There is a role unique to women that we abandon easily. We live near each other, but not with each other–and not for each other. We don’t want to intrude or judge and maybe, we don’t want to see each other truly succeed. And the world is happy with this unhappy state for women–one that pushes us to conform to a pattern of distrust, disengagement, and competition. It’s no wonder we’ve lost ourselves and our way.

I love what I see God doing here at Zeal

church and why would anybody want to be

anywhere else I’ve I was in Fort Myers

Florida yesterday morning speaking

hopped on a plane got here at about 10

o’clock last night which would be 12

o’clock midnight Fort Myers time and I

fly out to Orange County tomorrow but I

drank five shots of espresso so I am

here I am present I am with you guys I

can totally do this so excited I’ve seen

some beautiful friends of ours Lisa and

Dr Doug Weiss and their beautiful family

I I know there’s a lot of you that are

here and I just it’s so I want to hug

all of you so find me after service I am

going to show you my family because it

has been growing a lot so go ahead and

throw those cute boys up here okay

Alexander Hallelujah is engaged

Alexander yeah he’s marrying an

Australian we imported we imported so

there’s Alexander there is Austin and

Jessica they’re going to be her next

service Arden and Christian and they are

expecting their first baby and a July

they’re having a boy so we’re going to

be equal now we’re going to have three

grandsons and three granddaughters

they’re sweet Lizzy Sophia hugging my

husband of 40 years this October John


Addison and Julie they know and love you

guys they’re beautiful children they are

amazing they send their love I talked to

Addison this morning he called me for

Mother’s Day love and then we have

Scarlett I have another grandchild there

she is

Scarlett is so fat they do not expect

her to ever crawl uh just took her to

the pediatrician she’s nine months she’s

like she’s not crawling I mean we’ve put

things under her stomach to try to get

her to roll forward and she’s like no

but if you saw her thighs you would

understand she can’t lift that she just

can’t yeah she’s she’s amazing she has

two faces her resting face is a judgy

face yeah there she’s she just judges

like why should I smile and then she has

a happy face but that is Scarlett I love

her so much I love being a mother I love

being a grandmother and I’m just going

to tell you I love being a godmother to

Octavia and Brandon and you think what

is a godmother well a godmother is when

you get a sicilian on your side so I

have dual citizenship uh my husband is

Italian but I am Sicilian and I have

dual citizenship so I just kind of

capitalize on the whole Sicilian theme I

do want to talk about a couple books

because I know some of you guys forgot

to buy a Mother’s Day gift for your wife

okay I just launched a devotional

Tuesday hasn’t even been out a week and

it’s called fiercely loved God’s wild

thoughts about you how many of you know

it is time you change the way you think

God is thinking about you

God is not thinking thoughts to

disqualify you to distance you to

disengage from you God has good thoughts

treasured thoughts precious thoughts

this is what David had a revelation of

in the wilderness in Psalm 139 he wrote

how precious are your thoughts about me

about me oh God they cannot be numbered

I can’t even count them they outnumber

the grains of sand and when I wake up

you are still with me what does that

tell us that tells us that God has

treasured precious good thoughts towards

you and they’re innumerable innumerable

but it’s not just that it’s constant

it’s constant and so we need to change

the way that we think God is looking at

us because when we change the way we

think God is looking at us we change the

way we look at everybody else how many

of you know we got a lot of meanness

going on in the body of Christ

yeah because when people feel judged

they judge

and so we need to be a people who


that God wasn’t this angry God in the

Old Testament who sent his son to die

for us and Jesus is like please be nice

to them please change your mind no he

sent his son to reveal his heart and so

God is for us and so it is the goodness

and the kindness of God that leads us to

repentance kindness is not an

endorsement of sin it is a doorway and

so we need to start being kind in the

body of Christ and we need to start with

each other I’m going to be preaching to

you out of godmothers but I added

something in earlier this morning

because I feel like God is doing

something something significant here

and so I want to open up from the

passage John Chapter 2 verses 1 through

10. it’s the wedding at Canaan it says

the next day there was a wedding

celebration in the village of Canaan and

Galilee Jesus’s mother was there and

Jesus and his disciples were also

invited to the Celebration the wine

supply ran out during the festivities so

Jesus’s mother told him they have no

more wine dear woman that’s not our

problem Jesus replied my time has not

yet come but his mother told the

servants do whatever he tells you

standing nearby were six Stone water

jars used for Jewish ceremonial Clint

washing each could hold 20 to 30 gallons

Jesus told the servants fill the jars

with water when the jars had been filled

he said now dip some out and take it to

the Master of Ceremonies so the servants

followed his instructions when the

master of ceremony he’s tasted the water

that was now wine not knowing where it

had come from though of course the

servants knew because God always lets

his servants know what’s going on he

called the bridegroom over a host

usually serves the best wine first he

said then when everyone has had a lot to

drink he brings out the less expensive

wine but you have kept the best until


I love this city

and I have been in the city

for decades

I still have a place in the city I still

have an office in this city

but I am here to tell you that God has

saved his best

for now

and I am here as a Mama telling you it

is time it is time for us to stop

calling water wine it is time for us to

do whatever the master tells us to do

I read this scripture and I remember my

boys the first time they read it they

used it as an excuse to call me woman

they’re like hey woman woman and they’re

like Jesus calls his mom woman I’m like

you’re not Jesus you’re not Jesus Jesus

wants to call me woman that’s fine you

call me Mom you call me Mom and it’s

interesting that Mary saw lack

and spoke to her son and said hey hey

they’re out

they’re out

and he was like hey it’s not my time


mamas no time

and you often won’t know timing until

you become a mom I remember when I was

pregnant with my first son they didn’t

do sonograms back then it was like hit

and miss you didn’t know what you’re

gonna have when you were gonna have it

how much it was going to weigh you were

living in a constant state of confusion

and I remember as I got more

uncomfortable I was like I I think I’m

further along I think I’m nine months I

was claiming nine months at seven and a

half months and my doctor was like I

don’t think I don’t think you’re that

far along

but things get uncomfortable

when it’s time

and I remember going to the doctor’s

office and I was two weeks past due I

thought I am never going to go into

labor and he said you probably aren’t

we’re going to induce you tomorrow and I

went into this induction in Dallas Texas

now I need to paint a little bit of a

picture for you in Dallas

when I found out I was gonna have a baby

the next day I went and got a French


yeah that’s what you do in Dallas and

then I also I also had blonde hair back

then why anyone who looks like an Arab

would have blonde hair I’m not sure why

I did that but I went I had my

highlights done I had my French manicure

I got up from my induction showed up

full-on jewelry full on makeup all the

nurses looked at me went into a huddle

they’re like I’m not taking her she has

no idea what she is here for

and a mean a mean grumpy nurse came out

and she was like take off all your

jewelry stop smiling get in there strip

down put on that that gown that exposes

your backside and get ready to hurts I

mean this lady was so mad and that she

checks me and she tells me you shouldn’t

even be here you’re going to be an

induced and you’re going to be laboring

all day and I’m gonna go home tonight

and I’m gonna sleep and I’m gonna come

back and tomorrow morning you’re going

to still be here I remember looking at

John and saying get her out of the room

and I was like let’s be Christians I’m

like I don’t want to be a Christian

right now I want to have a baby

12 hours of Agony with the mean nurse

but after 12 hours something happened

a shift changed and a new nurse came

along and she looked at my chart where

my contractions were not even

registering anymore they were a minute

and a half long and 30 seconds in

between them she looked at me and said

baby we’re going to make it so it

doesn’t hurt anymore at that point I

sold out my husband the one I had made

promises like you have to promise no

matter how I beg for an epidural say no

say no and I was like he wouldn’t let me

get an epidural she’s like

sir sir you’re gonna have to leave the

room why

holding the nurse I thought we were

going to be friends after my labor I

thought she was going to call me and ask

me to lunch I remember saying good can

you just hold me while they do and she

was like absolutely I had Addison an

hour and a half later


because when women are in the company of

evil midwives they don’t bring forth


but God is saying to you the shift has

changed and you are in the company of

women who want to see your pain have

purpose they want to see what is in you

be brought forth

God is waking up the heart of mothers

mothers see we got mentors

mentors are good but mentors tend to

reproduce themselves

mothers don’t reproduce themselves each

and every one of my pregnancies I said

oh God nothing like me please nothing

like me nothing I want new and proved

version I don’t want my children to make

my same mistakes I don’t want them to

live with my fears and my failures

every one of my kids I wanted to go

further and farther I remember God

saying to me Lisa your children won’t

inherit one of two things either my

promises or your fears you need to face

off what your limitations so it doesn’t

come on the Next Generation see mamas

will bless other people in the very

areas that they were only cursed mamas

will Speak Life where other people only

spoke death why because mothers have the

ability to see it now and in the future

oh it’s so true I’m gonna see my second

born son the next service oh but I can

still see him as a two-year-old I still

see him riding a horse this little

plastic horse yelling to Integrity music

Rejoice Africa there’s no one like God

no one like God yelling in his Mickey

Mouse underwear and then one day coming

down and say why does no one like

oh see those are moments that are woven

and our lives as mothers

because of the Redemption of God and our

family I have four

sons who love God with all of their

heart and are living better lives than

John and I and I had somebody ask me

okay tell me your prayers

and I said you know

I let John cover the prayer part

and I covered the training part

you have to train your children

you have to understand mamas

you are not their maid

you are their mother

not long after we moved to Colorado I

remember having a revelation that my

boys didn’t really care about me doing

their laundry I would wash it fold it

put it on their bed all they had to do

was move it off the bed put it in a

dresser but no no that was too hard they

had to they had to like put it in with

dirty clothes and throw it into the

hamper and bury it I would find buried

clean clothes among crunchy socks guys

how do you do that how do you make your

socks I’ve never had crunchy socks in my

entire life and so I remember my boys

came home from school and the psycho mom

had dumped all of the clothes in uh in a

like the center of the room and I said


I forgot I’m not your maid I’m Your


I’m going to train you how to do laundry

right now I’m not going to have your

wives mad at me so many women so many

women are trying to train their husbands

and love their children we are called to

love our husbands and train our children


because those kids leave one day and and

John bevere is living his best life

right now he has me all to himself he is

he is loving it okay so it’s time

and it’s time for The Mamas to wake up

it’s time for them to have a heart for

the daughters it’s time for them to have

a heart for the sons it’s time for them

to have a heart for their husbands and

you know I had an awareness very early

on uh it in my Christian walk that I was

going to be ministering to women and so

I tried to pick my hero I was like my

hero is not Esther I do not want to be a

concubine my hero my hero is Deborah

Deborah is the boss of the world Deborah

sits under a palm tree and judges people

I want to be Deborah oh some of you do

that on your toilet with your phone well

I wanted to sit under a palm tree and

judge people I was like she is the

prophetess and the judge highest

Spiritual Authority highest governmental

Authority yes Deborah but then I looked

at context and I found out that Deborah

became a judge after Israel had been

ruled 80 years by a guy named Ehud and

Ehud it said ruled them as a judge with

a cattle prod I don’t know what that

looks like and then the people are like

we’re scared we’re going to be obedient

to the Lord God bless them 80 years of


but when he dies

the people went right back to where

their heart was

the cattle prod was gone and they’re

like remember how we used to set up

altars everywhere remember that sex

worship religion let’s go back to bow my

lock let’s go let’s go let’s go back to

that and God’s like really you guys are

going to do this again because if you

look at the children of Israel they obey

God He blesses them then they’re like no

I think this is all about us they go

away from God he sends oppressor they

cry out he rescues them they do the

whole pattern again and again and again

and if you and I could look at our lives

and we could look at the graph and the

pattern of Our Lives we might actually

find out that we do some of the same


Deborah inherited a people

oppressed and broken I begin to wonder

if maybe they said yeah sure what’s a

woman gonna do let them have a woman

judge in Judges chapter 4 verse 2 it

says and the Lord sold them into the

hand of jaben king of Canaan who reigned

in hazor the commander of his army was

cesra who lived and harassed her going

then the people of Israel cried out to

the Lord for help for he had 900

Chariots of iron and he oppressed the

people of Israel cruelly for 20 years

people of God do not do well in seasons

of prosperity

we actually do better in seasons of


struggle is strengthening

it is so what’s happening during this 20

years of Oppression well Israel was


discouraged isolated it says all the

trade routes were cut off so nothing was

coming in and nothing was going up It

also says that the people of Israel

wouldn’t even go out and work their own

Fields because they were afraid of being

attacked so they no longer had purpose

they are isolated and what happens when

people have no purpose and they’re

isolated oh we’re seeing it right now in

our culture in fighting in fighting

everybody attacking one another

everybody fighting with one another they

forget that the enemy is not in the

house they think that the enemy is in

the house but you and I know we don’t

wrestle with flesh and blood but with

principalities and powers and rulers of

wickedness and high places that exalt

themselves exalt themselves against us

knowing god

they begin to fight they begin to fight

and bigger what is going on in the body

of Christ right now I’m telling you I

want to spank everybody and hug them I

mean I’m like spank and then hug or hug

and then I don’t know which one needs to

happen I I turned on a Instagram today

and some guys like saying on the church

does this and the church does that and

the church wants people to commit

suicide I felt like saying and I want to

slap you because no there are some

people that are crazy but the Big C

Church of Jesus Christ is not that way

and the people that most people are

describing I don’t even know

I don’t even know

and you know what God is the one

cleaning up his bride he says he washes

her with the water of the word to evoke

her beauty we better not be caught

pulling up her skirt and show it her


we need to actually speak the word we

need to prophesy the church that will be

instead of criticize the church that is

right now oh I get it there’s stuff

that’s going on that needs to be

addressed God is sifting and he is

shaking so that what cannot be shaken

will be established he is also shifting

and I don’t but but God begins to Spain

okay I’ll just tell the story we have we

have our fourth born he’s a baby that

means he was hardly ever spanked and I

remember John finally one day said Arden

you’re getting spanked and the other

three boys had Revival yay art is

getting spanked Arden’s getting spanked

Arden’s getting spanking down was like

well now I’m not going to spank him

I’m like what no he’s like because you

guys were all so happy

okay do you know God kind of does that

with his kids too yeah

you gotta you gotta humble of yourself

but God begins to judge we look at


okay and if you feel like you’re

supposed to disengage from something

disengage from it don’t put on your

social media

because my Bible says I’m going to give

an account for Every Idle Word Every

Idle Word I’ve

been married 40 years I’ve been serving

God for 42 years and I’m going to tell

you there’s a lot of things I would have

died to defend that I don’t even believe

anymore so you want to be careful about

putting things out there that you can’t

take back because God doesn’t have a

delete button he remembers so we need to

be careful so infighting infighting we

can’t have that the body cannot attack


we need to be one

one there’s things my husband and I

don’t even agree on but that doesn’t

mean we’re not one

so all of this different fighting going

on I don’t know what caused Deborah to

finally snap but there came a moment

where she was like that’s it it’s not

gonna work with me being a judge it’s

not going to work with me being a

prophetess I know for me when my boys

were young John would you know be

calling home from a Ministry trip and

I’m crazy woman with the kids and

they’re all yelling and screaming and I

put the phone against my chest and I

yelled at the boys when I get off this

phone I’m spanking everyone and Tom

would be like wait did you just say you

were spanking all of the boys I said yes

yeah you don’t get to talk about that

because you’re not here he said but are

you really going to do it

it’s like no I’m not really going to do

it he said so you’re lying to our

children I said yes I am light

to our children I don’t know if Deborah

just was like I’m spanking everyone I

don’t know what happened but the way the

new King James puts it is Village Life

ceased it ceased in Israel until I

Deborah arose a rose a mother in Israel

life had completely shut down

their communities were broken people

were afraid to dream afraid to live

afraid to Hope

but enough is enough the net says

warriors were scarce Now isn’t that

interesting it goes from village life

has cease to warriors were scarce

warriors were scarce they were scarce in

Israel until you arose Deborah until you

arose a motherly protector in Israel

do you know God talks about himself as a

motherly protector like a mama bear

robbed of its Cubs like a lioness I tear

your heart out now that’s not that’s not

talking about people

that’s talking about principalities

we don’t tear up people okay I just want

to be clear on that okay the ncv reads

there were no Warriors so now we’ve gone

from scarce Warriors to no Warriors

there were no Warriors in Israel until I

Deborah arose until I arose to be a

mother to Israel but this is my absolute

favorite version message paraphrase

Warriors became fat and sloppy no fight

left in them so they played video games

then you Deborah rose up you got up a

mother in Israel I don’t know if there

were no Warriors or just some fat guys

left over from covet but everything

changed when Deborah arose not a

prophetess not a judge a mother

because mothers often have this

connection with who is supposed to carry


do you remember we’ve got we’ve got

Jacob we got Esau

and Isaac like diesel

but Mama knew no it’s not Isa it’s Jacob

and Jacob’s going to go through a

hardship but he’s going to come out

after wrestling with God a prince so she

sends for a prince in Exile sentence

some men for Barack the son of a binith

from cadepsen of Tali and said to him

has not the Lord the god of Israel

commanded you go gather your men at

Mount Tabor taking ten thousand from the

people of naftali and the people of


I believe that God is asking us to begin

to has God not spoken to you

and you say well I don’t got ten

thousand okay I’m going to tell you

there is a word

and there is I love that this church is

founded on prayer because you don’t

understand what happens in the spirit

when the people of God all decide to say

the same thing when the people of God

gather it says nothing is impossible we

need to begin to prophesy not what is

but what could be but when she calls

this Prince out of Exile

do you know 20 years of Oppression

can do something to a man

he had forgotten who he was and he said

I’m not going to go unless you go with


and see

if I’ve been Deborah I would have said

excuse me do you know who you’re talking


I am the prophetess and I am the boss of

your world as the judge you do what I

tell you to do

but Deborah didn’t do that because

Deborah knows what true leaders do

true leaders don’t pull rank they lend


she said all right

I’ll go with you

see sometimes we need the mamas to go

with the prince sometimes we need to go

together and then you all know it’s a

crazy mess we’ve got like chariot wheels

falling off and you know people like

slaughtering each other but I don’t want

to talk about JL and that mess

I want to talk about the intimate

connection between Earth and Heaven in

judges 5 verse 20 it says from the

heavens the Stars fought from their

courses they fought against cesra the

river kushan swept them away the age-old

river the river kishan march on my soul

be strong

march on my soul

be strong

do you know you can speak to your soul

no you guys you have to understand this

you can speak to your soul yeah David

said so

why are you downcast

oh why put your hope in God anytime you

put your hope in something that can be

taken from you

you are at risk of being downcast

we have to speak to our soul guys I just

finished going through menopause during

menopause there is a mean woman living

in your head she says things like punch

her husband in the face she says throw a

fit at the airlines I’m not worrying

about she says all sorts of things and

I’m like no evil woman you are not

taking me emotional hostage

you got to renew your mind you got to

know what God’s word is saying how many

of you know that we live in a time

period where a lot of things sound good

but feel wrong

you have to have the word of God to

discern or you are just going to live in

suspicion and fear and discernment isn’t

just about noting wrong things

discernment is the ability to see the

light in the distance in somebody else’s


I’m so thankful that people discern the

call of God on my life

when I did not look like I should be

called by God I’m so thankful that when

I said I don’t feel like I fit in

anywhere he said to me you were created

to begin not belong he said to me you

and John are the point of an arrow you

have to stay strong because you’re not

everything but you will take a lot of

the pressure but you have to not cave I

don’t know what God is saying to you but

I do know what you have to say to


be strong and of good courage for the

Lord your God is with you be strong and

of good courage for the Lord your God is

with you be strong and of good courage

for the Lord your God is with you

listen when I lived up a little bit

north I would tell my boys everybody

everybody get in the Suburban get in the

Serbian and they’d be like oh no are we

running errands how many errors are we

going to run how long are we going to be

gone Addison would please Mom please let

me just babysit I was like no last time

I let you babysit you put Alexander in a

dog crate you are not allowed to babysit

everybody get in the Suburban oh we

don’t love it we don’t love it and I’d

say I know the plans I have for you

plans for good and not for harm plans to

get you food and school supplies get in

the Suburban you guys how many of you

know that God is doing a new thing God

is doing a new thing and it looks

nothing like the old thing God is doing

a new thing and some of you are like

okay what’s going on and God says for I

know the plans I have for you you’re

like okay great tell them for I know the

plans I have for you okay when is the

plan for I know the plans I have for you

who is the plan with for I know the

plans I have for you that’s all he ever

says I’m just going to tell you that

right now

but you can either

argue complain fight cancel people

or you can get in the car and enjoy the


God is doing something something

powerful strong strategic and it’s going

to take the old and the Young

it’s going to take the male and the


it’s going to take the mothers and the

fathers it’s going to take the sons of

the daughters

to prophesy and I believe as we begin to

prophesy we’re going to see signs and

wonders and miracles and I believe that

God wants it to be a corporate thing

not an exclusive individual thing I

believe that you and I are prophetic by

function of the timing of our birth so

can you stand to your feet I’m going to

pray a godmother prayer over all of you

I believe that God wants to release some

things I believe like Pastor Brandon

said there’s some mamas there’s some

mamas that you need to cry out you need

to cry out for what you carry and you

need to cry out for this next Generation

I want you to understand this is a house

that celebrates both men and women both

Mothers and Fathers and Sons and

Daughters this is a house where all ages

are welcome this is a house where you

can come to the table because God wants

to listen in on the conversations that

happen in this house and see for too

long we’ve just had conversations with

people that look like us think like us

talk like us live like us and God is

saying if you’re going to have the right

conversations with the right people they

need to be diverse and so this is a

house where conversations are welcome

but conversations that honor God honor

God and speak to Future all right

heavenly father I just thank you

that there is Sacred Space I just thank

you for release of your anointing to

prophesy father I thank you for an

impartation to stand on the earth and

release the Mandate of Heaven thy

kingdom come thy will be done as a

prophetic prayer and so father I thank

you that your kingdom is come and your

will is done on Earth as it is in heaven

and everybody agrees say amen and amen

it’s my privilege and my incredible

honor to bless this house bless your

families bless what God has begun begun