I want to tell you about my greatest regret…

I want to share with you my greatest

regret you know I did a marriage seminar

with my husband and we were being

interviewed and I think we had 30

minutes and I think he gave me seven and

they said you know what you know what

are the two things or what would you say

two things that you would say that’s a

nice I said number one I would have

risked more I would have given my

husband permission to make more mistakes

I would have taken more chances looking

back and not been so afraid and secondly

I would have loved my husband fearless

clean you know a lot of us are measured

in our love with our husbands I don’t

know if you have the same background as

me possibly not but I remember for the

first 10 years I live with about 80% in

about 80 percent I would love then I

would start padding and my husband would

say why are you patting me I’m not

trying to have sex with you I’m just

trying to hold you and I’d be like I

don’t know there’s just something that

feels scary I don’t know if you are a

child of divorce but when you have that

in the back of your mind you’re thinking

that somebody is always going to leave

and so you’re afraid to go all-in

because if you go all-in and then they

leave you think you’re going to have

nothing left where the truth is you need

to go all-in because love never fails

and if you don’t go all-in then you’re

never going to know what you might have

had I remember John would say I don’t

know if we’re going to have to be

seventy years of age before you finally

figure out that I’m not your father and

I’m not going to leave you but we are

going to miss a lot of fun in the

interim and I thought you know what

that’s just not fair

so I’m going to challenge you to love

fearlessly see Jesus loves us fearlessly

he is all in with us he’s not afraid

that we’re going to make a mistake he

knows we are going to make mistakes but

he goes ahead and loves us fearless leap

and women who choose to love fearlessly

live fearlessly and there is nothing

more attractive than a woman who is

fearless and the world is watching and

waiting for us to love fearlessly