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this is the mentoring moments podcast

with Jensen Franklin and Marcus mikum

well welcome to mentoring moments I’m

Marcus meum here with Pastor Jensen

Franklin of course and today we have an

incredible guest uh Pastor Perry Stone

is with us and we’re looking forward to

today’s content subject of course

Perry’s an expert in Prophecy uh things

concerning Israel and right now uh Free

Chapel is in the middle of a Revival

that’s gone on for a couple weeks I just

got in today and it’s going to be going

on tonight as well so I can’t wait uh

for many of you leaders pastors and

whoever’s watching uh to hear about what

God’s doing and maybe maybe how we can

be a part of it well you know we did uh

we did a one of these mentoring moments

on the power of having a prayer meeting

in the church again and calling the

church to prayer and little did I know

what God was uh um sewing the seeds for

um the what has happened the last seven

nights of uh this past week and I you

know the time of this taping or or the

time of people listening to this of

course you know tomorrow or whatever

tonight is is not up to date exactly but

I I I just want to talk about what has

been happening we don’t know what we’re

doing we didn’t plan it I asked Perry to

come and conclude a series on signs of

the times we were we were going to focus

100% on Prophecy for one month the Lord

clearly told me to do this I’ve never

done it in all my years of pastoring um

and this is important because I am not I

I’ve never considered myself um a

prophecy type preacher or teacher I know

enough about it I certainly believe in

the in the in the Rapture and the second

coming of Jesus Christ I believe in all

of it I I have studied it I have

preached it in pieces here and there but

I felt something earlier this year shift

in me to say you as a pastor are failing

your congregation if you do not get into

this and at least show them this is what

we know for sure according to the

scripture about prophecy not not uh um

guessing not man’s opinion here and

there but this these are the things that

are that have already been fulfilled in

Prophecy and these are the things that

remain for example There are 16 major

prophecies concerning the nation of

Israel from the Old Testament I mean all

the way to Matthew 24 where Jesus

himself started prophesying about the

nation of

Israel There are 16 major ones and

that’s that’s any Theologian would tell

you that anyone can show you those exact

ones uh you know a nation will be born

in a day Isaiah 66 and and and it’s just

reaffirmed over and over and over and

over and then when you understand that

13 out of

16 have been fulfilled just like the


said that 13 out of 16 of those

prophecies have happened and there are

only three that are left that that that

can happen I would say that’s what 80

87% accuracy and when or something like

that about as good as it gets for Our

Generation to say and and and preacher

and preachers sound silly almost to get

up and when you see Israel in the

headlines like we’re seeing when you see

Hamas attack the nation of Israel and

you’re silent or you’re wishy-washy or

you’re unsure where you need to stand as

a congregation and you don’t your people

are ignorant scripturally yeah they

don’t especially the young people

especially well if you preach that

you’re going to lose people that’s

political no sir is biblical yeah and so

so I’m trying to I’m trying to get to

you so so here we are I felt this

stirring yeah about prophecy and you

know me I’ve joked with Perry I said you

know when I want prophecy this is the

guy I call come hold come have a come

and preach or something yeah yeah

because well let me tell you something

interesting uh there’s different typ of

churches Now in America especially with

the first generation pastors you and I

have a great heritage I’m not sure about

the brother first generation so Jensen

and I had a father I had a father and a

grandfather so when you have that

Heritage they place in you the seed very

early so good so that seed doesn’t get

away from you the first generation

ministers have to get the seed placed in

them but here’s the question who is plac

is why we do this because for 20 years

and you don’t know this I want to frame

it so you know who you’re talking to for

20 years every Saturday he’s picked up

the phone and talked to me and I’ve

always gravitated towards older

ministers and the reason I’ve always

gravitated towards because I lack the

the root system I don’t have that I

don’t have it and so I covet it when I

hear y’all stories about all that

because you know again have your own

stories now brother you know that’s the

great I have kids in Ministry I have

grand so but but we want to what we

wanted to do is take these conversations

I have with him


somehow let another generation that’s

right we didn’t I didn’t want to lose it

and so that’s what this is about so what

you’re saying yeah is so important for

us and so there is a generation of first

generation ministers who are not

emphasizing it and I want to tell you a

call I received this would be considered

a u you know there’s different types of

churches this church would consider

itself a secret sensitive congregation

had a young pastor but the pastor came

up under my Ministry in big Revival for

four years he was a student at a

university and went and I I preached his

very first Revival when he had 200

members he went to 15,000 members so he

called me one day he said per can I talk

to you I said absolutely he said for the

first time in my life I have a concern

he said I’m going to explain my concern

to you he said when I was reading

Revelation 13 the other day about

there’s a mark and a name and a number

yes can’t buy or sell without the mark

in the name of the number he said I

realized suddenly that you taught us

that when you were a young minister in

the 90s and I had that inbred in my

spirit and he said I know that’s true

but he said the younger generation is so

techsavvy they love every device they

love every app I I’m afraid my entire

church of Millennials would think that

the mark of the beast is the coolest

thing let’s say it’s a chip and you can

open a door you can open your car it’s

got your medical information they would

take it and not realize what the

biblical consequence are and this pastor

was so

stirred that he said and he said this I

think ministers such as myself are

failing the millennial generation we’re

afraid to preach about it because that

it brings fear we’re afraid that I had

one Pastor tell me he had U 20,000

members and we were in a car talking

prophecy till 3 in the morning he’s a

dear friend he’s retired now and he said

Perry I want to tell you something and

and I’m saying this for a reason I want

to make a point here he said I know

ministers who love to watch you on TV

they love your teaching but they they

will not have you at their church and I

said why he said because of the prophecy

aspect and I said no now explain you G

have to explain that to me he said there

are men that think that if you were to

come in and preach prophecy one it would

scare some of the new people two that

people would start taking their money to

prepare for what could happen instead of

giving to the church and Jensen here’s

what I want to tell those ministers who

are watching watching we have a

prophetic Summit every year and the

largest offerings received by the

ministry all year or at the summit and

here’s why when people understand that

there is a time of the end there’s good

and bad happening Revival is the good

part some of the signs are

negative but when you understand that

the Lord’s coming and I don’t take

nothing with me then what do you start

doing you start investing in Souls

because you’ll take nothing with you but

the people you win nothing goes to

heaven with you except you you yourself

you follow the lord and the people

you’ll help win through a Ministry or

through a church so what I’ve discovered

is people who are strong in Prophecy are

givers because they don’t want to leave

it here they know that when they pass

away or the Lord comes they don’t take

it with them and I have I I see older

people now that are leaving in their

will the Church Ministries in their

entire will and and that’s and that’s

prophecy in Matthew 24 and when this

gospel shall be preached Jesus said this

the whole chapter 24 is nothing but a

prophecy sermon from Jesus Jesus

preached on Prophecy and

25 that there it’s all the same thing

absolutely Absolut continues it and and

when this gospel is preached into all

the world then the end will come so that

is what how shall they go unless they be

sent and how shall they send unless you

send them exactly see everybody watching

you most of you may be ministers but

your people in the congregation work

jobs or secular jobs are retired and

they can’t go more they can take a

mission trip every now and then or

something like that so that’s why that’s

why the emphasis I tell people that you

know when when when people receive an

offering so many people have had

misunderstandings about giving to

churches or Ministries but we need to

begin to teach our people of what we are

doing with what they have I had a man

tell me one time he was going to give a

million dollars to a Ministry and he

said my biggest concern about being a

businessman that gives is number one I

want to know that I’m giving to

something that’s doing something it

doesn’t just say it there there’s

something happening and now number two I

want to know it’s going for what I give

it for and pastors it’s very important

that when you receive a tithe and

offering which we do most churches do

every Sunday or whenever that you let

the people know hey by the way we have

this Outreach going by the way just so

you’ll know we fed X number of people by

the way you know we just sent some M to

a Ministry in Israel because people are

are seed need or deed given and and seed

is the understanding that I am planting

a seed that will bring a harvest in

other people’s life and my life a deed

is okay we’re supporting a Ministry in

Israel we’re supporting a rehab we are

supporting a feeding Center those there

are people in the church that they want

to give and they’ll give substantially

if there’s Deeds being done of which

they know results come through the deeds

and the third is the need there are

people that sow a seed with a personal

need knowing the scripture and the

promises that if I will do something for

others God will bring it back to me and

meet my need and the scripture is my God

shall supply all your need according to

his riches and Glory by Christ Jesus and

of course if you read that in

Philippians Paul was talking about

coinonia fellowshipping with him in the

gospel I want you to go back ministers

and look at that go to Philippians

chapter 4 actually talks about Co Andia

four five times in Philippians and he

says you have fellowshipped with me in

the gospel and now God shall supply all

your need sometimes we take that

scripture by itself and just say you

know folks God’s going to supply our

need but take the context Paul is saying

because you have helped me get the

gospel now God is going to provide all

your need that’s something that should

be taught to your people but going back

to prophecy

uh one of the reasons that ministers

stay away from it is for example if uh

I’ve told Jensen this that one of my

biggest audience is Baptist and

Catholics okay now in in the Baptist

Churches most of them because of the

skull field Bible are pre-trib most of

them but a lot of people are leaning

mid-trip and I have a lot of uh younger

ministers in connected to me that they

actually are post-trip now and so a lot

of people stay away from it because they

say okay if I preach this in my church

and I’m talking pre-trip and everybody’s

mid and post then I’m going to cause

division well what I do when I preach it

is I say I realize that some of you

don’t believe this let me show you why I

believe this so I try very much not to

attack anybody else’s belief and I’m not

going to get up and say I know there’s

some of you out there but you’re done

you know you don’t do that you prove

what you believe by taking the scripture

and then say you take it take There It

Is I’ve laid it out now you have to and

and the point the point that that I want

to make to pastors and to to church

leaders is you don’t have to understand

every detail of everything about

prophecy but what I learned is this I

learned this big one and and I don’t

know I’ve heard this I’ve noticed it I

marked it up in my Bible recently the

Lord led me to read the book of

Revelation in a day and he said read it

again i’ I’ve read it I’ve read it but I

said but the Lord said read the whole

book in an Unbroken session it took me

about two and a half hours and because I

took my time and read it and tried to

just I read every side note that I had

on it or anything that I had in my in

the Bible that I was studying a study

Bible this verse got me though verse

three of Revelation one blessed is He

who reads and those who hear the words

of this book of Prophecy and keeps those

those things which are written in it for

the time is near that text says all you

have to do to be blessed when you

recognize that you’re seeing signs of

the times happen right before your eyes

he said blessed is He who reads and

those who hear the words if I’m not

preaching the words of Prophecy from

this book

congregation be blessed in a time when

the world is trembling in fear the only

book of the New Testament that says read

it and this will bless you a guaranteed

blessing yeah on every Ministry yes and

every person every believer who and and

you know I don’t understand a lot of it

but but when I started diving into it

more and more and you know I I’ve

challenged you for years you should

write a a prophecy book called prophecy

101 for dummies like me well you’re not

you’re not a dumm I’m not a dummy but

but you know it’s like uh but now and

and this this is the thing you’ve been

preaching this stuff for 30 years and I

used and I would tell you that’s that’s

too far from me those W that’s that’s

that’s a little and we talk like that

that’s nutty to me I don’t know about

that one Don’t Preach that when you come

preach for me I don’t I don’t get it

tell you that sometimes which is fine

with me I’m I’m in your house you know

but but but I have lived long enough to

see uh the preachers of bygone days in

my generation that I came up under would

be screaming to the top of their

lungs when we look at what’s happening

in Israel with Hamas and now even the

nations of the world in the streets of

New York City protesters uh people being

beaten people because they’re Jewish

breaking in airports going to a Jewish

plane in Russia that just happened

yesterday I mean all of this is for told

it’s not it’s not even it’s not even

it’s not even debatable it is it’s the

spirit of antichrist because the

Antichrist is Antichrist and

anti-semitic he hates the Jews anti

Israel he hates Israel and he hates the

bible let me give you let me give the

pastors a nugget here Christians too

yeah oh yeah let me tell let let me tell

you two or three nuggets about the Book

of Revelation that’ll change the whole

understanding of it right why does John

say this is a revelation of Jesus Christ

but he only mentions Jesus in the early

chapter chapters and then in Revelation

19 is king of kings and Lord of lords

everything else is kind of an Angel

stood at the altar offering incense well

only the high priest could do that I saw

in the hand of him that a sickle in the

son of man’s hand it’s almost like he

doesn’t say a lot about Jesus Through

the book but he says this is the

testimony of Jesus I said Lord would you

explain that he said I’m going to show

it to you he said Jesus is a

prophet a priest and a king the three

position positions of the Old Testament

in on Earth he was called a prophet and

he even said you say you say a prophet

has no honor in his own country he said

that they called him what have you come

to see they called him a prophet right

that’s right but that was on Earth what

is he now now we’re talking about 1900

years he is the high priest in heaven

the high priest of the profession or

faith he is now in a Priestly position

in chapter one of Revelation that white

robe with a gold garment is him as

priest because the put on linen garments

to go into Ministry standing at the

right hand but wait a minute in

Revelation 19 he’s no longer priest he’s

King because he’s after the order of mzc

mzc was a king and a priest or a priest

first and a king king of Jerusalem okay

now check this out the Book of

Revelation is the picture and the

imagery of how Jesus is moving from

priest to a

King and he starts by breaking a seven

sealed book which is the will of God on

Earth which is the will of God as he

breaks the seals he is now moving from

Priestly Ministry to where he is going

to be the king of kings so the Book of

Revelation shows you how Jesus starts

taking over the kingdoms of the world

because it says in chapter 11 the

kingdoms of the world have now become

the kingdoms of our god really

theologically that’s in the middle of

the tribulation and then watch this

verse in Revelation 17 it’s the 10 Kings

who are with the Antichrist it says this

but God put it in their heart to fulfill

his will whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

that’ll blow things out I mean here’s

the Antichrist with these 10 kings that

have given their Nations over to him but

God has put it in the heart of those

kings to fulfill his will in the setting

they are destroying mystery Babylon on

Earth so it it can get complicated yes

but when you understand number one that

the big the big thing there is Jesus is

priest chapter 1 he’s King in chapter 19

and everything in between is revealing

how he in heaven is orchestrating the

judgments to bring the Earth under his

subjection so that when he comes back he

binds Satan and he takes over the Earth

Hallelujah is’t that great and it’s so

exciting and yeah when you really study

now you study it from that perspective

just think priest to King priest to King

and here’s the second thing I want to

tell you tell you real quick is the

festivals of Israel yeah are concealed

there yeah for example when there’s a

multitude waving palm branches that

happens at the Feast of

Tabernacles when he is introduced as the

lamb that’s a Passover image and I don’t

have time to go you know we could do a

session for 101 for pastor seriously and

then when you see when you see this that

all of a sudden and it’s all over the

book I mean you see Passover you can

even see Pentecost you can see

Tabernacles with the imagery of of

what’s happening at the Throne of God I

mean it is just crazy you see the day of

atonement one of the greatest sermons

I’ve ever heard you preach and I’ve

heard you preach and people only know

you for prophecy mostly that’s true but

you preach one during this revival on

the temple in heaven it’s called the

Temple of the Tabernacle of the

testimony it’s one verse in Revelation

it’s un it is unreal and you got the

short version I told I like the short

you I know you Pam likes the short

vers wife because it’s just it’s easier

to understand you can give an overload

I’ve learned this and Jensen you you

guys like you helped me okay that you

only have so much information that a

human can absolutely uh not just hear

but receive and and and hold it at a

certain time and I used to try to just

put you know this I’d say give me an

hour an hour and five and it was

scripture after scripture and verse

after verse and people out there like

Mabel did you get that I lost him five

minutes ago and you know I was almost

proud that I was losing them praise God

I I gave you know and I don’t mean that

in a bad way but I I don’t mean proud

but I was like well you know bless God

they need to study the word more and now

you’ve taught me this and my wife used

to say Perry I’m telling you she said

this you need to preach more like Jensen

I said well I think I preach like him

we’re both they all tell us in other

words she’s saying be real simple no she

said I can understand everything he said

can I tell you this you help

and then I realized Joel o Joel oin very

basic and he’s got 30,000 people and

they all are taking notes and

understanding and the Lord spoke to me

he said now there comes a time to take

the Saints and teach them really deep

but when you’re preaching in the pit

with a Revival this is great You’ got to

you’ve got to keep you keep it where

everybody can understand important for

for the people who listen to this

podcast because there’s a lot of

communicators and what you have been

doing in this re Revival I’ve never seen

you do you preach maximum 40 minutes

maximum You Preach Sunday morning 20

minutes I’ve never that’s a miracle of

God it is trust me but it was so on it

was I saw I I can’t even talk about it

I’ll get messed up I’ll get

emotional I you know a pastor loves his

flock yes sir a pastor rejoices when he

sees Revival true Revival I’m not

talking about uh people coming from all

over here and there when you and that’s

wonderful and and it’s and it’s starting

to happen but that our our our motive

was so pure in this when we started

Sunday a week ago uh it you were

supposed to come in at 5:00 which we

don’t have Sunday night service so I

said but I’m going to I want you to come

in and close the prophecy series 5:00

p.m I think the people will be ready and

and you’re popular with our congregation

because of the relationship we’ve had

for years praise God but but we knew

something was stirring we’ve been

praying once a month for over a year and

doing nothing but praying one Sunday a

month and it was the seed bed for oh and

you come in and you preach that night

the house was packed packed overflow

yeah and the presence of God filled that

R you preached on Prophecy but it was a

different as you always do a Different

Twist so anointed so uh revelatory that

every person especially listen to me

pastors especially

teenagers I don’t know why a gray-headed

preacher who’s 64 yes and another

preacher who’s

61 uh are still having an influence on

young people and young

preachers but Jes what I have seen the

last week has shaken me to the core and

reminded me of the influence that Godly

men and spiritual fathers had on my life

including my

father Jesus and Paul said you have not

many fathers you got a lot of

instructors a lot of them they’re great

they’re they’re much they’re much better

uh professionals and and amazing

communicators and we honor them we need

them I love that the game has been taken

up a lack of you know the communication

skills the the presentation I’m all for

that I get that I I honor anyone who’s

spreading the gospel sir man we need

them all on our team but there is

something that is happening right now

it’s not coming it’s here right now I

feel such an

urgency about uh where we are in

Ministry to Father uh a generation and

and what I saw last night Sunday night

oh my this is one week later after the

Revival when we’re taping this and we

have had on the campus so help me God

I’m not I don’t need to fluff it I don’t

I don’t have any desire to at this point

in my life I could care less about that

there were over

5,000 people by act 5200 and something

was the actual count on the campus and

cars turned away we could not get the

cars into the parking lot but it’s not

about that it’s about what happens every

night in the altar call yes sir yes sir

and we and it’s not like it’s we don’t

know it’s sometimes it’s just stand back

and let people come if they want to come

and they fall to their knees by the

hundreds all the way down and mostly

young people entire football teams

entire sections that we the the the

older people like me cannot even get to

the altar I can’t even pray for there

it’s hitting like fire in I’ve been I

pastored in this same city for 33 plus

years and I I have never seen anything

like this my wife was walking down the

street and downtown going to eat with a

friend and they were waiting there for a

minute and she sees three business

people the courthous is right there and

so they look like attorneys and dressed

and you know in suits and all that four

of them actually and they’re sitting at

a table and they said I don’t know

what’s going on over she’s oh she’s EAS

dropping and they’re talking about the

Revival and they said but something one

of them spoke up and said I have never

seen anything like it I’ve never heard

anything like it they’re talking about

uh prophecy they’re talking about the

coming of the lord they’re talking about

and young people my kids are going over

there kids are going over there they’re

getting saved they’re getting they’re

getting changed all they want to talk

about is

church this is what’s got to happen this

is we’re not here to be a bunch of

professional preachers we’re here to to

say to a generation come to Jesus and

come now and we owe it to him because

last night I looked at all those young

people on the platform what 300 probably

on the platform we had to put them up

around we had to put them on the

platform and I said to them they sat on

their butts for for 40 minutes and

didn’t move no they were captivated by

the word of God and the anointing of the

Holy Spirit not one of them move not one

I I watched them I thought well this

this could you know young people you

just never know not one of them went to

their phone not one of them ever broke

their gaze not one of them began and as

soon as the alter call wasam they were

not only them but from

every portion of our property here at at

the church they young people poured in

and they stayed for they would have

stayed for hours they we kind of

concluded about an hour later and it was

nothing but worship and crying out to

God I’ve never seen let me say something

I told the young people and this is why

pastors need to they need this is what

they the kids need to know I said do you

know why you’re and I looked at them and

I saidou

generation they have gender

confusion they have same-sex relations

they have uh pornography I mean just

almost like teen pornography I’m going

to tell you why you’re being fought you

are the only generation since the

resurrection of Jesus that has a promise

on it because God said I in the last

days afterwards I preached it in Joel I

will pour out my spirit on All Flesh

Sons and Daughters of prophesy I said

Satan is trying to stop your voice yes

and I’m telling you the kids got it

didn’t prophecy is speaking it’s

speaking and I’m telling you they all

got it it was like they looked at each

other yeah and said God that’s it yeah I

mean there’re be the enemy has done

everything he can to corrupt a

generation man and our government backs

it and cities back it and yet they they

know there’s something more than what

they’re having and once God breaks

through to them and once God breaks

through to their heart pastors go with

it don’t be afraid of it yes and you

know every Revival and I’m a pastor so

you know I There’s No Nonsense there’s

no silliness there’s no weird let’s just

call it fanaticism there’s no fanaticism

I don’t allow that that’s not and I

don’t either not in a Revival that kill

a Revival faster than anything it’s just

crazy people sh coming up being crazy

and I’ll sit down stay we stay in the

spirit this is God we and it’s God now I

believe the reason that this revival has

broken out has to do with the timing of

what’s happening with Israel I want to

read this and I want you to I want you

to explain to people you just said

they’re the generation we’ve all heard

that well this last days and this is a

generation going but but why is this

generation different Jesus said in

Matthew 24:32 now learn the parable from

the fig tree that when you begin to see

the Fig Tree put forth leaves you know

that summer is near so you also when you

see all these things know that it is

near at the door yes yes what and then

he goes into the coming of the Lord he

talks about uh as the day and the hour

no man knows but as it was in the days

of Noah he starts giving and he talks

about one would be in the field one

would be taken one would be left behind

okay now I’m I’m going to give the

ministers watching one of the greatest

Revelations you’ll ever hear and I’m

serious preach this Sunday because

everybody’s looked at that what is the

parable of the Fig Tree yes so whenever

the parable the Fig whenever the fig


blossoms Summer’s near and the comings

near so I said okay Lord what’s the

parable and I went to my gu Gideon Shore

in Israel on a Hol land trip I said


Jesus talked about the parable of a fig

tree but he never explained the parable

now think about

it he explains the wheat and tear he

every other Parable he gives you a

little bit of an explanation right the

Kingdom of Heaven is like but he just

talks about Parable as though they knew

what he was talking about and I he he

said well there are several Parables of

the Fig Tree and I said where he said

really in the Old Testament I didn’t

know that he says it is not this one he

goes to judges where there’s a fig Tre

Parable it’s not that one he shows me

two oh he says I know which one is Song


Solomon okay now we could read this but

in Song of Solomon and I want to say

chapter two and I hope I’m not wrong I’m

a little dyslexic with numbers Jensen

knows that okay he says in Song of

Solomon he talks about you know what can

we just go to Song of Solomon to I need

to read this because this will blow your

mind because it reveals to you when the

Lord’s coming he reveals to you what the

sign will be when the Lord comes so

pastors if you’re taking notes and I

hope I’m right because I’m trying to go

from memory here but just go with it and

we’ll find it okay in the Song of

Solomon he talks about the Fig Tree all

right okay here we go let’s see

um ah okay and the king I love the King

James train are you are you in the King

James translation with that uh no I’m in

the living message I can I I can go with

the way it says all right in in Song of

Solomon Chapter 2 um listen my beloved

looked here he comes The King The King

James says my beloved I hear his voice

he’s leaping on the mountains and

skipping on the Hills so in other words

we see that the Beloved is look here he

comes leaping across the mountains

bounding over the hill he’s like a

gazelle there he stands behind our wall

gazing from the windows my beloved

spoken said arise my darling my

beautiful one come with me the King

James says arise and come

away it mentions about the Beloved

skipping on the Hills that when the Lord

returns we’ll be caught up to him in the

air and it will be in the realm of the

mountains this is the coming of the Lord

verse the Beloved right then twice

Jensen he says uh Arise My Fair one and

come away you know why because there’s a

resurrection for the dead then there’s a

catching away of the living he mentions

coming up coming twice arise and come

away and here’s yeah oh look at this my

my my my my Lord here we go rise up my

fair one and come away that’s verse 13

then he

says uh uh here we go here we

go he says come away twice verse 10

verse 13 for Lo the Winter’s passed the

rain is over and gone the flowers appear

on the earth the time of the sing is

come the voice of the turtle dove is

heard in our land the Fig Tree puts

forth her green leaves

the fig tree has always been connected

to Israel because one of The Parables

shows Israel is the Fig we know that and

that’s how it’s been preached but let me

tell something else about the Fig Tree

the Fig Tree is the first tree to

produce fruit when you know summer’s

coming and that’s why Jesus used it but

the point here is Winter’s over and the

rain is done Jesus comes at the end of

the last

outpouring there it is the last days the

last pour my spirit look at that comes

at the end it’s all over me my God I

feel that and that’s that’s why we’re

that’s why we’re keying up on Sons and

Daughters pastors that’s why you got to

key up on Sons and Daughters there God

is coming to them this is going to be

I’m telling you and this is going to be

common place the prodal are coming home

too yes sir we see that but can you see

where it says now the rain is over of

God the time of the fig tree has come so

it’s connected not only to Israel it’s

connected to to the Rain being over and

when the outpouring is globally done it

hadn’t hit yet Jensen we think we’ve

seen it no we haven’t it’s about to hit

all over the world and when that happens

it’s over and done then he says Arise My

Love let’s go away that’s the Rapture

that’s First Corinthians 15 in the

moment in the twinkling of an eye yeah a

sound of the last Trump Paul said oh my

goodness first Thessalonians 4 and

astoundingly after Jesus preaches in

Matthew 24 about prophecy then you go

into Matthew 25 and the first thing he

says is the parable of the 10 virgins

five wise you said something powerful

last night about that you want me to

mention it yeah the that during during

when you look at the five wise and five

foolish they were all sleeping it it

says they all slept they all knew he was

coming but they were all asleep there

were 10 of them during Co they limited

the church to 10 people

right right Tennessee you can only have

10 I’m thinking why not seven why not

eight what’s the deal with 10 and then I

realized something that when lot’s in

lot’s day when you read who went in

Abraham said to God if you find 10 will

you spare the city and God said I’ll

spare it for 10 and that’s how many went

in with lot’s family was 10 so now we

have a government days of lot as it was

in the days of lot as it was in the days

of no we’re seeing the government say

you can only have 10

but see 10 is all God needed to spare

the city so they cut us down to 10 but

all God knew if I can get 10 people in

every Church in America to intercede for

America I will not let Co destroy the

nation and I’ll not let it take the

world so there’s the 10 but in the

parable of the 10 virgins watch what I’m

going to show you five were wise they

had extra oil and they went into the

wedding five were foolish and so they

had to go out looking for oil in other

words their mind was not focused on the

bridegroom now it was focused on life

and the cares of life and their need you

with me in other words it wasn’t focused

on the bridegroom coming we have to go

have oil we got to have some oil wait a

minute the brid Grom is coming what are

you focused on stuff in the world for so

watch this during coid the statistic was

that after Co ended 50% of the church

now remember if there’s 10 virgins

that’s 100% that’s all 10 but if five

are missing it’s only 50% 50% of the

church people never returned to church I

still meet people on our Tuesday night

service at Omega Center International

who say to Pam we’ll see them in town

where y’all been oh we love y’all now we

want you to know we love y’all and we

watch every Tuesday night you live in

town why well and this is what they said

we got out of going to church during Co

I guess we got lazy come on are you you

just admitted you’re lukewarm and I’m

thinking to myself Jesus is going you

know because you are not doing you’re

doing the very thing These Foolish

virgins did so Pastor preach that and

let your people know the only don’t be

foolish the only reason that I could see

that Jesus told that Parable the only

reason was to raise the point that it is

possible to think that you are ready for

the Rapture the bride behold the

bridegroom come it’s possible to think

you’re ready because they went to sleep

thinking they were ready they knew he

was coming and not in reality be ready

and when he came the five that were

connected with him looking for him went

but the five that were distracted we

could say it with cares of Life

deceitfulness of riches and lust of

other things that’s why Jesus said watch

as well as pray because if you don’t

watch you’ll be outside the church doing

your thing every Sunday and miss that

Revival just wakes the whole church up

you know we are a busy Ministry we have

worldwide outreaches we have B Bible

College we have school of discipleship

we have Christmas programs we have uh

good Lord every day just on and on and

campuses and this ministry we’re

starting and this thing we’re doing and

every once in a while you need a Divine

Interruption it’s not anything wrong

with all of those they’re anointed and

blessed Ministries but then comes those

Awakening moments

the Holy Spirit shows up and Pastor I

don’t care if you’re Baptist if you’re

Methodist if you’re Presbyterian if

you’re independent I don’t care who you

are I know you love Jesus or you

wouldn’t even be listening to this

podcast and something in your heart as

The Shepherd of that flock

says if you will say it starts with you

if you will say Lord I’m open I don’t

want I don’t want sensationalism I don’t

want fanaticism I don’t want but dear

God I didn’t get in this to be a

professional I didn’t get in this for a

career I didn’t get in this to just hold

the fort and and and I’m open to a

mighty move of God I’m open to the Holy

Spirit pouring out on my congregation

until the people they allil the the

lamps have oil in their lamps the fire

is burning again I conclude with this

but you know that that that relay race

uh that I was talking with you at dinner

the other night about the torch uh the

Olympics you see them with the torch

they started that goes back to the Greek

first Olympics and the whole point of it

was they had something called the torch

race and it simply was this it wasn’t

the fastest person who made it across

the line is you had to keep the torch

burning if your L if your torch went out

and you were first to the Finish line

you didn’t win it’s only those who kept

fire in their torch that won and I want

to say Jesus said keep your lamps

burning yeah your lamps he said he that

endures to the end means you got to keep

the fire in your torch you don’t lose

that because now I know whenever God’s

through with this series of

meetings um something has happened to

our whole congregation that everybody’s

alert again everybody

bural for

God our worship it’s unbelievable our

worship honestly we could just do

nothing it’s like heaven I promise you

you get there and I yearn for that in

every Church listening everybody in the

buildings worshiping yes that’s a key it

because you’re creating the atmosphere

for the unsafe people the most unusual

things are happening and you hear it

it’s like I wish you had time you got to

get out of here so you can go study and

prepare for tonight but but um would you

pray Perry for Revival amen I sure will

for the spirit of the Lord whever God

leads you Lord I Thank you for the those

who are watching this and they’re

watching it not by coincidence I believe

that I know some of these individuals

God I met them they’re hungry for the

Revival but they don’t see anything

happening they don’t maybe see an

interest in their people they see a

lethargy they see some lukewarmness I

want you to give them messages Lord from

God that have such power and such

anointing that the hearts of the people

get stirred I want you to send a

sovereign move of the spirit to every

hungry Pastor in every Hungry Church

Sovereign some we didn’t you can’t work

this up God but you can pray it down and

so Pastor there’s never been anything

that you’ll ever go through that you God

and your prayers can’t change so start

seeking God call prayer meetings if it’s

only three or four people show up that’s

great praise the Lord in Jesus name and

I’ll say one more thing my dad was

converted in a Revival that went on

three and a half years in two churches

in West Virginia you know how it started

five retired preachers and two older

women prayed six months for five times a

five times a week and all they said was

send Revival to the Cal fields and a

woman preacher started a Revival that

lasted three and a half years 70 men got

saved and called to preach out of that

Ministry W Coffield Revival you never

hear about that one it’s a big one

though powerful hallelujah thank you

guys thank you for for being spiritual

father thank you guys spiritual father

I’m blessed to just be with some men of

God I’m just telling you this is this is

my This Is My Tribe right here amen and

it’s it is true that like you said there

are few fathers you know and many

teachers but few fathers and we we we do

need this we have to have it um I was on

the way here I know I’m closing and

people probably already checked out but

on the way here I was thinking in my

mind that the the awkward feeling I have

coming into things like this because

I’ve never had somebody in my life where

I would be lost if they weren’t there

you know there the sense of like I would

be lost you know and I we need you guys

because I would be lost Jesus with

without you guys doing what you’re doing

and and and we need you and we need

Revival I love that scripture in Psalms

that says revive me that’s where it

starts then revive us and then revive

thine work so thank you for thank you

thank you for carrying the and those

like you there is generation of mighty

mighty the greatest pastors the world

has ever seen MH and and you are a

perfect example of a balance because you

you talk about a strategist you talk

about a Visionary you talk about a an

anointed and capable preacher powerful

powerful having services like you

wouldn’t believe Soul winning

Illustrated sermons Etc but also so you


um never losing that hunger to learn

more about the move of the the Holy

Spirit movings and and openness to God

so this which is maybe what we can do

next because I really that’s what I was

was hoping to do is kind of get into you

guys grew up in these yes rev so people

like me that I’ve never even seen it I I

don’t even know what you need to come

back and do another podcast some of stff

I wish we had a microphone at every meal

that we share the conversations no

sometimes we couldn’t eat because we’re

talking about the things God showed you

or things your dad told you and my dad

told me yeah and one you know just um

that’s what we’ll do at a round table

yeah we’ll get a little fire let’s do it

and let you tell all St we do that we’re

going to talk about it next time um soon

hey love you Perry thank you thanks you

guys uh subscribe like uh message us

message Us in some way or another uh

look forward to see you next

time thank you for joining us for

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