Our world is buying the lie that truth is a river, ebbing and flowing with the passage of time. But the truth is not a river—it is a rock. And in a world lost in a sea of relativity, we must anchor our souls to the Truth or be drowned in the currents of popular opinion. Continue to dive deeper with my free “Adamant” course: https://go.MessengerX.com/AdamantBook Get the Adamant book: https://store.messengerinternational…. #lisabevere #lisabeveresermon #preacher #minister #freedom #adamant #identity #radicalfaith #purpose #calling #unity #cancelculture #church #sermon #truth #mytestimony #findyourself #thetrueyou #transformation #2022sermon ______________ Chapters: 0:00 – Bondage Is Not Our Reality 3:24 – My Family (2019) 6:52 – Preaching the Whole Gospel 8:03 – You’ve Got to Know When You Are 13:13 – Breaking Toxic Masculinity 14:10 – Breaking Toxic Feminity 15:20 – You’re Only a Hero If You Go through a Battle 16:14 – You’ve Got to Know Who You Are 24:48 – You Are An Answer 25:42 – My Danger Gene: I Nearly Died 32:44 – Face-Off with Fear 36:15 – Write It Down 41:30 – You Will Never Have Authority Over What You Entertain 46:18 – Closing Prayer ______________ Stay Connected: Follow me on Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/lisabevere Follow me on Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/lisabevere.page Follow me on Twitter → https://twitter.com/LisaBevere