A message from Girls With Swords Study by Lisa Bevere

you know the book of James in chapter 1

verses 22 through 25 talks about being

doers of the word and not hearers only

when we are here is only it says we

actually have the chance of deceiving

ourselves I want to read this too so far

if anyone is the hearer of the word and

not a doer he is like a man who looks

intently at his natural face in a mirror

but he looked at himself and goes away

and at once forgets what he looks like

but the one and this is who you want to

be but the one who looks into the

perfect law the law of Liberty and

persevere being know here who forgets

but a do who acts he will be the one

blessed in his doing you know we want to

be blessed in our doing we don’t want to

just be people that hear and don’t do

you know when I go to the grocery store

I on purpose I on purpose pick out the

checkout line that has the magazine’s

because I want to look at the magazine

covers I’m like what are Kanye and Kim

married okay that’s awesome I’m gonna

look at what’s good but I’m not gonna

look into those magazines I’m just gonna

look at it’s gonna be a cursory glance

but what if we want to see the

transformation of God in our lives we

don’t just look at something we look

into it the Word of God becomes our

filter it becomes our funnel everything

we do everything we see is look through

that filter that is a big difference of

looking at and looking into I look at my

watch to see what time it is

but if I want to know how my watch

functions I’m gonna have to take it

apart and put it back together let’s be

doers of the word and not hearers only

so that the word gains full expression

in our life I give you full permission

to not just read the Word of God but to

be a doer of the word of God