This is “Don’t Tear Your Garments.” In the bible when people ripped apart their garments, it was a sign that there was no answer to their despair. But when Jesus hung on the cross for you and I, the ultimate garment was ripped. The veil separating us from the presence of God was ripped from top to bottom and now, by the grace of God, you will never be in a place so desperate that you cannot overcome. Don’t quit. Don’t back up. Don’t stop. Nothing is bigger than your God!

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Leviticus chapter 21 and verse 10 he who

is the high priest among his brother on

whose is hid the anointing oil was

poured and who is consecrated to wear

the garments is to not uncover his head

nor tear his clothes this is a

commandment that we don’t really

understand it doesn’t mean anything to

us and we would we would go right over

it in our day and time and think it’s

some kind of something that has no

relevance to our life but in Bible days

the greatest way that they would express

grief sorrow heartache pain was to rend

or tear their clothing they did it David

did it great Kings did it many people

did it in dire situations they would

tear their clothes all were allowed to

tear their clothes because it signaled

grief that was too heavy to bear sorrow

that was too deep to express desperation

that was beyond putting in words it was

a telltale sign listen carefully it was

a telltale sign if you ever saw and it

was very common that when bad news or

tragedy came one of the first things you

read over and over and over and over all

the way throughout the Bible is they

would rend or tear their clothes and it

was a telltale sign that something

greater then that man or woman had

overtaken them and they felt absolutely

overwhelmed the tearing of the garments

listen carefully represented a problem

for which there was no solution it’s so

torn apart it’s so messed up there is no

answer to this dilemma the tragedy that

defied resolution the trial that could

not be it could not be fixed it was the

you know

versal expression someone is being

completely overwhelmed and they’re

tearing their clothes in desperation

from Genesis to Revelation the Bible is

full to the brim of people tearing their

clothes in desperation and despair

I think of Jobe when he got news that

his ten children were dead the first

thing that your Bible says he did that

good and godly man is he tore his

clothes and he wept and he cried out and

he said the Lord gives the Lord takes

away and he tore his clothes there is a

king who was the king of Samaria and you

remember when Samaria was in famine and

the Bible said the famine was so severe

this is pretty bad that they were they

were eating they were eating doves dung

and donkeys heads and then it got even


and something broke in the heart of the

king of Samaria because a woman took her

baby in desperation and bored it and ate

it and when the King heard the news the

Bible said his heart was so stricken

with grief by the siege that the city of

Samaria was under that he tore his

clothes just like Joe the Bible said

that when Joshua and Caleb were at the

intersection of opportunity when they

were there and they had seen the grapes

and they had seen the promised land and

ten of the spies were standing there

saying the Giants are too great and they

came with a report of victory saying

were well able to go into the Promised

Land let’s do this God’s with us God’s

force and the scripture said that the

ten talked the the the people of Israel

out of their promised land and when that

happened and Joshua and Caleb realized

we’re not going into the Promised Land

for another forty years until this

generation dies out your Bible said both

of them tore their clothes in


but this law said if you’re a priest if

you are a priest and I remind you of

Revelation we are called to be priests

and kings unto our God under the New

Covenant and this scripture said that if

you are a priest in Leviticus 21 the

high priest upon listen one upon whom

the anointing all has been poured he

shall not tear his garment everyone else

could but under the Old Covenant the

priest had something that everyone else

didn’t have to deal with his problems

everyone else who went through tragedy

had to deal with it outside of the Ark

outside of the presence outside of where

God was and where his anointing was

under the Old Covenant God dealt it

dwelt behind the Holy of Holies and and

only one man the high priest could go in

one day out of the year and God said

because the high priest has the

anointing of the Holy Spirit upon him

and because the high priest has access

to the presence of God who faces no

dilemma that he ever tears his clothes

over because you high priests have

access to the presence of God and you

have the anointing all of the Holy

Spirit upon you that you can dwell in

God’s presence I forbid the priest like

everybody else who responds by tearing

their clothes I forbid the priest to

never feel such despair that they tear

their clothes saying there’s no hope

this is this that this can never be

fixed we all experience pain we all

experience grief and frustration and

fear we all experience pain and sorrow

and and here’s the thing if we avail

ourselves to the anointing of the Holy


and we avail ourselves in make act take

advantage of the access that we have to

go into God’s presence there is nothing

that should ever make us think that it’s

bigger and greater than our God if we

tear our garments what God was saying

what God was saying to the priests is if

you tear your garments because you have

the anointing of the Holy Spirit and

because you have access to my presence

if you tear your garment you’re implying

something is bigger and greater than I

am and I forbid you to do that you don’t

have the luxury of despair priest you

can have a bad day you can go through

some tough times but when it’s all said

and done you walk into my presence throw

your hands up know that I’m for you know

that I’ll pour a fresh anointing on you

we experienced everything everybody else

in the world experiences as New

Testament priests and believers when you

get saved you do not get immune from

tremendous problems trials tribulations

sickness death tragedy in the family

divorce all kinds of things come that

won’t to destroy our lives and make us

spiritually tear our garments and say

what’s the use I can’t go on Paul was

honest when he recounted in detail I am

troubled on every side yet not

distressed I am perplexed but I am not

in despair I am cast down but I’m not

tearing my garment I’m not forsaken

thanks be unto God who always causes me

to triumph in every place I want you

listen carefully what I’m about to show

you and tell you you may have never

heard this but I believe it’s a

revelation that can change your life I

want you to listen lean in

Matthew 26 and verse 65 I think it is

said that when they brought Jesus in to

the high priest and they asked him are

you Lord are you you claim your God you

claim you’re God’s Son you claim these

amazing and mocking him and the Bible

said when Jesus when Jesus told them who

he was your Bible said that the high

priest rent his garment and here’s what

got me when I saw that the Bible said he

he tore his clothes the high priest was

forbidden to do this he’s still under

the law he was forbidden and what’s

interesting is he did it in the presence

of God the Waterwalker

the turning the wine water into wine guy

the that the raisin the dead the the

healing the leper God he’s in the

presence of the one who can do anything

and here’s a priest tearing his garment

now contrast that with John 19 and verse

24 Jesus is hanging on the cross and the

thieves are at the foot of the cross

gambling for his garments and one of

them said they started to tear his

garments the Bible said because then

they could gamble more you know more

pieces they can gamble on it and one of

them spoke up he didn’t even know what

he was doing and he said we cannot tear

his garments

let us not tear it they were going to

tear it the devil could not tear up the

garment of our high priest

he was staring Satan right in the face

on the cross and the devil could not

make him go into despair he was looking

at demons and devils and stabbings and

nail piercings and crowns of thorns and

mockery and cursing and spit in his face

and everything hail hit him with Jesus

said you won’t tear my garment my god

will raise me up in three days this

ain’t over just because it looks like

I’m in despair I’m not in despair so

what am I to do when I get in problems

that feel overwhelming battles that

leave me bloodied and battered and

broken and troubled I’m I can have a bad

day I can have a bad week but at some

point I am to obey the scriptures and

not tear my garment verbally by by

talking defeat I am NOT to set my heart

on my losses and focus on my problems I

am to focus on the promises and set my

heart on God and His goodness and His

faithfulness and somehow he’s going to

get glory out of my situation I don’t

understand it I don’t have to understand

it you won’t ever make me tear my

garment with questions of why is this

happening to me I may never know but

I’ll trust him till I die

come on and praise the Lord just a

minute so so here’s what I hear the Lord

saying in Joel 2 and verse 13 rend your

hearts not your garments that when you

go through something this tragic and

devastating and overwhelming and you

don’t feel like you can ever be fixed

and be right again and you it’s just

like a torn garment it’s torn up this is

just so messed up

he said don’t let it make you tear your

garments signifying implying this is

bigger and greater than you can deal

with God but he said on the other hand

let it he said he said tear your heart

not your garment let brokenness come let

it drive you back to your knees let it

drive you back to the only source of joy

in this life the Word of God hearing his

voice sitting at his feet now close with


they couldn’t tear his garment but there

was a veil that was so thick according

to Josephus the historian that it would

take 12 horses on both sides to pull

that veil apart and split it the veil

separated the people and anyone from the

presence of God where the Ark of the

Covenant was but when Jesus died the

Bible said the veil in the temple was

torn from top to bottom God reached down

and said you couldn’t tear my son’s

garment devil but I will tear this veil

that has separated people from that

listen from access to my presence and

the holy anointing of the Holy Spirit

that’ll get them through anything I’ll

anoint them to deal with pressure I’ll

anoint him to deal with

I’ll anoint them that I’ll give them the

oil of joy for sorrow and grieving when

they go through loss when they bury a

loved one when they suffer heartache and

pain when they get news of cancer or any


they won’t Rim their clothes they’ll

come running through the ripped veil

into my presence they have access

because they’re my children and I’ll

pour my healing all on them and there’s

nothing you can do to them if they get

in my presence that will destroy them

because they’re mine and what’s in my

hand no demon no devil can pluck it out

no matter what you’re going through no

matter how real the sorrow and the pain

you’re facing the disappointment the

despair the absolute despair that we

feel all of us at times as human beings

hit the wall now I know you didn’t come

to church to hear I’m this isn’t a

message of the thing this is just life

you know Amy is very happy I mean how

long you been around wait do you get a

few of these jesus said you must through

much tribulation put that one on your

refrigerator you through much

tribulation must enter the kingdom of

heaven that means nobody is going to get

there without going through not a little

much tribulation but when you go through

it we don’t we go through the same stuff

those people out there but we don’t act

like they act I don’t go to Jack Daniels

I don’t need a snort up my nose I don’t

have to shoot some heroin into my veins

I don’t have to go find me a lover to

get my mind off my problems I don’t turn

on pornography to escape

I don’t tear my garment that’s when you

stand strong and mighty that’s when you

say who is the Lord of glory he’s strong

and mighty mighty in battle and when

you’ve done all to stand you just put on

the garment of praise let the anointing

of the Holy Spirit come on you again and

when you can’t pray for yourself go to

somebody and say I don’t even feel like

praying I don’t even feel like reading

the Bible yeah I get that way too

I’ll read it but it don’t do nothing for

me sometimes pastor and I’m just telling

you now I will say this if I’ll read it

it’ll read me sooner or later but

there’s times when it’s just

ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba and I can’t

hear him and I keep feeling and I feel

numb and I feel cold and I feel unworthy

feel unqualified feel like running away

and not where I just opened my Bible by

the way have you not known have you not

heard the everlasting God the Lord the

creator of the ends of the earth

listen neither is he faint nor is he

weary his understanding is unsearchable

he gives power to the weak and to those

who have no might he increases strength

even even the youth will feign and be

weary and the young man that’s me

there’s my word shall utterly fall but

those who wait upon the Lord shall renew

their strength they shall mount up with

wings like eagles they shall run and not

be weary they shall walk and not tear

their garment a stand on our feet and

honor our King he’s here I didn’t plan

that it’s honest to god I just open that

up and the Lord says I want you to know

I give power to the faint


the veil has been real from top to

bottom come boldly into the to the

throne of grace that you might obtain

help in the time of trouble and I’m

thankful for that glory to God

hallelujah lift your hands all over this

room open up your mouth and for the next

30 seconds get praise in your mouth and

begin to speak it forth don’t stand

there silent

don’t stand there silent rend your heart

not your garment tear your heart up not

your garment and and feel your mouth

with praise that’s it let’s worship Him

I don’t know what you’re going through I

don’t know why God’s leading me to

preach what I’m preaching right now why

I’m saying this but somebody needs this

message and God has interrupted special

programming just for you to give you a

fresh word to let you know I know

exactly where you are and what’s going

on in your life and I will not forsake

my own now I’ll reach over and lay your

hands on somebody because they shall

recover if you lay hands on them in

Jesus name they’ll recover from the

divorce they’ll recover from the heart a

they’ll recover from the slander they’ll

recover from it all they’ll recover from

the bankruptcy they’ll recover from the

cancer they’ll recover from the attack

they’ll recover from the family problem

they’ll recover you shall recover it all

I don’t know how I don’t know when I

can’t tell you that but I’m telling you

tonight stand on this word don’t tear

your garment

God’s not through with you right form

just another moment there’s healing in

your hands right now touch them and say

you be healed of that you be healed of

that mindset of depression you be healed

of that worry you be healed of that

mental fatigue you be healed of that

weariness you be healed of that struggle

you be healed of those dark clouds that

have been on you you you come up into

the sunshine above the clouds I speak it

into you tonight speak it into your soul

he leads me beside still waters he

restores my soul

praise God

I know today that there are many who are

facing storms in their life where you

just feel hopeless and you feel like

tearing the garment but I want to preach

to people today a message of hope and I

think I have I want to say thank you for

helping us be a blessing to people in

Houston in the whole Gulf Coast

Louisiana we’re sewing tens of thousands

of dollars we’re believing God for

hundreds of thousands that we can pour

two ministries on the ground ministers

and pastors and churches that are

sheltering hundreds of people that are

feeding them on a daily basis that are

reaching out in love and compassion in

making a difference they just need

resources and so you know us you trust

us we give everything we say we give to

who we say we give it to and when you

give to this cause we’re going to make

sure that every penny that you sin is

going right back out to minister to the

needs of so many hurting people so we

decided to partner with many ministries

and we’ve been through the rescue phase

now we’re into the relief phase and

ultimately we want to go to the

restoration phase of seeing homes

rebuilt seeing churches rebuilt who’s

going to rebuild hundreds of churches

many of them

churches of maybe a hundred or 200

people they matter just as much as a big

mega church they need financial help I

promise you that if you help us we’re

going to funnel that money into the

hands of real people in those

communities who have who will pastor the

people and reach the people and rebuild

these churches and these lives thank you

so much remember to pray pray and do

what you can do to make a difference for

hurting people Lord we pray today for

our nation we pray today for those who

are still their lives are so disrupted

and in disarray but you see them you

know where they are they don’t have to

tear their garment you you’ve got people

who are going to help them and we

believe that we’re part of that people

in Jesus mighty name I want you to help

me help them we’ll do it together

thank you Pastor Jentezen Franklin free

chapel you guys blow my mind you guys

reached out on day one of this horrific

hurricane and said we’re not just

waiting to give we’re giving now and

then we’re going to give more later and

there’s more where that’s coming from so

thank you for your consistent commitment

to helping us rebuild our city and

though the Sun is out right now it is

hot it is humid because of all the water

that we’ve got and even though the sun’s

out the storm is far from over because

right now what we’re dealing with is a

timed release of reservoirs and bayous

around the city people who don’t think

that they’re gonna get flooded they’re

getting flood and that’s gonna happen

for the next 30 days

Adam Russ is an usher at our church and

now he’s running a fleet of airboats in

fact he’s got six moats going today and

they’re out rescuing people and they’ve

gone from Houston all the way down to

the port whenever I talked to Adam on

Monday I said tell you what Hope said

he’s gonna come alongside you we’re

gonna give you five thousand dollars to

gas the boats and it’s been unbelievable

to hear the stories in fact there was a

a guy who was a paraplegic there was no

way that he was going to get out of his

house he was covered in some of some of

the debris that had kind of floated

around his house and

the guys went in and got him out and

took him to higher ground and got him

into a shelter my favorite part about

this whole thing is people who don’t

believe in Christ being rescued by

Christians we’re literally holding out

our hands picking them up and saving

their lives and we’re watching people

give their lives to Jesus and rescue

boats nothing shows the heart of God

more than what Zak did for a lady in

Kingwood just northeast of the city Zak

is in a boat and he looks out across but

he sees a lady and she’s just zipping

down through the water and hitting trees

and she finally grabs on and his Zak

thinks really fast ties a rope around

his waist and dives into the water he

grabs her says you’re gonna be all right

and swims her back to dry land she can’t

stop crying

we didn’t even get her name Zak is a

volunteer to church it’s when ordinary

people ordinary people of God say we

will not go quietly into this storm we

will not sit silently we will jump into

the waters and we will put ourselves at

peril to save lives because that’s what

we do that’s what we do as a church and

that’s what you’ve done for us you’ve

thrown us a lifeline so thank you


we appreciate it we don’t know what to

do right now other than just keep doing

what we’re doing pull people out of the

water and and get their feet on a solid

safe ground keep praying for us we love

you and we thank God for you we hope

you’ve enjoyed this teaching by Jensen

Franklin and thank you for your

continued support of this ministry your

prayers and financial support make these

programs possible