Nobody can be a better mother to your children than you. God hand-picked you for this kingdom assignment. But you can’t do motherhood alone in your own strength. You will burn out. You can’t pour out unless you are first filled up. You need a vibrant connection to the Holy Spirit!

I want you to know nobody is gonna be a

better mother to your children than you

nobody I’m sorry even in all of your

challenges even in all of your fears

about it

God hand-picked you yeah for those

children he hand-picked you for this

certain you may not have a ministry

dynamic you might be working you know

outside of the house you might be a stay

home mom and it can still be

overwhelming you might be homeschooling

my children would be dead if I almost

feel I don’t know but here’s the thing I

don’t buddy could do it as good as you

can do it’s true and God hand-picked you

for that and you just settle that you

need to settle that you can get into the

presence of God and whatever you have

need of God’s gonna give it to you

that’s why I also remembered another

turning point for me have a lot when I

was trying to discipline my kids and

we’re gonna talk about this more but God

just said you are doing motherhood in

your own strength and when you do it in

your own strength it’s exhausted we

Mother’s need God we need God it’s we

gotta be brave girls we got to get our

brave hover bras on to be they’ve got to

have all of that but the truth is you

cannot be a good mother without a great

connection with your heavenly father and

you have to refresh your spirit you

can’t just pour pour pour pour pour then

you’ll just be drained and exhausted and

you’ll be surviving your children

instead of enjoying them there’s one

regret I have I wish that I would have

played with my kids more when they were