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God longs to transform our setbacks to

setups but it won’t fall out of the sky

you have to get up and let him so God

daughters I need you I need you to

answer where have you withdrawn where

have you pulled back from where are you

binge watching to avoid a vision that

God gave



okay we’re going to talk about when

godmothers and goddaughters connect and

also how you can navigate relationships

because it always ends up a little bit

of both so the first one I want to talk

about is when God is connecting you to

somebody so few years back I had just

written uh without rival and I found

myself in Austin Texas and I was back in

the green room and I saw this beautiful

young girl she was going to be doing the

spoken word that night and she was just

phenomenal I listened to her I was just

in awe and in worship I had felt God say

put her in your heart just put her in

your heart so I was like okay I I’ll

deposit that one in my heart I I just

said all right I I’ll I’ll just I’ll

take her as my goddaughter and you know

so we talked and then I got up and

preach we we just exchanged numbers I

just said I just you know I just feel

like I’m supposed to watch over you and

she just gave me her number and that was

in the fall and then in January I found

myself in Vietnam with my husband and we

both contracted this horrible horrible

Tropic flu we were so sick we went to

Indonesia we Minister for two days I

looked at my husband and I said I am

really sick and was like just press

through and then the next day he was

like I’m so sorry now I am really sick

I’m like yeah you just pressed through

but we are both just in a hotel room

tossing and turning in this super high

fever and the only person I could think

of was this girl that I had hidden in my

heart so I thought you know what as soon

as I get back to the United States I am

calling her so I get back I’m doing my

laundry for my trip and I I call her and

she’s kind of passive and all of a

sudden I found myself I’m yelling at her

I’m like you cannot just sit on your

sofa and just hide watching shows what

did you think did you think there wasn’t

a battle why does this generation want

to be heroes and they don’t want to

battle and like the she was quieter and

quieter and I kept yelling more and more

I even thought to myself you are a crazy

woman you are talking in jet lag right

now but I didn’t know where to stop and

she was completely silent and so I just

kept pressing it and and I prayed over

her and I hung up and in the book we

have the letter of actually what

happened she had just picked up the book

without rival she had found herself in

the worst time period from the time

period that I had met her to the time

period I called her she’d been been

sexually molested she had lost all of

her money when she invested in a project

and somebody took it from her she felt

like she had compromised every value

that she ever had that people had come

alongside of her gossiped about her and

she told her husband I am quitting and

then I call her she had been binge

watching she said for a week on Netflix

and I call her and yell at her and I

told her I said you are fighting a

spirit of discouragement

she said she just sat there like why is

she yelling at me and she had with rival

in her hands and then she said when I

she hung up the phone blinders came off

of her eyes and she realized oh my gosh

I need to fight I’m going to tell you

right now there is a spirit of

discouragement it doesn’t just fight you

it fights everybody what you are going

through a lot of people have gone

through what had happened was I had a

dream and in this dream I dreamed I was

in my bed and that somebody had put a

like a duffel bag next to my bed and you

know it was one of those dreams where I

actually thought I was awake but I was

actually dreaming and I look over at the

duffel bag and I thought why is there a

duffel bag on the floor I’m just going

to trip over it then I noticed it was

unzipped and spiders were coming out of

the duffel bag now I hate spiders I hate

spiders almost worse than I hate snakes

so I remember thinking to myself I need

to zip that before all the spiders come

out but they were coming out to fast so

in my dream I grab the duffel bag run it

into the bathtub and turn on the water

to drown the spiders and then again I’m

so freaked out I wake up I realized

Hallelujah there’s no duffel bag there’s

no spiders there’s nothing in my bathtub

but the spirit of God said to me those

spiders are like discouragement and it’s

in people’s baggage of their past tell

them to drown it in the word of God just

begin to drench those areas where the

enemy just Tri to creep back in and so I

watched her and she’s a young girl and

she said you know what not only am I

going to move forward I’m going to reach

back because it’s not enough for us just

to be like thank you very much when we

have something happen in our lives we

move forward and we also reach back

that’s what happens when godmothers and

goddaughters cannect

we want to be that for somebody else

what somebody else has been to us we

want to be that for somebody else and

you think well but I’m only like 20 well

20y olds can pour into 15y olds we

already talked about that 15 year olds

can pour into 10 year olds 60 year olds

can pour into 40y olds well I get to

pour into everybody because everybody is

younger than me at this point but

quitting is not an option it’s not an

option for goddaughters it’s not an

option for God mothers quitting is is

not on the table you need to take it off

your life may look different things may

not be happening the way you think it’s

going to happen it may not be the season

where you’re enjoying it right now but

that doesn’t mean that any of what you

are going through right now is any less

sacred than what you are hoping to be

going through in the future weep if you

need to rest if you’re weary but then

get off whatever that sofa is that the

enemy has you languishing on and

remember that you are a warrior

scripture gives us an example of women

connecting that are goddaughters and

godmothers and just for the sake of time

I’m going to do a very quick retell of

the story of Ruth and Naomi Ruth and

Naomi now before uh Ruth met Naomi Naomi

left with her husband and her two sons

they left Judah and they went into Moab

because there was a famine in the land

and while they’re there their sons grew

up their sons married two women and and

then the husband dies and both the sons

die so now there is a mother-in-law and

her two daughter-in-laws and they’re all

widows but Naomi hears that God is

visiting the land of Judah that God is

blessing and there’s abundance and so

she tells her daughter-in-laws hey I’m

going back I’m leaving Moab and I’m

going back to the land of Judah she’s

actually going back to Bethlehem that’s

where she’s from and so you see this

story where all three of them are

walking and then Naomi says wait a

minute I I think God might be mad at me

because my sons are dead my husband’s

dead I have nothing to offer you guys

you guys need to just go back to your

own family because even if I got

pregnant right now you could never marry

the sons I have so I have got nothing in

my life to offer you and I feel like

there are a lot of women who are older

who have gone through

Devastation who are pushing away the

younger women and and saying I’ve got

nothing to offer you go back go back I

can’t do and orfa goes back she cries

but she goes back but Naomi refuses to

go back and what she says is she’s like

hey don’t urge me to leave you meaning

stop it stop it Naomi stop telling me to

go or return from following you for

where you go I will go and where you

Lodge I will Lodge your people shall be

my people and your God my God

where you die I will die and there will

I be buried may the Lord do so to me and

more also of anything but death Parts me

from you wow that’s like crazy this is a

daughter-in-law speaking to her

mother-in-law but what we hear here is

the language of Covenant she says where

you go I’m going to go your God will be

my God Ruth was a

moias moabitas did not they did not

worship the god of Abraham Isaac and

Jacob but she said hey I’m going to

follow you because you’re following your

God so what happens is she goes she’s

gleaning in a field and Boaz Caesar and

Boaz has heard about her kindness to her

mother-in-law who has lost everything

and when he hears about this kindness of

Ruth Ruth he says in Ruth chap 2:12 the

Lord repay you for what you have done

and a full reward be given you by the

Lord the god of Israel under whose wings

you have come to take

refuge I love that he said yeah you’re

really nice to Naomi but I know what’s

really going on you have decided that

the Lord God of Israel is your refuge

and I am believing that because he’s

your Refuge he is is your rewarder see

Naomi wasn’t the rewarder Boaz wasn’t

even the rewarder the Lord was the

rewarder and as I read this verse I

think it’s so beautiful and poetic

because each and every one of us are

daughters who can make a choice to make

God our refuge because we are actually

all refugees looking for that high and

holy place who is God my hope is that

actually in this interner change where

you see Naomi saying okay I’m I really

think I should actually bless you now

because you’ve been so good to me I’m

going to teach you how to get Boaz to to

marry you which is this story to me is

kind of hilarious because she’s like go

in go in the secret go in the dark when

everybody’s asleep and then uncover his

feet get under the covers when he says

who’s there then you tell him who it is

but then you leave and he’s like yeah

you better get out of here so nobody

knows a woman has been here but somebody

must have know because they wrote it in

the Bible so the whole story leaks out

but but anyway I’m kind like who’s who’s

a spy here but anyway so she becomes his

wife she has a baby she gives this baby

the name OED and then she gives OED to

Naomi to nurse now Naomi had tried to

change her name from Naomi which means

Pleasant and beautiful to Mara which

means bitter and I feel like right now

we’ve got a lot of older women saying

yeah my life at one time was full I went

away full and I’ve come back empty my

life is now bitter and I’m going to call

it bitterness well when women begin to

call their life bitterness they become

judges and critics but when women

understand that there is not the end of

the story and that God actually has a

way of fulfilling your real name that

beautiful name of Naomi then you can

actually bless the generations around

you so what happens is we find out OED

was the father of Jesse who was the

father of David who wrote all the time

about being under the wings of God and

Boaz recognized Ruth as a woman of Faith

because boaz’s mother was the Harlot

that hid the spice the one woman who

found a way for her family to escape the

destruction of Jericho so I believe

there’s this beautiful picture of a

Redemptive plan for the Gentiles in the

story of Ruth and in the story of Boaz

that Jesus is going to be the kinsman

redeemer for those that are outside of

the Covenant so I love how they interact

then I see Elizabeth Mary so we all know

this story Zachariah he’s in the Holy

Place Angel appears Angel’s like hey

guess what you’re going to get a son and

Zachariah is like ah I don’t know if I

should believe you I don’t know if I

should believe you cuz I’m old my wife’s

old well you know you’re going to have

to prove to me you’re going to have to

give me some kind of sign that you are

telling me the truth and the Angel’s

like buddy I got a sign for you my name

is Gabriel Gabriel means the might and

power of God and from now on you’re not

talking and so now all of a sudden

Zachariah can’t talk he goes home he

gets his wife pregnant so just you don’t

have to talk to do that he goes home and

Elizabeth is pregnant and you know what

she does she goes into hiding she goes

into hiding now let’s just talk about

this if I was a woman that was known for

being Baron because that’s what she was

known for if my name was Elizabeth and I

was baren and I was old and my husband

wasn’t talking I’d be talking I’d be out

at the well I’d be having that big

pregnant body of mine on display I’d be

like y’all see what’s happening y’all

talk bad about me look what God is doing

in and for me I think it’s going to be a

forerunner I think it’s going to be very

significant God’s like no Lisa no see

you can’t be alive back then so I but I

love her because Elizabeth understood

that what she carried within her was

more important than public affirmation

she went into seclusion now the promise

was that John the Baptist would be

filled with the spirit in his mother’s

womb so Elizabeth she’s hiding she’s

consecrated she’s understanding that God

is actually bringing her name into

reality because Elizabeth means

consecrated to God and then we see

Gabriel coming to Earth again and it

says during the sixth month of

Elizabeth’s pregnancy the angel Gabriel

was sent from God’s presence to an

unmarried girl named Mary living in

Nazareth a village in Galilee she was

engaged to a man named Joseph a true

descendant of King David now that is the

passion translation because I love the

way this one reads for this Gabriel is

visiting the Earth again he’s got a

message this time it’s not for an old

man it’s for a young woman and Gabriel

appeared to her and said Grace to You

young woman for the Lord is with you and

so you are anointed with great favor

Mary was deeply troubled over the words

of the Angel and bewildered over what

this may mean for her but the angel

reassured her don’t do not yield to

fear and I just want to pause there

every promise of God is on the other

side of fear so right there he’s like

okay I know this is a little shocking do

not be afraid do not yield to your fear

do not yield to fear do not allow fear

to have a stronger voice than a

messenger of God do not yield to your

fear Mary for the Lord has found Delight

in you and has chosen to surprise you

with a wonderful gift well surprises are

good but this one was totally unexpected

he goes and says you will become

pregnant with a baby boy and you are to

name him Jesus he will be Supreme and

will be known as the son of the highest

and the Lord God will enthrone him as

King on his ancestor David’s Throne he

will reign as king of Israel for ever

and his reign will have no limit that’s

Luke 1: 31-33 in the passion then Mary

raised a reasonable question Mary said

uh but how could this happen I’m still a

virgin and her question is a how could

this happen which is very different than

zachariah’s question which is how do you

expect me to believe you one questions

the Integrity of the messenger the other

one questions the method how is this

going to happen Gabriel answered the

spirit of Holiness will fall upon you

and almighty God will spread his shadow

of power over you in a Cloud of Glory

this is why the child born to you will

be holy and he will be called The Son of

God then the angel let Mary in on a

secret he says what’s more your aged

Aunt Elizabeth has also become pregnant

with a son the barren one is now in her


month what is God doing he’s saying I’m

going to actually confirm the impossible

a girl getting pregnant who is a virgin

with the improbable an old woman being

in her six month and then the very next

verse is one I want you to write down

it’s Luke chapter 1 verse 37 because I

believe this isn’t just a promise for

Mary or a promise for Zachariah or a

promise for Elizabeth I believe this is

a promise for you it says not one

promise from God is empty of power for

with God there is no such thing as

impossibility not one promise of God Is

void of power the one who promises is

the one who causes it to happen the ESV

just simply says for nothing will be

impossible with God

but I like that it’s not just about

nothing it’s that every promise has

power attached to it because you can’t

just make oh God I want this to happen

he said the promises have power attached

to it a virgin birth was an

impossibility without God and Mary said

behold I am the servant of the Lord let

it be to me according to your word and

the angel departed from her Luke 1:38 so

so what would happen if a generation of

God’s daughters which would include

godmothers and God daughters God’s

daughters began to Echo this raane

father I am your servant be it unto me

according to your word according to your

promises that are not void of power be

it unto me according to your word so

sweet one you do not need to work it up

you don’t need to figure it out you you

don’t need to write a book you don’t

need to have a huge social media

following you simply need to declare

yourself willing to live according to

his word so good that’s where it starts

and then I love what happens next so

Angel leaves and Mary does something she

runs to Elizabeth she runs to Elizabeth

Mary means highly favored so you’ve got

the highly favored running to the

consecrated and she comes to the doorway

of Elizabeth and at just the sound of

Mary’s voice the baby within Elizabeth

is quickened and what Elizabeth does as

she begins to prophesy she begins to say

who am I that the mother of my Lord wait

this is a virgin girl who is not even

married yet how would she know that well

the mothers and the daughters that are

God connected recognize each other by

the spirit what was the spirit the Holy

Spirit and Mary and Elizabeth began to

actually overflow between these two

women and women who usually had no voice

their private conversations were

recorded for us women who we can hear

what God is doing so we have to know one

another by the spirit I love that the

promise was only for John the Baptist to

be filled in his mother’s womb but

Elizabeth who was consecrated said

that’s awesome but but I want something

more I want to be filled to overflowing

with the spirit and I know there’s a lot

of mothers out there that you say I just

want my kids to do it well I just want

to see them fulfill God’s Destiny and

God said you know what you need to pray

a little bit bigger than that pray that

they fulfill their Destiny pray that

they’re filled with his Spirit pray that

the power of God is on their life but go

ahead and ask for more for yourself ask

God to do something in your life ask God

in your moments of consecration to

Astound you with his spirit so we are

Spirit-filled daughters who recognize

one another and this is how God planned

for us to live women who are

thrilled because others simply believe

see Elizabeth was super excited that

Mary said be it unto me she celebrated

she didn’t say well wait a minute now

you believ in what does that do to me

does that mean something less for me no

we are supposed to be women that we

celebrate rather than compete with one

another competition will always

undermine relational blessings I have to

be honest with you I’m sitting here with

my daughter-in-law Juliana and I I love

her so much I can’t even imagine being

competitive with her I’m so happy that

she is doing marriage better that she’s

doing parenting better I watch her in

Addison with her kids and I don’t think

man I wish they were doing it worse I

wish they were more like John and I I’m

like yay they’re not doing the wrong

things they’re doing the right things I

see a layer of legacy on them and it

makes my heart Happy I had someone

contact me on social media and they’re

like thank you for promoting the

conference that your son and uh

daughter-in-law are in I’m like they’re

family family but you know what we’re

all family we’re all family if we are in

Christ then we are family and when you

hurt I should hurt and when you rejoice

I should rejoice and that is why the

bible says weep with those who weep and

rejoice with those that Rejoice so we

need to stop being afraid to do that if

we can’t find those kind of women if we

can’t find those kind of women if you

haven’t met them then then you just have

to start being one you’re going to have

to be the woman that you never had

you’re going to have to just start it

and I’m going to tell you something as

you start it God will find a way to

bring it back to you so don’t be afraid

God always has to begin somewhere why

shouldn’t he begin with you why

shouldn’t you be the first one in your

family why shouldn’t you be the one in

your neighborhood why shouldn’t you be

the one in your city why shouldn’t you

be the one who recovers what’s been lost

why shouldn’t you be the one who begins

to carry the idea that God can do the

impossible things why shouldn’t you be

that one why shouldn’t you or maybe

nobody in your family has ever been

consecrated maybe nobody nobody knows

what you carry in your life well listen

carry it and carry it well because God