A message from Girls With Swords Study by Lisa Bevere

in Genesis chapter 3 verses 15 it says I

will put enmity a lot of people say what

is that enmity is a hostility that the

longer it exists the greater it grows I

will put enmity God talking to eat

between you and the woman he’s talking

to the Serpent and even he says and

between your offspring and her offspring

he shall bruise your head and you shall

bruise his heel you know when I look

around what is happening right now in

the earth across the globe I see that

this enmity that started in the garden

has grown in reach and expanse what we

saw between one woman Eve and one

serpent in the garden has now grown to a

dragon and all those who keep God’s Word

and obey his commands I don’t know if

you see what is happening on our earth

but our earth is overrun with things

that actually attack and diminish women

you know before the the appearance of

Jesus and Moses there was gendercide we

saw the young baby infants that were

killed at the time of the birth of Moses

and then at the time of Jesus every

young male that was 2 and under was

killed but now it is the women that are

under attack now they are saying there

is a hundred and sixty-three

million women missing off the globe they

say what do you mean missing well these

are babies that were killed and

pre-emptive abortions these were babies

that were born at birth and killed

because they were a baby girl and they

said we don’t want to raise girls and

all of this misogyny all of this

hostility and enmity towards women is

because Jesus is coming back for a bride

I believe the attack against women is

expressing itself in pornography sex

trafficking you know gender issues right

now they all really undermine the value

of women but I want to tell you

something be of good cheer because long

before you were ever targeted by the

enemy you were chosen by God there is

something God breathed inside of you

daughter of God and if you and I have

the privilege of voice the privilege of

influence right now you need to get

alone with God and find out why he has

his hands on your life and do something

with it