A message from Girls With Swords Study by Lisa Bevere

and I turn around looks at the TV and I

said what are we watching

he said mom we are watching Terminator

now I am NOT saying it is a Christian

movie I watched the edited television

version of it and it is 80s awful but

there is basically a storyline in this

that I need to unpack for you it is the

story of Sarah Connor she is a moped

riding waitress every single day she

goes to Marie Callender where she serves

pie and coffee and every single night

she goes home and waits by the phone

hoping some blind dates gonna work out

for her that is until Arnold

Schwarzenegger the former Governor of

California and Maria Shriver Zechs

husband comes back from the future and

he has one goal and mine and that is to

assassinate everyone with the name Sarah

Connor and you know what it doesn’t look

like he is going to fail because he has

in his possession the height of eighties

data which is a page torn out of the

yellow book and he is crossing them off

one by one when Sarah realizes she might

be in danger

she did what a lot of us did in the 80s

she goes out to a bar she’s gonna get

lost in a crowd

Arnold shows up guns blazing but at the

same time as her assassin from the

future shows up her protector from the

future shows up and he grabs ahold of

Sarah and he says if you want to live

come with me the lego movie has

rephrased this too if you want to not

die come with me

Sarah looks at all the dead people and

she decides to leave with this complete

stranger and they’re in the car running

away from the relentless pursuing

assassin and the whole time the bullets

are flying and chaos is going on her

protector from the future is trying to

tell her who she is he said in the

future you’re a hero

the future we fight with the strategies

you wrote down for us in the future your

son is our general she’s like stop it

right there this is a horrible case of

mistaken identity I am a waitress I

don’t even have a boyfriend but he

continues to tell her who she is

until Sarah has a meltdown and if you

saw her hair you would understand why

the eighties for an awkward time for a

lot of us anyway

Sarah yells but I haven’t done anything

and our protector from the future looks

at her and says no but you will and it

was in that moment that I realized that

the enemy of our souls often knows who

we are long before we wake up and

realize who we are and I need you to

hear something I don’t know what your

life has looked like up into this moment

but I do know this the attacks on your

life have much more to do with who you

might be in the future than who you have

been in the past and the enemy

strategically targets people he is not

stupid he has got to see things and he

knows how it’s gonna play out he

strategically targets people when they

are young to try to take them out of

their destiny but your history does not

determine your destiny

and I need every woman here to learn the

two things that Sarah learned in the car

that night number one you’re a target I

know we didn’t tell you that during the

altar call

I know Christine didn’t say oh by the

way you’re a target that she left this

for me the moment you became a Christian

you became a target see Christian is not

a nice person who passes out tracks

instead of candy on Halloween Christian

actually means anointed one and when you

are anointed by God’s Spirit you are

marked and when you are marked by the

anointing of the Most High God you are

noted by the enemy I’m sorry your target

that’s that’s just what’s gonna happen

but the second part you do have a choice

about you just might be a hero