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nobody necessarily likes discipline but

they all love the fruits of discipline

and and discipline isn’t complicated

it’s just hard work like that’s what it

is it’s just hard

work welcome to the third session of the

three keys of getting unstuck I am Lisa

bav and I am joined with my second born

son brilliant one Austin Michael bavier

you Austin I’ve been really excited

about these keys I really believe that

lives are going to be changed they’re

going to be transformed I I I know that

this isn’t just something that you’ve

like thought out this is something you

have practically worked out with a lot

of pain and a lot of perseverance and so

I’m super excited if you haven’t been

with us or you just say hey I’m not sure

I remember first key is going to be

leading your emotions not to be led by

your emotions but leading your emotions

and the second key is Renewing Your Mind

we talked about the practical way in

video number two of Renewing Your Mind

these are videos that you can watch

again and again these are principles

that you are going to want to back and

then we talked about now the third one

yes the third one is about your action

step it’s going to be what is going to

take these first two and put them all

together it is be disciplined so this is

what we’re going to be talking about be

disciplined so Austin what was your

biggest challenge in Renewing Your Mind

well the the biggest challenge I had was

I didn’t feel like renewing my mind and

the big thing that was tripping me up is

I had tried other things before and I

felt like they were not working and so I

was very discouraged and I was like I

really don’t want to try something else

but I knew I needed to give this a try

and to be disciplined enough to give us

a try and so that’s what I did but the

hardest thing was is actually the being

disciplined uh kind of stage of these

three these three keys the hardest one

to do is going to be that initial hey I

have to do this I have to get going and

moving forward and being disciplined in

doing this yeah you know um nobody

necessarily likes discipline but they

all love the fruits of discipline and

and discipline isn’t complicated it’s

just hard work like that’s what it is

it’s just hard work and so yeah

discipline goes hand in hand with

renewing our mind you have to be

consistent and there’s so many things in

our life that we we learn and we live by

just standing just standing strong and

staying the course so what was the

biggest challenge you said was

disciplined because you’re actually my

most disciplined children I am I am in

some areas and this is an area where I

had to motivated to stud grow and the

discipline but if you allow your

emotions to lead you and if you have

your thoughts are out of tune with what

god with the truth of God’s word your

your ability to be disciplined will not

be as solid as it needs to be and so it

took initially a ton of discipline and

discipline another word you could use

for it right now is probably work is the

word work or hard work and so I just

want to show the definition of work to

you guys and so the definition of work

is activity involving mental or physical

effort and often times we’re thinking

hey I’m super busy I have a full-time

job I have a family that I look after my

life is full I work hard but that’s not

the full definition of work the full

definition of work is this activity

involving mental or physical effort done

in order to achieve a specific purpose

or result and often times being

disciplined means doing the tasks that

you don’t necessarily want to do but the

tasks that are going to move you to

where you want to go and so it’s easy to

be distracted being disciplined is being

intentional and doing that work that’s

going to give you that purpose or result

that you’re looking for do you remember

when you guys were little I used to

always say to you you have to do a lot

of things you don’t want to do so that

you can do things you do want to do

later it’s so true yeah yeah and it’s so

true and um and so you may be asking

okay so what does this look like

practically all right so I’m I’m just

going to give you a few examples um when

you go to work there’s so many things

that can distract you you can check your

social media at work you can uh check

your inbox over and over again you can

chat with this person you can go check

the copier whatever discipline is when

you go into work and you do those two or

three things that you know you need to

get done that day and you don’t allow

the other things to fill your time and

often times those two or three things

that you have to do they’re not always

hard to do they just for some reason as

humans we almost want to avoid those

things that we know we have to do you

know you’ve actually really helped me

with this I don’t know I am exceptional

procrastination I mean I will do things

I hate to do to avoid the thing I

actually need to do by discipline and I

remember you sitting down with me I

think I was working on a girls with

swords and you said mom why are you

doing all these things that actually

have no value when we really need you to

do your highly valuable things and

here’s the thing if you actually realize

how valuable you are if you actually

realize how much God loves you how much

potential is in and on your life then

you will actually do this work you will

embrace the discipline that is necessary

so that what is in you that potential

that love that that God breathed mandate

on your life can come forth and can I

just tell two quick stories that are

really funny is it going to be

embarrassing for me it’s going to be

embarrassing for both you and Dad or

maybe for me I don’t know but I remember

when I was in seventh grade I was

upstairs in my room doing my homework

and my dad comes in and he’s like hey

Austin what are you doing I’m like oh

I’m doing my art homework and he’s like

is that your favorite subject and I was

like yeah I absolutely love this and

he’s like what’s your least favorite

subject and I was like at the time I was

like science and he’s like okay I want

you to do your science homework first

and I want you to do your art homework

last and I remember thinking why and

he’s like if you do the thing that you

don’t want to First you’ll have a lot

more enjoyment when you do your art

homework last because you’re not

thinking about having to do your science

homework and there’s one way you can do

it and then when we when I was in eth

grade I think uh or might have even been

before this mom took us out to

Einstein’s Bagels for lunch and she she

described this problem she had when she

was a kid and probably later on in life

how when she would yeah when when she

she was like sometimes when I know I

have to do something I will not do it

and I will do all these other things and

son that’s called procrastination and

that was the first time I ever heard

that word and I was like oh my gosh I

think I struggle from that disease and

like when when that happened I was like

shoot I’m a procrastinator I have to

change and so like just two fun quick

stories on that and and I like in all

seriousness I think even wrong believing

about who God is and the way he sees me

put me in this place where I was

undisciplined which is tough to believe

um but I almost saw God as like being

like Austin just kind of wait on me um

like I’m gonna do everything for you and

I began to realize that this is just not

the case and this is an important

conversation to be able to talk about

the rest of God and the diligence of God

I’d love you to you know speak a little

bit about this because you’ve you’ve

mentioned that you are too hard on

yourself yes and then you flipping now

to the you know I I don’t want to be a

procrastinator too hard and then I need

to rest and what’s going on so can you

kind of unpack this because I think it

is two Extremes in the body of Christ

right now I think the thought I had was

if I tried to do anything I would be

birthing an ishill or doing it in My Own

Strength phrases amazing if a man can

birth an ish yeah I can’t even I can’t

birth anything to be honest um and so

what I what God began to show me is like

Austin all the strength I have given you

the breath I’ve given you the

intelligence I’ve given you anything

I’ve given you I gave it to you so you

use it like use it use it for my glory

glory and what he said to me was he said

Austin never trust in your ability but

as you move forward move forward knowing

that your trust is in me and that I’m

working everything together and so it it

went from this passive thing of I’m

waiting on the Lord to I’m partnering

with God as I move forward and an

example that he showed me was I love

David I love the story of King David and

uh David talks about waiting on the Lord

more than anybody else but if you look

at David he’s constantly moving around

and what he didn’t do is he did not

allow himself to go outside of the will

of God by killing Saul and taking that

position for himself but he was

constantly doing things in the midst of

that and so being waiting on God is Not

passive it’s a very active discipline

lifestyle so would you say that waiting

on God is the combination of being both

a worshipper and a warrior because I

think David does that he knew when to

worship and he knew when to war yeah and

and he knew when to just really fall in

his face before God and say I I’ve I’ve

I’ve sinned against you God and I I love

that about him so Austin okay so I’m I’m

I’m convinced I’m convinced I need to

have more discipline in my life I’m out

there I I want I’m not going to be led

by my emotions I want to renew my mind

where do I go now where do I go in the

word of God to gather these tools to be

more disciplined well um a place I went

and it took probably about six months to

year is God had me read over and over

again the Book of Proverbs and I took a

I had a green pen and I just would go

through the Book of Proverbs and

highlight any verse that talked about

diligence or hard work or discipline and

I have so many that we’re not going to

be able to share them all today but I

just want to highlight a few of those

verses for you guys okay so here’s the

first one Proverbs 12:11 says this a

hard worker has plenty of food but a

person who chases fantasies has no sense

and I think it’s so easy to chase

fantasies I think it’s so easy to jump

from one thing to another but if you’re

in if you’re if you’re intentional to do

hard work you will see growth in that

area and can I pause a second again I I

mean I am so excited about what God

wants to do with the Millennials I am so

excited but I really think a lot of

times the Millennials have a challenge

with this because there’s so many

options there’s so many options it’s not

just fantasies it’s so many options that

they jump from one thing to the other

yeah stay long enough to learn what God

wants to do in your life and get that

equipping you need before you jump to

the next thing and then jump to the next

thing earn the strength earn the

discipline the struggle is realon for

every single person there’s that there’s

that tension between am I where I should

be or or um do I need to move to

somewhere else and God will lead you in

that and something you taught me is it’s

strength to strength like you’re not

going to leave a place in a low time

like there’s going to be rejoicing and

you’re going to feel right about leaving

but often times we want to leave when it

gets hard and that’s when we need to dig

our heels in and work hard and push back

and push past that P that obstacle yeah

um here’s another one work hard and

become a leader be lazy and become a

slave and I love that that’s an amazing

promise if you work hard you will be a

leader there is no middle ground that

hard work will Elevate you because it’s

admirable and it gets things done uh

here’s another one a lazy person is as

bad as someone who destroys things

that’s that’s that’s that’s hard I know

one of the verses like I think in the

King James it’s like akin to the

Destroyer I mean it’s just because you

don’t take care of stuff you everything

in your life is an entrustment

everything in your life is an

entrustment and if that potential in you

has been entrusted it’s a seed form and

if you do not if you say I’m not it’s

just too hard it’s too hard I’m not

going to do it I’m not going to embrace

discipline I’m not going to embrace the

correction of the Lord I’m not going to

renew my mind then actually you’re

destroying what is on your life and we

need you to Steward it not destroy it

yeah it was a it was a Godly empowerment

and some and when I would hear people

talk about work I was like oh there’s

one more thing I have to do but this is

a Godly empowerment because often times

you know what you need to do the holy

spirit will show you he’s given you

wisdom and you know what you need to do

and you have to follow through and

actually do those things you have to

choose to be a hard worker um another

one is do you see any truly competent

workers they will serve Kings rather

than working for ordinary people and I

think you see this a lot in Joseph’s

life he wherever he was at regardless of

how terrible it looked he continued to

be disciplined he continued to work hard

and he was eventually elevated and he

served Kings uh another one that’s great

is a little extra sleep a little more

Slumber I think we’ve all heard was uh a

little folding of the hands to rest

poverty will pounce on you like a bandit

scarcity will attack you like an armed

robber and I

think one of the first things we’re

tempted to do every morning is hit the

snooze button and we have the opp

opportunity every day to have that

discipline of wake up immediately and

start going forward in your day don’t

start your day Rush beat kind of beat

the day to the day if that makes sense

like get there early and start working

start going forward and so and know that

there’s so much purpose and

intentionality in every day it’s not

it’s not a repeat it’s a new day so go

after it immediately when you get up you

know get up with enough time to embrace

the espresso don’t be Rush when you are

doing espresso I always hug Austin on my

way to the espresso machine you know we

talked about average woman versus Wonder

Woman this is the scripture of Wonder

Woman Proverbs

2819 sorry how could I ever get that

wrong provers 31 is highlighted for me

she is energetic and strong a hard

worker she makes sure her dealings are

profitable her lamp Burns late into the

night thus she needs espresso in the

morning but she is energetic she’s

strong she’s disciplined I love that and

uh you know again we we talk about

discipline and we’re like I don’t like

discipline but yeah we’re called to be

disciples we’re called to be disciples

and there is a parallel between

discipline and disciples Jesus said go

into all the world and make

disciples active very intentional yes

that’s people that are following the

teaching of Jesus Christ that they’re

actually disciplining their lives

renewing their mind and not allowing

their emotions to lead it but their

savior to lead them that is being

disciples so you know why why don’t more

people just do the work Austin why why

don’t more people just do the tasks that

need to be done yeah and and just even

that question I just want to say like

it’s not always easy to work hard I’m

not saying that this is one of those

keys that comes naturally it’s not

complicated it’s not complicated but it

it will change your life it will

transform your life and I know there’s

moments where you’re like this is the

last thing I want to do but I want to

encourage you to do it and the reason

why so many people avoid discipline is

because it’s uncomfortable a lot of

people enjoy that comfort and if you

want to continue being who you are and

not grow and just stay where you’re at

that requires no uncomfortableness it’s

very comfortable to keep the status quo

and um but if you feel like you were

meant for more if you feel like there’s

more on your life and you’re trying to

figure out how to get unstuck and get to

that next place it you’ll go all out you

will practice discipline and there’s a

quote I love by Grant Cardone and this

is the quote work to your potential not

your quota and I absolutely love this

quote what if you lived this way what if

you lived to your potential not your

quota your quota is what other people

expect from you it’s what you can it’s

almost like the minimal effort you can

get by and still get by or minimal

effort you can do and still get by but

you know your potential you know what

you’re capable of and that’s between you

and God you’re the only two people who

know hey I can actually do this and so I

would encourage you live to your

potential not your quota and you will

see an amazing growth and often times

this growth won’t come in uh promotion

sometimes it will but sometimes it’s

just that confidence that comes from the

inside of you to the outside and you

have that ability to be fully the person

God has called you to be because you

have that confidence you’ve been through

those battles you’ve tried these things

out you’ve been diligent you’ve studied

and you’re equipped to have that

confidence to move forward and so this

is so key so key in getting unstuck you

know I I want to address one more thing

I think a lot of people don’t do the

hard work because they’re afraid of

failure they actually are afraid they’re

like what if I do it all and I still

fail here here’s what you need to know

is isn’t based on you it’s based on

God’s faithfulness and God’s promise and

if you go all in he is going to go all

in for you it’s amazing yeah and you

know and I can look at my own life and

my own background and if I had limited

myself to my potential even what how I

saw myself I’d be in trouble but what

you’ve been doing is you’re going to

make a commitment to renew your mind you

understand that you are a son or a

daughter of the most high God do you

understand that you have the mind of

Christ do you understand that you can do

all things not just some things all

things that God has put on your life

through Christ who strengthens you if

you begin to understand that then you

have this hope where you can actually

embrace the discipline Jesus embraced

the cross for the Hope set before him so

the renewing of your mind refusing to

allow the emotions to lead you and take

you hostage means that you embrace the

discipline and not be afraid that God is

going to fail you you cannot fail you

know Austin I only have one trophy I

only trophy my boys make fun of me I’ve

kept it most improved most improved that

is my only trophy i’ don’t think I’ve

ever got first place and anything in

swimming I just never cared but I was

most improved and here’s the thing we

want you to have that trophy a year from

now most improved improved most improved

in discipline most improved in Renewing

Your Mind most improved emotional that’s

an amazing question to ask yourself

throughout the year is how has my effort

been this year like where is my effort

at just ask yourself that honestly and

if it’s not where you want it to be

level up like go to the next level and

so let’s just let’s re will you recap

for us real quickly the three keys to

getting unstuck okay well number one

lead your emotions you see it people you

need to know leading your emotions is

like you’re like you’re in the driver’s

seat your emotions are not driving you

you are taking your emotions where you

want to go leave the emotions number two

renew your mind and you renew your mind

to the word of God not what everybody

else says about you not what you’re

feeling cuz you’re not you know you’re

going to leave those emotions not how

you feel about the word of God that day

but you have decided that the word of

God is truth it is a rock you can build

your life on it is not a river that you

are drifting down it is a rock and so

you can renew your mind and number three

be disciplined and here’s the thing you

know I used to tell you guys discipline

is your friend which of course they

hated but here’s the truth God only

disciplines children he loves and so I

believe you’re hearing yeah it says yeah

yeah if you like discipline we need to

talk to you but you have to actually

look at what’s on the other side of it

you know my my husband and I we’re we’re

going into a new season which is part of

the reason why we love having our sons

coming alongside we have spiritual Sons

spiritual daughters but here’s what’s

happening is when you go into a new

season God begins to prune things and

you be like ooh that’s that’s ugly I

don’t like the pruning where’s all my

leaves but the truth is God prunes when

he is preparing so the discipline of the

Lord is preparing you for another season

so we want you to reach your potential

you might need to get rid of some old

things or patterns of thinking old

friendships that make you feel like you

are less than be disciplined and renew

your mind and I want to pray over you I

am so excited because we believe in the

word of God we believe in the leading of

the Holy Spirit and we believe in the

power to prophesy Destiny and future

over your life and so father I just

thank you for these people I thank you

for people who have God breathed

potential on their life I speak to the

God promises I speak to those Disciples

of Jesus Christ I speak to those things

that are seed form in your life and

father I thank you that as they take

your principles as they lean into you as

they learn to allow your word to be

their belief system as they renew their

mind father as they choose to be

disciplined father that you show up in

such a way that you totally Astound them

with your faithfulness and father I

thank you for signs and wonders and

miracles being done in and on their life

habits that have been hold them bondage

for years broken mindsets that have been

in family for Generations broken in

jesus’ name depression that has

oppressed people where they cannot

actually rise up to everything you have

on their life father I thinkk you that

oppression and depression would be

released in the name of Jesus and father

we thank you for this being a new

beginning a new year that a year from

now a year from now their life will have

followed a very different pattern in

jesus’ name amen amen all right guys

well we believe in you we hope that you

have loved these videos we hope that

this has been an investment in your life

and you do truly have an amazing

potential on your life and so take a

look at this course and begin to

transform your life through the truths

found in God’s