This is how to do it and this is what it will take.

well what is it in a person maybe

somebody is needs to lose quite a bit of

weight and they’ve tried and tried and

tried and tried and tried and tried and

tried and tried it’s just I just can’t

you know I try but I just I can’t I get

so hungry and I can’t I can’t I can’t

and then all of a sudden they make their

mind up and you can tell from talking to

them it’s different this time

they’re convinced they’ve got confidence

I don’t care how long it takes I am

going to get my body in good shape I’ve

got my mind made up I’m sticking with it

and it’s none of this real you know I

think I’ll do okay but you know I man

I’m really afraid to go into that party

on Saturday because as soon as I see

those desserts I know I’m done for Oh

get a grip I mean if you can’t even

overcome a piece of pie how are you

going to take authority over the devil

well you know can I tell you when I see

cookies I gotta eat a dozen no you don’t

you eat a dozen because you’ve told

yourself you have to eat a dozen let me

tell you something if you make your mind

up that you are going to get yourself in

shape and you realize it’s not going to

happen overnight and that’s a large part

of the battle right there everybody

makes their mind up for about two days

and then as soon as anything gets hard

now all of a sudden you I refuse to let

you leave here this weekend is a winner

you are going to leave as a warrior not

a whiner and there’s some things that

some of you need to make your mind up

you need to set your mind and you need

to do it now I am going to get out of

that I am going to get my body in good

shape I am going to get my house in

order I am going to learn the Word of

God I am going to discipline myself to

pray and spend time with God I have set

my mind that everything that Jesus died

for me to have I am going to have if

anybody can have it I can have it but

now listen it’s going to take more than

shouting it’s going to take hard work

it’s going to take some willingness to

let your flesh suffer you won’t die if

you’re hungry awhile you won’t die if

you get sore you won’t die from overwork

if you keep your house clean come on now

Oh Joyce I didn’t come here for you to

yell at them by cleaning my house well

you know

you know what if everything around us is

a mess then that’s a sign that something

else is in a big mess well that went

over really big didn’t it okay pressing


nothing is more beneficial than a

made-up mind you make your mind up

tonight that you’re going to do

something with your life you make your

mind up then when you get to be old

you’re not going to look back with

nothing but regrets let me tell you some

I had a lousy start in life but I’m

having a great finish and if God brought

me home right now I’ve had a good ride