Doubt has us waver in our thoughts and decisions, but self-doubt causes us to question that something good can happen for others, but can it happen for us. Joyce explores what self-doubt looks like in life and how with big faith we can approach God and not second guess His blessings for us again.

the word doubt defined in the greek

dictionary which was the original

language this was taught in

means to be without a way

which we’re never without a way because

jesus is the way

so when you hear that phrase no way

there’s just no way

there’s no way this is going to work

that’s a good time to open your mouth

and say jesus is the way

so there is a way i may not know what it

is but he does

to be without resources

and this next part of this definition to

be honest i had to think this one over

for a while i actually had to

finally pray and just say god what

what’s with that

part of the part of the definition of

the word

to doubt means

to be embarrassed

and you know what i think that refers to

i think

that’s some of the reason why we waver

back and forth

and we we think well

yeah this i’m going to do this well no

i’m not going to do this but yeah i’m

going to do this well no i’m not going

to do this

i think that there’s a part of us that’s

very concerned that if we’re wrong and

god doesn’t come through that we’re

going to be embarrassed

when we have to face up to other people

that it didn’t happen in our life

and i don’t think we have to be like


to be in doubt to be perplexed to be at

a loss

doubt also means to stand in two ways or

to have everything just all up in the


and when you’ve got a relationship with

god things are not ever are always just

up in the air now let’s talk about


first of all the bible says in ephesians

3 12 one of my favorite scriptures that

because of our faith in jesus

we now can dare

everybody say dare

that that word is used a lot it’s used

in ephesians 3 20

that god is able to do exceedingly

abundantly above and beyond all that we

could ever dare

to hope ask or think

and god doesn’t want you to have little


he wants you to have big faith

and he wants you to ask him for and

believe for things that your mind cannot

get in agreement with

come on

i mean i one one day i was praying many

years ago and i felt like i was supposed

to pray this prayer that sounded really

stupid to me

but i i was going to be daring and so i

prayed god

i pray that

the time will come when you will let me

help every person on the planet


you know the very next thing i heard

from the devil was who do you think you


see if you really step out in faith

and you get daring and bold in your

faith the enemy is going to right away

tell you who do you think that you are

and then he’s going to start reminding

you of everything that you do wrong

well you know what i i don’t think we’ve

got the whole planet yet but we’re

making good progress amen


you know i would rather believe for a

lot and get some of it than believe for

a little and get all of it

so why not go ahead and just be daring

we dare to have the boldness the courage

and the confidence of free access i love

what the amplified bible says an

unreserved approach to god

a woman that was waiting on me in a

store one time

her and i got to talk and i found out

she was a christian and

i just asked her some questions you know

i think sometimes even in the

conversations we have with people and

the questions we ask people we don’t

even know what we’re being led by the


because the questions that i asked her

led into her telling me something

that i was then able to

help her with that i believe may have

been life-changing for her

so i was asking her about

the store i said do you guys work on

commission she said no we don’t work on

commission we’re salaried but she said

we do have quotas that we have to meet

and if you don’t meet the quotas then

you can lose your job


so she said you know when

when we don’t have many customers it can

get really tough and i said well do you


and ask god

to send you customers do you pray and

ask god to give you favor with the

people that are in the store so even

though they don’t understand why they

would really prefer that you wait on

them rather than somebody else

and that woman looked at me like

a deer looking at headlights

i mean and she had been a christian

for 30 some odd plus years

but she was not

part of a church

that taught her to be bold and

aggressive in her faith so she looked at

me and she said well

would it be okay to ask god for

something like that

i said you can ask god for anything you


the worst thing that can happen is you

won’t get it


now see if i needed customers to meet my


because of what i’ve been taught it

would never occur to me not to ask god

to give me favor and send them to me

why should i stand around let some

unbeliever have them when i’m believing

god get them over here to me god

make me look good

are you with me

but see we’re not going to do that

if we look at ourselves

and think because of our mistakes we

dare not

expect god to do those kinds of things

for us

are you with me tonight

are you getting anything out of this

a little bit

no no hold on okay


i mean listen i know

that i know that i know

what faith can do

because i can tell you and i mean this


it’s not like a put down i am so not

qualified to do what i’m doing

i mean i just am not

and i had a lot of people that were very

happy to tell me that

but the whole thing is is whatever

you’re not

god is


and i love in the book of joshua when

god called joshua to take moses’s place

which that must have been scary

he said to him i will be with you as i

was with moses

he didn’t say go be like moses

he said i will be with you as i was with

moses moses had weaknesses that god

filled up

joshua had weaknesses that god filled up

i i was the least likely person for god

to ask to do this but somewhere somehow

god gave me that gift of faith to just

i couldn’t even tell you why i believed

it but i just believed it and i couldn’t

let it go

and so here we are today


from 25 people in my living room floor

for five


to having the privilege of doing what

i’m doing today

i want to encourage you to stop doubting


because god doesn’t do great things for

you because you’re great

he does them because he’s great and it

shows his greatness more when he does

them through people that the world would

think really

i like people to look and say well that

has to be god

because we certainly know you

come on

what kind of a good testimony would it

be for that woman if she had all these

customers and people are saying well

what do you

how does that happen and then she gets

an opportunity to say well i pray

you should try it

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