This is “The Power of We”. There is great power in unity. When the focus ceases to be on me and becomes about we, God comes through in amazing ways. In this message with Jentezen Franklin, learn how the Lord is attracted to unity and the commanded blessing awaiting those who understand the power of working together.

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Connection we ought to get rowdy every

once in a while we ought to come

together and with loud praise raise the

roof and give Jesus gold more than noise

fair god commands a bliss



I’m preaching this morning from Psalms

133 behold how good and how pleasant it

is for people to dwell together you know

you can dwell and not be together but to

dwell together marriage and family in

church on your job dwell together in

unity the last prayer Jesus prayed in

John 17 he prayed he prayed it five

times in one chapter the same prayer

requests making them one make them one

make them one unity is a big deal if the

devil can divide us he can conquer us

and then it says in verse two of the

precious oil upon the head running down

the beard the beard of Aaron running

down the edge of the garments he’s

saying the anointing is attracted to

unity and then he says something

profound it descended upon the mountains

of Zion for the Lord for their for their

the LORD commanded the blessing life

forevermore God said I will command

anointing and blessing on any people who

were unite together dwell together in


no wonder the enemy wants to divide our

families our homes their lives no wonder

he won’t suspend in fighting with one

another because there is a commanded

blessing upon the house the family the

people who dwell together in unity the

listeners great verse in in Joshua 24

and verse 15 but as for me and my house

here it is


so we go right over there as for me and

my me and my house we will serve the

Lord I want to talk to you about the

power of weed when it ceases to be about

me and my and it becomes about we then

there is a commanded blessing on your

house when your marriage is about more

than me and mine and it becomes we there

is a blessing when your business has

unity and it’s not about me in mine but

it’s about we we care for other people

God says I will bless that he would

transfer a blessing when we transfer the

shift and the focus off of me in my own

two week we’re so self-centered we only

think of ourselves but today I’m

preaching about the power of we I’m

preaching about the fact that Numbers

chapter 11 and verse 17 God said Moses

this is not a one-man show I’m going to

take of the spirit that’s on you and I’m

going to put it on the 70 elders because

it’s not about me and my it’s about

wheat I don’t want my church to be built

on one man I want it to be about we’re

in this together and I need you and you

need me and together we are a force that

Hale cannot stop the hill cannot defeat

it’s not about me it’s not about my it’s

about we in Matthew chapter 6 Jesus said

in the ninth verse pray this way our

Father not my father I’m not praying for

me but he said the way that you begin

prayer is praying our it’s about we it’s

not about me and mine that’s the hour of

power not H oh you are but oh you are

when you begin to pray for others when

you begin to pray

your husband your wife your children

your fellow friends in the church and in

your family when you begin to pray for

others God says pray one for another

that you may be healed and so the most

powerful prayer is when we pray our

Father Peter and John went up to the

temple together at the hour of prayer

and performed a miracle where the lame

man was begging but they were together

and they went to pray when you

understand how important it is to not be

that person who’s about me and mine as

for me and my all I care about is me and

mine but you begin to understand it’s

about we and the real strategy of Hell

has never changed

divide and conquer just break things up

to where it’s all about me and mind and

forget about we and there that blessing

is with drone the anointing is with

drone because the power of unity is one

of that’s why jesus said five times in

the last prayer meeting he would ever

have on planet earth and he’s

interceding in heaven but he his last

prayer requests was father make them one

do you understand that

it’s a unified response to the moving of

the spirit that God looks for we must be

more than me and I must become a weed we

sing a song forget about yourself and

concentrate on him and worship Him

so forget about yourself

and concentrate on him and worship him

so forget about yourself me my me my

concentrate on him and worship him

Christ the Lord worship Him Christ the


not you


you know why Ananias and Sapphira drop

dead in the New Testament church in the

book of Acts the sixth chapter ain’t

give them an e that’s not it

nobody was taking up an offering there

was a move of God nobody got up and said

bring offerings nobody said it but the

people when the spirit started moving

the people started bringing selling

things that they had and bringing and

giving to expand the gospel and the

Bible said Ananias and Sapphira didn’t

flow with what God was doing and even

though grace was a baby God said I’m

gonna interrupt grace while it’s still

in the infant stage and I’m gonna reach

back into judgment and I’m gonna kill me

to new testament members who refuse to

get involved in what I’m doing in my

church do you need me take another offer

in that something in that something you

think participation matters

that’s not Old Testament that’s New

Testament there’s something called the

20/80 rule the 20/80 rule says that 20%

of the people in a church participate

they participate in worship they

participate in serving they participate

in the vision they participate in giving

they participate in lifting of hands and

clapping of hands basically 20% of any

church according to church you know

specialists who study church growth 20%

of the people who attend to church

participate 80% spectate what if we

could reverse that in this church and we

could get 80 percent to participate wait

a minute and the 20% is for the heathens

who are lost and they just come into our

world and our atmosphere so fired up

that that 9 out of 10 people are our 8

out of 10 people on the pew are just

going after God with all their heart

they’re like what is wrong with me

at the Last Supper jesus said to his

disciples one of you will betray thee

and all love them look at it all of them

the Bible said all of them said Lord is

it I so many people come to church and

when they hear sermons they think it’s

for everybody around them who preach it

she needs it he needs it boy I’m so glad

they came I saw him in the lobby it’s

exactly what they need but notice the

proper response is Lord is it I these

are disciples they wrote the Bible y’all

and they’re askin is it I we come to

church and act like everybody needs to

really do something except me but maybe

you ought to leave here this morning

saying Lord maybe you ought to sit there

this morning while I’m preaching and say

Lord is it I am I sitting up here like a

bullfrog in a service acting like I

don’t need to praise you I don’t need to

participate I don’t need to get in your

presence I’m not thankful for all you

did for me on the cross I’m not mad I’m

just happy just preaching the truth turn

to somebody say Lord is it I your leaf

Church asking that sometimes not talking

about Boyd they really needed it Acts

chapter 2 and verse 1 when the day of

Pentecost had fully come they were all

there’s 120 of them up there and they

were all with one Accord look at that in

one place all in one Accord in one place

and that was before they received the

baptism in the Holy Spirit how much more

those of us who’ve been filled with the

spirit aren’t we to be in one Accord in

one place altogether praising and

magnifying God if we claim that we’ve

received the fullness of what they

received in the upper room and that was

before they had received it and then the

Bible said there came a sound from

heaven like a mighty rushing wind

the place where they were sitting they

were all they were all filled with the

Holy Ghost and they all begin to pray in

the spirit what are you saying I’m

saying that it was something about all

in one Accord in one place that God

commanded the blessing flow to that

people when they got rid of the division

when they got rid of the me and mine and

it became we the reason God can’t bless

you like he wants to bless you it’s when

you say me and my is more important than

we one of the biggest prayers we ought

to pray is unify us the Bible said on

the day of Pentecost after they were

filled with the Holy Spirit and came out

of the upper room they went into the

streets and we always talked about Peter

preaching the first sermon that birthed

the church but that Bible said in acts

2:14 that Peter standing up with the

eleven he wasn’t standing there by

himself but when he was preaching all

eleven weren’t sitting they were

standing they were with him they were

standing together they were creating a

place that God could put the commanded

blessing out of the temple into the

streets of Jerusalem they understood the

power of unity that this is not a

one-man show it’s not about me and mine

it’s about we and if we don’t stand up

it was an eighth of them standing it

wasn’t seven of them it was eleven plus

one equals twelve disciples and it

brought the power from the from the from

the upper room to the streets of the

city if you get raptured it ain’t gonna

be about me and my 1st Thessalonians 4

verse 16 for the Lord himself shall

descend from heaven with a shout the

voice of an archangel with the trumpet

of God and the dead in Christ shall rise

first watch this and everybody we

who are alive and remain shall be caught

up if you’re gonna get raptured it’s

going to be a wee rapture and it’s gonna

be together it’s not about me and my

walk with God so I don’t really it’s

about we we need each other we need a

church we need to know that we’ve got

each other’s back that that when I’m

weak you can pray for me and when when

when you’re weak I can pray for you and

sometimes you don’t feel the prays but

it’s alright it ain’t about me and mine

I we’ve got the power of we and when we

come together in the name of Jesus and

begin to exalt him suddenly strength is

transferred from from one to another a

great church is a wee Church I’m going

to show you something right here in Acts

the nineteenth chapter and the 34th

verse and actually before and it talks

about a guy by the name of Demetrius

Demetrius was an idol maker in the Bible

said he made a lot of money making idols

until Paul came into town and preached

and shut him down he preached Jesus and

the idol business went belly-up and the

people of the city watch this in verse

34 all with one voice listen to that all

these people are idol worshippers and

all with one voice cried out for about

two hours gray is Diana

now all everybody was doing it not not

the free front rows all the people with

one voice to a false god for about two

hours great is Diana of the Ephesians

Diana was the sex God had multiple

breast and it was an idol that they

worshiped and they burned incense and

they believed it would give

power and they believe that if they

worship Diana that Diana would bless

them and they would cause their nation

and their people to grow and multiply

the god of fertility Diana great is

Diana of the Ephesians and they stood

and screamed it for two hours all with

one voice for two hours I don’t want two

hours I just want all in one service

with one voice for two minutes

not a few all in one surface for two

minutes to proclaim great is Jesus

Christ the King of Kings and the Lord of

lords the clock is ticking grave is

Jesus Christ Oh with one voice great is

Jesus Christ the King of Kings the Lord

of lords I dare you to open your mouth

from the front to the back and declare

his greatness louder than they did for a

false god oh who know him

oh who have experienced him come on

praise him it ain’t about me and my let

me my that’s not me NEMA it’s about we

somebody shout Jesus Christ great is

Jesus Christ king of kings and Lord of


Chanin just a minute I don’t care what

anybody thinks this is what made this

church great freedom

we ought to get rowdy every once in a

while we ought to come together and with

loud praise raise the roof and give

Jesus glory it’s more than noise their

God commands a blessing hallelujah

hallelujah praise the Lord

I need a commanded blessing on my family

I need a commanded blessing on my


I need a commanded blessing on my

endeavors I need a commanded blessing

and anointing on my life it happens when

we come together

you can be seated


do you know what the Bible said in

Genesis chapter 11

it’s a remarkable verse when we were in

the old old building I preached a sermon

on just this story when we first went

there because God showed me something in

this verse one day he said the power and

the key to success for free chapel back

when we were smaller much much much much

much smaller church on Browns bridge

Road he said you got to get the people

to be wanting and he showed me this

verse and I’ll never forgot it

he said the pea god and the Lord said

talking about the people who were

building the Tower of Babel worshipping

idols and God said this people is one

listen they have one language they’re

talking the same they’ve got one vision

they got a vision to build something and

they’re talking the same talk we can do

it we can do it we can do it and they’re

worshipping demons and this they begin

to do and listen what the Lord said now

nothing will be restrained from them

which they can imagine to do and God

spoke to my heart many many years ago on

that verse and he said if you can get

the people to get one vision and get

them to talking that vision and saying

it if it’ll work for Devils there is

nothing that you can’t imagine to do

that God won’t do for the people who

unite together and God said I got to

break them up and heat you know the

story tore down the tower and messed up

the one language it gave different

languages to everybody because he knew

if they keep talking the same thing if

they keep seeing the thing the same

thing if they keep going together in

unity like that they nothing will be

restrained from them that they can even

imagine to do now think about that in

your own family think about that in your

business think about that in your own

life how much division have you got how

many people you’re not speaking to how

many people are you angrier because all

the devil wants is you

stay that way because you can’t have the

power and anointing and the blessing of

the commanded blessing without unity in

John chapter 5 there’s the story of the

Pool of Bethesda and how the water would

be troubled once a year an angel would

come in what trouble the water make the

water ripple and make the water move and

when the water would move listen to this

the Bible said the first responder the

first person to respond to the troubling

of the water if they could get in first

they would get healed this happened for

a year for thirty-eight years a guy

crippled was laying and and and he would

hear the water once a year but he

couldn’t he said I have no man to put me

in and he would miss it because he was

not the first responder

please understand what I’m saying to you

there’s no there’s a there’s a principle

here I want you to get God loves first

responders and if everybody else misses

it if you’ll be one of those people that

are a first responder to the service I’m

not waiting on you to sing my song me

and I me and my Oh when you’ve sung it

is well finally me my felt something

nothing wrong with that but it ain’t

about me and mine there’s a greater

cause than me and my blessing it’s a wee

blessing and maybe that song that they

sung with the beat didn’t do anything

for you

but there might be a teenager or college

student who they’re like I like this

place I think I’ll come back

and God loves first responders in other

words don’t be the last one to clap

don’t be the last one to get up on your

feet don’t be the last one to raise your

hands don’t wait on somebody else to

move when God says move in the altar


God loves first responders he loves

people who just understand if I obey God

I moved from me and mine a we because

when when people obey God

then it has a ripple effect when an

altar call is given it’s not about me

and I got to get to my car so I can go

eat me some food just thought I’d throw

that in there for free it’s about we

it’s about souls there’s nothing more

important and you play a part in our

closing moments of this program I want

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of the season things can can be ignited

and blown up and destroyed within a

matter of hours and they need comfort

they don’t just need our prayers they

need our support and I’m believing right

now that we are living in prophetic

times right now I hear the Lord saying

comfort you comfort me my people that’s

Isaiah 40

comfort you comfort you my people you

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want to end this broadcast without

giving you the opportunity to know Jesus

Christ as your Lord and Savior just say

Lord Jesus to say those words Lord Jesus

I surrender to you I believe

you are the risen one you died an awful

torturous death that I could be saved

and today your blood the blood of Jesus

cleanses me from all sin I love you

Jesus and I receive you amen and amen

and if you prayed that prayer we want to

hear from you call the number that’s on

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of free material that we want to get in

your hands thank you for joining us

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we’re praying for you together we’re

touching the world and lifting high the

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