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I do what I do because I’ve seen God’s

power transform my own life and he will

do it for you the key to everything is

found in God’s

word I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe that

God can heal you everywhere you


hurt all right we are uh talking today I

started this morning in the first

service about the three parables that

are found in Matthew chap 25 and they

are the parable of the 10 virgins the

five wise and the five foolish we found

out this morning that the five that were

foolish were foolish because they didn’t

do anything

extra the wise ones took their lamps but

they took extra oil just in case they

had to wait a little longer than they

thought they would made a couple of good

points about even why people are late

they don’t they plan for Perfection they


plan for anything to happen that could

delay them and so we need to be prepared

we need to be planned and and we’re

living in very difficult times right now

where we need to the Bible says

watch and pray and that really means to

live carefully be careful how you live

the Devil roams about like a lion

roaring in Fierce hunger seek whom he

may devour but you don’t have to let it

be you but that doesn’t mean that

there’s absolutely nothing for you to do

we’re partners with God it’s just

about learning how to hear from God and

doing the right thing at the right

time Lisa talked about praise and

worship sometimes that’s all God wants

you to do when you’re in a battle you’ve

done everything you can do now he just

wants you to praise and worship Him May

maybe there’s something uh that you need

to take care of in your life that’s got

a door open to the enemy maybe there’s

some bitterness or or you know sometimes

you can have an offense in your heart

and it’s been there so long that you

don’t even really know it’s there and

it’s bothering you but God can show us

things like that so I always believe in

asking God what’s wrong is there


that you want me to do or do you want me

just to wait on you and just praise

you we we can win our

battles if we know how to fight like a

Christian amen and

so the message really in these three

talents is kind of all the same it’s

about doing what you should do when you

should be doing

it and not putting things

off and losing your reward now

we don’t earn our way into heaven we

don’t earn salvation it’s a free gift


completely by the grace of God and it’s

offered to all Jesus has already paid

for your salvation so if you haven’t

received Christ yet there’s a free gift

waiting for you

today that you can have for the asking

you don’t have to go out and try to make

yourself better in order to deserve it

it’s just a free gift waiting for you

but once a person is born again they

receive a new nature we receive the

nature of God we receive the spirit of

God and we receive the heart of God in

Ezekiel the Bible says that he takes the

Stony hard cold heart out of us and

gives us a heart of Flesh one that is

sensitive to the touch of

God and so I believe that anybody who is

truly born

again and that doesn’t mean you just go

to church on Sunday that means that you

are you your life is all about God now

you’ve turned away from sin turned away

from being in love with the girl the

world and you want what God wants for

your life and so there are good works to

consider James said faith without works

is dead we don’t work for our

salvation but if we are true trly

saved you cannot have the heart of God

and not want to do good


amen so if you think you’re saved but

you just don’t care anything about other

people you better back up and do some

checking because it’s not just a matter

of saying a certain prayer at a certain

time and joining a church and going to

church once a week this is about

receiving Christ and letting him change

us from glory to glory and continuing to

grow spiritually I’m still growing

spiritually I’m learning all the time

and that’s what we need to have the

attitude that we want to do but the

devil wants to stop us in case you

haven’t figured it out he hates

you just to put it as plain as I know

how to put it and anything anytime that

you try to do something good Paul said

when I want to do good evil always

comes so there’s a little bit of a of

a fighting the devil so to speak but we

have already won we just know how we

just need to know how to fight right and

these Parables all three of them teach

us that it’s very

important to use what God has given us

the the

the 10 virgins was the first Parable and

the next one is the parable of the

talents and the third one is the parable

of the sheep and the goats and we’re

going to get through these last two in


service we all receive from God what

we’re able to

handle we don’t all get what somebody

else has

got maybe you’re jealous is somebody

who’s got a lot more money than you and

you just don’t understand it but there

is a possibility no matter what you

think that if you had what they have it

would be more than you could handle and

it could take you away from

God do you know

that and you don’t want to know that do

you let me tell you something money has

power position has power there’s a lot

of people worldly people whose lives are

ruined by becoming famous or becoming

rich and so

so you might finagle around in the world

and get more than you really can handle

and it end up just ruining your life but

as God’s child if you’re trusting God to

give you what’s right for you it may not

always well as just say it won’t always

be the same as what somebody else has

everybody gets

something but nobody gets


so it’s kind of silly to be jealous of

what somebody else has because if that’s

what God wanted you to have then you

would have that so we need to be glad

for other

people and let’s don’t just pray for

what we want let’s ask God to give us

what we can handle and still keep him

first in our

lives could I say that again let’s ask

God to give us what we can handle and

still keep him number one in our

lives I think sometimes about Rachel and

Leah two women in the Bible that were

sisters and

Jacob loved Rachel she was a beautiful

woman and he loved her and he worked for

his uncle laan for seven

years to get her as a

bride and she had a sister

Leah and the Bible says of Rachel that

she was beautiful to behold and of Leah

it says she had weak dull

eyes now I guess that means she wasn’t


pretty it’s just kind of a nice way of

saying she was not the good-look

sister but the thing that’s interesting


Rachel had a difficult time becoming

pregnant and bearing

children but Leah could

just have them one after the other one

after the

other and so back in those things he did

things a little different and he he

worked for seven years for Rachel and

then he got uh

tricked and deceived and on the wedding

night they got him drunk and he woke up

the next morning and had

Leah the weak eyed dulled

Leah but Leah could give Jacob Sons and

Daughters right away he worked another

seven years and got Rachel but it was

many many many years before Rachel ever

had a child and then she finally had

Joseph and then she had Benjamin and I

get a lot out of that because I I look

at it

like nobody gets everything

but we all get

something and our job is to find out

what our something

is and put it to good use in our life

now listen to me without comparing what

we have to what somebody else

has that’s a big

thing because here’s the thing it

doesn’t matter if what you

have or can do

seems big or little to you or to the

world the only thing that god holds us

recount accountable for is to do the

most we can with what he’s given to

us and if we do

that the janitor in the building gets

the same reward as the CEO of the

company God never expects us to do

anything he hasn’t given us the ability

to do so maybe maybe a few of you could

just calm down today and stop comparing

yourself with other people and

tormenting yourself wishing that you

were something you’re not or that you

have something you

don’t and I’m not going to stop till you

clap on that cuz that was

good well I wish i’ look like you well

you know it’s hard to look at Lisa up

here and not wish you had her


it’s like my

goodness I think the top of my leg’s

bigger than her waist

is but you know what I’ve learned a long

time ago

that is just total waste of time to be

jealous of what somebody

else has that’s never going to help you

get what they’ve

got so the parable the talents Matthew

25:14 again it will will be like a man

going on a journey who called his

servants and entrusted his wealth to

them and this is exactly what God has

done with us I don’t know if you know it

or not but Jesus has entrusted us with


reputation think of that

responsibility do you know you may be

the only Jesus that your neighbors will


see so what kind of a Jesus are they

seeing are they seeing somebody with a

bumper scker on their car are they

seeing somebody that’s got the good

fruit of the spirit being displayed in


life we’re not owners of anything we’re

stewards everything that we have is a

gift from God and what he gives us we

need to

invest take good care of and give him a

good return from the beginning of

Genesis the Bible says be fruitful and

multiply don’t just give me back what

I’ve given you go out there and put my

gift to

work God gave me a mouth and I have a

gift of communication that is my gift I

am a good communicator I seem to be able

to make my point fairly easy in a

practical way that people can understand

now I’ll be honest with you I’m not

extremely intelligent

I’d say I’ve got average

intelligence I’m not dumb

but I’m

intelligent somewhat

intelligent and

um like you know who Chris Kane is all

right Chris she is brilliant she is very

smart I always got real high grades in

school well I wasn’t like that

but I got to give the high school

graduation speech see I could always

talk and

so I

talk and I let other people do what they

can do and when God you know I used to

sit out there and I’d be jealous of

somebody who had a great voice I wish I

could sing like

that I wish I had hair like

that I wish I wish I

wish and really God puts gifts in other

people for us to enjoy them not to be

jealous of them because if we’re jealous

of somebody else’s gift see you’re

enjoying my gift this weekend but it’s

making me

tired I mean by the time I go home

you’ll go home oh that changed my grass

H why is that ever good I’m going to

go Jesus am I still

alive so it’s silly to be jealous

of other people the gift that’s in them

is for you to enjoy so to one he gave

five bags of gold to another two bags

and another one and I love this in verse

15 each according to his

ability and you don’t have to feel bad

about yourself because your ability is

not what somebody else’s is you’re not

responsible for anything except what God

has given you to be responsible for

amen if a pastor is watching this by TV

and you you’ve pastored a church that’s

got 150 people and you’ve been pastoring

it for 40 years and here you look at

this church on TV Joel O’s church and

you know he didn’t even want to preach

and God just pushed it on him and the

church just grew like crazy and now you

got this big arena see 16,000 people and

they have multiple service on the

weekend well how easy would it

be to think well God what’s wrong with

me why do I have to just deal with these



people year after year after year you

know what because that’s what God has

assigned to you and this is what God has

assigned to

Joel and the thing is is if you try to

do what Joel’s doing all it’s going to

do is make you

unhappy and he couldn’t do what you’re

doing if he tried because God’s got a

different anointing on him you know this

is why Dave and I get along good in this

relationship that we have even though

normally the situation would be reversed

where he’d be up here and I’d be down

there and he had a conversation with god

about this in the beginning because he

really didn’t want to be in Ministry and

he really didn’t understand why God

chose me to teach and not him but Dave’s

smart he gets things quick and he’s uh

he’s big on being happy and being

peaceful how many of you are big on

being happy and being peaceful well so

Dave likes it so much that he’ll make

whatever change and adjustment he needs

to make really quick to keep it so the

things that were happening in him were

not making him happy and God told him if

you will do what you’re responsible for

you’ll always have

joy this is what I’ve called her to do

this is what I’ve called you to do

you’ll both be happy if you both do what

you’re supposed to do and you know

really the bottom line is is none of our

bussiness why God chooses one for one

thing and another for somebody else all

we need to do is be sweet little

sheep which we’re going to learn about

today the sheep and the

goats and just do the part that God has

has given you do you see how you can

relax if you stop trying to be something


not just think about

it it’s

okay it’s


okay if you scrub floors your whole life

you can be happy scrubbing floors if

that’s what God’s called you to do

amen I mean I actually know this woman

she loves to

clean I’m like how could you love to


darling check said to me one day don’t

you just love to cook in your time off I


no what you don’t love to cook I said

no I don’t love to cook I love to have

somebody cook and I’ll eat

it all

right now the man who received five bags

of gold went at

once there you go he’s not the

procrastin Ator we talked about this

morning he went at once and put his

money to work and he gained five more

bags so also the one who had two bags of

gold gained two more but the man who had

received one bag went off dug a hole in

the ground and hid his master’s

money God entrusts us with talents

abilities wealth his

reputation and unbelievers and Skeptics

look at us to see if the claims about

Jesus are

real he gives each according to his

ability and I’ll tell you what people

want more than anything in this world

they want peace and they want

joy and that’s the main thing that they

should see consistent in any believer’s

life is peace even in the midst of a

storm and joy that doesn’t make any


see you don’t have to have a lot of

something to be

happy money doesn’t make you happy

sometimes it can make you very

unhappy do you know that everything you

own is something else you got to take


of yeah

well God won’t give us more than we can

handle and we should never be jealous of

somebody else who has more we think they

have more than what we

do whatever God has given you whether

it’s a blessing or a challenge or a

responsibility God has given you the

ability to handle it God always gives

you Grace for your

place if you have

a special needs

child I’m sure that challenges your

life but God will give you Grace for


place if you’re in a marriage that’s not

yet what quite what you want it to be

and it’s hard and challenging and you’re

married to an unbeliever or somebody

that was a Believer and fell away from

God but you believe that is what God has

assigned you what if Dave wouldn’t have

married me I wouldn’t be here doing what

I’m doing because I didn’t need somebody

to preach to me I needed somebody to

live Jesus in front of

me and that’s what he did and eventually

it changed me so God will give you the

grace for your

place so it’s pretty obvious to see why

he gave the first

man five bags of gold and the last man

only one because the guy that got the

most did the most with it and God

already knew that he would be like that

so do the most you can with what God has

given you and stop being jealous of

people that you think have more than you

do because really you both just have

what you can handle and that’s the thing


important that man could handle less and

so he got Le

less I’m so glad to know I don’t have to

compare and compete with other

people the last

man received less than anybody else and

it’s obvious

why he did nothing with the little bit

that he had therefore he would have done

nothing with a lot if he would have had


lot see we think oh I mean I have people

tell me this Joyce if I had a million

dollars I’d give it to you no you

wouldn’t if that was true I’d get a lot

more million dooll offerings cuz I’ve

had a lot of people say that to

me if you won’t give the $10 you got you

won’t give a million if you had a

million and God tests our faithfulness

us he starts by giving us something

small and if we’re faithful to use that

properly then he’ll promote us and then

we’ll stay there for a while and we’ll

be tested on that level I can look at my

Ministry the first two and a half years

I taught a home Bible study 25 people in

my living room floor every Tuesday night

two and a half

years I quit a full-time


my people

but I can remember watching other

preachers on television thinking I don’t

know why you’re on TV I could preach

circles around

you okay that’s why I was still in my

living room

floor it wasn’t because of what I could

do it was because of a wrong attitude

that needed to be worked out of me and

so instead of being jealous of what

other people have maybe we should do an


check come

on maybe you’re a goat and not a sheep

we’re going to talk about them in a few

minutes goats are more intelligent than

sheep but sheep are

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the Mind actually is the battlefield

that’s where we win or lose the war with

Satan he said all he gets to

say rest of the day mind you start

asking God to heal you and he will

restore it’s the God of all comfort and

I am so grateful that I know how to call