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so you know we we’re trying to figure

out who you are now how many of you in

here are millennials wave at me okay all

right I love Millennials I love them I

birthed four of them birthed four

Millennials my my firstborn almost

didn’t make it but he made it I got four

full-on Millennials and this is what I

have discovered about Millennials

Millennials are some of the most

well-educated well-connected people on

the face of the Earth but they are also

some of the most confused because they

have so many options they are paralyzed

you know I’ve been married 37 years 37

years ago I had two choices you want the

Christian guy with a job or the

Christian guy without a job and the

correct answer is always the Christian

guy with a job it was easy for me but if

I was single now I would have

350,000 different options on Instagram

and maybe I would pick one but then I’d

be worried that tomorrow there might be

one that was better for me and so I

would just freeze but this is another

thing I love about Millennials they

actually know that God has his hand on

their life for something significant so

they’ll come up to me afterwards and

I’ll say I know that God has his hand on

my life for a purpose and I’ll say I

agree and they’ll say but I have no idea

what it is well I’ll tell you why two

reasons I think the enemy is working

over time to distract you from who you

really are he is so busy showing you who

you are not and showing you who

everybody else is kind of because it’s

all fake on Instagram he’s trying to

show you who you’re not he’s doing a

constant comparison what is it that is

on your life that is so terrifying to

him that he is distracting you and he is

minimizing you and he is keeping you out

of the presence of God because see you

and I do not discover who we are in the

presence of people we discover who we

are in the presence of God in those

moments of worship when we are singing

and God Whispers something to you and he

begins to tell you who you are you need

to actually grab a hold of it because in

the presence of God that’s who you find

out and where you find out who you are I

also think Millennials don’t know what

they’re called to do because they’re

called to do something that has never

been done before and when you are called

to do something that has never been done

before you can’t look at what everybody

else is doing I also think Millennials

are kind of like hey guys thank you

thank you we got this now guess what

Acts 21:17 says it’s going to be the old

and the young the men and the women the

visions and the dreams what is on you

needs to be helped with what is on me

you need the old and the young we need

you to not make the same mistakes that

we already made we need need you to not

pay the same prices I’ve already paid

you will have your own things to pay you

need another generation do not push them

aside push them up let God give them a

higher perspective so that they can

begin to say you need to run straightway

there’s a fast turn you need the older

people in your life and there is

something about the Millennials that

says no thank you you need them there is

so much wisdom there is so much insight

there is so much experience that you

should be able to gain the benefit of

now I’m going speak as an old person cuz

I turn 60 next year yeah it’s true

hitting the big 60 59 June 6 let me tell

you something sometimes I see the young

people get up there and they’re doing it

so well and I think wait a minute why is

it so easy for them why do they just get

up there and they’re not sweating and

they’re cute

and everybody’s happy and they have good

music we had we got the joy joy joy joy

I mean like seriously you got to get up

and Minister after that I mean like you

had a sacrifice of praise you guys don’t

have to sacrifice we had to sacrifice in

praise and I’m looking at them I’m like

why is it so easy for them and I heard

the Holy Spirit say are you angry

because I am answering your

prayers see I prayed that my children

would go further but but then I don’t

like it when it’s easy so I got to deal

with my own heart so you got to help the

older people you got to say I need you

I’m sorry I acted like I don’t I

actually don’t know as much as I thought

I knew and I need to know and learn from

you what I wish I would have learned

both of my parents are gone and there’s

so many times I want to pick up the

phone and just ask them a question that

I didn’t think to ask in the last season

identity when you know when you are you

got to know who you are and this issue

of identity has been a conversation for

a long time Matthew 16 I’m going to read

it from the message verses 13-19 it says

when Jesus arrived in The Village’s

accessory of Philippi he asked his

disciples what are people saying about

who the son of man is they replied some

think he’s John the baptizer on Facebook

some say Elijah or Jeremiah or one of

the other prophets on Instagram he

pressed them and said how about you who

do you say I am Simon Peter said you’re

the Christ the Messiah the Son of the

Living God Jesus came back and said God

bless you Simon son of Jonah you didn’t

get that answer out of a John bav book

or from a Steven fertit podcast my

Father in Heaven God himself let you in

on this secret of who I really am and

now I’m going to tell you who you are

really are see we all know who we’ve

been but only God knows who we really

are we all know who we are now but we

don’t know who we are becoming and only

God knows who you are becoming and you

will not know who you are becoming until

you have a revelation of who he really

is in the revelation of who God really

is you find out who you really are but

we have a culture trying to find out who

they are without a revelation of who

they are because see when I know who’s I

am and I have a revelation of who that

person is he’s not just my savior is the

Christ the Messiah the Son of the Living

God not the dead God the son of the

Living God when I have a revelation of

all of that strength then Jesus said now

I’m going to tell you Lisa who you are

really are my mom called me lazy growing

up all the time they called me

rebellious they called me all sorts of

things but see God knew who I really was

and I don’t know what you’ve been called

I don’t know what you’ve done I don’t

know where you are right now today but

God knows who you are are becoming