This is “How To Get Over It”. Praise is not conditional or circumstantial. You always have a reason to praise the Lord. David’s life was full of good and bad days, but by the end of his life, David knew God got him through it all. Even in your darkest days, you have a God that will bring you through it and get you over it! To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit…

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I just want to sing this old song when

peace like a


attendeth my

way when

Sorrows like

sea Billows


whatever my

lot thou Hast

taught me to say

It is

Well it Is


with My

Soul maybe my favorite verse my

sin oh the

Bliss of this

Glory a

thought my sin not in

part but the


Paul he hasn’t kind of sort of forgiven

you past present future the whole thing

what did he do it’s been

nailed to the

cross thank God I

bear it no

more praise the Lord

oh praise the


oh my


soul It Is


Well with My

Soul with My


it is


it is

well my

soul and

Lord haste the


when my

faith I’m going see him one of these

days shall be


sighted the

cloud be rolled

back like a

scroll the

trumic shout

sound I and the






it Is


with My



hallelujah praise the

Lord somebody praised him in this place


morning he never answers another prayer

It Is Well with My

Soul hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah I

give you the glory

Lord I give you the praise

Lord he’s conquered death he’s conquered

the grave why should I be afraid

he’s with

me lo I Am With You

Always even until the

end thank you

Jesus glory to

God you may be

seated Psalms 18 this is the word of the


and I’ll begin reading with verse

29 for by

you I

can for by him I

can run through a

troop and by my

god notice that’s the key not trying

harder not fighting

stronger not

positive mindset that’s not enough

that’s good you need all that but that’s

that’s that won’t get the job done by

thee have I run through a Truth by my

God have I leaped over what a

wall I want to talk to you for a few

minutes on how to get over

it this is an amazing text in

song the whole Psalms 18 is an amazing

song that was written by the psalmist

David for sure we know that David wrote

73 and this was one of them and what’s

interesting about the

songs is theologians

and they understand and they have tied

to and I don’t have time to get into it

all but they they they know the backdrop

of some of these SS Psalms they know the

setting they know the circumstances

through which they were uh conceived and

written and pinned and that brings more

to them you know if if you understand

what somebody was going through when

they wrote a song or a sermon it it

makes a difference it really does flavor

it with a depth and the thing about

David is he wrote songs either while he

was going through it are on the other

side he wrote A Psalm one time after he

lost his baby his baby died he and and

the Bible said he fasted for seven days

believing for God to heal his baby and

God didn’t heal his baby and his son

died and the scripture said he went in

and this is the backdrop when he wrote

this song he wrote the words this is the

day the Lord has made he washed his face

he changed his reignment he wrote a song

and he went to church went to the temple

and worshiped God and what was the song

that he wrote this is the day the Lord

has made his saddest worst day he

understood praise is not

circumstantial praise is not

conditional it may be the darkest day of

your life but you always have a reason

to praise the Lord you always have a

reason and that’s what David was so

powerful that’s why he is known as a man

after God’s Own Heart because he learned

how to worship God through everything

what is particularly interesting about

this text and I want you to see it in

the scripture if you turn over to 2

Samuel chapter

23 it tells us in uh verse or chapter 22

in verse one then David spake to the

Lord the words of this song on the day

when the Lord had delivered him from the

hand of all of his enemies that means

this is a this a I don’t have time to

explain this all and show you in

scripture but this is the this is a the

end of his life and from the hand of

Saul and what was the song well this is

the second time this is where it was

this is where it was birthed this is

where the song came from and here’s the

words to it I don’t I won’t read it all

but verse 30 by you I can run through a

Truth by God I can leap over a wall well

what was taking place read the rest of

that that’s that’s 2 Samuel 22 2 Samuel

23 now watch first verse now these are

the last words of David it’s in

reference to the song in other words and

if you read the death about the death

the Bible in Chronicles gives you the

takes you into the bedroom of the palace

where he is dying he’s on his

Deathbed and he says give me a pen give

me a piece of paper this is David’s last

song of praise and victory to God and I

love it because in in in he he’s

reminiscing he’s having flashbacks he’s

going down memory lane he’s he he

realizes now that I’m not just facing

the shadows of death this I’m not in the

last year of my life or the last months

of my life or the last weeks of my life

this is it I’m dying I this thing I’m

I’m leaving this world the Bible said he

was 70 years of age and he was full of

days I love that phrase full of days if

you look it up it has reference to don’t

just live life uh with mundane days but

fill them up and one thing about God you

you you can look back over your life and

we’re full of days here’s a man on his

death bed who was had lived 70 years and

that’s all we’re promised by the way in

the Book of Psalms it says we’re

promised 70 years and uh and and and

anything beyond that and some by reason

the scripture said live longer anything

past 70 is a gift from God be thankful

my God there’s a lot of people who

didn’t get where you

are full of days full of friends and

full of foes I want you to see him go

come on go with me see him pull into the

covers up and the Bible said he was cold

when he was dying he got cold and he

pulls the covers up and he starts

reminiscing he starts going down memory

lane and he looks over his life full of

days full of friends and full of foes

and full of Victories and his mind full

of V of defeats and full of Fortune and


uh failure and he he he’s lived in

palaces and he’s lived in caves full

life he’s gone from nothing to something

back to nothing and built back up to

something he’s been through it he’s been

through the loss of two sons one of them

murdered and one of them died and a

daughter that was raped and the oh those

days that were full sexually abused

child uh his own failure his own mess up

his his father-in-law Saul trying to

kill him and he’s been through so much

he’s fought a bear he’s fought a lion

he’s fought a giant he’s fought

Philistines he my God you talk about

days of life that were full of Triumph

and tragedy and he looks back on it all

and he’s laying in the bed and he’s he

his his breathing now is come becoming

labored and he knows I’m leaving this

world let me write my last song and in

that song is the testimony of a dead man

that God has been faithful to and he pin

these words in summary of everything

that’s happened in his life over the

last 70 years his magnificent life his

incredible life incredible highs and

deep deep lows and he says these words

by my God I have run through a troop and

leaped over a wall David’s testimony is

all of our

testimony somehow my God has gotten me

through some things and before we go any

further we ought to celebrate the things

that God has brought us through turn to

somebody and say through it all it all

tell somebody he brought me through that

I think we ought to give him a he

brought me through that

praise just close your eyes and look at

it remember the room remember the moment

remember the call remember the remember

the bad news and then just throw up a

hand and say he brought me through that

by him by him I

have by

him I can’t think of a better song to

sing than to close my life out this is

how I want to

go I don’t want a bunch of old sad sacks

all around

me I want to go out saying by him I

have and I’m about to make it over I

made it through but I’m about to make it

over because the enemy tried to use it

as a

wall he tried to wall Me In by what I

went through to isolate me a wall of

containment a wall of isolation a wall


formed a a Pity

City all around me and I’m not making

light of what you’ve been through but at

some point you have to realize that the

same God who brought you

through has every intention of taking

you over he doesn’t want you to live

like what you’ve been through look like

what you’ve been through talk like what

you’ve been through think like what you

you either have a getting over mentality

or a victim

mentality he doesn’t want you to live

mangled and messed

up God doesn’t want you to just get

through it

he wants you to get over what they said

about you he wants you to get over what

they accused you of he wants you to get

over the family trouble he wants you to

get over the divorce and over your own

personal failure God wants to restore

the spark and the pep in your step God

wants to put a smile on your face again

an enjoyment of life again yeah I went

through it yeah I was abused yeah I was

raped but I am not that person anymore

he got me through it and he’s getting me

over it I’m free somebody throw up your

hands and give God

praise praise him like you know he can

do it can you see Dave that writed his


song he’s not he’s not pitiful he’s not

a victim he’s an

overcomer Genesis 49

n Jacob’s on his

deathbed he

has 12

sons and he calls in his son named

Joseph and if you read the verses before

it it said Joseph The Archers he’s

seeing this

prophetically he just calls in the young

boy named Joseph he hadn’t none of the

stuff has happened yet he prophesies and

he says The Archers are going to shoot

at you I see you in the future and I see

you under great pers persecution and

attack The Archers he didn’t tell him

the archers will be your own brothers

and they’ll strip you of the coat of

many colors and throw you in a pit he

didn’t tell them that the Piper’s wife

will shoot the arrow of false accusation

and you’ll end up in prison for 20 years

you’re about to go through something but

he said Joseph in the end you’re a


Vine a fruitful Vine by well and here’s

here’s what I

like and his branches your branches will


over the

walls what you go through should have

HED you in isolated you and contained

you but when you look at your brothers

who did you so wrong and you forgive

them and you say to your flesh and blood

you meant it for my evil

but God meant it for my good God says

I’m not just going to get you through it

Joseph I’m going to get you over

it let me let let me say this you would

think the children of Israel when they

came out of Egypt look at all God

brought them through chains slavery 470

years of

bondage and through the Red Sea it stood

up like

jello on both sides and they walked

across on dry land then they turned

around and God said look Moses these

enemies you shall see no more and

pharaoh and his army get swallowed up


killed you would think that would be

enough but do you know when they got out

in the wilderness they got through it

but they didn’t get over it and the

people begin to whine and complain and

they said I wish we had the onions and


garlic that we used to have in

Egypt they still had

hosis a


bitterness and if we’re not careful God

can bring us through so many amazing

things and we still have it in our mouth

and we still are talking it and we’re

still talking it and we’re still talking

it and we’re still talking it and God

says I can’t handle

that I want to wash your mouth out this

morning I want you to take some Holy

Spirit water and gargle with it until he

gets all the onions and the garlics of

Egyptian yesterday out of you and you’re

not just through it you are over it give

me the Mana the bread of life Jesus he

is the Healer of yesterday today and


forever I want you to say this I’m going

to win against the wall wi against the

wall I’m not just going through I’m not

just going through I’m going over I’m

going over by him by him I can I can I

will not feel like a misfit I not feel I

will not be numb I will not be numb but

in Jesus name in Jesus name I will not

wither I will not I don’t have to

languish I don’t have to I have a song

of Victory I a by him by him by him I

have a getting over mentality I get over

mentality by him by

him I will I will go through go through

and get over

I’m over it I’m over it say it I’m over

it I’m over it I’m letting it go this

morning I’m let it go this I’m over it

I’m stand to your feet all over the room

at every

campus who am I preaching

to how many of you would say Pastor I

made it through it but I’m not over it

and I’d like to get over it if that’s

you get out of your seat and come stand

in every campus this is is so important

the pastors are

coming but I want you to respond to this

word today those of you who are in your

home watching by television the Holy

Spirit has you watching because God has

the power to get you through your

darkest days and God has the power to

get you

over what you’ve been

through everybody pray out loud with me

these words Lord Jesus Lord Jesus I mean

it I wash me wash cleanse me me give me

mouthwash give me get that old talk out

of me get unforgiveness out of my breath

get bitterness out of my breath wash me

and cleanse me say that I receive you

Jesus and the blood that you

shed to forgive my

sins I am forgiven I am for I am through

it I am through and I am over it I am in

Jesus name now praise him all over this

room all over this

room this program has been sponsored in

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Franklin media Ministries we hope you’ve

enjoyed this teaching by Jensen Franklin

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