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since the beginning through the

countless centuries in darkness all of

creation waited eagerly with a growing

hope for a

savior and throughout the ages this hope

could not dim as men and women of God

saw brief glimpses of the Divine their

spirits lifted by an unrelenting

expectation of something magnificent

that was yet to come they wrote of a

star that would come forth from Jacob

For unto us a child is born the Prince

of Peace He Shall be Called

Emmanuel and his throne would be


forever and now in a place least

expected Hope Has Arrived imagine the

scene as the celestial curtain was

pulled aside with angels singing and

radiant beams of God’s love cascading

downward it is something more than

anyone could ever hope or even dream the

spectacular arrival of the

Messiah Jesus Christ

Jo the

world is

come let

Earth receive




heart prepare him


anden let

heaven heaven and

nature heaven and

nature every everybody say


Jo reive

reive let every heart prare


Heaven go

and Glory sh the











in Nazareth Joseph the carpenter has

been introduced to Mary a girl from the

village with the blessing of her father

Mary and Joseph are now betrothed

promised to each other in

marriage soon after when Mary was

alone God sent an angel to speak to


Mary do not be afraid for you have been


chosen you will give birth to a son and

you are to name him

Jesus he will be Supreme and he’ll be

known as the son of the most high his

kingdom will reign

forever the holy spirit will come upon

you and the power of the most high will

cover you the holy child you will give

birth to will be called The Son of God

nothing is impossible with

God upon hearing this Mary treasured and

pondered all these things in her

heart Mary did you

know that your baby

boy would when they walk on

water Mary did you

know that your baby

boy would save our sons and

daughters did you

know that your baby

boy has come to make you

new in this child

that you

deliver will soon deliv



oh I will see in the death we here and

the dead will live again

the L will leap the D will speak the


Praises Mary did you

know that your baby

boy is Lord of all

creation Mary Did You Know your baby

boy would one day rule the

Nations did you

know that your baby

boy is Heaven’s perfect

L and the sleeping child you’re

holding is the



the greatest gift ever given to mankind

was a child born in a humble stable a

savior who would bring God’s magnificent

light into this darkened world the birth

of Jesus the son of God was caused for a

wonderful and glorious celebration and

those very first Gifts of Christmas were

given over 2,000 years ago coming from a

most unexpected

source for far from Israel wise men in

the East were preparing for a great

journey to see with their own eyes the

Messiah the prince of

peace and they would bring more than

just their praise and adulation along

the journey they brought their gifts of

gold frankincense and

myrr the first Gifts of






the story of how these stargazers

discovered their Destiny is

extraordinary for the revelation of

Christ’s birth was a message written

within the Stars a Celestial mystery

unlocked by these wise men their passion

was to study the heavens as they watched

and charted Those Distant lights that

ignited the atmosphere with splendorous

Wonder and yet something was about to

happen that would change them forever

for on this night a new star appeared in

the skies above beckoning them heralding

the arrival of a new King

born yet it was not just any king or

even a great king it was the king of

kings and so these Wise Men set out on

unimagined paths humbly following the

star to their newborn king the heavens

now blazed a message for et

had whispered its welcome come come see

Emmanuel God With




Oh Holy

Night the stars are brightly

Shin it is the night of our dear savior


bir long lay the

world and sin

and till he

appeared and the Soul felt it


word a thrill of

Hope the we World

rejoices for


prise a new and glorious


on your

knees oh

he the angel


voice when Christ

swe h of

joy in grateful CH graise we said all

within us praise His holy


Christ is the Lord




Praise His Name

forever his



glor every BR



night we want to invite you to stand

with us as we honor

and worship the name above all names the

beautiful wonderful name of

Jesus didn’t want heaven without

us Jesus you brought


down sin was great your love was


what could

seate us now what a wonderful name it

is what a wonderful name it

is the name of

Jesus Christ my

king what a wonderful name it

is nothing compares to this what a

wonderful name it is the name of

Jesus what a wonderful name is the name



Jesus so

wonderful It’s Only You


oh oh


Jesus so

mighty so


powerful you have

no you have no

we now and

forever God

you your the

kingom yours is the

glory yours is the

name above

all what a powerful name it

is what a powerful

name the name of

Jesus Christ my

king what a powerful name

is the name of


Jesus aren’t you thankful for that name

aren’t you thankful for that name the

Wonder The

Wonder of his

name the prophet Isaiah in the ninth


said his name Shall be Called

wonderful counselor Mighty God

Everlasting father Prince of

Peace and he’s

here wherever his name is praised and

glorified he shows

up there was something that was said by

a president in Years Gone by when the

first man landed on the moon

he said in a speech that he gave the

president at that time he said the

planning of human feet on the

moon is the greatest event in human

history and I’d like to respectfully

disagree the greatest event in human

history was when God Almighty put placed


feet in a Manger in Bethlehem and came

to us when we could not reach him when

we could not get to him all the way from

the ivory palaces of Heaven to a Barnard


Bethlehem as a matter of fact if there’s

no virgin birth let me put it like this

no virgin birth no deity no

God no

deity no sinless

life no sinless


then no sacrificial death no sacrificial

death no

Resurrection no

Resurrection no

salvation but Jesus came to Earth so

that we could go to

heaven the infinite one became an


he was born of a virgin so that we could

be born

again he was born a

king we didn’t elect him and nobody can

impeach him he’s king of kings and he’s

Lord of

lords when I think about the cross when

I think about Jesus I don’t just think

about a

cradle the the real story of Christmas

is not just a cradle But it includes a

cross and it includes a

crown the Cradle was the Virgin birth

the cross is where the man the god

man where where God sent a package to

Earth the gift that was wrapped the gift

of divinity wrapped in

humanity and on the cross he

died he died and he bled for me and for

you to cleanse us to forgive

us but three days later comes the crown

when he rose from the dead and he said

to every one of you tonight who’ve lost

a loved one who will have an empty seat

at the table who’ve lost a mother a

father a son a brother someone near and

dear to you I came that you might have

life and have eternal life through my

name and I have


you with this thing that is available to

you called salvation forgiveness

cleansing a new start a new

beginning There’s Something About the

Name of Jesus that can Comfort even the

most broken heart and look we’re all

just people people we’re all struggling

we’re all going through things in our

life but our message tonight is Jesus

Jesus cares Jesus loves you he’s never

given up on you you may have given up on

yourself you may be addicted you may

have secrets and pain and Brokenness in

your family and in your life but just

call on

Jesus he’ll never turn you away there’s

nothing you’ve done that he can’t

forgive and I’m going to ask you all of

you in this room those of you in the

Overflow and those of you watching

online I’m going to ask you to pray this

prayer behind

me The Wonder of his name let’s call on

his name right now pray these words Lord

Jesus I believe in you I believe you

were born of a virgin in a cradle and I

believe later you carried a cross all

the way up calvary’s hill

you bled and you

died for my sins and I believe three

days later you rose from the dead and I

can have life I can have freedom I can

have peace I can have joy because of

your wonderful name the name of Jesus I

receive it all in your name what a

beautiful name what a lovely name the

name of Jesus give him

praise what a powerful it is the name of







All Ye

Faithful joyful and TR

iant Oh Come Ye Oh Come Ye to

be and

behold the king of

Ang oh come let us

adore come let

us oh come let us




the to






well I hope you and your family has been

blessed and touched by God today for

many people Christmas is a time of joy

and laughter but it’s also a time when

people feel emptiness deep in their

heart because they know deep down inside


missing and today you may have lost a

loved one or you may be dealing with

some things some situations in your life

and family or maybe you’re in a place of

Brokenness and you feel like it feels

like other people’s families are happy

and healed and whole and yours is

falling apart that’s why Jesus came

that’s why he came as a precious baby to

this earth became a man a sinless man

and went all the way to the Cross to

make All Things New in your life he can

do that for you today your past can be


you can

receive your peace and joy that

surpasses all understanding through

Jesus Christ accept him into your heart

today say Jesus forgive me wash me

cleanse me I want my past

forgiven I want a reason for living and

I want a future in heaven and it all

comes through you Jesus Christ I trust

you I love you I serve you I give you my


amen oh how we Rejoice with you Angels

according to the Bible are rejoicing

with you at the decision you just made

in this miracle that has begun you need

to you need to tell somebody you need to

testify and be an overcomer by the word

of your testimony so today call the

number that’s on the screen or go to our

website we’ve got free resources just

for you to help you in your new Journey

with Jesus Christ and by the way Merry

Christmas everyone we love you so


much over the past 5 years friends and

partners of Jensen Franklin media

Ministries have worked to help build an

amazing Kingdom play school four

fortified bomb shelters and a fire

station for the eshal region in southern

Israel near Gaza thankfully we can

report that these shelters and projects

played a vital role in protecting

Israeli families from this terror attack

that’s why we’re partnering with the

Jewish National Fund to help build the

Jensen Franklin media Ministries eshal

resilience Center here Jewish men women

and children who suffer from PTSD

anxiety disorders and other emotional

trauma will state-of-the-art facilities

and treatments this building that we are

going to build them this year will serve

as a Beacon of Hope it will be a place

where mental health can be restored and

peace and hope and love can be felt

thank you and please continue to pray

for the nation of Israel we cannot fail

to stand with Israel in times like these

let’s Stand United with Israel build

resilience and bring Comfort to those

who need it most go online today to see

how you can get

involved this program has been sponsored

in part by friends and partners of

Jensen Franklin media Ministries visit

us online at Jensen