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I’m Joyce Meyer I’ve seen God’s power

transform my own life and he will do it


you this morning I want to talk to you

about being interrupted by

God yes well we can kind of see that

everybody needs that

right you know um most of

us have some kind of a plan for the day

I mean I know there are people who just

kind of fly by the seat of their pants

and they never know what they’re going

to do but you know most of us have some

kind of a plan and how about

if we start the day by lifting our plan

up to God and say now this is what I


planned but I just want you to know I’m

available for

you and if at any time you need to

interrupt my plan because you need me to

do something

else then please help me hear you and be

quick to obey how many of you think that


good you know I always say that if you

want to be used by God you don’t need

ability you just need

availability you’d be amazed how many

people think they can’t do anything for

God because they can’t find any special

talent they have but God can give you

the talent to do whatever he wants you

to do if you’re just

available interrupted by God God rarely

asks us to do anything when it’s

convenient actually when he calls he

seems to not care too much at all about

what we’re

doing because whatever we’re doing is

not as important as what God wants us to

do I must say that one more time

whatever we’re doing is not nearly as

important as what God wants us to do


so Paul told Timothy to preach the

gospel in season or out whether it was

convenient or

inconvenient but there’s a little

something else I want you to see about 2


4:2 because I think in some instances

we’ve gotten a little bit off track and

if we go to church and we hear anything

other than something that just makes us

feel good then we don’t like the sermon

but Paul told Timothy preach the word be

ready in season and out

reprove which means correct

rebuke which means correct a little bit

harder and exort which means to edify

and make people feel good about

themselves but I tell you if if if you

go to a church where your behavior is

never confronted

and where you can always just be really

comfortable I think sometimes well I

kind of enjoy making people squirm in

their seats a little bit you know it’s

kind of you you can kind of tell when

you’re saying something that people

would really rather not hear but you

know it’s the stuff that we would rather

not hear that we need to

hear and you know most people who teach

or preach they love it when people say

amen or they’re shaking their heads and

Dave always tells me don’t be so

concerned about everybody clapping and

saying amen about everything you say

they clap for the stuff they already

know and agree

with when they’re


quiet come on when they’re quiet you’re

saying something that’s kind of like

uh-oh am I understanding this right you

know a lot of times when God begins to

deal with us about something that is

going to be a little a little bit

uncomfortable for us we we tell God oh

no not that I’m I’m not ready for that

yet but whatever God wants to deal with


about there’s an anointing at that

time for God to deal with us about that

thing and many times we want to wait for

our own

timing and then things can be really

really really difficult you know after

we’re born again our number one job is

to grow


amen and we need more mature Christians

and mature Christians are

stable they’re not up and down and all

over the place based on what their

circumstances are


and mature Christians are


prompt about obeying God because they

know that God is smarter than they are

and that his way is always best

well Felix was a man who’d been hearing

about the gospel and hearing about Paul

in particular and he wanted to learn

more and so in Acts 24:25 it says and as

he reasoned Paul went to him and he says

and he reasoned with him about

righteousness which I guess challenged

Felix’s behavior and about

self-control and he tried to talk to him

about the upcoming judgment you see I

think we need to be reminded more often

that the day will come for every one of

us not some of us every one of us when

we will stand before

God and give an

account of our

life the day will

come for every one of us

and I think we need to think about that

sometimes when we will stand before God

and give an account of Our Lives now

obviously if we’re True Believers in


Christ this judgment is not going to be

about whether or not we’re going to get

into heaven but I think for

Christians it’s important what we do

with our

time I think it’s important how we treat

people how many of you think that how

you treat people is important to God can

I tell you something I think it’s the

most important thing to

God I think the way we treat other

people especially people who can’t do

anything for

us especially people who can’t do

anything for us I think it says more

about our character than probably


else we need to get about the business

of loving one another and not just

talking about loving one another amen

so I guess in a way today is a little

bit about calling all of us to a higher

level of

obedience and uh obedience really is

always a

sacrifice it’s some kind of

sacrifice if God asked me to do

something for somebody it’s going to

take some of my time it’s going to take

some of my money it’s going to take some

of my effort if I want to grow

tomatoes which I don’t but if I

did and I had a package of tomato

seeds I could not ever have a garden

full of tomatoes unless I sacrificed my

seed and so seed of

course can be money it can be time but I

believe that every Act of obedience or

disobedience is a seed that we seow that

will bring a harvest in our life it’ll

either bring a harvest that we really

like or it will bring a harvest that we

don’t like the word convenient and let

me just say that I think in our society

we’re pretty addicted to convenience and

comfort does anybody

agree I said to my daughter two or three

months ago I said you know what I’ve

realized about

myself she said what I Saidi really

don’t like to be uncomfortable

and I most of us you know we

just we’re just not always very tough

you know you go to some of these other

places like third world countries or

developing countries and and I mean the

things that they don’t

have and many of them are happier than


are with all the stuff that we’ve got

matter of fact one of the things we

complain about is all the stuff we have

that we have to take care of


um we need to get ready to obey God

quickly and do whatever it is he wants

us to do in Ecclesiastes

11:4 it says he who observes the wind

will not seow and he who regards the

clouds will not reap and really what

that is basically saying is if

you when God asks you to do something if

you won’t do it unless all of your

circumstances are

perfect then you’ll never end up sewing

and if you don’t sew you’ll never end up

reaping so we we need to get the


that God purposely puts us in positions

very often in life where we won’t like

it and it’s not convenient and it’s not


and even though we do not understand the

purpose there is a purpose for what God

is doing and it’s usually got something

to do with our spiritual growth now I’ll

tell you a

story there was a great preacher around

the turn of the century called Billy

Sunday anybody hear Billy Sunday okay he

was like the Billy Graham of that day

and he had been a professional baseball

player and um he heard the gospel

got saved and felt called to be an

evangelist and so he just became a great

great great man of

God now leaving that there for a minute


was a local pastor pastor of a local

Church in Chicago which is where Billy

Sunday was also from and one

night he woke up in the middle of the

night and felt like God was telling him

to go down to the Chicago train station

and preach in the middle of the night

well he thought well that’s silly and

rolled over and went back to sleep and

it wasn’t very long and same thing

happened again and he thought well that

that’s ridiculous what sense does that

make rolled over and went back to sleep

and in a few minutes woke up and still

felt the same thing I wonder how many

times God gives us an opportunity to do

something but because we think it’s

silly or it doesn’t make any

sense we just kind of blow it off and

don’t do it well I guess the man was

mature enough to finally realize it was

God talking to him and although it

didn’t make any sense at all he gets up

in the middle of the night gets dressed

goes down to the train station and he

ends up actually one level below where

the trains were running and there was

nobody down there but he just preached

a a gospel message just a plain basic

gospel message as far as he knew he was

not preaching to anybody didn’t see

anybody didn’t hear anybody went back

home went to bed never had any idea why

he was there or what was going on well

years later he went to a Billy Sunday

meeting and Billy told how he was

saved and he said yeah one night in the

middle of the night I was at the Chicago


station and uh I heard somebody preach

and I couldn’t see them but I heard him

preaching the

gospel and that’s when I received Christ

and God called me to be an


evangelist so I want you to remember

that when you’re out and about you are

the hands and feet of Jesus and I can

tell you the work that needs to be done

in the world is not going to be done by

a handful of preachers on a


we have to train you up that you go out

and do the work of the

ministry and so I’d like you to really

just make a decision today that you’re

going to agree with God to be promptly

obedient to what he tells you and I’m

not suggesting just doing stupid things

without checking it out or you know if

something sounds really weird then I

would pray about it more than once but

always remember just because it doesn’t

make any sense to you doesn’t mean that

it’s not

God just because it doesn’t make any

sense to

you doesn’t mean that it’s not God we

try to apply our human

understanding to what we sense in our

heart that God wants but God’s thoughts

are above our thoughts and his ways are

above our ways I remember a time when I

was going to lunch with a

friend and I had another friend that I

went to lunch with a lot her and I

actually spent a lot of time together

and now I’m going to lunch with this

other person but I kept feeling like I

should invite this other friend to

go and um in one way I really kind of

wanted to spend some private time with

this other friend but because I really

felt like it was God I thought okay so I

called her and I asked her her name was

Joan I said Joe would You’ like to go to

lunch with me and so and so today she

said oh I would love to I appreciate you

asking but I’m spending the day with my

mom well I was a

younger believer then and so that kind

of confused me and I said to God well

you know I thought you I felt so

sure that you told me to ask her to

lunch he said I did I didn’t tell you

she’d go I just told you to ask


her come on is anybody ready to start

obeying God

even if it doesn’t really

make a lot of sense to you see I believe


life can and should be and will be a


Adventure if we really every day say to

God I’m available for you whatever you

want it could be smiling at

someone it could be telling somebody

that the color they’ve got on looks good

on them I don’t think we realize how

many people out in the world are

desperate just to believe that somebody

sees them

so we’re going to obey God whether it’s

convenient or whether it’s inconvenient

now let’s look at a few people that God

called at very inconvenient times and

see how they responded oh and by the way

do you know that as far as I can tell

every person that Jesus healed he was

was on his way to do something

else come on I want you to understand

that he was headed to Jerusalem and

blind bardus Cried Out Jesus thou son of

David help me and the Bible says the

Amplified Bible says and Jesus Stood

Still don’t you love that he’s going

somewhere and he stood

still I wonder how many times we’re in a

rush to get somewhere that’s really not

even all that

important and we passed by the man lying

on the side of the road

bleeding because we’ve got our

plan and we don’t want to be

inconvenienced wonder how many more

people we could help if we were willing

to make a little bit of a

sacrifice to do it Matthew 4:1

18-22 while walking by the Sea of

Galilee Jesus saw two brothers Simon

who’s called Peter and Andrew his

brother casting a Ned into the sea for

they were fishermen and he said to them

follow me and I will make you fishes of

men immediately they left their Nets and

followed him now you know we read this

stuff and I don’t think that we think

that much about it but if you really

stop and think about

this how amazing is

that they didn’t I guess didn’t know who

Jesus was maybe they’d heard about him

maybe they hadn’t heard about him and I

don’t know maybe we could say Well there

must have been something really special

about Jesus that people would do that

but whatever the case is they had a

plan these people were businessmen they

had fishing businesses if we go on and

read verse 21 says and going on from

there he saw two other brothers James

the son of Zebedee and John his brother

in the boat with Zebedee their father

mending their Nets and he called them

and immediately they left the boat and


father and followed

him they just walked off from everything

like when God called Abram to leave

everything that he knew and was

comfortable with and go to a place that

I will show you he wouldn’t even tell

him where he was where he was going to

send him and if we get around to it

you’ll see I mean Abraham basically just

wandered around for years and years and

you know he’d pitch a tent one place and

then pretty soon God tell him to move

and he’d pitch a tent somewhere else and

God would tell him to move and you know

he’s doing all this

stuff because God had told him if you’ll

do this I’ll bless you and I’ll make you

a blessing well how many of us are

willing to wait for


years the test of

faith we don’t get what we want want the

moment that we want

it God bads us the long hard way because

many times we’re not

ready for the thing that God’s got ready


us God may have something really major

for you to do but maybe you’re not

spiritually mature enough yet to handle

it so God has to take you a couple of

trips in the

wilderness come

on cuz we don’t grow up in our good

times we grow up in hard times

that’s when we do our growing when it’s

inconvenient when it’s

uncomfortable when people are not

treating us nice and we love them anyway

when they keep hurting us over and over

and because God said to we forgive them

even though we don’t think it’s right or

fair and it doesn’t feel good we need to

start doing things just because God said

to do it and we don’t have to know why

or when we’re going to get a


not everything that God asks us to do is

convenient but everything God asks us to

do he does give us the grace to do


it I always say that God gives you the

grace for the

place even like if you’re raising a

special needs child I believe that God

will give you the grace to do that I

know a young woman this has two special

needs children they’re twins and and and

then she has two other boys and it’s


amazing what it takes for her to take

care of all these kids and you you just

you look at people and you think I don’t

know how you do

it I just don’t know how you do it well

people do whatever God wants them to do

by the grace of God which means he gives

us the ability to do it maybe right now

and you’re kind of you’re in kind of a

difficult marriage but you

you believe God wants you to stick it

out well you know what you don’t have to

be miserable and unhappy the whole time

you’re in that situation if you’re in

the place God wants you to be in then

he’ll give you the grace to be in that

place and that means that you can be in

an uncomfortable place and still have

joy come on there’s somebody that I’m

trying to talk to this

morning can you not be comfortable and

still be happy

I see not too many heads going this way

you’re kind of

like yeah well I’m not perfect at it

either remember I got the Revelation a

few weeks ago that I don’t like being

uncomfortable so if you don’t need this

message I’ll preach to

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Satan he said all he gets to

say is the last days M you start asking

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