Sometimes life gets overwhelming. Get biblical insights to help you minimize stress on this episode of Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer.

today i am excited to share the word of

god with you so let’s get started


five ways to de-stress


learn to practice shrug therapy

we’re all going to learn today how to do

shrug therapy

my son bought me a new coffee pot and

it pretty much does everything for you


put the pot

under where the coffee’s coming out

it doesn’t do that

and it doesn’t put the filter

now there’s a filter that you can just

leave in there all the time but i don’t

like that one so if you’re going to use

paper filters you got to put it in but i

mean it grinds the coffee it just it

does everything

so i recently made a pot of coffee but

somehow another i didn’t get the pot all

the way under

and i left the room and went somewhere

else and it’s a big pot so needless to

say when i came back i had this

and no i didn’t have time that morning

to mess with it

i looked at it i can honestly tell you

that i did not feel one thing i just


that is shrug therapy



i cleaned it up

i didn’t like it

but i’ve wasted enough of my life

getting in a full-on fit

does anybody know what a full-on female

fit is

all right

i mean getting in a full-on fit over

something that i couldn’t do anything


don’t try to control things that are out

of your control

my daughter says a lot

it is what it is

and usually when she says it she’ll go

like this

hey this is going to help you come on

let’s practice

you guys look cute


oh well

dave does it a different way he says i’m

not impressed

he always says if you’re not impressed

you can’t get oppressed but

see even when he says that there’s a

body language i’m not impressed it’s

shrug therapy

it’s like

not taking that on

now that doesn’t mean that you don’t


but what it means is that you’re casting

your care

and guess what

god cannot and will not take care of us

until we cast our care

cast all of your care all of your

concerns upon me once and for all for i

care about


the second thing that you can practice


staying in your comfort zone five ways

to de-stress practice shrug therapy

number two stay in your comfort zone

now that doesn’t mean that we never do

anything difficult

but it does mean that we recognize our

limits and we respect them

in other words

stop trying to do stuff

that you’re lousy at



you just don’t know what a mess we would

have if i went home and tried to

make a piece of clothes or

or bake some real fancy


you know

i got this itch on me a couple of years

ago and i thought okay i’m gonna i’m

gonna do some regular stuff

i get like that sometimes if i’ve just


done too many meetings or something in a

row you know it’s like and see even that

it’s like

it’s not even good for me to just be in

a spiritual zone all the time i need to

be in a normal zone too

and uh so when i get like that if i get

really tired

and i just overdosed on spirituality


sometimes i want to get domestic which

is a joke because i’m not like

that’s just like not kind of like my


and uh

so i i got cookbooks

and i went out and i bought you don’t

even want to know how much money i spent

on spices


i mean i got every kind of spice that

you could possibly imagine and my

daughter’s like what are you going to do

with that

i’m going to start cooking it’ll be good

for me to cook i’m going to enjoy this

it’ll be good so i decided i was going

to make dave and i a tuna casserole

because we used to really like tuna


and that’s pretty easy you know like

noodles soup


cheese it’s not hard to make and somehow

another thing turned out like glue

i mean it was bad

well you know what the spices are all

still in the rack

and i’ve returned to my comfort zone

and my strength because i can do this

i mean i need a break from it but this

is where i’m comfortable i’m not

uncomfortable up here you guys don’t

make me nervous i mean this is fine for

me but i would be stressed out

if i was having a bake of cake and make

dave a pair of shorts or something that

would just be



but stay in your comfort zone and don’t

think you have to compare yourself with

somebody else my gosh that creates so

much stress when we think we have to do

what everybody else is doing and let me

tell you something no matter what

somebody else is doing if they like it

they’re going to think the whole world

should do it

and if you don’t stand up for yourself

you’re going to spend your life doing a

bunch of stuff that you hate and despise

and then feel bad because you’re not

good at it when it’s not even what

you’re supposed to be doing



number three eliminate everything from

your schedule is not bearing good fruit

that’ll take another half an hour of

time for you to spend with yourself

eliminate everything from your schedule

that’s not bearing good fruit are you

sitting on a committee that does nothing

but argue and never makes a decision

lord have mercy

i remember a church committee i was on

one time

and they would argue and discuss

what color to repaint the front door


how much time do you spend gossiping or

listening to gossip

how much time do you spend listening to

other people complain about their

problems that they have no intention of

doing anything about

they don’t want they don’t want your


they don’t want an answer if you gave

them an answer they still wouldn’t do it

how much time do you spend watching

really stupid stuff on tv

i may be just flipping through the

channels for two hours never watching


now you know i know some of you probably

really like reality tv


i don’t like it i have enough of reality

thank you

when i watch television i want some


give me a fairy tale

i want something like that is not

connected to the earth

i don’t want to sit and watch another

family fight and almost kill each other

it took me 40 years to come out of that

why do i want to do that

number four

i’m just turn the person next to you and

tell them you’re not gonna like number



i’m just letting you know ahead of time

you’re not going to like this


the number four thing that you can do to

relieve stress is to exercise


exercise is one of the best stress

relievers in the whole world

now listen we have these little things

called endorphins in our body

and they’re the feel-good hormones

and they are increased when we exercise

endorphins make us feel happy

and we worry less

exercise improves your sleep

and that counteracts

stress if you exercise hard enough to


it removes toxic poisons from your


it can lower blood pressure

your resting heart rate

and cholesterol and it improves your


i started working out at the gym almost

10 years ago now i work out at home

we’ve got a trainer

five of us work out at home

two of our kids dave me

one of my daughter-in-laws and

and uh

but i recently in the spring added


and so i now walk four miles every day

in addition to the working out now


my cholesterol is the lowest that it’s

been in probably 15 years

and i i’m just telling you the truth and

i’m not trying to push off on you what i

do but well yeah i am so i just

i mean truthfully i am you know

but honestly i’m just going to tell you

just look at me and i’m going to tell

you something

i cannot believe the energy that i have

gotten from walking

i mean it just shocks me the amount of

energy that i have gotten

from walking and it’s not easy

i’m doing hills and

it’s not easy to do but

i love it

and i’m just telling you

do what you want to with it i’m your

teacher so i’m going to tell you what i


is going to help you and

there is a lot of stress in the world


and we’ve got more coming at us than any

other time in history just all the

little devices that we have to carry

around with us

you know we don’t even want to go to the

toilet without our phone

come on if any of you went back and got

your phone taken to the toilet with you

in case you missed a call

well i have to so

and the world is not going to change

it’s just ramping up for more and more

and more and one of the ways that you

can really help yourself is regular

exercise so do what you want to with it

there it is

and number five

take time to relax and do things that

you enjoy

take time to do things you


take little mini vacations even if it’s

a 10 minute vacation

take a little vacation

if you enjoy a cup of coffee in the

afternoon then take time to

sit down get away from everything go

somewhere where it’s quiet


have a cup of coffee

if you enjoy getting a pedicure then

schedule where you can get one once a

month just get away from everybody and

go get one come on you’re worth 30 bucks

or 35 or whatever it is to do that


look at things that are beautiful

get out in nature and take the time to

look at something pretty breathe

and actually relax

on purpose

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