In this video, Lisa Bevere teaches the importance of prophesying solutions rather than criticizing others.

I’m gonna give you a couple points that

I’ve learned in the length of my life

number one you got to know when you are

I didn’t say where you are when you are

we’re in a very interesting time zone I

have embarrassing stories about time

zones because sometimes I don’t know if

you’ve ever had like the Apple watch or

the iPhone that doesn’t switch timezones

and I’ve missed a fly and had to

overnight in another country before

because I’m just sitting in the lounge

thinking I’ve got a whole nother hour

when really my plane took off and I show

up everybody’s gone it’s a horrible

nightmare it’s reoccurring I’ve only

done it once but that was all because I

didn’t know when I was and we are in a

day and a time without rival we are in

days and times beyond measure acts 2:17

says and this is what I will do in the

last days this is God talking that’s not

the president talking this is not me

talking this is the promise of God this

is what I will do in the last days I

will pour out my spirit on everybody and

cause your sons and daughters to

prophesy and your young men will see

visions and your old men will experience

dreams from God the Holy Spirit will

come upon all my servants men and women

alike and they will prophesy what does

that even mean what means that there’s

going to be a generation that contrary

to what everything looks like they’re

going to stand in the face of despair

and discouragement and they are going to

speak faith and hope and strength and

life and love we are going to actually

be a generation that stands right in the

midst of problems and declares answers

see most people think they’re anointed

to criticize but you are not anointed to

criticize you are anointed to prophesize

it doesn’t take any wisdom to say that

there is a mess how many of y’all know

it’s a mess out there it’s a mess well I

need you I need

just as we were singing I need you to

use your words to speak God’s will into

this earth I need you to be old women

like me and young men and young women

and old men who understand the power of

all of us saying the same thing we are

going to declare God’s promises into the

future not our reality because the

reality is this story is going to change

and God wins in the end and there is

overwhelming triumph and God is going to

do something where he begins to

distinguish his people with

righteousness and strength and his glory

and his power because I believe that

what I see in here is not what I see out

there and so until I see what I see in

here is what I see out there I’m gonna

prophesied I’m gonna prophesy I’m not

gonna allow nonsense to be the heritage

of my grandbabies I’m serious we got to

know when we are we are a people that

God wants us to speak so that none of

our words fall to the ground unfulfilled

with God’s promise and his power so

number one you got to know when you are

we are last days people number two

you got to know who you are you got to

know who you are we have a whole

generation of people trying to figure

out what they’re called to do when they

don’t know who they are and when you

don’t know who you are it’s impossible

to figure out what you should be doing

but you don’t find out who you are in

the presence of people you find out who

you are in the presence of God and so we

have a generation that is being

inundated and overwhelmed by the

presence of people and I’m not even

talking about physical people I’m

talking about social media presence

constantly inundated with opinions and

the presence of people where they can no

longer have an over

sense of the presence of God we need a

generation to get into the presence of

God because in the presence of God God

will call you forth by name