Hearing God’s voice is vital to sustaining a life-giving relationship with Him, but so many Christians have trouble knowing how and what God is speaking.


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going to unpack a topic

that we’ve been asked about a lot in

recent years

and that is hearing god’s voice

how do you know if you’re hearing god’s

voice how to hear god’s voice

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read it on the show today i’m going to

read a review from

andrew williams that’s what he has to

say i find your podcast

extremely helpful with my relationships

with everyone i love that not just

not just husband and wife but with

everyone it is nice to hear stories that

help us to navigate this dark world my

wife and i

hope to have as strong a relationship as

you two have

when we’re your age honey your

age that’s that’s coming up a lot babe i


still see myself as a young man but i do


physically i have a 62nd birthday coming

up here june 2nd

so um i know and so and so anyway

i want to yeah because i already know

what that side says you’re amazing no

i i was just gonna say lisa this is like

you know

the perfect the perfect um answer to two

situations yeah as you said we have

heard over and over again

please we want to know how to hear the

voice of god

and i know i have had this question

asked by our sons quite a bit

and then to follow it up from the

podcast on the prophetic it’s just so

perfect right because god

is speaking yes he’s speaking i mean

paul made a statement to the corinthian

church he said

you have not followed after these dumb

idols in following the living god and

that of course

is the king james version but the word

dumb didn’t mean

stupid it meant they had no ability to


and so what paul was saying the major

difference between the idols and god is

our god does speak and the idols don’t

and jesus said so clearly my sheep

hear my voice and the voice of a

stranger they will not

follow we are told that the holy spirit

will lead and guide us

we are told over and over god said i

will give you direction

so this is something our own children

asked us this is something

is probably the first question people

ask us when we’re ministering and

opening up for questions

i don’t care if it’s a marriage

conference i don’t care what it is so

it’s real important that we don’t rush

through this and it’s real important if

it takes two podcasts we’re gonna do it


this is important so i’m going to ask

you a question yep

does god speak to everyone does god

speak to everyone that is an excellent


if you are his child absolutely

see i would disagree with you on that

okay i believe he speaks to everyone

whether they’re his children or not

because romans once i agree now

you’re going there you’re going there

existence of god so god is

always speaking folks i stand corrected

and i just want you to know so excited

that my wife was 100

right so god is god is always speaking

he is but i love what you always say

like he’s always speaking but about that

radio dial can you talk about that

so you know back in the old days when i

was a teenager

we had fm and am radio and that’s it we

didn’t have smartphones we didn’t have


so the only way to really hear from the

outside world was through television or


and you know if i had my radio

on in the car as a teenager and the

station just

wasn’t coming through i didn’t get on

the phone and call the station say don’t

you guys realize your broadcast isn’t

coming through

i would usually find out that if i just

turned the knob a little

i would pick up the station loud and

clear tune in and so

god god is like the radio station he’s

he’s not

he never shuts down he’s never on off

he is always wanting to speak to his

children so the question is

are is our heart tuned in correctly

and does our heart know how to hear him

correctly so i think that’s where you


and again i want to say 100 god is

speaking to everyone because romans 1

does make it so clear but in this in

this podcast

i think it’s really important we talk

about his children because these are the

ones that are asking us the question

right so i’m gonna now ask you what does

god’s voice

sound like wow okay so i i know a lot of

people are like is it audible

is it audible and you know i’ve talked

to people that

have experienced an audible i’ve never

experienced an

auto out about what i have experienced


a very strong impression

sometimes he’ll actually give me a

scripture like the location of a


where i don’t even know what it’s going

to say and when i

open it up i find an answer there but

usually it isn’t the exact answer that

i’m looking for

but it’s the assurance that he is the

god who hears and he is the god who

answers and so i think a lot of times

people like god’s not talking

and work sometimes just giving him

multiple choice questions like god

is it true or false or god do i stay or

do i go

you know we we we have the audience with

the creator of the universe

and we’re saying i’m giving you two

options and sometimes he’s like

i’m not i’m not even answering according

to your two parameters

i will answer and you know what we one

of my favorite verses

is the promise in jeremiah that if you

call unto me i will

answer you and show you great and mighty

things what does it say

that you know not of so sometimes we

want god to answer us

according to what we know and he’s like

hey i got something bigger

it’s an answer that’s going to actually

include something that you know

not of which i think a lot of us coming

through are coming

in where it’s still in the pandemic

there was a lot of questions

that we would have been looking for

answers from that maybe god was quiet

about because he knew something was

coming up that

we didn’t we knew not of and and you

know lisa

that’s so true and um i think i think

one thing we’ve got to initially say

is that god wants to have a personal

relationship with us

right so why is that we want to put him

in a box

or why would he want to put us in a box

so i look at the scripture

when god said to mariam and aaron in the

old testament

if there’s a prophet among you i speak

to him in a vision a dream

not so with my servant moses i look at

samuel who’s a young boy

and god calls him and he says samuel

and he they thought he was the voice of

his pastor at the time who was eli so he

goes running and saying yes sir

it’s in the middle of the night eli goes

i was sound asleep you just woke me up

why are you calling for me

so sammy goes back god comes the second

time says samuel

watch as samuel run to eli again

he goes quit bugging me i’m trying to

get a good night’s sleep here

he goes back to his bed god says samuel

one more time

now that way i want to pause a second

just just be nice to eli for a moment he


tell him he did yeah but yeah but i

don’t want to get there yet i want

i want i want to i’m dealing with god i

want to deal with god what he’s doing

here sure

why doesn’t god on the second time say

sam you see him you know this is the

lord your god speaking to you

why does he continue to let him keep

going to eli

what that’s what i want to say is

because god wants

us as children to understand how he

speaks to us individually

so in other words because we have a

personal relationship

god speaks to me different than he

speaks to lisa god speaks to lisa and i

both different than he may speak to you

and that’s where i really wanted to

create a foundation is first of all

he wants us to learn how

he speaks to us and so

this is something that i think took me

years decades to learn i was frustrated

and i know a lot of people are

frustrated right now well i hear my

pastor say that he had a dream or i hear

my pastor say he heard the voice of god

why don’t i hear the voice of you you

know to teach on the series or something

like that

right right and so they are now trying

to have

god speak to them the way their pastor

talked about it when reality god may say

no i want to speak to you in a different

way because i want to keep our our

relationship i’m going to take a lease

up of your quote i want to keep it


i want to keep it to where we you’re not

just a number

but you’re i’m going to call you by name

yeah i love that

well and so john going back to eli once

once he figured out

that god was talking to the boy samuel

you told him

speak just stay in your place right and


speak lord for your servant is listening

correct and i think that

that posture is something that we all

have to adopt whether we hear god

speaking and calling us out by name we


take that posture of say speak lord for

your your

daughter your son your servant we’re


and we can open up the word of god and

sometimes god

speaks through that word through a

scripture that just

whoa it’s right there speaking to our


or we get an impression that wow

okay i i don’t feel good about this

anymore you know i thought it might be a

good idea but

after just pausing and pondering i just

don’t feel good about it can i read this

quote by george mueller because i would

love to hear i think it’s

powerful it says the spirit of the holy


and the word must be combined if i look

to the spirit alone so i’m just


spirit what are you saying alone without

the word

i lay myself open to great

delusions also if the holy ghost

guides us at all he will do it according

to the scriptures

and never contrary to them so

it will have like it will have the same

tone the same uh you know what i was

thinking about today we were talking

about this i thought how

you know jesus was you know pulling uh

grain during the sabbath and his he and

his disciples were like

rubbing it between their hands and

eating it and the people were like what

are you doing

you know you’re harvesting grain you

know and jesus was like

i’m the lord of the harvest i mean like

he knew who he was

and so yes that would seem like maybe it

was a contradiction to the word but it


because he was a lord well then he gave

he gave scripture he said david

went in and it took the bread that was

only allowed to be for the priests

right so i i because even satan came and

used scripture with jesus but jesus

properly applied the scripture he said

hey throw yourself from the temple

because his angels will give charge over

you but jesus said no you shall not

tempt the lord your god.

so this is what i believe the bible

means when you rightly divide the holy

spirit being our teacher will always

help us to walk through the bible and

understand that he’s not going to

speak to us contrary to the overall

counsel of god’s word

and just pull out one perspec particular

scripture that would go against that

now wait before we go further so

uh to samuel the voice of god sounded

like eli

it sounds like a father figure that was

very good and and so i think

that was an important thing to say um

for other people

the voice of god sounds there i mean

hannah hannah samuel’s mommy

the voice of god was eli you know what

what what do you what

put away your wine woman oh wait i’m not

drunk i’m distraught and so

okay god bless you whatever you’re

asking for so here’s the thing

i when i pray yeah and i hear from the

holy spirit

the voice sounds like my voice

in my head yeah it doesn’t sound like a

man voice

it doesn’t sound like james earl jones

which i would like it to sound like that

it just sounds like like a whisper

inside of me yeah inside of my heart

inside of my head

and uh what does it sound like for you

so does it sound like your mom

just exactly what you just said it

sounds a lot to me like my own voice

and i you know i think it’d be a good

place to really

go to scripture and say what is the

primary way the holy spirit leads us

and i think that is for sure found from

a couple scriptures you put together

where it says the spirit of man is kind

is the candle of the lord that’s

proverbs 20 27. so in other words god

god speaks to our spirit our heart okay

and then you look at the fact that paul


in romans chapter 8 for as many as are


by the spirit of god so to be led by

someone means you need to know how he


for as many as are led by the spirit of

god these are the sons and daughters of


the spirit then he goes on to say the

spirit himself bears witness with our

spirit now

this is one that has kept me out of

trouble for years and years

what does it mean to bear witness well

if you go over to colossians 3 16

excuse me 3 15 paul said let the peace

of christ

rule as an umpire in your heart

now an umpire is someone who makes a

decision on a call

so in other words the way the spirit of


primarily speaks to us is by a witness

now let me give an example of this

let’s say i’m considering leaving a city

and going and living somewhere else but

in my heart

i have just this gnawing itching

scratching feeling

i have no peace in my heart about it


you’re not sleeping you’re feeling well

even i wouldn’t even say not sleeping

yes you’re restless that that’s a good

way of saying

he’s trying to say this yes there would

be different expressions because when

you just say an itchy

thing i think people are like what are

you talking about and that’s a good

point babe

so if i don’t have that overwhelming


either something is wrong i haven’t put

it in place i haven’t given it in prayer

the holy spirit is trying to say you are

planning something or you are moving on


that you need to do something else first

and that’s when i start searching and


and i will tell you this many times i’ve

stayed up at night looking for that

like where is that peace okay just

recently i was in a situation where i

didn’t have peace

and it wasn’t that i was actually doing

something wrong i really believe

now is because i hadn’t properly prayed

it through

and hadn’t really and then when i did

because paul goes on to say in

philippians if you do everything by


and petition which is a specific request

the peace of christ

will garrison up like an army and guard

your heart

and your mind so this is where a

christian needs to learn to live

you live in the peace of god you can

have turmoil all around you

you can have fighting around you you can

have neighbors that are

like like threatening around you but if

you have that

inward peace that’s the witness of the

spirit that says

keep going the direction you’re going

you’re doing the right thing

you know john i really feel like it’s

important can you share

the first time that you i mean you and i

both raised catholic

when was the first time that you


knew the spirit of god spoke something

to you

that’s a really good question um i would

actually say

can you recount the story yeah um

wow that’s a tough one i

i’m i’m having to go way back if you

don’t yeah would you start because i’m

trying to get the first time

and i’m tripping over the first time

because i can think of a lot of times

sure yeah sure and i think i think this

is a really important topic so i think

we need to do

two for sure but here here was the first

time okay and this is

this is the crazy crazy crazy moment i

was not born again

i was wow in my sorority

and i was miserable i had

packed everything up and a ring

that was really important to me had been


but i didn’t know what was stolen until

i packed everything up you know i’m a

little bit messy

so i thought perhaps perhaps i just

you know when i pack everything up i’ll

find it but there had been a lot of

thefts in our sorority house

and i had packed everything up and i was

so sad john

it was gone it was gone and so i was


in my last night in the sorority i was

sleeping in the

sleeping loft and i just prayed i did a

dare to god

i said god if you’re so powerful

you know where that ring is if you’re

really real

you can make that ring come back to me

if you’re

like if like that’s like nothing for you

that’s like a flick of your eyelash

like what why can’t you just do that for

me make

if you really want me to believe in you

why don’t you just show me

and i and i was in my bed kind of

almost being sarcastic kind of being

like i don’t believe in you god yeah no

way yeah

and and i said i had probably been

laying in there for about a half an hour

45 minutes

and i just felt i need to i’m just going

to get up and go to the bathroom

and when i went up to the bathroom i

felt like i need to walk into my room

and i walked into my room and i had

lifted up the glass that was on top of

my dresser to get all the photos off of


and in the center of my dresser

was the ring and i flipped

out because in my mind i thought an

angel had a beard and

grabbed the ring and put it there but

really what had happened was

god had touched the person that had

stolen it and i mean

i’m guessing i don’t think god had an

angel pickpocket somebody

gotta touch that the person that had

stolen and and they put it on there

between the time i prayed and it freaked

me out because then i knew

that god was real and now i had to

answer to the fact that i had mocked god

and discovered he was real and it was


impressions you told me the story one

time years ago but i forgot it and that

was that is very powerful you’ve never

been able to forget

that we’re actually out of time and lisa

we haven’t

cause there’s so many different ways god

speaks we haven’t even talked about it


yeah so why don’t we pick it up on the

on the very next podcast yeah and i’m

super excited because i

i want people to continue to tune in i

hope you’re encouraged

that god not only speaks but he wants

to speak to you and i want i want to


leave you with this sentiment god wants

to speak to you more than you want to

hear from him

i couldn’t agree that is the beauty of

our god but i want to thank you for

tuning in we’re gonna

we’re definitely doing another session

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