Have you ever believed that something is impossible to accomplish? Well, impossible is what God does best! Pastor Hagee attended a middle school that was right across the street from an orphanage. The junior high-aged children attended school with him; Pastor became good friends with many of the children as they participated in sports together and built lifelong friendships. One summer during high school, Pastor worked at the orphanage as the Athletic Director. He watched each week as children lined the fence waiting for a family member to come and visit. No one came. The pain of rejection ran inexplicably deep. This soul-crushing experience birthed the idea for the Sanctuary of Hope. There were many hurdles, but today Pastor is helping young children to the glory of God.

have you ever believed that something
was impossible well that’s a good place
to be because impossible is what God
does best today we’re continuing our
conversation with pastor heggy about 65
years of faithful Ministry and you’re
going to see how God has removed
hindrances and setbacks and used them to
birth Things That No One thought could
done I am so excited for you to be join
joining me today here on the difference
today I have the privilege of finding
out some of the details about Pastor
Heggy’s 65 years of faithful Ministry
you know this is a celebration that
we’ve been having here at heggy
Ministries for an entire year but many
of you don’t know the details of where
he began and how God called him to be in
Ministry today you’re going to find out
the power of prayer and persistence can
pay off in ways that you never thought
or imagined something happened in your
young life that really had an impact on
you that you sought to accomplish early
in your ministry and found every door to
be closed and then as you 2018
actually uh were able to see the
Fulfillment of a vision that started
years and years ago and that’s in the
sanctuary of Hope what birthed the
desire for the sanctuary of Hope and how
did you see God’s faithfulness even
bring that plan to
pass uh when I went to we call it junior
high school then it’s Middle School when
I went to middle school in Houston the
depelchin Faith home was right across
Shephard drive from that school there
were several hundred students in that
magnificent and beautiful place of Merc
Mercy but they were they all were
orphans and they uh those who were of a
junior high age were going to the school
many of those children became my dear
friends we played on the athletic teams
uh we remained friends for the rest of
lives uh
and I worked one summer
uh when I was in high school for the dep
Pelin Faith home at their summer camp as
the athletic director showing the
children how to play games baseball B
things of that nature and um I came to
the main campus
and and would see the young people who
had just been admitted to the home uh
stand by the chain link in fence on
Friday where they stood in the line
waiting for someone that they knew to
come and take them for a weekend maybe a
mother or a father or some family member
and to see the ones who stood in line
and no one ever came and for them to
walk away with a sense of rejection and
anguish that you don’t have have the
vocabulary to describe the pain that
these young people had
and you would I walk over and U hugged
them and one of the uh little guy said
one day said Mr hegy can you help me he
had stood in this line no one
came and I said I’ll do my best and uh
it was a it was a moment that um I felt
what he felt and what all of these
children felt
and um sorrow when we when I first came
to San
Antonio I tried to get an orphanage
started I contacted Johnny Cash and he
agreed to come to do a musical program
to help me raise the
funds I found out that um if I raised
all of these fun I had to give it to a
local civically controlled uh
organization so that they could
supervise everything I was going to do
and I said no uh I’m not doing that uh
and so
that effort was
always in the Carter of my mind to do
that and then it was a deep desire but
didn’t seem like part of your destiny
yeah and um as
we got the television Ministry going and
we had uh our school uh was just doing
marvelous we now have 2,000 students
there and uh all systems were go I
thought you know this would be a great
time to build an orphanage I start and
the thing that triggered it is the uh
fact that this country right now America
is saturated with the abortions that are
happening it also saturated with the
um sex
trafficking and uh it it it is a sewer
pipe of suffering well your your
statement to me was son what good is it
yes to preach against the evil of
abortion yeah and never offer an
exactly said the young ladies who are
being sucked into this vacuum of
evil do not see any other way out they
do not see another option and that was
really the Catalyst that that brought
something from your past into your
present and now we have a sanctuary of
Hope when he has a vision and it’s
locally uh contained he just keeps that
Vision within the church but this time
he said I really feel I need to share
this with America and so when we did we
were astounded at the support we receive
from our partners around the country who
had either been adopted or had been in
foster care or were adoptive parents
themselves so the compassion out there
was real and it was uh what gave us the
ability to be able to uh purchase the 85
Acres that the sanctuary of Hope is on
and build build the buildings Etc so I’m
known as Nana by uh my grandchildren and
that’s pretty much what I am known as at
the sanctuary of Hope first of all I
make sure that your vision and Pastor
he’s vision is consistent and that it’s
met and then secondly I wrap my arms
around the girls and I tell them that
they can and that is going to be very
difficult for me to explain without
crying but um you know we are insulated
in our own family unit and we do not
realize what’s really going around out
there not only are these young women
that are residents at the sanctuary of
Hope courageous enough to keep their
child and you are right uh Matthew what
happens is the church is saying abortion
is wrong abortion is evil it shouldn’t
happen it is murder all of those and it
is right but once a young lady chooses
life then we say you made a great
decision bye yeah you’re on your own and
this child is left floundering many
times her boyfriend will toss them out
if they don’t get an abortion well the
the the Brokenhearted request of that
young child on the home on the lawn at
Faith Jaelin Mr heggy can you help me
can you help me and that’s what they’re
it’s echoing through every one of these
individuals that comes through the doors
of sanctuary of Hope can you help me and
you made a statement a long time ago
whether you realize it or not impacted
me very strongly and I tell the girls
the same thing is that sanctuary of Hope
is here to save the lives of two the
baby and the mom and it is the truth and
so some of these young ladies uh we are
licensed from uh 12 to 22 some of these
young ladies um have nowhere to go some
of them have been tossed out and we have
different tracks that we put them on and
so a young lady might come with her
family she will stay as long as has uh
you know the N9 months and then or eight
months whatever the case is and then
Place her child in a beautiful Christian
Home other young ladies are intent on U
ra raising their children and we teach
them we teach them life skills we make
sure they get all their medical
appointments we have you know you
mentioned earlier in your interview that
uh timing is everything and that God
often times puts things together so that
there are support system to make
something else work and that is exactly
what happened one a man who is
approaching 80 at at the time that the
sanctuary of Hope began he’s passed it
now breaking yeah he’s 83 thank God 83
and a half but when a man was
approaching 80 and he’d already done the
four churches and the school and the
television Ministry you’re thinking you
know this is about the time to step back
and as you’ve heard me say many times
you don’t retire from a calling you
retire from a job so Pastor hey said now
is the time for the sanctuary of Hope
and sure we have the television Ministry
that helped we have the church that is
amazing from the volunteer core I have a
group called Titus women the Titus
Circle we have 3 to 400 hours every
month of volunteers that come in from
the church and either Rock a baby to
sleep or help teach a a young lady what
you know what mothering is all about the
Big Challenge we have is to tell the
young woman you’re worth it
because they come in completely dejected
and the stories that they have to tell
are heartbreaking but unbelievable
unbelievable and we we bring them into
online high school education they all
tell you that they’re homeschooled but
they were at home I mean one young lady
was protecting her mom who was a drug
addict in a crack house and she would
sleep uh periodically two or three hours
in the daytime so she could protect her
mom in the nighttime and then we have
other young ladies who have found us
that one young lady from New York a
wonderful story of success who found Us
online she came to us she succeeded she
got her uh high school diploma she’s now
doing classes she’s now got a full-time
job she’s purchased her own car we are
here to support them to bridge them in
to being productive members of society
that’s at no cost to them at no cost to
them and and it it it is amazing what
the body of Christ which is intended to
do the New Testament Church is intended
to do this and when it does the blessing
of God is there and we are seeing these
young ladies the high school graduation
every graduate and we make it up big
they have a cap they have a gown we give
them and they are their own
valedictorian so they get a speech uh
talking about um their speech is the
journey that they have had thus far the
journey that’s going to happen and uh
the children love each other I was there
the other day and a young young baby who
was born there who’s now two and a half
he put his arms around two other little
boys and he said this is my family and
that is what the sanctuary of Hope is
all about it is about hope hope for
today hope for tomorrow hope for the
future and hope for your child you and
Pastor hey have so graciously said that
any young woman who’s in good standing
with the sanctuary of hope that her
child is going to be scholar shipped
from K4 through 12 in our school and I
said when you leave here you’re going to
leave with your head held high you’re
not going to get into section at housing
you’re not going you’re not going back
to where you came from you’re going
forward I want you to take a look at
what we’ve been able to accomplish by
your generosity God’s Great Grace and
Pastor Heggy’s Vision at the sanctuary
of Hope
amen we have built what in my opinion is
probably the premier environment in
America for young ladies to go and have
a child who are pregnant and are not
married that child can be raised uh at
sanctuary of Hope the mother and the
child can live together the mother can
continue to go to school there’s an
ocean of need and we have the facility
to accommodate and I say let’s do it
because every life matters to
God you don’t want to go away we’ll be
right back on the
difference sometimes we get so caught up
in the busyness of the day-to-day that
we forget to do the simple things in
life such as exchanging a friendly
greeting with our neighbors it is time
to be God’s love in action like the Good
Samaritan we are called to love our
neighbors as ourselves does your life
reflect his truth we are called to be
Salt and Light our actions and
Lifestyles need to reflect the light of
Jesus to those around us we are a living
testimony of God’s goodness if we are
not shining God’s love on those around
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bread Cornerstone Christian Schools or
CCS first opened its doors in 1993 to
grades kindergarten to 8ighth grade a
year later they added high school
students and celebrated their first
graduating class in
1996 CCS was created when pastor heggy
had a vision from God to build a school
that would give children the opportunity
to receive a worldclass education and a
Christ centered environment the current
location opened in August
2017 it’s a beautiful and dynamic campus
with a skilled and dedicated faculty
every day teachers coaches and
administrators encourage students to do
their very best 100% of enrolled
students participate in spiritual growth
activities and between 2017 and 2021 CCS
warriors were awarded over 20 million in
dollars since the beginning of time God
has put a high priority on what we teach
our children amen and I believe that
something that we have in many ways
abandoned in our modern society but you
had an education that had a background
in education you you had a vocation in
being a pastor that had a high priority
on biblical education and so in the
midst of having a church that’s growing
and a television ministry that’s
growing he did it again he did it again
he decided to do something again in
1992 that really has shaped a generation
in this city tell us about why you
wanted to
be in Christian
uh Danna went to school and picked you
up what from from class and she heard
the vulgar speech of some of your
classmates now this was in junior school
well yeah we were we were going on
vacation and we the the plan was dad’s a
planner I’m I’m the executor of the plan
uh was that you all would come you and
Tina and Sandy and Chris and Tish would
come uh home on the bus after school and
we were we had the car pack ready to go
well he was ansy to leave town to beat
the traffic so he said let’s go and pick
up the kids at school as soon as they
get out so I said okay well I stood
right by the bus making sure you all
didn’t get on yeah and while I was there
about 10 minutes as he said what I heard
I couldn’t believe my eyes I mean my
ears not because I hadn’t heard it but
because it was coming from these young
minds these young children and young
ladies just as well as as young men and
that night I told him I said this is
what I heard and these are the things I
heard and I K I said in a very um almost
self-righteous way to myself I said well
than thank goodness our kids aren’t
doing this and then the Lord very
clearly put me in my spot and says what
makes you believe they’re not and when I
told Pastor higy that I clearly heard
those words in my mind he said Diana you
can’t allow a child to go through a
sewer all day long and have them come
out smelling like a rose he said of
course it’s got to affect our kids just
because they’re hearing it and of after
a while you’re going to do it you’re
going to say it and that believe it or
not was how we began to research about a
school and there was no opportunity to
go to a place so we were going to build
it here on this property and every time
we turn the corner to get a permit for
one thing or the architect or the plans
the doors were closed and then one day
he got a phone call that said that a
school that had been started by the
urine um uh
of nuns that was independent we we
learned a lot about how the church works
the the Catholic Church they were
directly under the Vatican Wednesday
evening we called the board to our home
first time we’d ever had them to our
home for a board meeting so when when I
answer they were there for social events
but never for never for an emergency
board meeting yeah so I’ll never forget
uh Doyle Parker I answered the door and
he said oh thank God y’all are still
married and
oh I said yes Doyle we are both of you
are still here yeah that’s right so we
had the board Pastor higgy told them the
story and I’ll never forget unanimously
this these brave men supportive men
Godly men looked at pastor higy and said
these women have devoted their lives to
education and the Christian education of
our kids he said we will pay them
exactly what they
ask so that uh I got I got the call from
the realtor and I went and looked at it
with our Chief Financial Officer uh with
the representative of the Catholic
sisters and the school was beautifully
built there wasn’t a hairline crack in
the building and whenever they told me
what they were asking for it it was
extremely cheap for what they had built
and um I told them I said this was uh
Wednesday afternoon I said I want to
close on this building Friday 5:00 at
the Chicago Title Company unheard of and
the lady gave him a whole day to get it
done that’s right the the ladies looked
at me then said she said I’ve been
trying to sell this school for two and
A2 years and you want to buy it in two
and a half days I said I need to have it
bought by the end of business Friday
because I know that if this word gets
out someone else will have it bought by
5:00 I pushed until we got that done
Friday 5:00 we signed we were the owners
of this beautiful Catholic girl school
announced to our church we have a school
grades 1 through 12 are opening
immediately no no time like the present
I want you to hear more of this exciting
testimony when we return on the
difference I’m so grateful that I chose
differently I’m so happy that I chose
you I get to see you become the person
God intended you to be thank you heggy
Ministry Legacy Partners there has never
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Christ with a mother and a child than
right now when you partner with heggy
Ministries your legacy impacts lives and
transforms a nation call today or go to
sometimes we get so caught up in the
busyness of the day-to-day that we
forget to do the simple things in life
such as exchanging a friendly greeting
with our neighbors it is time to be
God’s love in action like the Good
Samaritan we are called to love our
neighbors as ourselves does your life
reflect his truth we are called to be
Salt and Light our actions and
Lifestyles need to reflect the light of
Jesus to those around us we are a living
testimony of God’s goodness if we are
not shining God’s love on those around
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the vision of heggy Ministries
Cornerstone Church all the gospel to all
the world and to every
generation and you know I keep going
back to
Deuteronomy God tells Moses you tell the
fathers in Israel that’s right teach you
train your children you teach them when
you wake up you teach them when you sit
at the table you teach them when you
leave the house you teach them when they
come home you teach them when they go to
bed it was a very very consistent and
intentional effort to make sure that the
Next Generation understood why the
principles of Faith were important a
public education does not provide that
the secular world does not value that
but if God said it he expects it that’s
right we should do it he didn’t
recommend it he expects it and I look at
Christ centered education in whatever
form it comes in whether you know I mean
there’s viewers that are watching and
and it’s being done in their area or
it’s being done through the efforts of a
homeschool Christ centered education is
like Noah’s Arc to the Next Generation
every child who gets on that Ark is
going to be saved from the secular flood
of judgment that is on the earth and is
going to come to Earth what do you think
about when you walk on that campus now
and see what CCS has become it’s a dream
true I never get tired of walking across
that campus of seeing these wonderful
cleancut young people talking to each
lovingly without one curse word being
spoken without one evil thing being
taught and know that God has made it
possible for us to shape their young
lives to be Salt and Light to their
generation that has been raised
literally in an educational sewer pipe
when your child goes to class in a
public school and they hear the
principles of socialism being taught and
they talk about
transgenderism and they talk about how
untrue the Bible is your child cannot
endure 40 hours of that a week for 12
years without it turning them against
the reality of Jesus Christ and the word
of God uh if you can’t afford to send
your child to a Christian School you
should think about getting together with
other Christians and forming
homeschooled units so they have the
ability to have an education without
corruption get that in your mind
Education Without corruption and I
repeat what I told mat you can’t expect
your child to sit in a 40 hour a week
sewer pipe and come home smelling like
roses and that’s what the public
education system has become God bless
every one of you who are trying to put
together a Christian school but if you
as a parent are really serious about
saving your children homeschooling can
also be an answer for you and it’s worth
doing absolutely it’s not easy you know
but it is so worth Earth doing
because to know that you
have given your child every opportunity
to be brought up and surrounded by and
truth you know the Bible says that the
devil is the father of
Lies so it doesn’t really matter how or
where the deception came from it it it
came from the father of its source which
is Satan himself
and that’s true of academic lies as well
as any other kind of lie when you are
teaching your child truth and the
principles of Truth and giving them
excellence in academics and every other
opportunity you are giving them the
opportunity to be who God created them
to be it’s easy to look at what has been
done and think my goodness how did it
all occur very simply little is much
when God is in it put your faith to work
God will Pro prove to you that he is
exceedingly abundantly above all that
you could ever ask think or imagine amen
amen the Bible tells us that God is able
this is what Paul told the New Testament
Church I believe that God is able to
keep that which I have committed to him
in my father’s life he committed his
time his talents and his resources to
giving God the opportunity to prove
himself fa faithful I know that if
you’ll do that the same God will show
you that same great grace whatever it is
you’re working on for the Kingdom’s sake
today I want you to continue to press on
because the same God who was faithful to
Paul the same God who was faithful to
Pastor heggy is the same God who is able
and faithful to you thank you for
watching the