no respecter of

persons it wasn’t God who just let Mike

go for years with this thing not

receding and it just seemed to be

getting worse it was because of the way

that they were thinking and when Mike

got hold of the truth that he already

had it it didn’t buy his own confession

it really didn’t matter what he saw or

what he felt he had it in his heart he

knew that it was a done deal and

immediately his doubts were gone and his

faith rose and today Mike and Caroline

are just doing great you’ve already got

a teaching taught me that all the stuff

that I was working to try to receive

from God I already had when I read those

two chapters where he was talking about

the fact that we already have healing

like God already did it for us

I went it gave me eternal salvation and

he gave me all the things that I wanted

and was looking for and didn’t have

before I understood that I already had

it Andrews complete teaching title

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