Mom ITS OK TO ASK FOR HELP! When my boys were young, John was regularly on the road preaching, and I often felt overwhelmed with motherhood. Here’s my message to young moms—it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for HELP. It’s a sign of STRENGTH.

welcome to mom’s with man I can’t even

tell you how excited I am that I

actually have my men here with me I’ve

got my youngest son Arden runaways there

you go

Arden Addison Alec who is spanked the

most and Austin so we’ve got all of my

boys and we think this would be a great

opportunity I’ve already been really

open with you guys that I did not do

everything perfectly

not even everything well but I want you

to hear from their perspective not just

my perspective so they’re all life

they’re all healthy they have all of

their limbs and fingers and toes and so

this is going to be enlightening for

everyone we want you to hear from the

boys perspective and we’ve just opened

it up that they can be vulnerable and

they can be honest so we’re going to go

for this so one of the topics were in a

cover is and anybody that once you can

go first is so what would you guys say

to a mom out there that is a single mom

maybe and she’s raising funds or a mom

that’s just feeling overwhelmed maybe

she’s got one son and she has a bunch of

daughters or she’s feeling insecure what

would be a source of encouragement that

you would give her well I’ll say some

like and just what I’ve learned growing

up is when we were young I never got the

sense that you were drowning and I know

that it’s seriously and and I know you

talked about it and stuff like that how

everyday you felt overwhelmed but as

your son and probably all of us we never

had that oppression impression that like

oh my gosh our mom is losing it oh my

gosh or mom is about the lilius or

anything like that

I never had that impression right so

yeah so I always love to just encourage

moms like the sons don’t always perceive

all the emotions that you are feeling

but you’re doing the best you can and

know that and your sons aren’t picking

up on all those cues so literally

they’re not being as hard on yourself on

on you as you maybe being on yourself

and so I just want to encourage you with

that and I thought you did a great job

mom and so and I know you felt like

there are moments where you didn’t feel

like you did a great job and so I just

want to

mom’s granted that with that maybe as

oldest I got a less filtered view but I

do there were a few times all joking

aside the thing that really stood out to

me is that you didn’t put up some kind

of facade and when you were going

through things you process those in a

healthy way most of the time with me

sometimes over prize maybe maybe

sometimes is a little too much but I

loved that you were real and you showed

us that sometimes life is messy

sometimes it’s hard and that’s okay that

doesn’t mean you quit it doesn’t mean

you take a step out just means you

persevere yeah thank you I appreciate

that yeah and I mean just on that you

know sometimes what Annette life’s messy

sometimes life’s hard yeah you know just

another thing just to speak out to the

moms and since that really yeah you’re

kind of seeing the end result that I

mean for good looking guys or not they

were mean how does good lower heavy my

identities may not see great were not

good but we just wanted to work that

into the Gulf wanting to himself on some

point or self-confident many ways around

it till no no he’s also gonna mention

soon that got now hang on no no all


so but what I’m trying to say with that

is you know a lot of people are kind of

seeing the end result but then knowing

that really there was a lot of mess

along the way that like yeah I mean

there are some times you know that we

got in huge arguments and things weren’t

like the prettiest thing that maybe

sometimes could see but we knew how to

fought well and we knew how to

discipline kids well I mean yes I meant

I despise your discipline you guys you

have that kid I think I think what

you’re saying is it’s not about

perfection about creating a safe

environment and growing up we all felt

like we were safe it wasn’t always

perfect but it was safe

keeper bed we were fed sometimes we were

locked in the back yard and we drank out

of a hose when I got out important that

was more so dad though that’s a

different story and it was a fenced-in

yard there were no safety concerns and I

think for the single moms for them

understanding like they don’t have to do

it alone like they have people in their

lives they have mothers that they can go

to and fathers that are father figures

and they don’t need to feel like hey

because I’m a parent and these are my

kids I know what I need to be doing is

like you know they can go they can ask

for help they can figure out hey how do

I do this how do I handle this I know

for you mom you there are times where he

had the current call people call doctor

behind yeah oh yeah I was like in the

world right yeah yeah absolutely and I

would agree with what orange said like

oftentimes even not from late 20s when

someone comes to me he’s younger than me

asking for advice I take it as a

compliment I think it very seriously and

so even with these mom’s I would reach

out to older women like and they’d be

surprised how willing other people are

to help out and so and they’re looking

for opportunities to help out and we

deprive other people those opportunities

who might not be in a season where

they’re able to lend that kind of gift

and a 100 years yeah absolutely