This is “Acres of Diamonds Part 2: Buy Into This”. Your victory comes from proper placement! Stop chasing the wind, and start trusting that God has you in the right place at the right time. In part 2 of this series with Jentezen Franklin, you’ll discover success is a four-letter word: STAY. While everyone else is selling out, we’re buying in! To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit… & subscribe to this channel:

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what do you mean quiet down i’m not

going to say all that

i’m buying into praise and worship i’m

buying in the prayer i’m

buying into sacrifice like never before

i’m more fanatical than i’ve ever been

you have your bibles i’d like for you to

open them with me to the book of

jeremiah chapter 32 there is an amazing

text i’ve never preached on this before

but i want to share this in verse 25

and you have said to me oh lord god

by the field for money

and take witness yet the city has been

given to the hand

of the chaldeans and the word of the

lord came to jeremiah saying

behold i am the lord the god of

all flesh is anything

too hard for me what

i want you to see in this text is you

need to understand what was taking place

they were being invaded the chaldeans


were the babylonians and they were

coming and taking

over the whole city the whole nation was

being lost they were about to go into 70

years of captivity

under nebuchadnezzar and

everybody knows that then it’s kind of

like you remember if you

if you’ve been around long enough if

you’ve studied history

it’s like in in vietnam when it became


that the war was lost to a degree

that everybody’s trying to get out of


city and this is the exact setting

of that they’re selling everybody’s

selling everybody’s selling

they’re selling and in the middle of

that god comes to jeremiah and he says

by the field

i want you to buy this land because i

gave you this land

i gave you this field i gave you this


i gave my people a land flowing with

milk and honey

and yes it looks bad and yes it looks


that you should probably sail but what i

love about this story is god told him to


when everybody else was selling god told

him there’s some things you need to hold

on to that everybody else is letting go


and you need to be careful that when

your ship comes in you’re not at the bus


you need to be careful that you don’t

walk away from acres of diamonds that

god has in your marriage and in your

family and in your calling

and in your purpose because of a season

of discouragement when it looks like

that and especially when the pressure’s

on and everybody else is doing it

just because everybody else is selling

out doesn’t mean we need to sell out we

need to buy

in when they’re selling out to our faith

to the

to the principles of this book to prayer

to the truth of god’s word

let others go the other way let others

say we don’t need

faith we don’t need god we don’t need

the bible we don’t need

jesus christ let them sell it cheaply

if they want to but i’m buying in i’m


in i’m buying in

your ship is coming in it’s what i’m


i’m telling you that the ships of prayer

are coming in if you won’t walk away

the ships of vision are coming in the

ships of dreams

are coming in the ships of holy

aspirations and purpose

they will come in if you will stay where

god has called you

to stay and sometimes that requires when

others have given up

and others have tried and failed and

nobody in your family’s held a marriage

together and everybody

the history of the family is divorce

divorce divorce but somewhere in that

family you can get christ in that house

and you can say we are not selling out

we’re buying in

like never before in june chapter 1 in

verse 13

it’s an amazing verse god is pronouncing

judgment severe punishment on the angels

that did not keep their first estate you

remember the bible teaches

i don’t have time to proof text it read

your bible for yourself

but the bible the bible teaches that

lucifer was in heaven and one-third of

the angels

followed him and there is a a severe


that is pronounced in the book of jude

it only has one chapter

and and and one of those verses verse 13

has a severe

punishment for those angels that did not


around the throne where they were

supposed to be but they

exited with lucifer and he says this he

says that he has reserved them in


in a place in their own shame

because they were wandering stars what

wandering stars he called the angels

that kept not

that position that they were created to

be in

wandering stars why such

severe punishment they’re held in chains

a star is defined as a fixed point

much of the world in ancient bible days

was led by the stars they had to

navigate the men at sea

by the stars because it’s a fixed thing

it doesn’t wonder

it doesn’t shift because it doesn’t feel

like staying where it is

it’s it’s it’s not a wondering star star

was not designed

to be moving all over the place much of

the world was led

wise men the only way they found jesus

thank god it wasn’t a wandering star but

it was a star that just

burned bright over the stable and the

wise men found it

in ministry people won’t find jesus

if we become wondering stars that we’re

not really committed and we’re not

really sold out and we’re not really

serious about taking the gospel to the


the characteristics of a star is it is

to burn

and it is to shine and it is not to move

it is to be

fixed it is to get its direction and

stick with it

and not change are you a wondering star

are you committed to the house of god

are you committed to the word of god

are you committed to prayer are you

committed to living for jesus christ

our strength is in when we take a stand

when we make a stand for god make sure

you’re present when your answer comes

nothing’s going to shake me nothing’s

going to alter me

i’m buying the field others are

having an auction others are selling


don’t you know they were selling land

cheap cheap cheap

and here’s one guy if you read that

story god told him said

not only do i want you to i don’t want i

just don’t want you to just buy it

i want you to get the title d i want you

to bury it in the property

and yes you’re going to go through a

tough time for the next 70 years

but when you come back you’re going to

dig it up and you’re going to hold it up

and all these people who are trying to

get land

you’re going to say i never gave up on

what god

promised me and i’ve got a title deed to

it that’s in your bible

in jeremiah 32

you have to do that with the promises of


god told jeremiah when everybody else

wants to sail

you buy the conditions

that you’re in now are not permanent

so just put your foot down and say we’re

not going anywhere

god gave us this marriage god gave me

this family

and it may be tough right now but the

conditions are not permanent

they’re just temporary i’ve got a


i believe on the lord jesus christ then

you shall be blessed and your household

i’ve got a contract as for me and my


we will serve the lord so it doesn’t

matter what hell’s trying to do

i’ve got a contract

we have to our problem in this


is we want to lease it we want to rent

but not buy joseph of arimathea is one

of my favorite

characters because in the bible he had a


and and he he wasn’t dead yet and jesus

needed a tomb

but he really he really didn’t need a

permit you know a tomb is not something

you rent

a tomb if somebody moves in it they’re

there for life

but he understood something that you

need to understand he understood

i’ll let you use this because it’s just

going to get dark for three days

and on the third day he’s coming out and

maybe in your situation it’s dark right

now and it doesn’t look good right now

and every voice in your head is saying

give up and

walk away and you can’t get free and

that alcoholism is destroying you and

you there’s no way out

but i’m telling you that if you’ll get

committed and buy

in to the gospel and buy into the truth

of god’s word

he’ll bring you out it’s going to happen

just stay there god told jeremiah i want

you to buy

in a time of selling many people are

selling the truth now look at this verse

proverbs 23 and verse 23 says

by the truth everybody read it out loud

buy the truth and do not sell it

now that means that new generations are

going to come

new morals are going to come new ideas

are going to come

but i want you to buy the truth and when


else is selling selling no i don’t

believe that anymore no i don’t believe

marriage is between a man and woman no i

don’t believe there’s nothing wrong with

getting drunk

i don’t believe there’s nothing wrong

with slipping out on your wife a little

bit that’s old and

archaic those old dumb christians when

everybody’s selling

he says i want you to buy the truth i

don’t much believe there’s a hell in a

heaven i don’t know if there’s any

eternal life

i don’t know if salvation is really that

important it’s that important and you

better buy

the truth and sell it not give the lord

praise if you know i’m preaching

the truth

you know some churches are selling out

the book of acts

you know the book of acts is a book of

miracles and i i’m not going to sell the

book of acts to meet the modern day

politically correct church world

this church was built on the power of


and we’re not interested in being nice

and pretty

we’re interested in seeing lives changed

for the glory of jesus christ

we need the power of the holy spirit we


miracles in the church jesus christ the


yesterday today and forever i’m not

selling that i’m not selling that to be

in your clique

i’m not that needy that i want to be in

your clique

if i’ve got to give up the power of the

cross the power of the blood of jesus

that’s not for sale there’s some


a lot of people are selling conviction

of sin

uh-oh they’re selling it

but we need to buy it a lot of people

are selling praying in the spirit and

the gifts of the spirit

they’re selling it cheaply but i’m not

selling it i’m buying into it

a lot of people are selling sacrifice

they think all church

is is to come and see it and

everything’s about you but

church is about sacrifice church is

about taking up your cross

church is about and and if you don’t

watch it you think it’s all about giving

to you but but but but we’re i’m not

going to sell my sacrifice

i believe that it matters and while some

are selling

worship and freedom in worship

we need to buy it we need to shout more

we need more hand waving hallelujah we

need more hand clapping

we need we we need more dancing and

leaping and rejoicing

i am not ashamed of it my

lord you didn’t you don’t know like i


what is done for me why would i quiet

down i have more than i’ve ever had

i’m more blessed than i’ve ever been why

would i get quiet


i don’t care who’s here i don’t care who


i don’t care if the president comes i

want him to get in a good service like

this if he does

i’m not selling that for the appeasement

of people

the apostle paul said we don’t come to

you with enticing words of man’s wisdom

but in demonstration of the power of god

with selling out people selling out

i remember when our church started


um we were over on browns bridge and

it’s just a you know a handful of people

and god started blessing

we had to knock the wall out and we


we had to dig you all remember any of


that were still alive back then um we

had what we called the bottomless pit

because we had parking then we rented

the place beside us and

cleaned it off and had parking we had

parking everybody’s parked up on the


and then there was the bottomless pit it

was back behind the fellowship hall and

it was straight down

and you needed a four-wheel drive just

to get out of there but it was

filled with cars i’ve never seen

anything like it it was crazy

but you know when the church started

growing i had to cross a bridge in my


because people started coming from every


and it felt like that some were

trying to pull at who we were and what

god had called us to do

and if you would just tone it down if

you would just

i like franklin jensen’s sermons but

but but if the music and if this and if

the people

are too excited and it doesn’t take all

of that

and i just made up my mind at some point

i’m not selling

this i’m not selling this

and you know what the lord spoke to me

he said never forget this

he said he said worship will never

cause any people to leave

that you need

and if one leaves god will send a

hundred in their place

he’ll say pardon the noise it’s the

sound of freedom

what do you mean quieting down i’m not

going to sell that

i’m buying into praise and worship i’m

buying into prayer i’m buying into


like never before i’m more fanatical

than i’ve ever been

we’ve got we’ve got

more to praise god for than we’ve

ever had we need more fiery preachers we

need more fiery churches

if you’ve sold your worship you need to

buy it back

you can’t heat an oven with a snowball

i don’t care how powerful you are i

don’t care how rich you are

i don’t care how important you are if

you’ve sold your worship for those


david was king of israel took his king

robe off

and danced before the lord with all of

his might when he got the ark of the

covenant back

he was saying there’s a king higher than

me there’s a force higher than me

i have all this stuff but i take it off

and i worship the king of kings

and the lord of lords everybody take a

praise break and give god

thanks let the enemy know

he won’t take your worship

praise god

i like that man in second samuel 23

his name was shama he was one of david’s

mighty men

and the bible said when the philistines

invaded he stood

in a pee patch that’s what lentils are a

ground full of lentils

he stood in a ground full of he stood in

a pee patch

now and notice what it said and go back

and everybody else

fled all the others fled it says in the

next verse

and while the others fled he stationed


in the middle of a pea patch and

defended it and killed the philistines

and the lord brought a great victory

here’s a guy standing out there

in a field it’s nothing but peace but he

kind of had this attitude

you know i see them selling and they’re

selling and there’s an auction over

there yep

and they’re selling they’re selling

everybody’s selling but he said i think

i’m gonna buy this field

because if i give the philistines my pee

patch they’re gonna come

get my corn and if they come and get my

corn they’re gonna take my okra

and then they’re gonna come after my

collard greens and nobody’s taking my

collard greens

so i’m just gonna stand right here in

this field

and i’m gonna fight if you don’t stand

for something you’ll fall for anything

there comes a time when you have to


don’t care what they say don’t care what

they do

i’m gonna stand for truth i’m going to

stand for the gospel

hallelujah take another praise break i’m

preaching myself

i’m telling you that we need this

morning to celebrate

one of the greatest victories in the


you know what one of the turn to

somebody say i’m going to tell you one

of the greatest victories in the world

do it turn i depottize you

turn to some one of the greatest

victories in the world here it is

i’m still here

i may not have the greatest testimony i

may not be brother righteous sister


but you know what i’m still here i may

have problems i may have

weaknesses i may be struggling but look

at me in the house of god on a sunday


i’m praising him i’m still here

others others who were better than me

are not here

others who were smarter than me are not

here but i’m

still here oh somebody shout with me

somebody celebrate i’m still here

i’m bought in


i thought about simon peter

if i could interview simon peter why do

you think the lord chose you to preach

on the day of pentecost

3 000 people converted mass crusade

whole city turned upside down for christ

why did he choose you out of all the


i think simon peter would say i don’t

have any idea

he called me a s he called me satan one


you remember when he tried to get tried

to go to the cross and simon

said no lord that’s not necessary he

said get thee behind me satan

you don’t speak the things of god

why did he use you i don’t know i fell


in a prayer meeting in the garden of

gethsemane i was snoring it was this

last few hours

and i slept through the whole thing i’m

not a super saint

i was in the middle of a miracle and i

started drowning

bubbles holding his hand up you remember

he walked on the water for a little bit

but then he started drowning

see we think it’s our our her i’m just

so holy you’ll never be holy

i’ll tell you what god looks for

somebody that’ll buy it buy in

i’m coming my family’s all messed up but

i’m coming

i had struggles this week but i’m coming

i you might have beer breath

you might have weed smells all in your

clothes and everybody around you high


you came this morning but i’m so glad

you’re here this is your kind of church

this is why we’re here all you got to do

is just keep coming he’ll watch you

he’ll cleanse you he’ll forgive you

he’ll raise

you and he’ll make you a shining star

for the kingdom


so so so

not many people’s conviction list is

getting longer

they’re getting shorter and shorter and

shorter and shorter and shorter

it’s time to buy in and quit selling out


selling out i don’t believe that anymore

i don’t believe that anymore i don’t


why don’t you buy in god can change your


when you buy in you believe that

you believe i preached the truth to you

today stand up on your feet

no one moving in and out very reverent

now at every campus

a miracle’s about to take place

it’s time to sell out your soul to jesus

and buy in and say i’m tired

of this halfway stuff i’m buying in

i’m going i’m coming to the cross and

i’m going to be here

i’m going to be faithful i’m going to do

what god’s called me to do

every head bowed and every eye closed

all over this room

if you hear the lord speaking to you


saying this is your service this is your


this is your moment this is your hour

today is the day of salvation and if

you’re backslid if you’re far from god

if you don’t know you’re right with god

this moment is for you pastor franklin

pray for me

i know i’m not right with god and i need

to get right with god and i’m ready to


to the lord today if that’s you boldly

raise your hand right where you’re

standing i want to see it all over this

room wonderful wonderful wonderful great

great great at every campus raise your

hand high keep it up keep it high

keep it up keep it high raise it high

unashamed that’s it

say i’m going to buy in i really haven’t

bought in i’m going to buy in today

i believe the cross i believe the blood

i believe the name of jesus

is the power of god everybody at every

campus say these words

lord jesus i surrender my life to you

i believe in you i’m buying in

i know other people are selling out i

know other people have turned to other


but i’m buying into the cross i’m buying

into the blood

i still believe there’s no other name

but the name of jesus and i still


that the blood of jesus cleanses me from

all my sins

i still believe that there’s a place

called heaven

and i can have eternal life if i’ll put

my faith

in jesus christ now say i’m in lord

say this i’m all in lord i’m bought in

now lift your hands and praise him we’re

going to praise him just another minute

oh we thank you lord praise god


in our closing moments i want to share

with you one of the unprecedented


that god has opened up for this ministry

over the last several years

the work that we’re doing in israel is

absolutely critical

the eshkol region borders the gaza strip

and it’s plagued by near constant


and chaos and here we’re building

the eshkol region trauma center

we’ve broken ground on it and it’s under


as i speak i believe that we are

fulfilling the biblical prophecy

of isaiah that he spoke about in the

40th chapter when he said

comfort ye comfort ye my people

i’m only going to ask you to seek the


and see what he would have you do with

your help

we will finish this in just a few months

and have a grand dedication there in the

holy land

and you’ll have a memorial for your


in the holy land that says to god i

have loved the nation of israel i

believe god will pour out blessings on

you like you’ve never seen before

please do your very best we need your

help on this project

here’s my announcer to tell you how you

can be a part

from the imaginary shapes the clouds

form to the mysterious blue hue

for most children the sky is a place of


and beauty but there’s a place where

that is not the case

in eshkol israel the sky is a place of

terror and trauma for children that live

in this war-torn territory terrorist


kites and helium-filled incendiary


fill the sky with fear but thanks to

your support

we are more than halfway to our one

million dollar commitment

to build the ashko region play school

kingdom here

children will be able to play in a safe

environment without fear of attack

they will also be able to receive

counseling services to assist them in

coping with ongoing trauma caused by

these terrorist attacks from the gaza


as a thank you for your support and our

initiative to comfort god’s people

we would like to send you the holy week

collection for your gift of 1 000

or more this month you’ll have your name

inscribed on the comfort

my people wall of recognition in israel

for your gift of 300

or more this month you may request the

holy week gift set with the beautifully

crafted communion set

with your gift of 50 or more we will

send you the holy week bundle

including jensen franklin’s just

released book acres of diamonds

and with your gift of any amount we’ll

send you a copy of the devotion

eight days to change the world your gift

and prayers

are making a difference and bringing

comfort to god’s people

in israel visit us online today

well cherise and i are so excited about

the 2020 trip to israel the holy land


this is going to be the most special

trip that we’ve ever had when you go on

trips like this

it’s a form of blessing israel it’s a

form of saying i’m blessing

you god and i’m blessing your land and

i’m blessing the people

and when you do that there’s a blessing

that comes back spiritually

and in every other way can’t wait to see

you get on the bus

let’s go

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