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I do what I do because I’ve seen God’s

power transform my own life and he will

do it for you the key to everything is

found in God’s word I’m Joyce Meyer and

I believe that God can heal you

everywhere you hurt


well thank you for joining me today on

Enjoying Everyday Life

and I believe the more the word that you

listen to

the more of God’s promises that you know

about the more that you do what he asks

you to do the more you will enjoy your

life I started yesterday talking about

the power of diligence

and diligence means to just keep doing

what’s right until you get the desire

the you know the thing that’s in your

heart that you want I want to give you

the definitions again because I think

it’s important in case you weren’t

watching yesterday


in the Websters 1828 dictionary means

steady application in business

constant in effort

our exertion now to be honest sometimes

we don’t like to exert ourselves and we

don’t like effort

exertion to accomplish what is


attentive industrious not idle or


steadily applied not carelessly or

negligently in the Greek

the original language the Bible was

written in

it says a working

it is indicative of a process

business gain gotten by work Endeavor

pains earnestness and zeal

to hasten to do a thing not

procrastinating or putting

it off until later what are you putting

off until later what are you

procrastinating on

to attend to carefully


anything that you want to have is a

blessing on this end

you’ve got to make an effort on this end

and I think one of the best examples is

in Hebrews when the Bible says that

Jesus endured the cross for the joy of

the prize that was on the other side


said a lot of things yes I can’t say

again today so we’re just going to start

with Proverbs 13 4. the soul

of the Slugger desireth and hath nothing

but the soul of the diligence shall be

made fat

well I’m sure glad it doesn’t say the

body of the diligence shall be made fat

matter of fact just the opposite is true

if you’re diligent about your eating

habits and your exercise

unless you have something


physically wrong with you you will be

the size that you’re supposed to be you

won’t be overweight but it takes

diligence if you’re going to get a

result from working out it’s going to

take diligence you can’t just

do it once or twice

you have to do it

year after year after year my husband

looks so good

he’s going to be 83 in July and I mean

he looks

he doesn’t even come close to looking

like he’s 83 but he’s been working out

for 60 years 6-0 years every other day

for 60 years

I started working out about 16 years ago


I I see I see the benefits in my life

I’m having a little back problem right

now and I went for a test the other day

and they asked me to bend backwards and

I’ve got some stenosis in my spine and

the doctor said

it’s a good thing that you’re in as good

a shape as you are otherwise you would

not be able to do that and so it’s good

for your health

but so many people they’ll either work


for a little bit and then quit or they

don’t do it at all or they say they

don’t have time but I’ll tell you what

I’ve discovered we do what we really

want to do

you believe that if you really want to

do something you’ll find a way to do it

God has created us to function a certain



it’s just the way he’s arranged things

and if we try to do it a different way

we’re not going to be happy what does it

mean when it says the soul of the

diligent shall be made fat it means


well I don’t know about you but

contentment and satisfaction are so

wonderful I remember all the years as I

sat around discontent and dissatisfied

and half the time I didn’t even know why

what has God told you to do that you’re

not doing

or what are you

what are you still doing that he’s told

you not to do

being obedient to God is the best thing

that you can do for yourself because

everything that God asks you to do or

not to do is for your benefit

God’s never trying to take anything away

from us he’s always trying to add

something to our life

everything in life is a process just

think about pregnancy you don’t just get

pregnant and two days later have a baby

a woman gets pregnant and she’s pregnant

for nine months

and if she’s anything like me she’s

pregnant for longer than that because I

carried All My Babies almost a month

overdue two of them were five one one

five weeks overdue and one five and a


my doctor said that I was the only woman

he knew that stayed pregnant as long as

an elephant

it wasn’t much fun but I had healthy

good babies

pregnancy is a process the baby the baby

grows little by little by little and you

can you can see the the progress all the


growing up physically

is a process growing up spiritually is a


I believe that everything

in God’s economy Works according to the

law of gradual

growth I look at our ministry and it’s

just grown gradually little here little

there sometimes things grow so slowly

you know that you can’t you can’t see

them grow you don’t feel like they’re

growing but if you look back a year you

can see that they’ve grown

you know if I go out and watch if I

plant well I don’t plant but if I have a

new Bush planted

it’s a little tiny thing like gay so

I can go out and stare at it all day and

I’ll Never See It Grow


if I wait a year

I’ll be able to say boy that bush grew

so much in the last year so we have to

be diligent we have to be patient and we

have to just keep at it and keep at it

and keep at it be not weary and well

doing for in due season you shall reap

if you faint not and to faint means to

give up first we give up in our minds

and if you give up in your mind

then you will follow through physically

we need to go through the process

because the process is what makes the

end result enjoyable

I gave an example yesterday that I’ll

repeat today about

I I have three honorary

Doctorate Degrees

so legally I call myself Dr Joyce Meyer

but I didn’t go to school to get any of

those degrees they were given to me as

an honor because of all the books that

I’ve written about 150 books

and so I guess they figure you must know

something if you can write that many

books so

I wanted to go to college for journalism

but my life was such a mess because of

the abuse of my childhood that all I

wanted to do was just get a job and go

to work so I could take care of myself I

couldn’t go to college but God gave me

honorary degrees and he gave me the


to write even though I wasn’t able to


classes in journalism

the Bible says that God changes us from

glory to glory and that means little by


don’t be discouraged about yourself if

you feel like you’re not growing

spiritually that you’re still just a big


you know we always have a tendency to

look at what’s wrong with us but I want

to encourage you today to look at the

progress you’ve made and celebrate that

progress don’t just look at how far you

have to go

now here’s a here’s a process

in second Peter 1

actually 3 through 15. you think you can

pay attention for

12 verses

in the new King James version it says as

his divine power has given to us all

things that pertain to life and

godliness so God has given us something

he’s given us everything we need

to have a great life and a Godly life

I want you to think about you have

everything you need to live a great life

and a Godly life and you might say Well

then why why am I not living it well

it comes through the knowledge of him

who called us by glory and virtue well

do you know God or do you just know

about him

see knowing god requires effort on your

part it takes study

it takes prayer it takes spending time

with God it takes paying attention to

what God’s doing in your life


all of these promises that pertain to

life and godliness come through the

knowledge of him

by which you have been given exceeding

the great and precious promises there

are over 5 000 promises in the word of

God and they’re to every single one of


that through these promises you might

become a partaker of God’s divine nature

having escaped the corruption that’s in

the world through lust

but for this very reason now here we go

because of everything that’s been given

to us the Promises of God

the the ability to live

life and to live it in a Godly way all

these things that have been given to us

he says now

for this reason you give all diligence

remember doing the right thing over and

over and over and over and refusing to

give up until you get the right result

now you add to your faith virtue and

divert you knowledge into knowledge

self-control into self-control

perseverance to perseverance godliness

see it’s a process

to Godliness brotherly kindness to

brotherly kindness love

and then in other translations it says

this this love this Divine love is the

end goal of what God wants for us

do you know that that is God’s will for

your life that you walk in faith and


God wants us to love him first you shall

love the Lord your God with all your

heart soul mind and strength

and you shall love your neighbor as you

love yourself God wants you to love him

first receive his love for you

and love yourself with that in other

words don’t be in love with yourself and

selfish and self-centered but love the

you that God has created read Psalm 139

and you’ll see that you are fearfully

and wonderfully made

and that God created you with his own

hand in your mother’s womb carefully and

intricately he created you you are not

an accident

stop looking at everything that you

think is wrong with you and believe that

God created you and he never makes any


therefore brethren

verse 10 be all the more diligent

there’s that word again

to make your call and election sure for

if you do these things you will never


for this reason

and I love this

Peter’s saying I am being diligent

to remind you to be diligent

and that’s what I’m doing today I’m

being diligent to remind you to be


he says for this reason I will not be

negligent to remind you always of these


though you know and are established in

the present truth yes I think it’s right

as long as I am in this tent him in his

body to stir you up by reminding you

so you know everything that you hear

that’s a teaching about the word of God

doesn’t have to be something brand new

you’ve never heard before a lot of it is

just reminders

to keep doing the right thing that you

should be doing

he said I know that shortly I must put

off my tent

just as our Lord Jesus Christ showed me

he meant

pretty soon he was going to die he was

going to go to heaven to be with the

Lord and he wanted to make sure that he

was doing what he should be doing to

remind the Saints to do what they should

do moreover I will be careful to ensure

that you always have a reminder of these

things after my decease

now you know yesterday I taught on

diligence and I would be curious to know

because I said I was going to teach on

diligence again today and I would be

curious to know how many people watched

yesterday and then were bold enough to

watch again today after I said what I

was going to teach him

sometimes we like the dessert messages

but not the meat and potato messages

we like the things that are easy we like

the things that make us feel good but

not the things they’re going to require

us to do something that may not be easy

the Bible talks about being diligent in

Ministry and you know to be honest we

all have a Ministry

every single one of us

may not be a Pulpit Ministry but

you may be called to help you may be

called to prayer

but God has an assignment for each and

every single one of us

second Peter 1 10 says therefore

Brethren be even more diligent

to make your call an election sure

some people want a Ministry but not the

work of the ministry

you know I work

I work hard

and I’m happy to do it

because I do it for the Lord and my

reward comes from the Lord

yes I get the privilege of being on

television I get the privilege of

standing in this pulpit and teaching

God’s word but

I don’t just do nothing the rest of the


a dream comes to pass with much business

and painful effort I could do without

the painful part

some people want the attention the

respect the showy part

of ministry or even owning a business

they want to be the boss

but you know what if you want to be a

good boss then God’s got to be your boss

I want to be I want to be a good leader

so I have to let God be my leader

well that’s an important point you need

to get that

if you want if you want to be a good

Authority then God’s Got To Be Your


the Bible says that God will bless

all that you Undertake and the work of

your hands well he can’t bless nothing

Deuteronomy 28 verses 8 and verse 12.

the Lord shall command the blessing upon

you in your Storehouse and in all that

you undertake

and he will bless you in the land which

the Lord your God gives you the Lord

shall open to you his good treasury the

Heavens to give the reign of your land

in its season and to bless all the work

of your hands

you shall lend to many nations but you

shall never have to borrow

I love that

the building that we have the building

I’m standing in right now that houses



we we built this building as we had the


we didn’t borrow money to build it we

saved money to build it now I’m not

saying it’s a sin to borrow money

but I am saying that you don’t have to

but if you don’t want to then you’ve got

to be patient well I can’t wait I need

it right now well do you really need it

right now or do you just want it right


the Bible says that God gives us seed to

sow and bread to eat but you know what

you can’t eat your seed

in other words God God has laid out a

process in the Bible by which we can be

blessed give and it shall be given unto

you good measure press down shaken

together and running over well we all

like to be blessed but the Bible says

it’s more blessed to give than it is to


I don’t know about you but I love to


and I just read yesterday that only two

percent two point something percent of


give 10 or more of their finances

to the church or to Ministry two percent

and that’s that’s one that’s one of the

first things we should be doing God

should be first in your finances

he should be first in your decisions

first in your time put God first in your

life if you put him first in your life

then he’ll put you first in his

our work and effort our diligence and

steadfastness are all seeds that we sow


are seeds that we sow

God cannot bless laziness

procrastination murmuring self-pity

complaining Strife resentment our


I don’t just ask you a question because

it’s in my heart to ask are you holding

unforgiveness towards someone

there’s so many people that are in

unforgiveness and you know what the

Bible says that if you will not forgive

other people their trespasses against

you then God can’t forgive you your


in Mark 11 it says that whatever you you

want or need ask for it but if you have

anything against anyone you must leave

it and let it go so it affects our


if you’re hard bringing holding

unforgiveness then

your prayers are basically

just empty words

you say well Joyce you don’t know what

that person did to me

it couldn’t be any worse than what they

did to Jesus

and he said on the cross father forgive

them for they know not what they do

and you know the truth is most people

who hurt you really they don’t even

they’re not out to hurt you

maybe they’re hurting hurting people

hurt people

forgive them God will help you do it

and you know just because you forgive

somebody doesn’t mean you’re going to

feel any different about them it’s a

decision you make about how you’re going

to treat them

you know maybe you’ve got a boss that’s


paying you what you should be paid

maybe you deserved a promotion and he

gave it to somebody else but you know

what if you’ll be diligent and work hard

then God will bless you

he’ll open the door make a new door

give you favor

get you another job offer that’s going

to be much better

than the one you would have gotten even

if your boss would have done what he

should have

when people don’t treat us right instead

of getting angry at them we need to

release that situation to God and then

trust him but God Joseph’s brothers

hated him

and they

threw him into a pit and sold him as a


the Bible says but God

was with Joseph and he gave him favor

do you want God to give you favor

then don’t be mad at anybody

have a satisfied content

Soul be diligent in doing the things

that God tells you to do

how many people go through a hard time

and then they just withdraw and they get

a bad attitude and then they’re treating

other people wrong they’re grumpy

grouchy because

they had something happen that didn’t

make them happy

you know what let’s learn to be stable

and just do the right thing do the right

thing do the right thing do the right


be not weary in well doing and doing the

right thing the Amplified Bible says for

in due season you shall reap if you

faint not

Proverbs 22 29.

do you see a man diligent and skillful

in his business

he will stand before Kings he will not

stand before obscure men diligence

brings blessings into your life

people who are diligent get promoted

they gain honor and respect

there’s a business side to every


even Ministry Ministry is not just

well I pray about it and God does it

in Ecclesiastes I think it’s chapter 5

verse 4 it says a dream comes to pass

with much business and painful effort do

you have a dream for your life

do you want to lose weight do you want

to be out of debt

do you want to clean your house

do you want to have children do you want

to get married do you want to be in

Ministry anything that you want

you’re going to have to do what you need

to do to get it

and you have to do it and do it and do

it and do it and do it and I guess

that’s the main thing I’m trying to get

across these two days is if you’ve got a

lifetime full of a mess

you can’t just do what’s right once or

twice and it all be fixed

let’s at least give God the same amount

of time we gave the devil


be diligent

you know being a wife requires diligence

a good wife requires diligence

the lady in Proverbs 31 you know it’s

easy to get mad at her because she looks

so perfect

but if you really read proverbs 31 she

was so diligent about everything

and her husband was even well known in

the city Gates because he had such a

fine wife

I tell Dave all the time I said you’re

well known because you’ve got a fine


Dave and I have been married 56 years

and we just have more fun now than we’ve

ever had we tease each other all the


what about the fruit of impatience and

haste what does that get you

people that are in a big hurry are

always in some kind of trouble

be not rash with your mouth

the Bible says

Ecclesiastes 5 2-4 be not rash well

yeah be not rash with your mouth and let

not your heart be Hasty to utter a word

before God for God is in heaven and you

are on earth therefore let your Words Be


for a dream comes to pass with much

business and painful effort and a Fool’s

voice with many words

what does the fool say I’m going to do


and then they never do it

all right I’m gonna have this

I’m I’m going to write a book and I

write two pages

come on be the kind of person that never

gives up

when you make a vow

or you make a pledge to God don’t put

off paying it

for God has no pleasure and fools those

who witnessly mock him

God expects us to do what we say we’re

going to do it’s easy to say you’re

going to do something but following

through and doing it

that’s another story if you’re thinking

of things right now that you’ve said

that you would do and you haven’t

followed through and done them it’s not

too late to do the right thing

the biggest thing that we need to do is

learn how to think like God thinks and

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