Relive My Sermon at this year’s Joyce Meyer’s Life-Changing Conference! I’m honored to share this sermon I had the privilege of preaching at Joyce Meyer’s 2023 Conference. In this stirring message, I remind you that you’re no accident – God planted promise and purpose within you! In the comments, let me know where you’re watching from. I love seeing where you all are listening from around the globe! I hope this inside look from Joyce Meyer’s phenomenal conference uplifts your sense of purpose and worth today! God is saying “You are here for a reason!” – let that truth ignite fresh passion. #lisabevere #lisabeveresermon #lisabeverteaching #lisabeverestudy #lisabeverestrong #lisabeveresummerofstrong #woman #minister #freedom #womeninministry #radicalfaith #purpose #calling #unity #sermon #bestsermon #withoutrival #comparison #Godistruth #findingyouridentity ______________ Chapters: 0:00 – Joyce Meyer Intro 0:25 – Welcome Lisa 5:25 – You Are Here for a Reason 6:07 – The Truth Does Not Change 8:22 – Identity 12:58 – My Favorite Quote 15:24 – Don’t Be Intimidated 17:58 – The Problem = Refusing to Know God 22:28 – My First Date with John 25:17 – Personal Story 31:00 – If the Military Understands This, Then the Church Needs To 32:38 – Chosen to Be a Warrior 35:42 – Companions 39:06 – A Blessing from Lisa ______________ Make a one-time donation to help fund our livestreams, content, events, and more:

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well I’ve known Lisa and John bav for a

long time and uh they both do a great

job they’ve had a huge impact on the

body of Christ and we love and

appreciate them and when we get an

opportunity we all have have Lisa come

around and help us in our conferences

and I know she’s going to be a blessing

to you this morning and tell you about a

book that she’s written so welcome Lisa


well good

morning oh can you put those down there

that’ be awesome how are you

doing I am so impressed you guys are

here you’re present you’re awake you

know Joyce did not mention my favorite

book Christine sat outside of our hotel

room in a hallway but I sat in my bed

and wept as I read the book Beauty for

Ashes Joyce has been a mother to so many

of us from afar and I’m so honored that

I got to come and be up close I remember

the first time I came to one of your

women’s conferences I drove by myself up

from Colorado Springs to Denver I put on

press on nails in my

car driving up and during worship I had

my hands up in the air and at the end of

worship when my hands came down I was

missing press on nails and I looked at

the woman next to me who had big hair

and my press on nails were in your

friend’s hair and I sat there and I

thought do I tell

her but I didn’t so this is a confession

I just put a finger down the whole time

Joyce preached I hid my press on nails

and uh I just I’m so thankful for you

Joyce I’m so thankful for your integrity

Dave I cried when you started crying

yesterday thank you for our heart for

our nation and when I came to Joyce’s

conference in St Louis I met a sister I

met Christine Kane and I know that so

many of you are here and you are having

God Divine connections that God is

aligning his women that God is doing

something beautiful God is doing

something amazing

and since I was uh speaking or

ministering at a conference my world has

enlarged a little bit so I’m going to

show you a picture of my family I am the

mother to four sons and I am now there

they are look at that that is my husband

of 41 years this

month then there is my second born son

Austin his beautiful wife Jessica

holding Scarlet who looks kind of like

The Godfather in that photo she’s got

the cheeks hanging down there’s my third

born son just got married a year ago to

meline mine was an intern for me then

she came to work for Christine then we

stole her back as a daughter-in-law my

firstborn son Addison his beautiful

Texas bride Juliana their four children

my baby boy with his beautiful wife and

she is holding a baby in that picture

that baby is Azariah there is Azariah

Jack they call him Ajax that’s his

Warrior name but can I go back to the

the family photo for just a moment I

want to show you my grandson Asher Asher

is a 39-year-old man trapped in the body

of a

14-year-old preco John and I took him to

Disney World and I sat with him on the

plane he spread out the brochure and he

went through every single ride is it

going to be dark are they going to turn

me up side down I don’t want to go

upside down I’m okay with spinning will

people be screaming will you be

screaming will I be screaming and so we

ranked every ride according to Terror

and when we’re at the baggage claim and

Disney you and and Orlando John pulls me

aside and he said we better start out

slow with Asher he could have a meltdown

on the very first

ride but John is Italian and I am

Sicilian Italians are known for feeding

people Sicilians are known for killing

people so I have a little bit of a

different parenting style than my

husband I said we are not starting out

slow I’m going to find out the scariest

ride at Disney World and we’re starting

on that one first everybody I asked said

it is the dinosaur ride and he is all

about the dinosaurs so we go on the

dinosaur ride we get off the ride he

looks at me and he said G Mama that was


and that was fun welcome to being a

Christian in

2023 it is terrifying and it is fun but

you were not made for It’s A Small World

you were made for the Avatar ride you

were made for another time and another

place and you and I are here just

passing through I don’t know if you’ve

sensed the depth of the deposit in each

of the i s the anointing on the worship

I don’t know if you understand you may

think that you came here to hear

speakers but I know that you are here

because something inside of you is

necessary in this time I believe that

you are here and there has been a

deposit because God is doing something

magnificent in and through his daughters

and you and I are part of this time

period and it is exciting and

terrifying I wrote a book called adamant

finding truth in a universe of opinions

how many of you

know I love what Joyce said last night

there is not a bazillion different

truths there is the truth and a lot of

us have opinions that we don’t like I’m

I’m going to just be honest with you 15

years ago I had opinions about things

that I don’t even believe anymore

opinions can change but the truth

doesn’t change you can have a story but

what is truth does not change and

because Jesus does not change you and I

can change I love that he’s not a moving

Target and we live in a culture right

now where the truth is under attack and

we have to understand the truth is not a

river that es and flows with time the

truth is a rock and Jesus is asking each

of us to fall upon that rock and allow

his truth to be evident in our life the

truth is that for a long time the church

has preached the truth without love and

the truth without love is Harsh so our

culture has responded by preaching love

without truth

but love without truth is a lie and you

and I are alive in a merging of Truth

and Love this is what we have to express

to one another first and then to the

world the world is watching for the

Christians to even like one another it

says they’re going to know we’re

Christians by our love for one another

so I think we need to focus on what

unites us instead of what divides us and

so I have this book here I’m going to

give it to Michelle if you are here and

I I would like a younger girl I would

like a okay right there I see her I want

somebody that wants to bring truth to

the generations okay what I’m going to

do awesome awesome look at you you ran

you beat Michelle there you go awesome I

know I wasn’t supposed to throw that

sorry about that okay truth and then the

other attack

identity identity see the enemy is so

busy telling you who you’re not that you

are missing who God is saying that you

are I have four Sons I love all of my

sons when I had my firstborn son I was

so in love with him I said I want to

have eight more the Lord was like no you

may have four but anyway when I became

pregnant with my second son I remember I

began to panic because I imagined that

the love I had for Addison was going to

have to be cut in half and shared

equally with stranger baby from the

sonogram who looked like an alien and I

was like I know how I feel about Addison

I don’t know how I feel about stranger

baby but the truth is when I gave birth

to my second son something opened up in

my life that had never been present

before and the things I love about

Addison are very different than the

things I love about Austin and the

things I love about Austin are different

than the things I love about Alec and

ardan and the truth is that God doesn’t

love his children equally he loves them

uniquely and unique is better see there

is something unique inside of you and

what I love about the definition of the

word unique it means without rival there

is no competition for your place in the

heart of God God loves each of his

children unique there is something that

God has uniquely gifted into your life

and how he loves you and how you express

his love for others is something this

world needs right

now I love Millennials I bir four of

them Millennials are amazing yes cheer

for yourselves you guys do a great job

with that okay listen to

me yeah you guys all knew that was funny

all right this is what I love about

Millennials Millennials will come up to

you and they’ll be shaking and they’ll

say I know that God has his hand on my

life for something significant and I’ll

say that’s amazing I agree and then

they’ll say but I have no idea what it

is and I’m going to tell you something

when God begins to do a new thing you do

not discover what you are called to do

looking at Instagram you discover what

you are called to do in the presence of

God and God is pushing a generation into

his presence stop looking at what

everybody else is doing God wants to

download what he wants to do in and


you we have a generation of young people

that God has anointed to prophesy but

they have been content to criticize

oh I need you to step back instead of

criticizing what is I need to you to

prophesy what could be what should be to

stand in the Gap and begin to declare

thy kingdom come thy will be done on

Earth as it is in heaven is a prophetic

release and invitation for the spirit of

God to fall in our homes fall in our

communities fall in our Nations and we

need women who stop seeing one another

as Rivals and

competition we need to stop it we need

to stop it there is room enough for

everyone there’s enough Joyce doesn’t

have to invite Christine and I to come

and speak Joyce doesn’t have to do that

but you know what she’s doing I’m going

to make room for the Next Generation she

doesn’t have to invite stie she’s like

I’m going to make room for the Next

Generation we might say silly things do

stupid things she’s going to call us out

on it but she’s going to continue to

make room for the next generation and we

all need to make room for other people

to grow and actually make some mistakes

so over here do I have a young girl okay

right here second row you pop up fast

you get it okay I’m going to throw it on

the floor there we go awesome that felt

disrespectful all right one of my

favorite quotes of all times is by a

British poet and philosopher his name is

Matthew Arnold and this is what he said

if ever there comes a time when the

women of the world come together purely

and simply for the benefit of mankind

there will be a force such as the world

has never

known if ever there Comes A Time

well I don’t know where there hasn’t

been a more urgent time than right now I

don’t know if you’re looking and seeing

what’s happening in our world but the

very idea of Womanhood is under

attack everything about our femininity

is being undermined and sexualized

because the enemy knows that Jesus is

coming back for a bride so he is

undermining the imagery of Mary

Purity longing femininity he is trying

to get us to operate in our lowest forms

he’s having the men act like women and

the women act like men and God is saying

I need my daughters to be daughters I

need my sons to be Sons I need the

strength of both genders to rise up and

remember my gifting on their


life we need to be those women in a time

of confusion in a time of discouragement

in a time of disparity and division we

need to remember who we are and why we

are God created woman as the answer to

the very first problem and that was it

is not good for man to be

alone men are not the problem nor they

are answer

but we are supposed to be God created

answers in a world of problems and yet

we’ve attacked the men and said the man

is the problem the culture is the

problem the government is the problem

well I don’t know about you I am tired

of talking about the problem I want to

see the answer of woman manifested in


earth Matthew 10 verse 26- 28

don’t be intimidated oh but if I say

something like that they’re going to

kick me off of Instagram who

cares who

cares don’t be intimidated eventually

everything is going to be out in the

open and everyone will know how things

really are so don’t hesitate to go

public now don’t be silenced by the

threats of bullies there is nothing they

can do to your soul your core being save

your fear for God who holds your entire

life body and soul in his hands fear of

man fear of God fear of man is a snare

fear of God is a liberator we have to be

women who decide we are going to live in

the fear of God and not in the fear of



I don’t know when we began to think that

we could be

heroes without a

battle I used to read Hebrews 11 and I

would think I want to be one of those

Heroes of Faith oh my gosh I want to be

one of them but see I’m reading the end

of the story I’m not reading the middle

I’m not reading the dash Choice I’m not

reading the hardship I’m just reading

the like Hall of

Fame I don’t know why we saw followers

on Instagram made us a

hero I don’t know when all that

began but we need to expose it for what

it is it’s fear of man we have a battle

and God is asking his people to walk in

truth and love and to stand strong and

remember who he is and what he is

longing to do I watched last night as

hundreds of you came running down to the

altar some of you were saved for the

first time and some of you were like I

I’m I’m reporting for Duty I just

realized that we’re in a

war I look around at our day and I

wonder what the heck is going on do you

ever do you ever feel that way I think

okay it’s not you know what it can’t get

crazier it just it can’t we’re done

we’re done with crazy it can’t get

crazier they take it up another notch it

just keeps getting crazier and I’m like

what is going on well I believe that

we’re in a Romans 1 verse

26 moment where it says refusing to know

God see you have a generation that knows

about God but knowing about God is not

the same as worshiping God it’s not the

same as a knowing relationship an

intimate relationship with the god most

high refusing to know God they soon

didn’t know how to be human

either I have never seen such

cruelty among strangers I have never

seen people say things that are so mean

and for a while there we all thought

well they’re saying it because you know

they’re they’re hiding behind screens

well you get emboldened when you say it

in private and when you say it in Social

you get embolden and you begin to say it

in the streets you begin to attack

people and God is saying hey

people I need you to realize this is a

sign of the time women didn’t know how

to be women and men didn’t know how to

be men this is the day this is the time

that God chose us to be alive in we

could have been chosen for any other

time but we’ve been chosen for this time

where evil is called good good is called

evil lies are broadcast his truth

leaders are falling children are afraid

women are violated people are losing

their faith and far too many have

compromised their




singers they become Our

Heroes people who pretend for a living

those are our

heroes I have watched as our entire na

ation and in many ways our world has

gone off balance but the truth is it’s

all part of the plan and God is not like

what is going on I did not think this

was going to happen I did not know

things were going to get that dark but

Darkness always punctuates the light and

so we are made for this day we are Made

for This Time 1 John 2:18 says says

children time is just about up you heard

that Antichrist is coming well they’re

all over the place Antichrist everywhere

you look and that is how we know we are

close to the end one of the signature

traits of an antichrist spirit is the

hatred of women we see Joy me Joyce

mentioned that enmity in the garden

between a woman and a serpent

but the enmity between the one becomes

the enmity between the all in

Revelations 12:17 we see and then the

dragon was enraged and went to make war

with enraged with the woman and went to

make war with her children I don’t know

how much ground needs to be taken from

our mothers and our our Christian faith

before the moms just say you know what

I’m going to fight on behalf of my

children I am not going to allow this to

go any further we got to wake up if

we’re not willing to do it for us we’ve

got to wake up for our children sex

trafficking traffic sex trafficking of

children that is Dragon spawn that does

not happen people don’t just normally

think I’m going to have sex with a child

I’m going to steal a child from its home

these kind of dark things that we see

going on have nothing to do with

humanity and everything to do with

forces of the Demonic realm and we do

need to be daughters not just filled

with the Holy Spirit and then hateful in

in like real life we need to be filled

with the Holy Spirit praying in the Holy

Spirit reading the word of God and

walking it out in our own personal lives

we need to be women on fire right now

because of what is happening in our


you know I I remember I got saved on my

first date with John I was a handful he

saw me in a in a bikini top and cut off

shorts that I slid up to the waistband

so that everybody would know I didn’t

have underr cuz I thought that was

important to communicate at that point

in my

life and uh he was like I I really I

really like her legs but I bind lust in

Jesus name and he invited me to a Bible

study picnic I got born again filled

with the Holy Spirit and healed on the

very first night I was desperate I was

desperate for the something more but I

remember the next morning when I jumped

out of

bed I heard nothing happened last night

you can’t just pray some little prayer

and everything changes in your life and

I remember I I

froze I heard you’re not a Christian and

then I began to remember that I had been

getting up for

21 years and I had never heard you’re

not a Christian so I realized I must be

a Christian because the enemy does not

come to steal what you don’t have I took

it as a confirmation that something

significant had happened the night

before and some of you are going to go

home and and the enem is going to say

nothing happened nothing happened when

Joyce told you that it was a spiritual

to Warfare nothing happened when Bishop

Jake said you got to trust the process

nothing happened when you heard from sad

about God has a position nothing

happened when you heard that you could

be born again out of a kingdom of

darkness into light nothing happened

when God was whispering you during

worship nothing happened none of that’s

real he’s a liar and he is a thief and

you need to fight to maintain what has

been imparted into you while you were


so I’m going to just read 1 John 2: 20-

21 as a preemptive strike but you

belong you belong you are supposed to be

here you belong to the body of Christ

you belong to one another but you belong

the Holy One anointed you and you all

know it I haven’t been writing this to

tell you something you don’t know but to

confirm the truth you do know and to

remind you the truth does not breed lies

you belong to God you belong to this

time God has his hand on you for this

moment for this

moment I had a experience when I was

pregnant with my four son my four son is

named ardan Christopher ardan stands for

fiery and determin and Christopher

stands for anointed one when I gave

birth to ardan my world began to change

while I was pregnant with him though I

had a night vision I had a night vision

and in my night vision I saw a

magnificent lioness she was laying on

top of a platform of stone on the front

of the platform was the word numbers and

then the Roman numerals

xx3 and the longer I looked at this

magnificent lioness I knew that even

though she never moved she was more

alive than me there are things that you

can look at in creation that draw your

heart to the Creator and when I felt

like I actually couldn’t take anything

more in I heard a voice behind me say

with the birth of this son you will

awaken a

lioness I remember I began to shake and

I came fully awake immersed in the Pres

of God I’m going to be honest with you

it can take hours for me to be fully

awake I’ve had six shots of expresso

just so I could be in person with you

guys hours let alone the presence of God

but that day I was fully awake immersed

in the presence of God and God took me

to numbers chap 23 and in verse 24 I

read the people rise like a lioness they

Rouse them himself like a lion see we’re

going to have to rise like a lionist and

we’re going to have to Rouse ourself

like a lion because Jesus is the lion of

the tribe of Judah he came as a lamb but

he is not coming back as a lamb he is

coming back for a bride that is

dangerously and fully awake a bride that

is awake to what he is doing not

consumed by what everybody else else is

doing or what we think they shouldn’t be

doing but a fierce wakeup and I wrote a

book called lioness arising and

afterwards I said a prayer I was like

God um so I wrote a book it’s called

lonus arising uh I forgot to pray before

I wrote the book but since you’re

independent of time I would just love

you to confirm that that was okay never

thinking that I would be rehearsing my

car prayer out loud to you guys and I

went home that night and my boys you

know 8:00 at night youngest son said I

just remember I have a school project

due tomorrow morning we lived in

Colorado there was a blizzard I’m like

okay let me tear apart the other boy

school projects that were in the

basement and I brought him the poster

board he was like nope that’s not going

to work I need different poster board so

I paid my other boys money braved a

blizzard went to office Depot came back

with it and it was just crazy Mayhem

I’ve got one son typing another son

cutting out magazine pictures they’re

all assembling it when my husband does

something that I used to call annoy

annoying but if they’ve done it for more

than 10 years you might as well just

call it cute because it is not going to

stop my husband calls me and says hey I

I have someone I want you to talk to I’m

like John I cannot talk to a random

stranger right now I am in the middle of

your son’s school project he said yeah I

I know so I gave him your cell number

he’s going to call you later I’m like

what why would you do that to me and so

you know this guy calls me and I answer

the phone I’m like hello and he’s like

is this is this Lisa bavier I said yes

yes this is Lisa he said well your

husband held up your book tonight and he

said lions are the best Killers but

lionesses are the best hunters