hey I’m so excited you’ve joined me

today I woke up this morning and I had

such an overwhelming sense that there is

an attack of discouragement on a lot of

people in the body of Christ and I just

want to I just want to highlight

something you know the enemy does not

attack what he is not threatened by and

he is threatened by you actually waking

up looking in the mirror finding out who

you are and finding out what your

purpose is in Christ I believe there is

an onslaught of discouragement I believe

there is an onslaught of division you

know what Satan cannot prevent he tries

to pervert and he takes people that are

supposed to be allies and he makes them

competitors he takes people that are

supposed to work together and he makes

it a competition right now if you’re

feeling discouraged I think it’s because

you have forgotten where you get your

courage from the Bible says be strong in

the Lord and in the power of his might

not in your might not in your works not

in your relationship not in who’s

following you on Twitter not who’s

friending you on facebook but really

getting your strength from God I want to

speak courage and strength into your

life right now so I want to pray over

you father I just thank you for every

son and daughter of the Most High God

under the sound of my voice those that

are fighting discouragement those that

are feeling like what is my purpose what

is my goal in life will you reveal

Christ in them the hope of glory will

you reveal who they are in you father I

ask that right now you would stir up

their spirits that they begin to pray

and they begin to press and that they

begin to worship and praise and you

would baptize them afresh in the

strength of your Holy Spirit I break

discouragement I break the lives of the

enemy I thank you for the Destiny of God

the mandate of God the relationships of

God the allegiances of God to be on your

life in the name of Jesus I bless you

with strength and I want you to know

your necessary your needed your anointed

you are uniquely called and God has his

hand on your life don’t draw back don’t

let the enemy oppress you you need to

fling that thing off and step into

everything God has for you in Jesus name