God would not love you more if you had been born a man, nor would He be able to flow through you more if you were male. God hand chose you at this time to be a daughter without rival. The world needs you to be your God-created you. We all play a vital role in God’s mission!

okay so we’re going to be talking today

about a topic that is actually close to

all of our heart and because we are for

women for women we’re going to be

talking about gender without rival yeah

and it’s not it’s not because we want to

incite gender Wars but this is a huge

issue and I just like each person I kind

of talk about how this has played out in

their lives how they’ve seen this is a

struggle I’m going to open up with my

story um then I didn’t put in a book

that I think maybe I put in another book

anyways doesn’t matter

so no I husband’s view faster me young

mom 31 years of age and he actually

might have been 29 and he said something

like hey I’m going to Haiti and I really

feel like the Holy Spirit told me you’re

supposed to cover my service and I was

pregnant with Austin’s it was 89th I was

doing it okay I knew you guys were

concerned about that anyway cub and so I

said I don’t feel like the Holy Spirit

said that to you

I feel like Holy Spirit said pastor

Carla should come in and cover the

service and he said no Lisa I want you

I’m not going to tell anybody you’re

coming because I know how the reactive

woman speaks so I’m just surprised and

I’m doing a video announcement about how

much I love you and and they’ll all

honor you and so my husband does this

little video announcement and I’m

sitting in the back and he says my one

my favorite preachers is going to be

speaking to you tonight so you built it

all up for week set up is a surprise


and they said Lisa Bevere and all I

heard at that point was metal chairs

being scraped across the floor thrown

into the stack people holding up the

chairs saying we are not going to sit

here while a woman teaches this is

unscriptural and these are people we had

porn in court into as college and career

pastors for at least two years and then

I sat in the back just watching

everybody exit and then I went up to the

front and I just like everybody said you

know I wish I could actually be one of

those people exiting out the back door

and I said but here’s the truth I’m a

submission to my husband and I do

believe that women need to have a voice

in the house of God and I was exercising

authority over anybody else even though

if I was teaching I was more just

sharing and that night actually

someone came to our house while my

husband was out of town I’m pregnant

with my second baby I’ve got Addison

upstairs and banged on our bedroom

window to terrify me and Memphis this is

what it used to be and so it’s got so

much better yeah but it is still an

issue and Hannah what have you seen with

this whole gender issue I mean you’re in

the ministry that we celebrate women but

what has been your experiment when like

you have paid a dear dear price yeah for

us to be able to come up into a

different environment not that it’s not

so present because it very much still is

but even with Giuliana and I being

raised by a mother who was strong who

she had to accomplish things that she

didn’t have the luxury of waiting for

someone to give her permission to step

out in order for the sake of her

children and for the sake of raising us

up in a way where we knew it wasn’t in

our own strength it was by the grace of

God that was some that was of her she

always said over us that this is a gift

you know this is this we are saved by

grace it is a gift from God that no one

should vote and that is how she lived

out being a mom single for a lot of the

years not ready not because you don’t

want to know not at all with abandoned

notes yeah not at all but she she didn’t

live it out of this like angst or hatred

she lived it from this place of strength

that came from the Lord and we knew that

as her daughters and so being raised in

that it was like I mean I I just

remember so tangibly going to the word

and knowing that that’s what it was it

was saying to me that it was like you

have been given all of these things now

live fully walk into these things don’t

allow things to hold you back even

though people just human nature will try

to place those confines on on one

another and I just am so thankful for

those examples that said

you’re going to see some things it’s

going to be discouraging it’s going to

be disheartening especially as we want

to live out this life that we’re called

to you know we’re all called to preach

the gospel work all call plenty I was

hoping that it doesn’t matter that’s how

we’re called to live our lives and

engender in my mind was never something

that was going to disqualify me there

will be devices you know and and just in

fairness because I know there’s a lot of

people they’re new to this discussion

they don’t know what’s going on you know

dissing fairness a lot of the proponents

that say that women should have no voice

in the church they go back to Eve they

say because Eve misled Adam in the

garden and Adam listened to the voice of

his wife we need to shut down the voice

of women and we need to blow up the

voice of men but here’s the truth Adam

and Eve were never meant to have no

voice and they were supposed to use

their words on the surface not on one

another and for too long the women have

yelled at the mandus and give us our

place at the table and the men have told

the women city are and shut up and the

truth is we need to actually begin to

Claire God’s Word and speak to the enemy

it is written as right and when Jesus

came to seek and save that which was

lost he recovered everything that Adam

and Eve mistreated in the garden and if

we’re going to be legalist which is what

I find a lot of people do they were very

legalistic about this that we need to

say that if a woman is easily deceived

than a man is always a betrayer and if

you don’t want to be labeled as always a

betrayer always someone who would sell

out his birthright then you better not

label women as always easily deceived

first to sin because my Bible actually

says the Adam with the one who sinned

I’m the second Adam Jesus is the one who

redeemed it so why are we even fighting

about this we’re all in Christ but

feminine and masculine has different

expression roles and all of that is

necessary if we’re going to see the

gospel go up because I have different

access to different people in the world

then John has and John has the

Commission and again I would say to you

that the Great Commission go into all

the world and make disciples is your

it’s your permissions right Jesus is

saying to you go yeah go whatever your

world in know into that world and make

disciples and yet oh I’m just tired of

women being disqualified because of

gender and Romans 5 1941 man’s

disobedience one man not Eve one man’s

disobeying you didn’t make a mistake the

many were made sinners by so by one

man’s obedience the many will be made

righteous men and women together both

made righteous in Christ I’m sorry I

stopped arguing about that yeah what

have you seen in this well you know I

grew up just a lot of leadership roles

were given to me I think was a very

strong young girl and so when I got

saved 21 never having a conversation

with I worked at a restaurant so saw the

server and she in all authenticity all

in its issues like how is it being a

Christian and a woman yeah and I was I

found what I heard that a lot yeah I

hear a lot of women actually that are

powerful women that are doing amazing

things in the world say I I can’t buy

into the fact that I have no purpose and

so I can’t become a Christian exactly

and not only did she leave that church

she grew up in a church where she was

suppressed she left the church she left

his face she is no longer a believer

because she wasn’t empowered she

certainly wasn’t groomed enemies and so

that was really my first encounter after

I was saved with that whole notion and

it just it was difficult for me because

I think that leadership is just in it

like you were saying it’s not about a

man versus a woman it’s more about the

guns together together not only then

also the individual knowing their

identity in crisis it’s about Who am I

called to be if I’m called as teach if

I’m called to preach if I’m called to

lead or whatever and to say anything

otherwise you know and so just knowing

that that is my true identity I think

it’s really helped yeah well I think

this is like a multiple discussion panel

and you know I think we just kind of

just scratch the surface and I’d

actually love to come back and get a

second part of the conversation so

anyway I hope this is helpful I hope

that if anything it got you started on

some conversations we want you to

understand that God would not love

you more if you have been born a man nor

would he be able to flow through you

more if you were male God can chose you

at this time to be a daughter without

rival and if your listing inning you’re

a guy that’s totally fine a son without

rival and we need you to be your

uniquely God breathe God created you so

helps us bust you we’re talking out of a

book called without rival gender without

rival we have it faceted where you can

do home studies with this or you can get

together have DVDs and that book’s stuff

for it so Casey is like our point person

on this section I actually totally

forgot to introduce everybody cuz with

this is our cyclist I’m going to do that

now guys Casey say she works with us at

messenger internationally as part of the

team she’s part of church relations and

this is Hannah cute that Cowart who is

also part of our team we love her and

she does everything beautiful and

creative and amazing and this is my

daughter-in-law Juliana and team B’s

team whether we should get paid or not

because family energy is pregnant with

our fourth grandchild and I just can’t

let her out of my sight because I’m

worried she’s going to go into labor

before I get my plane Katie wait thank

you guys so much for joining us we hope

this helped you god bless