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Jesus was an example in everything to us

he didn’t just say here’s the leadership

principles he lived the leadership

principles and you and I have those

leadership principles in the word of

God welcome back to loving fearlessly

and I actually am super super honored to

be able to dive into these questions

this is my home this is my world and I

want you to feel like we’re just sitting

across from a sofa or a chair and we are

in a conversation and that is such a

privilege to me that you would open up

your heart and invite me in to actually

talk about these things so this one was

kind of a reoccurring theme and I

actually I I actually really am going to

take some time on this question this

woman said to me what advice would you

give to a woman married to an unbeliever

who is the sole spiritual leader of the

home so I think what she’s saying is my

husband’s an unbeliever and that makes

me the sole spiritual leader in the home

what would you say to me and first of

all I know that’s not an easy situation

but I think that sometimes we mistake

what it means to be a leader so I want

to redefine this term leader and I’m

hoping as we redefine the term leader

then you’ll have this Insight on how to

navigate this one of my favorite quotes

uh that defines in my opinion leadership

so well is John Quincy Adams quote he

says if your actions Inspire others to

dream more learn more do more and become

more you are a leader so what does that

just mean it says if your actions

Inspire other people if your actions in

PR them to dream more do more become

more you are a leader so that’s saying

something to me right now the actions

means example if the way you live your

life speaks to your husband that he can

dream more that he can be more that he

can become more that he can do more if

he’s saying that to your children then

you’re an example and I think a lot of

times we feel pressure oh I’m a leader

I’ve got to come up with a plan you live

as an example Jesus was an example in

everything to us he didn’t just say

here’s the leadership principles he live

the leadership principles and you and I

have those leadership principles in the

word of God so I’m going to challenge

you to lead as an example and again none

of these are easy things what do we hear

in 1 Peter chapter 3 I’m going to read

verses 1-6 it says likewise wives be

subject to your own husbands so that

even if some do not obey the word a

unbeliever is not going to obey the word

but even sometimes Believers don’t obey

the word so God is saying I’m going to

making Provisions I’m going to tell you

how to position this so even if your

husband doesn’t believe the word or he

doesn’t obey the word this is what I’m

going to be able to do for you he says

they may be one without a word so you

don’t have to convince them you don’t

have to argue with them one without a

word by the conduct of their wives that

means your example that means your

actions when they see your respectful

and pure conduct not seductive not

looking at other men respecting

respecting the leader you wish they were

instead of making them feel bad or less

than what they are instead of being like

I got to be the spiritual leader cuz

you’re a spiritual loser you have to

understand people actually grow into

what we show them so if you’re

respectful you don’t have to respect his

Doctrine or his theology if he doesn’t

understand but respect him as a husband

respect him as a Son of God so you

respect him and it says pure kind and it

says do not let your adorning be

external now so many people are like

that means I’m naked that means I’m like

but he’s saying merely external external

the braiding of hair the putting on of

gold jewelry or the clothing you wear

he’s saying don’t put your trust in

those things don’t think if I can make

myself look beautiful if I can wear

these kind clothes if I do these things

and I’m attractive he’s saying that’s

good that’s not what’s going to win him

it’s your conduct it’s your pure conduct

it’s your respect and then he goes on to

say but let your adorning be the hidden

person of the heart well and the

Imperial Beauty of a gentle and quiet

Spirit which in God’s sight is very

precious and then he goes on to say I’m

going to give you like help on this for

this is how the holy women who hoped in

God used to Adorn themselves by

submitting to their own husbands as

Sarah obeyed Abraham calling him Lord

and you are her children if you do good

and do not fear anything that is

frightening it’s frightening when we

read to submit to a man that is not

following God that’s frightening Abraham

was like hey go in this Haram hey go in

that Harum say you’re my you’re my

sister that were brother and sister no

that was in but God went into ABC gave

him a nightmare and then the other time

it got exposed so you need to be able to

understand God isn’t putting you in a

bad situation that is just like oh

because your husband’s not saved you

need to get divorced he’s saying I

believe your husband’s going to be won

by your conduct and again I’m not

talking about abusive situations I’m

talking about good men who love their

family but just haven’t found Jesus as

their lord and savior yet so we want to

we want to see that change and sometimes

people get married and get one of them

get saved afterwards so I don’t know

what your situation so it can even be

scary submitting to a Godly husband so I

can only imagine what it’s like to

submit to a ungodly but let’s talk about

what this word submission means because

submission has been so distorted and if

I’m telling you to submit to a Godly or

ungodly I better tell you what

submission means submission means means

sub which means under so under Mission

which means assignment it means that you

have an assignment on your family you

have an assignment on your marriage you

have an assignment given by God the

first time we actually see this

assignment given an expression we see it

in the Book of Genesis when God looks at

Adam and Eve and he tells them be

fruitful multiply order the chaos have

dominion he gives them an assignment so

this is about God empowering you on your

assignment there is something on side of

you that God is saying I believe that

the assignment on you and the assignment

on your husband I can actually get

involved with this so he’s saying when

we Define submission we’re not talking

about doormats we’re not talking about

you not having a voice we’re having you

be wise with your voice and you say what

is the mission sit down with your

husband say I want to love you better

your husband’s not going to be like

that’s a horrible Mission he’s going to

be like I love that mission we already

talked about having those conversations

you can have a mission we want to raise

children who are Godly most husbands

aren’t going to say I want ungodly kids

no they’re going to be okay with Godly

kids obedient then’s not going to say I

want disobedient kids respectful he’s

going to say I want disrespectful kids

you can sit down what do we want to do

with our money how do we want to build

Legacy how do we want to pay for our

children’s College how do we want to do

family right now you can have

conversations without opening up your

Bible that are biblical and godly and

good stewardship and so I just want to

talk to you about this I’m not asking

you to be relational dormant I’m not

asking you to not have an opinion I’m

asking you to be wise with how you share

Genesis 1:28 just in case you want it

says God blessed them and God said to

them be fruitful multiply fill the Earth

subdue it have dominion over the fish of

the sea the birds of the heavens and

every living thing that moves on the

earth so God wants there to be Dominion

Dominion means to exercise Authority on

behalf as a daughter of the most high

God as somebody who knows the truth you

have the right to exercise Spiritual

Authority to pray for your husband pray

over your children to have dominion to

say on the behalf of other people I’m

going to exercise my Spiritual Authority

I’m going to exercise my wisdom my

virtue my strength I’m going to do this

to create an environment for my husband

to flourish and then he’s going to

experience the goodness of God because

he’s got a virtuous capable Godly wife

and my children are going to be

flourished because God says that your

children are actually his children so

that’s awesome you don’t need to worry

about that so much he’s like because of

your sake because you said I’m going to

love God you and your children is what

we have from acts 16:34 shall be saved

so there’s a gatekeeper anointing on

your life and I want to you I know it’s

not easy I know it’s not something I’ve

ever walked in but there’s provision in

the word of God that talks about this

ahead of time Book of Malachi 24 says do

you know why he’s saying he’s talking to

them about mistreating their wives he

said do you know why I’m not answering

your prayers because you’ve mistreated

your wife of your Youth and he said

simple because God was there as a

witness when you spoke your marriage

vows to your Young Bride so even though

you’re like my husband wasn’t saved no

God when we get married it’s a covenant

not just between two people it’s between

two people and their Heavenly Father cuz

he’s the one that makes this one when

you spoke your marriage vows to your

young brother and now you’ve broken

those vows broken the faith bond with

your VA vowed companion your Covenant

wife God not you made marriage so this

is God’s promise his Spirit inhabits

even the smallest details of marriage

and what does he want from your marriage

children of God that’s what so guard the

spirit of your marriage within you and

don’t cheat on your spouse so marriage

isn’t just about reproducing and having

natural children it’s a catalyst to make

us children of God the hard things the

good things the iron sharpening iron it

makes us more of a child of God God

wants your husband and you to have the

fullness of everything he wants your

husband saved even more than you do so

you just do your part and I believe that

God’s going to follow up and do