This video is about Lisa Bevere | Discipleship Email | October

and I want to share some things that I

think we are going to have to lean into

if we’re going to see God do the things

that we feel inside of our spirits how

many of you know that what I feel and

what you feel in here is not yet what we

are seeing out there and I believe that

God wants us to prophesy with our lives

so that things begin to shift in the

atmosphere and so the first thing and I

don’t normally have points to write them

down this may be the first and last time

that I actually have a logical message

but the first thing is that we have to

know when we are we have to know when we

are you say don’t you mean where no

actually I mean win because there are

times in life that knowing when you are

is more important than knowing where you


okay some point I travel a lot I live in

Colorado Springs which means I have to

use the goats to Chicago or Dallas to

get anywhere because it’s not a major

hub and when you switch from Colorado

Springs to Dallas there is a time change

I remember I took all of my boys with me

to a youth conference we landed in

Dallas and it was in the days of stupid

phones do you remember stupid phone

stupid phones did not change time zones

and so it was a stupid phone time and I

looked at my stupid phone and I said

guys we got two hours let’s go get

barbecue and one of my more intelligent

son said mom you said there was only an

hour during this layover and I said well

I was wrong look at what the phone says

and so you know what happened we went to

Dickey’s Barbecue and when I arrived at

my departure gate the flight had already

left because I did not know when I was

we are in a time period that is perilous

and a time period that is wonderful

we are in what is described in Acts

chapter 2 verse 17 and I’m going to read

it from the message this is God talking

he says this is what I will do in the

last days I will pour my spirit

on everybody and cause your sons and

daughters to prophesy and your young men

will see visions and your old men will

experience dreams from God the Holy

Spirit will come upon all my servants

men and women alike and they will

prophesy notice it didn’t say and they

will criticize see actually what we are

really good at is criticizing but it

takes no anointing to criticize that is

just echoing a problem but it takes a

whole lot of anointing to prophesy which

is to declare an answer in the midst of

chaos we are a generation that needs to

prophesy we need to speak the Word of

God into our future and understand that

the Word of God has the power in it to

shape and shift things I look at the

mess right now and I want to criticize

but I know that I am an ambassador of

heaven walking the face of the earth and

I don’t have the right to criticize if I

have been entrusted with the Word of God

to prophesize need to be a generation

who speak the answer rather than echo

the problem we need to prophesy and it’s

interesting that twice in these verses

it talks about men servants and female

servants women servants and it also says

sons and daughters see I don’t know how

everything began but the future is not

female the future is male and female the

future is sons and daughters the future

is all of us together I get it I get it

that women haven’t had as much voice but

we do not add value to the women by

taking it from the men we get our value

from God and

I wanted to do something I want to say

to every man that is here thank you

because I feel right now that there is

such an attack against men and I believe

that you are men who feared the Lord and

you celebrate women who would not be

here listening to some crazies to seeing

God mother on a Saturday morning so I

want to honor you and honor your voice

and I’m sorry that everything in our

culture is trying to dishonor the men

and sexualize the women we are guardians

of eternity and we know that an attack

on gender is an attack on the image of

God because God created us in His image

male and female and because there has

been wounding in the place of male and

female our culture has tried to blend

the genders but the answer is not making

all of us the same the answer is on us

being the best male and the best female

and understanding that is God that makes

up the gaps in our life but we’re gonna

have to prophesy because we got to know

when we are we are in a time period that

needs us to be able to say erth erth

hear ye the word of the Lord