Being a son or daughter of God is what QUALIFIES you—not your experience, degrees, or connections. Dare to DREAM, and watch what unfolds as God proves Himself FAITHFUL and TRUSTWORTHY.

really believe that we can write our way

into our future you know when I was 21

years of age I first started a job as a

waitress and when I got engaged I like I

never ever want to do that again I kind

of do it as a mom but I never wanted to

do it as a job then I went from that to

accounting can you imagine me in an

accounting office counting money it was

like painful it was so stressful it was

so meticulous I hated it and I would

come home every single day from work and

John would say you are so grumpy why

don’t you figure out what you would love

to do and I said because I’m not

qualified to do what I would love to do

hey it doesn’t matter what you’re

qualified to do you know God will

actually see you with desires seed you

with hopes seed you with things that

kind of feel bigger than you could ever

be he sees you with those things

because he is the author and he is the

finisher and so I did something really

scary i sat down with my journal and I

began to put pen to paper and write down

the different things just different

elements of things I’d like to do I’d

like to travel

I’d like to TV produce I’d love to be a

makeup artist I want to be a mom I want

to skydive I haven’t done that one yet I

am okay with that I would love to scuba

dive I want to own a motorcycle I want

to preach the gospel I want to write

books I wrote all of these things down

and I’m going to tell you every single

thing I wrote I heard the enemy try to

fight me and say you can’t do that

nobody in your family has done that you

don’t have the experience you don’t have

the connections you don’t have it well

that is true I had none of those things

but I wasn’t pulling on what I could

provide I was pulling on what God could

provide and he was daring me to dream

and not just daydream he was daring me

to dreamscape to write things down to

write that vision and make it plain so

that I would be able to run with it you

know it was crazy as soon as I wrote

those things down then things started to

fall in line I remember I got a phone

call and they said

hey we’re starting a television network

and we need a makeup artist and the only

person we can think of is you and I said

well that’s interesting because I do to

makeup and they said what we’re going to

pay for you to go to school in addition

to your training that you already have

it was crazy and I knew as soon as I

knew I was like that’s on my list

everything I had written I had done over

the course of the next five years and

then you know what I did I made another

list God wants to take you from where

you are to where he’s calling you to be

but he needs you to be intentional where

you are he needs you to be faithful here

and he needs you to dream there he needs

you to write things down and then put it

into his hands and understand that he

can take care of that you give him those

things and say I believe you’re my

connection you’re my networker you’re my

door opener go ahead and dare to dream

go ahead and write down go ahead and be


circle around those things in prayer

speak them out and faith and entrust

them to God and it will be just a little

while before you start to see those

pieces come together