Most Christians believe that God can do anything, and many believe that He has made promises to heal, deliver, bless, and prosper His children. But some of these same believers find themselves unable to reconcile the Word with what they experience. They live in frustration or disillusionment, wondering why God’s promises don’t seem to be working for them. But God is no respecter of persons (Rom. 2:11). What He has done for one, He’s done for all.


welcome to gospel truth with Andrew

Wommack a teaching ministry that focuses

on God’s unconditional love and grace

grace is done for you independent of you

before you ever had done anything good

or bad but you have to access it I’ve

already got my healing I don’t have to

pray healing down I’ve already died you

know my peace I don’t have to pray for

peace I have everything I need

I was never taught that before and now

here’s Andrew welcome to our Wednesday’s

broadcast of the gospel truth this week

I’ve started a brand-new series entitled

you’ve already got it this is an old

teaching of mine from probably 20 years

ago is when I first taught on this as a

matter of fact if you get the teaching

that we’ve got you know we take the DVDs

from our television program and so those

will be these Pro these programs that

you’re watching but my CDs are taken

from a meeting that are nearly 20 years

old and I have listened to some of this

teaching in preparation of this series

and it’s really good but you know I’ve

got new illustrations so really if you

get the DVDs and the CDs you’ll be

getting this teaching from a perspective

of like 20 years difference between the

teachings the truth is still the same

but it’ll have some new testimonies and

things in there and so together they

make a better presentation I think than

either one of them would by themselves

but anyway this is a powerful truth that

I have been sharing with people for a

long time and we’ve seen a lot of

people’s lives changed and at the end of

yesterday’s program I was talking about

how hard it is for people to get this

because this is a paradigm shift matter

of fact I had a man walk up one time and

he said this isn’t a paradigm shift this

is a pair of quarter shift in other

words just on mat this is huge it is

completely opposite the way that most

people relate to God most people believe

that God can do things but that he has

done nothing and that we’ve got to

petition him and depending on how

desperate we are how

serious we are all of these things God

might or might not respond to us but

what I’m teaching is that God’s already

done it you’ve already got it everything

that you are asking God for God has

already accomplished and if you are born

again he is already placed the power to

produce the miracle that you need on the

inside of you so you don’t need to ask

God for it what you’ve got to do is

believe what he has already done that’s


that is a major difference and I was

sharing at the end of yesterday’s

program that I’ve gone to in a sense

tricking people to try and get my point

across just you know out of I’ve tried

everything I can and I’m just trying to

get people to recognize that the way

we’re approaching God isn’t the way that

the scripture teaches so there was this

one instance where the people have been

singing this song I’m desperate for you

and I talked about that gave the

definitions of desperate yesterday

hopeless without any hope despair

forlorn and on and on and this is the

way that most people approach God about

Oh God here’s what I’ve got and it’s

nothing I have people come up to me all

the time and they say you know they may

you know phrase it differently but this

is the point that they’re getting across

is that I have nothing I can do nothing

I’m nothing would you please pray that

God would do something in my life and

help me over this situation

well that’s approaching God in total

unbelief because the Bible says that we

have everything in Christ Jesus that

he’s already abounded towards us with

all of these things and yet you’re

coming saying no I don’t have anything

because you can’t see it because the

doctor can’t find it in their test or

the banker can’t see it but see there’s

a spiritual part of you and this is the

reason I’m teaching this right after

what I’ve taught on spirit soul and body

if you understand that teaching which is

what unlocked my whole understanding of

the word then you can understand that

there are things in the spiritual realm

not only out there but in here inside of


you have the power of God the same power

that raised Christ from the dead living

on the inside of you you’ve already got

healing you’ve already got prosperity

you’ve already got love joy and peace

galatians 5:22 and 23 all the fruit of

the Spirit you’ve already got everything

you don’t need God to give you something

what you need is a revelation of what

you’ve already got you’ve already got it

that’s what this teaching is about it’s

got a picture of a dog chasing his tail

so anyway this church that I was in

they’ve just been singing I’m desperate

for you and he was like oh God I have

nothing I can do nothing but we know

that you can do all things and they were

just praying and crying and in any way

I’m not sure that this is where I should

have done it I’m just telling you what I

did I got up and I said how many of you

are desperate for God I mean you’re a

hopeless and man people were just

shouting and screaming even the pastor

of the church yes how many I’ve ER just

you know you’re without hope and yes and

they were talking about I’m so hungry

for God and then I said let’s turn over

to John chapter six and I read some of

these verses four times like I’m not

gonna read all of them but the people

said show us something do a miracle to

prove who you are they said Moses gave

us manna can you give us manna and Jesus

said I am the manna I am the bread sent

down from heaven and they were saying in

John 6 34 they said Lord evermore give

us this bread and then jesus said unto

them I am the bread of life he that

cometh to me shall never hunger and he

that believeth on me shall never thirst

and I had just asked these people how

many of you are hungry how many of you

are thirsty and they were all yeh the

preacher was screamin right along with

the rest of them and I said how do you

fit with this verse where if you come to

the Lord you’ll never hunger and you’ll

never thirst and boy I mean it got as

quiet you could have heard a pin drop in

that place people were shocked and I

said how does this fit all so look over

here in John chapter 4 where Jesus

talked to the woman at the well and in

verse 13

is answered and said unto her whosoever

drinketh of this water shall thirst

again but whosoever drinketh of the

water that I shall give him shall never

thirst but the water that I shall give

him shall be in him a well of water

springing up into everlasting life

describing an artesian well where you

don’t have to pump it and draw it out it

just bubbles up if overflows this is

what Jesus was saying that if you drink

of this water you’ll never thirst again

over in chapter 6 if you eat of him the

manna you will never hunger again and

you will never thirst again and yet

Christians are just constantly talking

about how hungry and how thirsty they

are how desperate they are oh god I need

you and don’t misunderstand what I’m

saying I used the word that we need to

hunger for God in the sense that it’s

saying we need to have an appetite we

need to desire the things of God yes I

believe in that but to talk about that

you’re just famished that you’re hungry

I look at it like if you were sitting at

a table where there was an absolute

feast provided for you and all you did

was talking about oh I’m hungry oh I’m

so hungry I wished I had something bead

you know I would just sit there and say

well look look what you’ve got if you’re

hungry eat don’t talk about younger just

eat satisfy your hunger and see this is

what I see Christians doing they will

glorify that oh god I’m hungry for you

oh god I’m thirsty for you but they

don’t eat and they don’t drink

Jesus said that if you came to him you

should never be hungry you should never

be thirsty again now you should hunger

for things of God in the sense that you

desire them and that you’ve longed for

but you shouldn’t be you shouldn’t be

famished because God has set a feast and

one of the things I’m going to teach as

we go through this is that God has

already done everything the love the joy

the peace long-suffering gentleness

goodness faith meekness and temperance

the Galatians 5:22 and 23 says you

already have it’s already in here and so

if you don’t feel the love of God you

don’t say Oh God pour your love out in


see that’s unbelief you are doubting

what the word says about God’s love

already being commended unto you Romans

chapter five verse eight you are because

you don’t feel it because you don’t see

it because there isn’t anything tangible

you are just carnal you’re operating in

the physical realm and you’re saying oh

God do something because you can’t see

it you don’t believe he’s done anything

God is a spirit John 4:24 says he has

moved in the spirit realm and in the

spirit realm the love of God has been

poured out in your heart you’re a

born-again spirit is absolutely

chock-full of the love of God you don’t

need God to love you what you need to do

is to draw out the love that is in there

and how do you do that by first of all

acknowledging that it’s there quit

asking God to Oh God pour your love out

of my life I have people come to me all

the time say would you just please pray

that God would which showed me his love

that he would pour his love out in my

life and I say no but could see that

that prayer is implying that until you

feel something God hasn’t done anything

that’s wrong thinking God has already

commended his love towards you

you have his love in you in abundance

and so instead of saying oh God you

haven’t done anything let me do

something so I can feel it no God has

done his part what you should do is say

father I know your word says that you’ve

already poured your love out in my life

you’ve already commended your love

towards me I’ve got the fruit of the

Spirit love is here all of the time but

I’m not feeling your love and it’s

because you’re attuned to the wrong

station you aren’t focused on God and so

it would be appropriate for you to say

father I know the love is here but I am

not receiving it show me what I’m doing

wrong helped me to yield to your love

help me to draw out to experience help

me to walk in the love of God that’s

okay that’s a good prayer but to say God

do something love me you are in a sense

questioning what the Word of God says

that he’s already poured out his love

look at it

this way if you could imagine you know a

television set most of you are probably

watching this broadcast over your

television set some of you might be

watching it on your mobile devices or

whatever but did you know that there are

signals there are wherever you are there

are television and radio signals all

around you and right now you’re tuned in

to this frequency and you’re watching

this program but did you know even if

your set was turned off the television

station the network is still

broadcasting the signal some of you are

getting it by satellite some of you by

cable somebody all different kinds of

ways but the broadcast is always there

if your television set was turned off

this broadcast wouldn’t stop it would

still be broadcasting you just wouldn’t

be receiving it because your receiver

isn’t turned on and these signals are

always there but did you know that you

could tune to a different station you

could tune to a different frequency and

this frequency this station this

broadcast is going to still continue on

but you won’t be receiving it because

you’re tuned into something different

see this is the way that God is God is

always always on God never has a failure

with his transmitter it never blows out

there is never a power shortage there is

never anything that stops God from

transmitting his love and his victory

and his power toward you but you may not

be receiving it because your receiver

isn’t turned on and tuned in or maybe

your receiver is turned on but it’s

tuned in to a different frequency if you

aren’t feeling the love of God it’s not

because God’s not transmitting that love

it’s because you are tuned in to

something else you’ve been looking at

the bad news you’ve been looking at the

10 spies Network that’s reporting all of

the bad stuff and talking about


terrible that’s happening in our world

and if you aren’t discouraged it’s

because you aren’t paying attention to

all the junk that’s going on there’s a

lot of bad things happening but if you

tune into God’s frequency if you would

let the Word of God reveal his truth and

keep your mind stayed upon him Isaiah

26:3 says the Lord will keep him in

perfect peace whose mind is stayed upon

him because he trusts in him so if you

were tuned into God’s frequency it’s not

God who’s not transmitting it’s us who

aren’t receiving you know if you were

watching the television set and all of a

sudden if it just went blank did you

know most of you would not immediately

call the television station and say why

did you quit transmitting you you have

more faith in the secular you know

television stations than most of us have

in God if your television immediately

just went blank you would think either

it’s unplugged or possibly you know your

television set failed in some way or

another or your satellite receiver quit

working maybe there was you know

interference or you know you would check

all of these other things and it would

be a last result or a last resort before

you called the television station and

say why did you quit transmitting but

with God see immediately if we don’t

feel the love of God if we don’t see

healing if we don’t see prosperity we

just say God why did you not do this

it’s never God that fails to transmit

it’s always us that fails to receive man

these are powerful statements and so go

back again to John 6:35 John chapter 4

verses 13 and 14 that if you believe on

him he’ll never hunger you’ll never

thirst again and so if you’re saying oh

I just need you so much God well he’s

already done his part if you need him

quit quit talking about how much you

need him quit begging God to do

something dig into the word and start

eating start for taking start drinking

of this living water you know I don’t

deny that we has fallen human beings

even though we’ve been born again we

still have a body that is susceptible to

things we

still have a soul ease realm that is

susceptible to fears and things like

that I don’t deny that that stuff

happens you know I’m not saying that I

never have a negative thought or a

negative feeling but I am saying that

when I begin to not feel the love of God

and it just doesn’t you know I don’t

feel like God loves me I don’t feel like

God’s with me there are times that I

have those thoughts and those feelings

come to me but I know what the word says

that he will never leave me nor forsake

me I know he’s already commended his

love towards me and I know that if I am

not feeling the way that I should be

it’s not God who is quit giving it was

me that quit receiving I’ve probably

been tuned in to a different frequency

listening and watching some things that

I shouldn’t do and I know what to do so

I just you know I may spend the day

fasting or praying or just spend the you

know hours putting my mind back on the

Word of God and letting my attention be

once again directed towards God’s

frequency and so I don’t deny that there

are times that some negative things come

my way but instead of me just saying

well God this is the way it is what

happened why did you turn off the signal

why did you quit broadcasting I never do

that I say father I know that if

something isn’t working it’s not you

that is unfaithful it was me that was

unfaithful somehow or another I’ve let

my attention be moved off of you again I

go back to Isaiah 26:3 the Lord will

keep him in perfect peace whose mind is

stayed upon him because he trusts in him

if I don’t have perfect peace it’s not

because God quit releasing peace it’s

not because I no longer have peace in my

spirit collations 5:22 says I do I know

I’ve got it if I’m not experiencing it

if I can’t perceive it it’s not God who

didn’t give it was me that quit

receiving so I started working on my

receiver and I started focusing

refocusing my attention back on the

things of God and praying and reminded

myself of the truths of God’s Word and

speaking it for

I may go get praise and worship music

that you know puts my attention on what

God has done instead of all of the

negative things that I’m seeing and I

start working on my receiver this is

huge what I’m saying and I know that I

know that there’s people that just they

flip through the dial some of you are

only getting a small portion of this you

may not have the context you may not

realize how important it is what I’m

saying but this is huge

instead of believing that God can but

that he hasn’t it is so much different

to believe that God you’ve already done

it if I’m not seeing the things that

your word promises it’s not you that

hasn’t given it’s me that somehow or

another I’m not receiving and you

immediately go to working on yourself

instead of working on God and trying to

get God to do something you know I was

in the military and some of you may not

relate to this but those of you that

have been in the military I think can in

relate to but when I was in Vietnam you

could have a you know a machine gun

emplacement or something on the top of a

hill and five people could hold off a

hundred people attacking them because

they were in a defensive position and

protecting what they had but when you

are trying to take something that you

don’t have it could take a hundred

people to overcome five people that had

a defensive position the point that I’m

making is it’s harder to go get

something that you don’t have than it is

to simply release something that you do

have and so you need to get this

attitude when it comes to like healing

instead of looking over there you know

ten feet from here there is healing I

believe I am going to make it I am going

to be healed some people who think well

that’s a great statement but you know

it’s got an element of doubt in it

because you aren’t there yet

how do you know you’ll make it 10 feet

somebody could tackle you something

could happen you might not make it but

if you say right here is healing how can

you doubt that you’ll get what you

already have here

another example that you know when I

first got turned on to the Lord I went

to Vietnam

I took my Bible with me man I study I

had every page marked up I had my entire

Bible nearly scotch-taped together

because I’d written on it it was torn

there were pages that had fallen out in

Tyre chapters of the Bible were gone and

when I was pastoring my first little

Church in Seagoville Texas I didn’t even

have a whole Bible and anyway we were

experiencing a lot of poverty which

wasn’t God’s fault it was my fault I was

doing things wrong I was taught wrong on

a lot of things so I’m not blaming God

but nonetheless Jamie and I would go

weeks at a time without eating I mean it

was critical and and so here I was

pastoring the church and I didn’t even

have a whole Bible and I finally just

one day I made a decision that you know

somewhere some time I’ve got to start

seeing these things that I’m preaching

about coming to pass it can’t just be

theory I’ve got to have some proof of it

and I just focused on that Bible and I

said I’m gonna buy me a new Bible and

some of you you can’t relate to this

because you know when you say that you

don’t have any money you may have a

thousand dollars in the bank but you may

have two thousand dollars worth of bills

and you’re talking about how broke you

are but you’ve got money when I said

that Jamie and I were broke we didn’t

have anything I mean we had Zippo zero

zilch nada we didn’t have any change and

so anyway when I decided that I was

gonna believe God for enough money to

buy a Bible did you know it took me

nearly six months to believe for an

extra twenty five dollars so I could go

buy a Bible and some of you can’t relate

to that but I’m saying that’s how poor

we were we were so poor we couldn’t pay

attention we were struggling and during

those six months I had just drawn a line

in the sand and I said I’m gonna live or

die right here either faith works and

I’m gonna see faith produce a new Bible

or I’m just gonna quit what good am i

what how can I help anybody else get

born again he

delivered if I can’t even believe for

enough money to get a Bible so I just

made this an issue and anyway during

those six months there was probably not

any waking moment that I didn’t have

some fear or worry about is it gonna

work will I be able to get it and I had

Satan condemning me with what kind of a

man of God are you you don’t even have a

whole Bible but eventually I got that 25

bucks I went and bought a Bible I had my

name engraved on it and when I walked

out of that bookstore and I had my Bible

under my arm I never doubted again that

I would get it now remember for six

months I’ve been fighting doubt nearly

every waking moment but as soon as I had

it I quit doubting that I’d get it and I

know somehow you’re thinking well of

course why would you doubt that you’re

gonna get it if you’ve got it that’s my

point the reason some of you are saying

I believe I’m healed but you don’t

really believe you are healed you

believe you are going to be healed and

because of its you’re doubting but if

you could see that I’ve already got it

I’ve already got the same power in me

that raised Christ from the dead you

would quit dealing with the doubt if you

saw it as an accomplished fact instead

of something that could happen in the

future man I’m out of time and I’m just

really getting to where I can say some

good things please listen to our

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already I already got healing to see

what my identity was in Christ was just

life-changing it was just totally a life

changing for me

I didn’t know that the power of God was

already in me so to me there was a

tremendous discovery I didn’t know how

little I know about the Bible but thank

the Lord for every woman that I already

got it honey

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