God would not love you more if you had been born a man, nor would He be able to flow through you more if you were male. God hand chose you at this time to be a daughter without rival. The world needs you to be your God-created you. We all play a vital role in God’s mission! (Watch part 1 of our discussion on “Gender without Rival” below. We’d love to see women do similar group discussions around the ideas in #WithoutRival! You can grab the study pack here:

you need to understand don’t get scared

about that perilous times

have a way of giving birth to Courageous

sons and daughters



welcome to session two a sword is born

now before you even watch this my hope

is that you’ve already gone through

chapter two in the book and chapter two

in your fencing lessons because if not

this might not make sense to you I’m

going to open up with a quote by

Elizabeth Barrett Browning this is what

she said and she said and each man and

she meant to include women and each man

stands with his face in the light of his

own drawn sword ready to do what a hero


each of us have a different sword and

each of us have different capacities

different capabilities different things

that we can do in the different seasons

of our life and I want to talk to you

though about why a sword why not a gun

why not a bomb why a sword well

apparently swords or Jesus’s weapon of

choice and also swords are Eternal

weapons that have both the power to kill

and give life long before the age of man

swords were formed in the forges of

heaven we find one of these swords that

we actually haven’t even been able to

create on Earth yet in Genesis 3 verse

24 it tells us God drove out the man and

at the east of the Garden of Eden he

placed the cherubim and a flaming sword

that turned every way to guard the way

of the Tree of Life these massive winged

cherubims had a sword in their hand that

was not stationary like the one I have

behind me it was one that actually

turned in every direction that would

mean just like this like a wave but

every single Direction and it wasn’t

made out of metal

it was made out of flames it was a

flaming sword how awesome is that

human history opens up our Genesis

begins with a flaming sword pushing us

out of the Garden of Eden

but our human history also closes with a

sword in the Book of Revelations chapter

19 it says from his mouth comes a sharp

sword which with which to strike down

the Nations and he will rule them with a

rod of iron he will tread the winepress

of the fury of the wrath of God the

almighty on his robe and on his thigh he

has a name written king of kings and

Lord of lords another version says he’s

coming back speaking sword words I love

that it’s not just that Jesus got like

metal coming out of his mouth he doesn’t

have a grill he’s actually speaking

words that will have the ability to

judge the Nations and you need to

understand get all scared about that

judgment means rewards and punishment

but he’s going to level it he’s going to

shake everything and he’s going to put

everything back into order so beginning

and swords are our bookends of our

history you and I are not Angelic

Guardians who block other people

from the goodness of God nor are we to

use the word of God to judge other

people that is an entrustment

only to Jesus so we don’t have to worry

about judging or blocking but we do need

to understand what the sword looks like

that we’ve been entrusted with and you

know I’m a little bit you’ve

probably already figured that out in

just two lessons but basically

when I was typing I was reaching this

place where I kept writing God’s word

God’s word God’s word God’s word God’s

word and one time because typing is not

my strength I made a little typo and all

of a sudden instead of saying God’s word

the S had moved over

and I found within a God’s word a god