We can’t take authority over the devil if we believe the lies he tells us. On this episode of Enjoying Everyday Life, Joyce Meyer shares scriptural truths to help you walk in the power and authority God has given you.

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this morning I want to start off by

talking to you about seven ways that the

devil deceives people

because you have to understand that the

devil is a liar

he’s the father of Lies

he doesn’t know how to do anything but


and deception

means to believe a lie


if we were to say a person is deceived

that means that they’re believing

something that’s not true

but it has actually become their reality

because they believe it

do you realize that whatever you believe

becomes your reality even if it’s not

true at all you can believe that

somebody doesn’t like you

and you go through all the same


that you would if somebody really didn’t

like you and maybe the person has never

had one bad thought about you

and then I maybe that I haven’t even

thought about you at all


sometimes we think everybody’s thinking

about us all the time what we’re doing

and what we’re wearing you know a lot of

times they’re just you’re the last thing

on their mind

and so let me just pose this to you

today for you to take home and think


how many lies do you believe

I would venture to say that there’s not

one of us here in this room myself

included who doesn’t

still believe something

that’s not true

now will you just kind of Tuck that away

take it home with you

and when you have your time with God

start asking God to reveal to you lies

that you believe because every lie that

you believe represents something the

devil is stealing from you

that God wants you to have

you know we all have a little different

bent to our ministry those of us that

are called into Ministry and

besides seeing people

saved and helping hurting people all

over the world

I really really really want to see


I want Christians to be spiritually


not stay babies their whole life

and I really want to see people

have what Jesus died for them to have

there’s nothing sadder than a a


with no victory

we need the victory

to make other people hungry and thirsty

for what we have and the Victory doesn’t

mean necessarily you have no problems

it’s more about do you let the problem

have you


we have to know

our enemy first Peter 5 8 says be alert

and of sober mind

see the mind is so important

think about what you’re thinking about

the next time you get depressed

take a moment and think about what

you’re thinking about

or the next time you the devil invites

you to a pity party and you’re sitting

around feeling sorry for yourself just

ask yourself now what have I been

thinking about what you’ve been thinking

about what you don’t have what people

don’t do for you

what you’re not

and you can turn that around by simply

thinking the way that God thinks

and the way he thinks is written

in this book this is your go-to


the more you know about this I am so


for what I know

and I’m 43 years into this so


I know quite a bit by now

but I got it the same way you’ll get it

one day at a time one year at a time

refusing to give up

just think five years from now what

you’ll know that you don’t know now

and the devil doesn’t want you to know


he’ll do everything he can to keep you

from having any knowledge

your enemy the devil

prowls around like a roaring lion

looking for someone to devour

okay say right now it’s not going to be


Satan was once a beautiful magnificent


he was in charge of worship matter of

fact it appears that his body was made

up of musical instruments

so every which way he turned he got a

different sound

Archangel there’s there’s a handful of

Archangels they’re above the other


and he got so full of himself that

he rebelled against God

and he said I will lift my throne above

the Throne of God

well you know that doesn’t work

for the devil and it won’t work for any

of us

it’s God’s way

or no way

and so

long story short he ended up getting

kicked out of heaven with one-third of

the angels that were following him

and he’s been here on Earth

ever since

trying to get back at God

by trying to do harm to God’s children

you know as a parent

it hurts you worse to see your kids hurt

than it does if you hurt yourself

and so God has provided a way for us we

are not left without help and the thing

that we have to realize is we have been

given authority over the devil


when God created Adam and Eve he gave

them Authority and put them in the

garden when they sinned they gave that

Authority back to the devil

he said to Jesus when Jesus would be in

tempted out in the wilderness those 40

days and 40 nights

he said these are mine and I’ll give

them to whomever I desire


he does have power here because Adam

gave it to him but Jesus stripped him of

that power

he took it away from him and he gave it

that Authority not power and he gave it

back to anyone who would believe

and so I love Luke 10 19 especially the

Amplified Bible

says behold which means look and see

I have given you power

and authority over all the power of the

enemy possesses

and the thing I want you to notice is

God’s saying to you I’ve not only given

you power but I’ve given you Authority

over all the power

the enemy possesses he didn’t say the

devil had Authority he says you have

power and authority the devil only has


when you have authority

it’s a wonderful thing but it does you

no good if you don’t use it

if you don’t exercise it and I think too

many people are just sitting around just

letting the devil just beat them up and

frustrate them and aggravate them and

steal from them and torment them and

they don’t even try to fight back you

know what you can’t win the war if you

don’t go to the battle

and fighting the devil is not like

you know always like

man I

when I first found out about heaven

Authority as a believer

back in the 70s

I mean I would scream at the Devil and

yell at the devil I rebuke you I rebuke

you and you know what

after years my rebuker was worn out and

the devil still had the upper hand

you know what it really means to resist

the devil and he will flee

this is what this is what I believe

I think it means when you have a problem

resisting the devil does not mean to

resist the problem it means to resist

acting like the devil why you got the




come on

I mean God told me that

years ago

stop trying to get rid of the problem

just stop acting like the devil

and see that’s what he wants we have a

problem so now we’re mad at everybody

and and we’re being hard to get along

with remember we’re being rude

non-loving and we don’t want to keep our

commitments because I’ve got problems

the thing to do when the devil’s coming

after you is do more right than you’ve

ever done before in your whole life

come on this is a super big secret that

Christians just don’t get Romans 12 21

solves the whole thing you overcome evil

with good

you understand that you overcome evil

with good you don’t hate your enemies

you buy them a present

do you get that


all right so deception deception


one of the things the devil does is he

tells you lies about God all the time

he tries to make people doubt the

existence of God

tries to convince people that if there

were a God then all these bad things

wouldn’t be happening in the world

the devil tries to convince people that

they’re not created by God but in fact

there are the result of a cosmic

accident that occurred billions of years

ago and that’s our closest relative is

the ape


well it’s no wonderful people in the

world are discouraged

I mean would you rather think that

you’re the next best thing up from an


are that God created you with his own

hand in your mother’s womb and he has a

plan and a purpose for you and he loves


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