A message from Girls With Swords Study by Lisa Bevere

you know Matthew 16:24 says jesus told

his disciples if anyone and I believe

you’re actually in anyone if anyone

would come after me let them deny

themselves take up their cross and

follow me you know it was very late one

night I don’t I don’t know why God talks

to me at 2:00 a.m. in the morning but it

was very late 2 a.m. in the morning when

I felt the Holy Spirit asked me the

question Lisa what does it mean to carry

your cross well I personally don’t feel

like that’s a 2/m question I feel like

that’s a 10 a.m. question so I was half

asleep and I just said it means to lay

down my life and he said no Ashley deny

yourself is laying down your life what

does it mean to carry your cross well I

just started to think I I don’t I

obviously don’t know the answer to that

and he’s why can’t you answer me Lisa

it’s an order not an ornament well

earlier that day I had made a list and I

had asked everybody I drew on the deep

well of wisdom that is Facebook and

Twitter and I said what one word does

the cross mean to you and I had gotten

over 400 responses he said go get your

list so I got my list and I started to

type it out and I looked at this list

and when I got to the very last word I

heard the Holy Spirit say behold the

cross he said all that the cross

provided for you is what you need to

carry out into your everyday ordinary

world and you do it by following me you

know I just want to challenge you what

might happen if every day you and I

prayed God made all that the cross

purchased in my life gain full

expression through my life as I follow

you and I carry healing and hope and

freedom and forgiveness to other people

I dare you to sit down and say what is

the cross meant to me make a list and

then carry that out it is not a

sacrifice it is an issue of obedience we

are witnesses of his goodness

and his faithfulness carry across like a