God wants you to prosper spiritually, financially, physically and mentally. It is becoming more difficult to prosper by the world’s definition, but there has never been more opportunity to prosper under God’s law. No good thing will He withhold from those who diligently seek him. Believers can prosper in perilous times by making Christ a priority.


if you brought your Bibles turn them to

the book of 2 Timothy the 3 chapter the

1 through the 5th verse as this morning

we begin a sermon series entitled

prospering in perilous times I think you

have to look too far in the world that

we’re living in to consider that these

might be some perilous

times today we’re going to see the world

that we live in and understand very

clearly what we can do about it so that

we can indeed prosper in perilous times

if you found 2 Timothy chapter 3 say

amen amen let’s begin with verse one but

know this that in the last days perilous

times will come for men will be lovers

of themselves lovers of money boasters

proud blasphemers disobedient to parents

unthankful Unholy unloving unforgiving

slanderers without

self-control brutal despisers of good

traitors headstrong haughty lovers of

pleasure rather than lovers of God

having a form of godliness but denying

its power and from such people turn away

whatever you do don’t vote for them

that’s paraphrase that’s not it’s

not that’s in the MV my International

Version that’s not in

yours verse 16 and 17 read with me all

scripture is given by inspiration of God

and is profitable for Doctrine for Repro

for correction for instruction in

righteousness that a man of God may be

complete thoroughly equipped for every

good work Heavenly Father help us to see


distinction between the men of this

earth and the men of God on this Earth

help us to understand understand the

difference between the way of this world

and the way of your

word and then

choose how we might live in your kingdom

principles and promises and see your

goodness in our lives in the land of the

living in Jesus name we pray and ask and

all of God’s children said amen amen you

may be

seated it’s important to understand the

context in which Timothy receives this

letter from

Paul Paul is not going to live much

longer he’s in prison in Rome he

realizes that the date and the time of

his execution is set and he starts to

write some final letters and one of the

letters he writes is to his successor

it’s to his son in the faith

Timothy and he tells Timothy that

there’s some things that are going to

happen between now and when Christ


this is the biblical phrase but know

this in the last days say those words

with me last

days now the thing that is important to

understand is that the last days

describe the time between the Ascension

of Christ after his resurrection and the

return of Christ Paul warns Timothy he

says from these kinds of people turn


why because they’re living as if the

Judgment of God is not real and there

are no consequences to the choices that


made and Paul tells Timothy in this

chapter he says God is going to judge

them and you don’t want to be with them

when they get

judged and then he tells Timothy he says

but you don’t have to do that because

you’ve been shown a better

way and the better way that you’ve been

shown has come through the principles of

the faith that you’ve received from

those that you have observed mainly

Paul but he’s saying to Timothy the time

has come for you to quit watching me and

acting like me and behaving like me and

it’s time for you to pick up the word of

God and do it for

yourself and I believe that there in

lies the message to the church in the

world today we get to see so much of the

faith we get to hear the faith on

television we get it in podcasts we get

it on the radio we get it in

motivational little videos that get

posted on your phone and sent to you and

all of this we take in and we take it in

and we take it in and sometimes we

imitate it and sometimes we regurgitate

it but what we need to understand is

that it’s not enough to look like it and

act like it sooner or later we’ve got to

do something to be like

it and this is where Paul tells Timothy

look the secret to this is not in

Behavior the secret to this is not in

any form of group that you’ve joined the

secret to this is that all scripture say

that with me all

scripture those are two simple words but

they’re hard to

swallow because I don’t know about you I

have places in scripture I like to

go and then I have places in

scripture I like for others to go for

me because those are the places where

the mirror of God’s word gets

uncomfortable for

me it’s easy for me to look at the

things that I have no problem

obeying because that’s where I feel like

I’m patting myself on the back in the


Ghost but when I see something that the

Holy Spirit reminds me you need to work

on that’s where I don’t like the

reflection that’s looking back at me in

the mirror and I have to remember that

all scripture say it with me again all

scripture it’s given by inspiration of

God and it is

profitable and Paul tells Timothy if you

will take all scripture and understand

the purpose and the power of its use in

your life you will be

complete you will be thoroughly equipped

for every good work what he’s saying is

even though perilous times are going to

come you Timothy can prosper in perilous

times and what I’m saying to you today

is that God is no respector of persons

if you will take the truth of God’s word

and not let it be something that you

listen to but something that you

live not let it be something that you’re

a part of but something that’s a part of


then you too can be equipped for every

good work and you can prosper in

perilous times and the way that you

prosper in perilous times is the first

thing you have to do is consider what

the Bible says in Romans 12:2 do not be

conformed to this world but be ye

transformed by the renewing of your what

mind conformed and transformed two very

different words confirmation means that

what is there gets

molded and transformation means that

what was there no longer is there but


changed and so what Paul is writing in

the Roman Church here is he’s saying

don’t let the world shape your thinking

change your thinking by getting the word

of God into your life and in doing so

transform your

mind why because when it comes to

prosperity there’s two cultures that are

being discussed here one is the carnal

culture the corrupt culture of this

world the one that Paul is talking about

in second Timothy where men are lovers

of themselves lovers of money and all of

the other characteristics that come

along with it from such people turn

away if you have that definition of

prosperity you will never Prosper

enough because the carnal world the

corrupt world the Fallen world is always

operating off of

scarcity how many conversations do we

have in our world today that have the


shortage oh there’s an oil and gas

shortage no there’s

not oh there’s a water

shortage no there’s

not oh there’s a power shortage when

you’re not home turn up the

heat why so when I get home it’s 97 and

I make it 52 and then we just drain

everything in the evening you see when

you look at the world’s definition of

prosperity it runs off of scarcity when

you look at the Kingdom’s definition of

prosperity it runs off of

abundance man will never have enough our

God is a god of more than

enough which means not only can he bless

you but he can bless me and he can bless

your children and he can bless your

children’s children but how do you

receive that in this life the first

thing you do is you have to transform


thinking you cannot conform God into the

things of this

world God does not fit in the world’s

box his ways are higher than our

ways his resources are different than

our resources his definitions are not

the same as our definition definitions

we look at gold as something precious

God looks at gold as

asphalt once you understand the

difference between confirmation and

transformation you begin to realize that

the world’s rules do not work in


places this is what Jesus was proving

whenever they said is it just to pay

taxes and Jesus said give to Caesars


Caesars he was saying if you want to

live in the world’s system you have to

live by the world’s rules because if you

don’t give Caesar what he’s owed he’s

going to put you in

jail and then they said is it just for

you to pay taxes he says sure hey Peter

go catch a

fish Peter goes and catches a fish and

guess what’s in his mouth the money

that’s owed to

Caesar but it was Christ’s way of saying

I’m not in the this

system I can find all kinds of ways to

get the world’s resources into the right

place which means you have to transform

your thinking you cannot work with your

carnal mind because that mind is at war

with God second Timothy chapter 3 the

descriptions that Paul is giving of the

types of people that are going to live

in these perilous times do you know what


are instinct ual

man instinctual man is disobedient to

parents how many of you parents had to

teach your child to say

no I mean they got that one all on their

own why because it was in their nature

to do

so how many of you had to teach somebody

to think about

themselves what’s the first thing a

child learns after no

mine mine mine mine mine at a point in

their life when nothing is

theirs not even their

pacifier as the world around us seems to

take a very dark turn you might ask

yourself is it possible to prosper in

every area of life even in such perilous

times the answer is yes are you trusting

him to lead the way and show you what

steps to take next in him you have the

ability to prosper to help you grow in

your faith and learn how to trust the

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when you fill your mind with the word

the enemy can no longer control you

because your mind is set on things not

of this world call the number on screen

or go to jhm.org

storm Paul is saying that if you are

going to live like the world you’re

going to live like an instinctual man

and if you’re going to live like a child

of God in this world you’ve got to

transform your

mind and in order for your mind to be

transformed you have to realize that the

nature of God has to come live in you

because your instincts are never going

to allow that nature to exist outside of

his grace and outside of his power and

outside of his

Mercy you cannot be who God wants you to

be in your own

strength that’s why you need him in

order to help you do

it so how do you transform your mind you

transform your mind by reading the word

of God

what does reading the word of God do for

you well in many places in the word you

find the benefits of it to be things

like Health to your Naval and Marrow to

your bones how many of you are

interested in strength read the word of

God in other places when you read the

word of God you find that it is a lamp

unto your feet and a light unto your

path how many of you are concerned about

Direction read the word of God in other

places you read things like his word

word will be a shield and his word will

be a sword how many of you are concerned

about things like protection read the

word of God no weapon formed against you


prosper you see the thing about reading

the word of God is that the word you

ingest becomes the word you

possess and when you possess the word

then you can declare the word and when

you declare the word then you begin to

see the

word one of the problems that we have in

the American church today is that we

hear the word but we don’t ever ingest

the word which means we can’t possess

the word so when you begin to read the

word and then you begin to speak the

word guess what’s going to happen you’re

going to start to see the

word and when you want to prosper in

perilous times you need to possess a

word that gives you a promise that you

want to see in your life

you need to know that the quality of

your life is determined by the quality

of your

God in the first five verses of 2

Timothy chapter 3 Paul is telling

Timothy that there are a group of people

who are determining their life by the

quality of their

God if you are a lover of self and you

have a form of godliness but deny the

power thereof who is your



men will be lovers of

self if you love yourself more than you

love anything else who’s sitting on the

throne in your life you

are and as Paul begins to describe the

things that happen to these types of

individuals he’s reminding us of this

biblical principle that we see from the

Old Testament all the way through to the

end of the New Testament and that is

that the quality of your life is Det

determined by the quality of your

God perilous times

come because the way that men are

choosing to behave are making things

worse and worse and worse on the

earth because they have made themselves

God what I want is most important what I

think is what I’m going to

believe this is why we have people

running around saying my truth

there is no more selfish statement on

the face of the Earth than that because

you do not possess truth Thy word is

truth and whatever you say has to be

balanced against

this so we have a situation where men

have chosen for themselves what kind of

God they’re going to serve and what you

need to know is that the quality of your

life is determined by the quality of

your God low quality God low quality

life in the world that we live in there

will always be systems and things that

imitate the power of

God our God has promised us that he

would care for us that we would Prosper

beloved I wish above all things that you

prosper and be in good health even as

your soul prospers and there will be

systems in the world that promise the

same thing except the definitions of

God’s prosperity and the definitions of

the world’s Prosperity are very

different from one another God’s

Prosperity is all-encompassing

physically spiritually emotionally

financially man’s Prosperity says give

us this much money and in this much time

we’ll give you this much return that’s

just a math equation that’s not

prosperity and the thing is is if you

choose to put your faith in man’s

promise you are going to abandon God’s

promise but if you stay faith to God’s

promise God’s promise is always going to

be more powerful than man’s promise and

it may take a little bit of time but

sooner or later his promise is going to

consume the system of man and you’re

going to find out that the god that we

serve is a way making deliverer who can

pull you through any and every

circumstance we see this in Elijah’s day

Jezebel comes to to

Israel she becomes the wife of King

Ahab she decides that baale is

God Jezebel she’s actually named after

the false

god she’s a priestess in his

Temple and she says if it rains baale

makes it rain if it grows baale makes it

grow if you have it Bale’s the one who

gave it to you does that sound like an


absolutely now in the time of Ahab and

Jezebel there was a righteous remnant of

priests who stood up and opposed

this they said that’s wrong Thou shalt

have no other gods before

me they stood up and they spoke up for

truth do you know what happened they got

killed they didn’t get cancelled they


killed they didn’t get disliked and

banned from social media platforms


got those are real consequences life and

death kind of stuff so whenever Jezebel

kills a Remnant group of priests that

are standing up for Jehovah God the rest

of Israel does exactly what Paul

describes to Timothy they have a form of

godliness but they deny the power

thereof what do I

mean I mean that the form of godliness

was when they went home into the privacy

of their house they fell on their face

and they said oh God I’m sorry I don’t

really believe in baale but if I don’t

pray to baale she’s going to kill

me and then they would walk out of their

house and they’d see Jezebel and go oh

is the great day that Bale has given us

this is the day that baale has

made and they go back to their house and

they say oh God I’m so sorry you know

exactly how I feel and I you I mean HR

is breathing down my throat right now

I’ve got to go to bail training

and then when they got outside the house

they just tow the line and live

according to whatever the culture was

because they didn’t want to go against

the culture they had to be accepted by

the culture because they could get

canceled and one man

Elijah the Bible says that he walks into

ahab’s throne room and he tells Ahab he

says it’s not going to rain unless I say

so and when you’re in an agrarian

society where you have to have rain in

order for grain and grass and things to

grow so that your economy can prosper

what he just said is the economy is

going to crash unless I say it turns

around and for three and a half years it


rain for three and 1/2 years no crops

grew for three and A2 years the Israeli

economy was cratered why because this

imitator baale was being shown up by

Jehovah God that he was in control of

nothing and Jehovah was was in control


everything now the people who had a form

of godliness in their home but denied

the power thereof out in the street do

you know what they went through a

famine they went through a

drought they didn’t have any good water

to drink they didn’t have any good food

to eat their belly button rubbed a

blister on their backbone as the country

folk used to

say but El

what did he

do you see he had a transformed mind he

didn’t conform to Jezebel’s way and then

say to God he was sorry on

Sunday Elijah took a

stand and he said this isn’t going to

fly because baale doesn’t make it rain

God does and bail doesn’t make it grow

God does and bail doesn’t take care of

me God does

and Jezebel said I want his head and

Elijah went and hid and the Bible says

he hid by the Brook kadron now everybody

down in the big city who’s got a form of

godliness but denies the power they need

a drink but God’s man is hiding up here

in a Hill Country

retreat with running

water the brook didn’t run dry and even

before there were Uber Eats and door


the Bible says Ravens brought him

food he didn’t even have an app and he

was getting it

delivered and then one day the brook

dries up and the Ravens don’t show up

and Elijah says God what do you want me

to do he says I want you to go to a

widow woman’s house he goes to a widow

woman’s house and what happens at the

widow woman’s house she’s got enough

Masa for one more


and God says Elijah I want you to ask

her for

it and with a transformed

mind with a conformed mind with a

natural mind he would have said that’s


cruestv of food with a transformed mind

he says the greatest thing this woman

could ever do is give what she has to

God and in giving it to

God she never never ran out of oil she

never ran out of flour she never ran out

of what she needed she was fed her child

was fed the man of God was fed why

because our God is

able our God is

able child of God if you will allow his

word to transform you if you will allow

his truth to direct you if you will

allow his power to come through you

there isn’t anything that you face in

this life that God cannot overcome I

know we live in perilous times I know

we’re in places that we’ve never been

before in our lifetime but what I’m

telling you is our God is able there

isn’t anything that catches him by

surprise if the mountains be turned into

the midst of the sea nothing is too

difficult for him he can make a way

where there seems to be no way he can

open up the windows of heaven and pour

out upon you blessings that you cannot

contain the things in your life in your

past that the locusts have eaten and the

famine has caused God has a promise that

he can restore those years he can

restore that loss he can restore what

the enemy has stolen why I can’t tell

you why other than the fact he said so I

can’t tell you how other than I know he

can do it I can’t tell you when because

his time is not our time but what I can

tell you is if you put your faith in him

all things are possible to them that

believe Give the Lord a hand clap of

Praise Jesus died to give you eternal

life and victory over whatever obstacle

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